You Are a Fucking Awesome Teacher

You Are a Fucking Awesome Teacher

Feeling less than fucking awesome ?

Author: Oriot Lenere


ISBN: 9798711999980


Page: 60

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Feeling less than fucking awesome ? Indulge your inner child as you color these imaginative designs full of hilarious sayings about teachers. Are you just looking to color cuss words and relax after a long day? This deliciously profane, stress-relieving coloring book has over 30 single-sided designs for you to color whenever you need a boost of confidence or a not so gentle reminder of how badass you are. Now go forth and fucking prosper, I mean, color!

Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary of English

Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary of English

In British English, backwards is much more common than backward when used as an adverb. adj A backward movement or look ... [offensive] J ...research into teaching techniques to help backward children. adv If you move or look backward, ...

Author: Harper Collins Publishers

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

ISBN: 9786020323299

Category: Reference

Page: 1672

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This dictionary of American English is designed to help learners write and speak accurate and up-to-date English. • Ideal for upper-intermediate and advanced learners of English • Based on the Collins 4.5-billion-word database, the Collins Corpus • Up-to-date coverage of today’s English, with all words and phrases explained in full sentences • Authentic examples from the Collins Corpus show how English is really used • Extensive help with grammar, including plural forms and verb infl ections • Fully illustrated Word Web and Picture Dictionary boxes provide additional information on vocabulary and key concepts • Vocabulary-building features encourage students to improve their accuracy and fl uency: †- Word Partnership notes highlight important collocations †- Thesaurus entries offer synonyms and antonyms for common words †- Usage notes explain different meanings and uses of the word • Supplements on Grammar, Writing, Speaking, Words That Frequently Appear on TOEFL® and TOEIC®, Text Messaging and Emoticons
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Confessions of a Teacher

Confessions of a Teacher

In his eyes, he was a badass who demanded respect. ... I swear, at least ten times an hour, he bent over at the waist to run his thumb and pointer finger along the crease, like a surgeon putting on the finishing touches.

Author: Kellyanne Dunaway

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9798765236109

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

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In Confessions of a Teacher, she shares the many stories of her teaching and coaching days. She tells how she’s fallen in love with more people than she dares to admit. Some of her loves were nearly invisible, some were fragile, and others were bold, but all of them were beautiful. None were of a sexual nature, but all are very much a part of her, even now. Dunaway expresses her appreciation at being able to witness and celebrate the everyday people in her life. These experiences remind her everyone has a story, a starting place no other human being truly understands. She celebrates the world of staggered starting lines, hard times, and the unexpectedly beautiful outcomes that came from not giving up.
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Life in the City of Dirty Water

Life in the City of Dirty Water

He was a real rough-around-the-edges Elder, and would travel from Sundance to Sundance teaching people how to pierce, how to cut. He was also a badass hunter. ... The things we would do were very much like Jedi School.

Author: Clayton Thomas-Muller

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780735240070

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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*FINALIST FOR 2022 CANADA READS* *SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2022 J.W. DAFOE BOOK PRIZE* *SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2022 MANITOBA BOOK AWARDS’ MCNALLY ROBINSON BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD* NATIONAL BESTSELLER A gritty and inspiring memoir from renowned Cree environmental activist Clayton Thomas-Muller, who escaped the world of drugs and gang life to take up the warrior’s fight against the assault on Indigenous peoples’ lands—and eventually the warrior’s spirituality. There have been many Clayton Thomas-Mullers: The child who played with toy planes as an escape from domestic and sexual abuse, enduring the intergenerational trauma of Canada's residential school system; the angry youngster who defended himself with fists and sharp wit against racism and violence, at school and on the streets of Winnipeg and small-town British Columbia; the tough teenager who, at 17, managed a drug house run by members of his family, and slipped in and out of juvie, operating in a world of violence and pain. But behind them all, there was another Clayton: the one who remained immersed in Cree spirituality, and who embraced the rituals and ways of thinking vital to his heritage; the one who reconnected with the land during summer visits to his great-grandparents' trapline in his home territory of Pukatawagan in northern Manitoba. And it's this version of Clayton that ultimately triumphed, finding healing by directly facing the trauma that he shares with Indigenous peoples around the world. Now a leading organizer and activist on the frontlines of environmental resistance, Clayton brings his warrior spirit to the fight against the ongoing assault on Indigenous peoples' lands by Big Oil. Tying together personal stories of survival that bring the realities of the First Nations of this land into sharp focus, and lessons learned from a career as a frontline activist committed to addressing environmental injustice at a global scale, Thomas-Muller offers a narrative and vision of healing and responsibility.
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A World Between

A World Between

The teachers are friendly enough, but I prefer our old tutors, they were badass. Still, I have to say there is this Science ... I swear dude, I was not hitting on her or anything; I know you had your eyes on her since like forever, Letter.

Author: D.K. Daniels

Publisher: D.K. Daniels


Category: Drama

Page: 32

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Jake has never been a quiet boy from afar. However, the recent death of a loved one has left his life in turmoil. Follow along as he comes to terms with the turbulent after effects; which he believes is rightly his fault. Discover the subsequent conclusions of a sad and lonely boy through a series of ten letters he has written; acknowledging his pent-up misery and confusion of a tragic loss.
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It was right before math, which was awesome because my math teacher was a total bitch. I climbed onto the back of Dad's bike, and kids were watching through the windows, pointing and gaping, like I was some kind of badass.

Author: Abbey Lee Nash

Publisher: Tiny Fox Press


Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 294

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Abbey Lee Nash debuts with a new voice along the lines of Jennifer Niven, Sharon M. Draper, and John Green, in Lifeline, a gorgeously written tale that plunges the reader into the life of popular high school senior Eli Ross who has everything... ...until an overdose at a party takes it all away. After nearly dying in the ER, Eli agrees to go to LakeShore Recovery Center, an inpatient substance abuse treatment program where he'll spend the next 28 days. It's there that Eli meets Libby, the sharp-edged artist, whose freshly tattooed scars mirror the emotional scars Eli tries his best to ignore. Eli soon learns that if he's to have any chance at a future, he'll first have to confront his past. Abbey skillfully weaves a tight story and unforgettable characters together to create a novel that is honest, raw, funny, heartbreaking, and hopeful and will ultimately have you turning pages throughout the night. Grab your copy today!
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The Stillwater Project

The Stillwater Project

I want to know who taught you to fight like that. Whoever it was is a bad teacher. No control, boy. No fucking control.” Troy frowned at the doorman, ... My character's pretty badass. I think I learned it from him. Swear to God, Dave, ...

Author: Craig Askham

Publisher: Craig Askham


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Bounty hunter on medieval planet required. Popular quest, sells fast, book early to avoid disappointment. No experience necessary. That was basically how the ad enticed Troy Cooper into signing up for The Stillwater Project, Earth’s finest – and only – purveyor of portal vacations. In his head, of course, nothing could possibly go wrong; he played Fantasy VR games all the time, so the real thing was surely just a natural progression of that. A chance to level-up, even. A long weekend away, on a medieval planet, kicking butt and drinking ale. No big deal. And besides, portal tourism was an actual thing these days – with billboards and everything – so it had to be safe, right? Well, as it turns out, not so much. Because one of the things Troy didn’t really consider was the fact that portal quests are absolutely not the same as playing online games. Not by a long shot, in fact. No second chances, no respawning at the start of a level, and definitely no Invincibility spells to conveniently get his backside out of trouble at the last possible second. Just a very real chance of death. Permanent death. Oh, and a couple of the other things he didn’t consider? Firstly, his online avatar might have ninja-skills, but his real-life body is just a little too out-of-shape to be a bounty hunter. And secondly, ale doesn’t really taste that great. So, join Troy and his gaming friends as they step through the portal for their first – and possibly last – adventure on magical Vangura, where everything that happens along the way may – or may not – be part of the quest they paid for. And remember, when it comes to being a bounty hunter on a medieval planet, it doesn’t really matter what the billboards say… …there’s no such thing as no experience necessary! The Stillwater Project is a standalone story set in the world of the Portal Hunter Chronicles, an original new series that’s perfect for fans of Westworld, Game of Thrones and Stargate.
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Days Without End

Days Without End

“Man, fireworks are like cocaine,” Richie laments, shaking his head as he emerges into light. ... lustrous, and I swear I can make out the sparkle of her supernova blue eyes – which have to be colored contacts, but then again who knows ...

Author: Jason McGathey

Publisher: Exquisite Noise Publishing

ISBN: 9781005485139

Category: Fiction

Page: 893

View: 987

A sleep deprivation bet careens out of control when a group of friends get together over spring break. One seasoned reporter, caught by chance in this maelstrom, attempts making sense of the carnage, though entirely out of his realm. While beginning as a lighthearted lark, what he encounters eventually finds him ruminating on our current worldwide climate, and its parallels to this insane odyssey.
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We Can t Be Friends

We Can t Be Friends

And if you're like me, once it hits you that you actually like yourself better than you like anybody else? Well, shit. Suddenly the whole world's lining up to love you. Swear to God. 1. Except when it comes to using protection.

Author: Cyndy Etler

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492635772

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 304

View: 515

The companion to The Dead Inside, "[An] unnerving and heartrending memoir" (Publishers Weekly) This is the story of my return to high school. This is the true story of how I didn't die. High school sucks for a lot of people. High school extra sucks when you believe, deep in your soul, that every kid in the school is out to get you. I wasn't popular before I got locked up in Straight Inc., the notorious "tough love" program for troubled teens. So it's not like I was walking around thinking everyone liked me. But when you're psychologically beaten for sixteen months, you start to absorb the lessons. The lessons in Straight were: You are evil. Your peers are evil. Everything is evil except Straight, Inc. Before long, you're a true believer. And when you're finally released, sent back into the world, you crave safety. Crave being back in the warehouse. And if you can't be there, you'd rather be dead.
Categories: Young Adult Nonfiction

100 Nasty Women of History

100 Nasty Women of History

Brilliant, badass and completely fearless women everyone should know Hannah Jewell ... She went to school to train to be a teacher, as did pretty much every ambitious 19th-century woman in this book – teaching was seen as about the only ...

Author: Hannah Jewell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473671270

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 671

'Vital reading' STYLIST '...hooting with laughter - what a swashbuckler that Hannah Jewell is' MARINA HYDE 'Because 100 Nasty Women is so easy to read and witty, I didn't expect it to be the life changing, important book that I'm discovering it to be' PHILIPPA PERRY 'A fantastic addition to your feminist library and historical knowledge.' ANN SHEN, author of Bad Girls Throughout History * * * * * * 100 fascinating and brilliantly written stories about history's bravest, baddest but little known 'nasty' women from across the world. These are the women who were deemed too nasty for their times, too nasty to be recognised, too nasty to be paid for their work and sometimes too nasty to be allowed to live. When you learn about women in history, they're often made out to be shining, glittering souls. But when you hear about these Bold-Yet-Morally-Irreproachable Women of History who were 100% Pure and GoodTM, you're probably not being told the best bits of her life. You probably missed the part where she: Slept around Wore men's clothes Crashed planes Led a revolution Terrorised the seven seas Wrote ~sensual poetry~ Punched a Nazi (metaphorically, but not always) These are the women you've probably never heard of, but should. Take these stories and tell them to your friends, because everyone should know about the nasty women from history who gave zero f*cks whatsoever. These are the 100 Nasty Women of History you need to know about.
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