Tall Ears and Short Tales

Tall Ears and Short Tales

Observations from the Barn Carol Chapman. Tall Ears and Short Tales Tall Ears and Short Tales § Observations from the Barn.

Author: Carol Chapman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595289356

Category: Pets

Page: 140

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When Carol Chapman sold her home in Connecticut, she soon found herself on one of those roads less traveled and that has made all the difference. Arriving in Texas, she bought a ranch and created The Last Refuge, a sanctuary for unwanted dogs, cats, goats, and, most of all, for horses, mules, and donkeys that were destined for the slaughterhouse. Meet Chipper, a chocolate Lab who not only participates in nursing horses back to health, but has also raised cats, lambs, and baby chicks. Learn how goats secretly yearn for the mountains of their ancestors and happily leap onto the hood of a car to illustrate that point. Follow Chapman around for a day and discover that it's hard to get out of shape when caring for horses-if lugging what has to go in one end (massive buckets of water, sixty-pound bales of hay, and fifty-pound bags of grain) doesn't keep a waistline trim, shoveling up piles of what comes out the other end will. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a hay bale, and enjoy Chapman's unconventional collection of earthy, hilarious, but always heart-warming and timeless reminiscences.
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Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales

Multicultural Fables and Fairy Tales

TT WHY RABBIT HAS LONG EARS AND A SHORT TAIL AFRICANAMERICAN OBJECTIVE : To introduce “ why ” stories STORY SUMMARY : Tricked by Brother Fox , Brother Rabbit tries to catch fish by submerging his long tail in a pond .

Author: Tara McCarthy

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0590492314

Category: Social Science

Page: 112

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Recounts 24 fairy tales with accompanying teaching suggestions and activity sheets.
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Phantasmagoria Tall and Short Tales

Phantasmagoria   Tall and Short Tales

Fairy's. Tale. Beneath a bower of ferns, sipping their morning drams of dew, a dryad and a water sprite met with tales to ... and took another tipple of dew before pleading with the paralanguage of a raised brow and an ear-to-ear smile.

Author: P. S. Lutz

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781105566905



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ABC Short Tales

ABC Short Tales

He ordered his son keep the ears, following the order that the animals were presented themselves. The first was the camel and then ... and the ears of the donkey, very small. ... It is this pair of big ears over there. I am in a hurry!

Author: Jules Lemaître

Publisher: XinXii

ISBN: 9781310676376

Category: Fiction

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The book includes delicious short tales. It is ideal to read to children of all ages, encouraging creativity and interest for the things of the world. The book was organized based on the French Alphabet of the early twentieth century, when there were not a letter W. Thus, each tale has as title a reference mnemonic word or a letter. So, being translated from the French, it was not possible to maintain full correspondence between these key words in both languages. For this reason the French version was kept for reference. The tales are: Donkey (Âne), Sheep (Bélier), Duck (Canard), Dragonfly (Demoiselle), Snail (Escargot), Ant (Fourmi), Cake (Gateau), Swallow (Hirondelle), Ibis (Ibis), Toys (Jouets), Kangaroo (Kangourou), Wolf (Loup), Sparrow (Moineau), Snow (Neige), Ear (Oreille), Pea (Pois), Tail (Queue ), Nightingale (Rossignol), Pine (Sapin), Tortuise (Tortue), Universe (Univers), Violets (Violettes), Xavier (Xavier), Yvonne (Yvonne), and Zero (Zéro). The author is Jules Lemaître and texts of Hans Christian Andersen and Florian are also used. The original publication came in 1919 with the name “ABC Petites Contes.”
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Short Tales and Tall

Short Tales and Tall

Six one or two, about one-ninety. Wrists and forearms like truck axles. None of those Hollywood diamonds stuck in his ears, no two-pound gold necklaces hanging around his neck, and you can see red from his ankles to his knees.

Author: Tom Lewis

Publisher: McBryde Publishing

ISBN: 9780982994658

Category: Literary Collections


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Share laughter, shed a tear or two, and enjoy the full range of love, adventure, drama, and emotion packed into this choice selection of stories by Tom Lewis, the author of My King the President and The Pea Island Gold trilogy.
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The Great Automatic Grammatizator A Roald Dahl Short Story

The Great Automatic Grammatizator  A Roald Dahl Short Story

long, toothy face, with the big ears on either side, simply shone with enthusiasm, and there was an excess of saliva in his mouth which caused him to speak his words wet. 'So you see, on my machine, by having an adjustable coordinator ...

Author: Roald Dahl

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9781405911153

Category: Fiction

Page: 27

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The Great Automatic Grammatizator is a short, sharp, chilling story from Roald Dahl, the master of the shocking tale. In The Great Automatic Grammatizator, Roald Dahl, one of the world's favourite authors, tells a sinister story about the darker side of human nature. Here, a powerful computer designed to help people starts to supplant them . . . The Great Automatic Grammatizator is taken from the short story collection Someone Like You, which includes seventeen other devious and shocking stories, featuring the wife who serves a dish that baffles the police; a curious machine that reveals the horrifying truth about plants; the man waiting to be bitten by the venomous snake asleep on his stomach; and others. 'The absolute master of the twist in the tale.' (Observer ) This story is also available as a Penguin digital audio download read by Will Self. Roald Dahl, the brilliant and worldwide acclaimed author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, Matilda, and many more classics for children, also wrote scores of short stories for adults. These delightfully disturbing tales have often been filmed and were most recently the inspiration for the West End play, Roald Dahl's Twisted Tales by Jeremy Dyson. Roald Dahl's stories continue to make readers shiver today.
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Tales Of Modern Judea Short Stories

Tales Of Modern Judea  Short Stories

But who looked at that nose when there was that large head, those big hands, big ears and very small neck to draw attention away from it. Usually attired in dark corduroy pants three sizes too big to go with shirts of a red and white or ...

Author: Elias Sassoon

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781458353856

Category: Performing Arts

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Stories written long ago; cannot remember writing them. I was fresh from graduate school and adventures in a foreign country. My mind was filled with the thoughts of greatness, and leaving a childhood in Flushing, New York behind to conquer the world! Then, I came back home, back as a writer of fiction, back to the same apartment in which I'd grown up. My father, an angry, out-of-work factory worker, was still the asshole, roared, drank, punched and ridiculed. While listening, I wrote, locked in a room, pounding keys of an old Olivetti. Soon, finished with a novel and story collection, I sent them out. I imagined Madison Avenue publishers congratulating themselves on finding the next genius, that is, until my manuscripts were returned with a form rejection. Crushed and embarrassed. What did they know! Manuscripts streamed out across the U.S., followed by rejection. Eventually, I got out, and found jobs as a writer in Corporate America. The stories in this book date from that time.
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Tales about Temperaments

Tales about Temperaments

For the puppies were extremely sensitive , and they knew that if people had never been told that their long ears and short tails were points of miraculous beauty , it would be easy to make a mistake and think them deformities .

Author: John Oliver Hobbes


ISBN: CORNELL:31924013468032


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The Complete Short Story Collections of F Scott Fitzgerald published during his lifetime Flappers and Philosophers Tales of the Jazz Age All the Sad Young Men Taps at Reveille

The Complete Short Story Collections of F  Scott Fitzgerald published during his lifetime  Flappers and Philosophers   Tales of the Jazz Age   All the Sad Young Men   Taps at Reveille

Small—wide nostrils—big ears.” She grew several inches and sniffed. “I'm not in the habit of noticing my friends' nostrils. “Then it was Charlie?” Marcia bit her lip—and then yawned. “Oh, let's change the subject, Omar.

Author: Fitzgerald,Francis Scott

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026802686

Category: Fiction

Page: 257

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This carefully crafted ebook: "The Complete Short Story Collections of F. Scott Fitzgerald published during his lifetime" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Fitzgerald published over 160 stories in his lifetime, beginning in his adolescence. This collection includes stories from the years between the wars. There are recurring themes of romantic loss, financial and social excess, the change in family values and the effect of war upon the nation and the world which weave a thread through this collections. All of these stories were sold to magazines and published in full. In his lifetime, Fitzgerald made most of his earnings through selling such stories. As a result, many are written expressly to sell, and have cuts and changes reflecting the desires of editors and audience. Table of Contents: Flappers and Philosophers Tales of the Jazz Age All the Sad Young Men Taps at Reveille Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (1896 – 1940) was an American writer of novels and short stories, whose works have been seen as evocative of the Jazz Age, a term he himself allegedly coined. He is regarded as one of the greatest twentieth century writers. Fitzgerald was of the self-styled "Lost Generation," Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during World War I. He finished four novels, left a fifth unfinished, and wrote dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth, despair, and age. He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald.
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Story. #. 21. Flapping. Ears. on. a. Sled. Ride. I have another short dog story about a dog thatshowed up during one of our sledriding parties. I had no idea who he belonged to, but he delighted in running up and down the hill, ...

Author: Terry L. Greenlee

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450065948

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Growing up in the country is by far one of the best learning environments any family might desire. Of course, these were the days of dirt roads and friendly neighbors. It was a time when a dollar went a long way and when a meal was included in your pay when working for one of the local farmers. We knew how to make our own fun riding our bikes, playing in the creeks, climbing trees, to say nothing of the amazing pets we enjoyed. Summer or winter, life in the country was great. This is where I had my beginning, and maybe this is why we did all the wild and crazy things you will discover herein. Yes, this is where it all began.
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