The Infographic Book of Food

Author: Laura Rowe

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited

ISBN: 9781781314630

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Food sustains life. Since the beginning of time, it has underpinned our existence. Every day, in every country around the world, it continues to do so. While once food comprised the humble gatherings of hunters in caves, today it has been elevated to an obsession, loathed and adored, craved and crammed in equal measure. Some people eat to live, others live to eat. In an age where we consume up to 285 pieces of content just via social media on a daily basis, information needs to be easily accessible, quick to the point and captivating. This is the age of the infographic, where statistics, facts and knowledge are made easily available and understandable. Taste will explore the complex, colourful and at times controversial world of food, through a collection of thought-provoking, stimulating and beautifully-crafted infographics. Accessible and authoritative, it will cover everything you need to know about food â?? from its origins to its consumption, weird and wonderful traditions, mealtimes and trends â?? as well as startling, challenging and unusual facts. Our content will have authority and wit, chart history and predict trends, and will be complemented by beautiful naturally styled imagery and fact-packed illustrations. From Christmas lunch to curry, pizza to Pavlova, and bagels to burgers, Taste will inform and inspire. Our readers will be information hungry but time poor. They want to eat good food, they want to know good food, but they want it quickly and they want it now. They want to feel travelled without leaving home. It took love, care and attention to create but will ultimately be consumed in a matter of minutes by an eager foodie. Food is the one global language that always translates.

Cooking as a Chemical Reaction

Culinary Science with Experiments, Second Edition

Author: Z. Sibel Ozilgen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 042994490X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 392

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With this book, students are able to perform experiments and then make observations that they will frequently see in the kitchen and other food preparation and processing areas and learn the science behind these phenomena. The second edition of Cooking as a Chemical Reaction: Culinary Science with Experiments features new chapters on food hygiene and safety, kitchen terminology, and taste pairing, as well as an expanded chapter on the role of food additives in culinary transformations. The text uses experiments and experiences from the kitchen, and other food preparation areas, rather than theory, as the basic means of explaining the scientific facts and principles behind food preparation and food processing. It engages students in their own learning process. This textbook is designed so that students can first perform certain experiments and record their observations in tables provided in the book. The book then explains the science behind their observations. Features: Experiments and recipes form the basic means of teaching culinary chemistry Features new chapters on food hygiene and safety, kitchen terminology, and taste pairing Employs real kitchen practices to explain the subjects Covers traditional food chemistry including water in culinary transformations, protein, carbohydrates, fats, sensorial properties Many concepts throughout the book are marked with a symbol that indicates the concept is one that they will come across frequently not just in this text, but in the kitchen and other food preparation and processing areas. A second symbol precedes the scientific explanation of the observation made during the experiments in the chapter. At the end of each chapter, students are presented with important points to remember, more ideas to try, and study questions to reinforce concepts that were presented in the chapter. The book is designed for each chapter to be read and studied in chronological order, as the concepts of each chapter will reoccur in subsequent chapters. Written at the undergraduate level, this book is designed for students in culinary arts, nutrition, dietetics, food science and technology, and gastronomy programs. It is intended for students with limited scientific background who are studying different aspects of food preparation and processing.

Eat Up!

An Infographic Exploration of Food

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781554518845


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How to Taste

The Curious Cook's Handbook to Seasoning and Balance, from Umami to Acid and Beyond--with Recipes

Author: Becky Selengut

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 1632171066

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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This engaging and approachable (and humorous!) guide to taste and flavor will make you a more skilled and confident home cook. How to Taste outlines the underlying principles of taste, and then takes a deep dive into salt, acid, bitter, sweet, fat, umami, bite (heat), aromatics, and texture. You'll find out how temperature impacts your enjoyment of the dishes you make as does color, alcohol, and more. The handbook goes beyond telling home cooks what ingredients go well together or explaining cooking ratios. You'll learn how to adjust a dish that's too salty or too acidic and how to determine when something might be lacking. It also includes recipes and simple kitchen experiments that illustrate the importance of salt in a dish, or identifies whether you're a "supertaster" or not. Each recipe and experiment highlights the chapter's main lesson. How to Taste will ultimately help you feel confident about why and how various components of a dish are used to create balance, harmony, and deliciousness.

180 Days of Social Studies for Sixth Grade

Practice, Assess, Diagnose

Author: Shell Educational Publishing

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 1493885057

Category: Education

Page: 208

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Supplement your social studies curriculum with 180 days of daily practice! This essential classroom resource provides teachers with weekly social studies units that build students' content-area literacy, and are easy to incorporate into the classroom. Students will analyze primary sources, answer text-dependent questions, and improve their grade-level social studies knowledge. Each week covers a particular topic within one of the four social studies disciplines: history, economics, civics, and geography. Aligned to the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and state standards, this resource includes digital materials.

Wine Folly

The Essential Guide to Wine

Author: Madeline Puckette

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0525536485

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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The best introductory book on wine to come along in years” (The Washington Post) from the creators of the award-winning winefolly.com Red or white? Cabernet or merlot? Light or bold? What to pair with food? Drinking great wine isn’t hard, but finding great wine does require a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine will help you make sense of it all in a unique infographic wine book. Designed by the creators of WineFolly.com, which has won Wine Blogger of the Year from the International Wine & Spirits Competition, this book combines sleek, modern information design with data visualization and gives readers pragmatic answers to all their wine questions, including: • Detailed taste profiles of popular and under-the-radar wines. • A guide to pairing food and wine. • A wine-region section with detailed maps. • Practical tips and tricks for serving wine. • Methods for tasting wine and identifying flavors. Packed with information and encouragement, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine will empower your decision-making with practical knowledge and give you confidence at the table.

Gastric Sleeve Cookbook

30+ Shakes, Drinks, Broth and Puree Recipes for Early Stages of Post-Weight Loss Surgery Diet

Author: Selena Lancaster

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781543142983


Page: 116

View: 339


30+ Healthy and Easy-To-Follow Shakes, Broth, Popsicle and puree recipes for early stages of recovery after weight loss surgery... WHILE KEEPING YOUR TASTE BUDS HAPPY! Tired of drinking only protein shakes and skimmed milk for the fluid and puree stage of your recovery? You are in the right place! In this book, I will provide you with 30+ specially designed, healthy and delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that can greatly assist you with getting back to your optimum self after gastric sleeve surgery, and providing you with the right nutrients you need as you reach your fitness goals. Enlightening overview on the changes after surgery. YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. By walking you through the timeline of recovery after surgery, you will get to know what is happening to your body and what kinds of dietary changes are necessary at each stage to ensure a smooth recovery. A vast variety of delicious, nutrient-dense, sweet and savory recipes, made from diary, chicken, fish, poultry, beef, vegetables and more, completed with all the essential information for your meal-planning. YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR FOOD! No one wants to eat the same food again and again, right? You will find the perfect solution here. Variety is key. Look at the list of recipes provided in this book below and you will know I am not babbling. CLEAR FLUID Hibiscus Iced Tea Lime Popsicle Clear Chicken Broth FULL FLUID Sugar free Chocolate Mousse Sugar free Lemon Yogurt Popsicle Low fat Vanilla Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cream of Broccoli Soup Pumpkin Soup PUREE Chocolate Berry Smoothie Strawberry Delights Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake Apple Pie smoothie Carrot Cake Smoothie Coconut Dream Shake Ricotta Protein Pancakes Italian tuna salad Lemon pepper Cod Salmon Yogurt Mousse Simple Chicken Salad Chicken Lime Soup Puree Buffalo Chicken Puree Beef Stew Puree Creamy Tomato Turkey Puree Turkey Tetrazzini Steamed Tofu with Egg Grilled Eggplant Yogurt Puree Cheesy Cauliflower Tofu Mash Classic Egg Salad Mushroom Celery Puree Ricotta Spinach Casserole All recipes in this book are completed with details regarding preparation time, cooking time, ingredients, direction, serving information, nutritional content, and possible alteration options, so you will have all the necessary knowledge to follow the plans. BONUS! A complete set of at-a-glance A4-printable PDF infographic posters on the approved food lists and daily reminders exclusive to readers. Too much information to remember? Don't worry! I have compiled a set of beautifully-designed A4-printable PDF infographic posters to remind you what you should / should not eat and daily dietary reminders for the fluid stage and puree stage. Now, say 'YES' to a fun and healthy way of eating after gastric sleeve surgery - with Selena Lancaster's Gastric Sleeve Cookbook Grab this new cookbook today and discover how you can still enjoy your food while your body is recovering. Don't take a pass on these wonderful recipes!

Choose Your Wine in 7 Seconds

Instantly Understand Any Wine with Confidence

Author: Stéphane Rosa

Publisher: Universe Publishing(NY)

ISBN: 9780789334466

Category: Cooking

Page: 228

View: 8476


For anyone who feels intimidated in a wine shop -- vast selection, mystifying variety, attitudinal staff -- this guide simplifies choosing wine in an easy-to-use system of pictograms With this innovative book, browsing and buying wine is transformed into a fun, positive experience, empowering anyone to understand at a glance which bottle is the right choice taking into account budget, occasion, and personal taste. Featuring an infographic, user-friendly, intuitive approach that minimizes impressionistic, flowery descriptions by using pictograms to navigate wine selection, this new method of buying wine is full of information and encouragement -- a smart "life hack" zeroing in on 300 of the world's most widely available bottles. Each profile also points the reader to several similar wines in an "if you like this, you will also like that" feature that actually increases the number of wines covered to almost 1,500 varieties. The book works by first organizing wines into flavor families. Within a family, individual wines are profiled in pictograms and graphs keying out important characteristics: region of origin, grape variety, mouth feel, flavor portrait (showing levels of alcohol, acidity, and tannins), price range, ideal serving temperature, best age range, and finally food pairings.