Taxi Tales from Paris

Taxi Tales from Paris

Taxi Tales From Paris is not your typical account of what happens when you move to another country.

Author: Nicky Gentil

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781838597207

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

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Taxi Tales From Paris is not your typical account of what happens when you move to another country. Nicky Gentil’s memoir offers the reader a truly original insight into life in the French capital because, as the title suggests, everything is seen through the prism of her most memorable taxi rides taken during the thirty years she has lived there.
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Taxi Tales

Taxi Tales

I find that appropriate music can contribute to the enjoyment of a cab ride -- I
strive to provide a pleasant environment. ... When the allied armies were about to
liberate Paris Eisenhower assigned the task to the Free French Corps
commanded ...

Author: Lou Solitske

Publisher: Taxi Tales


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Paris Metro Tales

Paris Metro Tales

There was a small strip of road left, wide enough for a wheelbarrow, too narrow
for a donkey-cart: the cab taking me from the Rue de la Paix to the boulevards
pitched in, with the kind of blind wilfulness and impulsive disregard for danger
and ...

Author: Helen Constantine

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191624995

Category: Literary Collections

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Following on from Helen Constantine's hugely successful Paris Tales, the twenty-two short stories included in More Metro Tales take the reader on an fascinating journey around Paris by metro. The journey begins at the Gare du Nord, stops at twenty underground stations along the way, and ends at Lamarck-Caulaincourt. Some of these stories actually take place in the metro itself, but most are to be found when you emerge above ground. They range from the 15th-century account of the miraculous Saint Genevieve, patron saint of Paris, through tales by favourite writers such as Zola, Simenon, and Maupassant, to Martine Delerm's evocation of the last hours of Modigliani's mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne. Gérard de Nerval evokes the thriving, bustling market in Les Halles in the 1850s; Colette recounts her involvement in a traffic accident near the Opéra; Boulanger describes a blackly funny experience in Père Lachaise. Each story is illustrated with a black-and-white photograph and there is a map and suggested itinerary round the metro system. Readers will find familiar and unfamiliar writers here, but all are masterly writers of the short story and each evokes a different aspect of this endlessly intriguing and much-loved city, whether the traveller is on the metro or at home sitting in an armchair.
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Travelers Tales Paris

Travelers  Tales Paris

This apparition screamed French obscenities in a deep, angry voice, while
banging on the taxi with a huge, hairy fist.The sheer kimono barely covered the
male transsexual's voluptuous breasts so recently bared. Momentarily stunned, I
shrank ...

Author: James O'Reilly

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 9781609520748

Category: Travel

Page: 424

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Paris is one city that you should endeavor to know over the course of a lifetime, and not just in one or two visits. It is the center of the civilized universe, and it belongs to everyone—even to those who see it only in their dreams. The City of Light has bestowed on millions the gift of the incandescent present, an image or experience into which all life is condensed and reflected upon for years to come. Travelers’ Tales Paris captures the romance of the world’s favorite city through stories that entertain, inform, and touch the heart. John Gregory Dunne reveals the manic pleasures of driving in the city’s chaotic traffic. Joseph Diedrich and Katya Macklovich explore romantic encounters that could only happen here. Herbert Gold and David Applefield take aim at the nostalgia surrounding The Left Bank, one reveling in its literary past, the other urging the visitor to reach out to a new, modern Paris in the outlying area of Montreuil. Tim O’Reilly and Coleman Lollar evoke the appeal of unexpected tourist sites, and Marcel Laventurier recounts his harrowing escape from the Nazis on a train bound for occupied Paris in a tale you will never forget.
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Tales from the Map Room

Tales from the Map Room

Whether in Tokyo , New York , Paris or London , most trained and experienced
taxi drivers rarely have to consult maps , except perhaps to find some obscure
back street , but London's taxi drivers are recognized as the true professionals ,
even ...

Author: Peter Barber


ISBN: UOM:39015028918814

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The New York Times Film Reviews

The New York Times Film Reviews

... N 20 , 19 : 2 Tale of a Terrier , A 1920 , Ap 26 , 18 : 1 Tale of Antonio , The (
Tales of Paris ) 1962 , Ag 27 , 18 : 1 Tale of ... 27 : 3 Taxi 1953 , Ja 22 , 20 : 3 Taxi
, Mister 1943 , Ap 15 , 20 : 2 Taxi , Taxi 1927 , F 15 , 23 : 1 Taxi Dancer , The
1927 .

Author: New York Times Staff

Publisher: Facsimiles-Garl

ISBN: UOM:39015068871741

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 4961

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The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures

The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures

8-6-43 Tales of Paris - TFC . .1962 Tales of Robin Hood - LIP..1951 Tales of
Terror - AMI . ..1962 Talk About a Lady ... Knigh ST . .1-30-21 Tawny Pipit , The -
U . 9-4-47 Taxi - F -22-53 Taxi TRI 1919 Taxi- и А 1-10-32 Taxi Driver + MGM .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105015141455

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Film Television and Stage Music on Phonograph Records

Film  Television  and Stage Music on Phonograph Records

... 6638 Tales of Mystery see Spirits ( Dick Jacobs ] of the Dead 6652 Taras Bulba
( 1962 ) Score 6639 Tales of Paris ( Les ... ST ] ( William Motzing ] 6659 Taxi
Driver ( 1976 ) Score ( Ber6646 Tamarind Seed , The ( 1974 ) nard Herrmann )
US ...

Author: Steve Harris

Publisher: Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland

ISBN: UOM:39015013613941

Category: Reference

Page: 445

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The most comprehensive (through August '86), accurate, and thoroughly researched reference ever published on film, television, and stage music from U.S. and British productions. There are three categories--film music, television music, stage music recordings--and each has two indexes: main records (original and adapted music composed specifically; all records verified) and related records (themes inspired by films, cover versions of traditional music, etc.).
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The Third Tower Up from the Road

The Third Tower Up from the Road

It was only later that I realized that I've amassed a fair number of harrowing taxi
stories, what with all this traveling, and that ... Cergy I used to live to the northwest
of Paris, and whenever I arrived at the airport, I would either ask my habitual cab

Author: Kevin Dolgin

Publisher: Santa Monica Press

ISBN: 9781595809469

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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The Third Tower Up from the Road is a humorous and entertaining collection of travel essays made up of old favorites as well as new commentaries from Kevin Dolgin’s popular McSweeney’s Internet Tendency column, Kevin Dolgin Tells You About Places You Should Go. The work celebrates the distinctive qualities of locales the world over, and each globetrotting essay focuses on a specific place, capturing the flavors and cultures through individual observations and exceptional experiences. Funny, irreverent, and insightful, these writings eschew the bland, touristy veneer experienced by most travelers as they seek to discover what is special and unique about each destination. Covering a wide range of places and interests, from unusual experiences and humorous traveler’s foibles to voyages that are intensely personal and moving, the selected columns include "The Best Falafel in the World: Beirut, Lebanon," "The Door to Hell: Paris, France," "Kafka’s Erotic Dream: Prague, Czech Republic," "The Nesting Habits of Roman Cars: Rome, Italy," "Of Romans and Pussycats: Provence, France," and "The Third Tower Up from the Road: Huanghuacheng, China." Also featured is "The Corsican Swallowtail: Corsica, France," which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
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Rain Taxi Review of Books

Rain Taxi Review of Books

... and knotted ribbonsenough ribbon , all told , to stretch all the way to whatever
shop in Paris where the Earl had bought ... The stories of these women converge
in the figure of Ezili , the goddess , who is brought to life when Mer and two other



ISBN: STANFORD:36105121700152

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The Lion s Share

The Lion s Share

There were two motor - taxis , one for the luggage . Miss Thompkins
accompanied the luggage ; she insisted on doing so . She could tell sinister .
tales of Paris cabmen ; and she even delayed the departure in order to explain
that once in the ...

Author: Arnold Bennett


ISBN: NYPL:33433074926472

Category: England

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This is about an heiress who goes to Paris and gets into an upper class social circle, returns to England to help with the suffrage movement and then goes back to Paris. --Phil at
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A Paris Year

A Paris Year

Bailey , Ruth ( American tennis player ) , 113 Abernethy , Milton , solicits Farrell ' s
tales , 138 . ... 124 , 124 – 25 , 132 , 137 ; vacations in Alsace , 91 ; on Young
Lonigan , 82 – 83 Battling Siki ( French prizefighter ) , 39 Bazin ( Paris taxi driver )

Author: Edgar Marquess Branch


ISBN: UOM:39015046887504

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 219

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In April of 1931 many American expatriates were leaving Paris because of the Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929. A gifted but naive young couple, James and Dorothy Farrell, moved against the current. The young writer, who had not yet established himself, and his eager wife, who had some modest support from her family, bought train tickets out of Chicago and steamboat tickets out of New York to follow a dream of personal and artistic freedom. Edgar Marquess Branch, who grew up near Studs Lonigan's Chicago neighborhood, has used interviews, diaries, and letters from Farrell and others to bring to life this formative year of the young author and his wife. Their Paris story is embedded in the lives of other expatriates like Ezra Pound and Kay Boyle, who also were defining their times. Branch's narrative is complemented by photos of persons and places interwoven with the personal and artistic growth for the young Farrells. The Paris sojourn influenced the rest of their lives and the writing of Young Lonigan and Gas-House McGinty, and it altered the face of American literature.
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Film Actors

Film Actors

TALES OF ORDINARY MADNESS Fred Baker Films 1983 Ben Gozzara Susan
Tyrrell TALES OF PARIS 1962 ... Dern John Getz Peter lachongelo TAXI 20th
Century - tox 1953 Stubby Kaye TAXI P . C . Filmart Production , Television
Espanola ...



ISBN: UOM:39015067503071

Category: Motion picture actors and actresses


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The Germans Came to Paris

The Germans Came to Paris

But you just didn ' t listen to these tales . You agreed with the barman in your
favorite pub that Ferdonnet , the traitor of Stuttgart , was a cad , and it didn ' t
occur to you that the barman , the same way as your charwoman and the taxi
chauffeur ...

Author: Peter De Polnay

Publisher: New York, Duell [1943]

ISBN: UCAL:$B675964

Category: Paris (France) Description

Page: 280

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A Paris Life

A Paris Life

The taxi pulled into Square du Bois de Boulogne , where Catherine and Luke
climbed down off the seats . As they did , Luke told me ... circle and out to the
avenue . Chapter 10 Evil After the Liberation , tales of evil 84 G. THOMAS

Author: Gerald Thornton

Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated

ISBN: 1424179343

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 196

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A Paris Life is the story of an American expatriate family that went to Paris in 1947, was thrust into the chaos of post-war France, but led an elegant life in a hotel particulaire on Avenue Foch. Each members life was changed by dramatic circumstances. The author became a witness to the enduring courage and sophistication of the worlds most daring city. He was encouraged in his intellectual search by Albert Camus, the philosopher; Edith Piaf, the chanteuse, and her lover, Marcel Cerdan; Django Reinhardt, the jazz guitarist; Jean Paul Sartre and others. Christian Dior, Wild Bill Donovan, Howard Hughes, Art Buchwald and various celebrities contribute to the story. The author provides unique detail and insight into Parisian life and thought through the eyes of a precocious teenager. Unrelenting in seeking new information and life experiences, he reminds us of our own emotional journeys when we were young. Yet the tableau is so rich and diverse that his story provides fascinating views of the human condition that can be appreciated today.
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One of the brightest new talents in Europe creates her first autobiographical work, focusing on taxi rides from four cities: Los Angeles, Paris, Jakarta, and Washington, D.C. Despite the stunning streetscapes she passes, de Jongh finds ...

Author: Aimee De Jongh


ISBN: 1772620394

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 96

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An homage to the taxi driver in the age of Uber. Aimée de Jongh, one of the brightest new talents in Europe, creates her first autobiographic work, focusing on taxi rides from four cities: Los Angeles, Paris, Jakarta, and Washington, DC. Despite the stunning and detailed streetscapes she passes, de Jongh discovers she's more interested in the cab drivers than the view from the backseat. As the drivers slowly open up about their personal lives, de Jongh does too -- even when it means challenging her own ideas and prejudices. Through these vulnerable -- and often humorous -- moments, de Jongh finds common ground with the people driving her. TAXI is an ode to taxi drivers everywhere.
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Plain Tales from the War

Plain Tales from the War

THE EXODUS FROM PARIS My journey to Paris , after wandering along westerly
and southerly roads , is an ... They came in every kind of vehicle - taxi - cabs for
which rich people had paid fabulous prices , motor - cars which had escaped the

Author: S. Nevile Foster


ISBN: PRNC:32101062168461

Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 256

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Alfred Hitchcock s Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine

Alfred Hitchcock s Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine

I should take a taxi to Paris no more than thirty minutes away . I might be lucky
and find Martine at home . But then again , I might not . It was very bad manners
to drop in unannounced on a girl friend you hadn't seen for six months . Besides ...

Author: Eleanor Sullivan

Publisher: John Curley & Assoc

ISBN: 1555045723

Category: Detective and mystery stories, American

Page: 348

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Americans in Paris 1900 1930

Americans in Paris  1900 1930


Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: STANFORD:36105038548868

Category: Social Science

Page: 162

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Bailey is an accomplished bibliographer. . . . His annotations document the scintillating Paris of the early 1900s in smooth prose. Contents are arranged in eight broad topical groups, like `Writers and Their Crowds, ' with author and subject indexes. . . . Scholars of English and French literatures, American and French history, and 20th-century fine arts will find relevant materials here. Choice Americans in Paris, 1900-1930 concentrates on the influx of artistic Americans who booked passage for the City of Lights during the early twentieth century. Bailey traces the Americans' arrival in Paris to their departure during the Great Depression. The book is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter provides background on Americans in Paris prior to 1900 and on the rise of French bohemia. Newspaper Accounts document the astonishing flow of people and money from America to France. The Expatriation Question studies the problem of Americans speaking out against their homeland. Tourism and Americanization probes America's rapid influence in France. Writers and Their Crowd identifies the serious artists who wrote about their experiences in Paris. Painters, Sculptors, Photographers singles out those Americans who enrolled in Paris art schools and benefited from exposure to an art-rich city. Musician and Other Paris Americans rounds out the diverse gathering of these intriguing people. Creative Literature captures the Paris experience in fiction and speaks more truth than many of the memoirs.
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