Stealing Innocence

Stealing Innocence

In view of this fact, innocence emerges less as a term used to highlight the
disappearance of kids than as a metaphor for advancing a conservative political
agenda based on so-called family values, in which middle-class white children
are ...

Author: NA NA

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137109163

Category: Social Science

Page: 197

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Continuing his ongoing social critique, Henry Giroux now looks at the way corporate culture is encroaching on the lives of children by exploring three myths prevalent in our society: that the triumph of democracy is related to the triumph of the market; that children are unaffected by power and politics; that teaching and learning are no longer linked to improving the world. Looking at childhood beauty pageants, school shootings and the omnipresent nihilistic chic of advertising, Giroux paints a disturbing picture of the world surrounding our children. Ultimately, he turns to the work of Antonio Gramsci, Paulo Freire and Stuart Hall for lessons about how we can reinstitute a realistic childhood for our children.
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Consuming Innocence

Consuming Innocence

Stealing Innocence : Corporate Culture ' s War on Children . New York , Palgrave
, p . 5 . 63 See Ariés , Centuries of Childhood and deMause ( ed . ) , The History
of Childhood . 64 Hanawalt , Growing Up in Medieval London , p . 11 . 65 See ...

Author: Karen Brooks

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702236454

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 324

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Consuming Innocence- Popular Culture and Our Childrenis an engaging and thought-provoking look at the effects of popular culture on children, parenting and family life. It is down to earth, confronting and accessible without sacrificing intelligent argument, analysis and discussion. Underneath the conversational tone and common-sense advice is serious and comprehensive research.This timely book explores the complex relationship kids - from tots and tweens to teens - have with popular culture. Without blaming children or parents, Consuming Innocenceconsiders the role of celebrities, fads, technology, fashion, school, the media and, most importantly, parents, and the part they all play in creating children's ideas of themselves.Chapters focus on specific elements of global popular culture, from the corporations that target kids and promote sexuality, to toys, TV shows like The Simpsons, film, celebrities, internet sites, children's fashion and parenting practices. It looks realistically at what has been described as the crisis of stolen childhoods, but with empathy, understanding and humour.Consuming Innocenceshows how parents, grandparents, teachers and other concerned adults can educate themselves about popular culture and the messages it gives. By doing this, we can pro-actively inform children and teenagers about popular culture, and support and protect them when necessary.
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Valuable and Vulnerable

Valuable and Vulnerable

21. Jenny Kitzinger, “Defending Innocence: Ideologies of Childhood,” Feminist
Review 28 (January 1988): 78. 22. Henry A. Giroux, Stealing Innocence: Youth,
Corporate Power, and the Politics of Culture (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000).

Author: Julie Faith Parker

Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit

ISBN: 9781930675865

Category: Religion

Page: 268

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Just as women in the Bible have been overlooked for much of interpretative history, children in the Bible have fascinating and compelling stories that scholars have largely ignored. This groundbreaking book focuses on children in the Hebrew Bible. The author argues that the biblical writers recognized children as different from adults and used these ideas to shape their stories. She provides conceptual and historical frameworks for understanding children and childhood, and examines Hebrew terms related to children and youth. The book introduces a new methodology of childist interpretation and applies it to the Elisha cycle (2 Kings 2-8), which contains forty-nine child characters. Combining literary insights with social-scientific evidence, the author demonstrates that children play critical roles in the world of the text as well as the culture that produced it.
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The Children s Culture Reader

The Children s Culture Reader

Chapter Fifteen Stealing Innocence The Politics of Child Beauty Pageants Henry
A. Giroux Only in a climate of denial could hysteria over satanic rituals at daycare
centers coexist with a failure to grasp the full extent of child abuse. (More than ...

Author: Henry Jenkins

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814742319

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 532

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Stock market euphoria and blind faith in the post cold war economy have driven the topic of poverty from popular and scholarly discussion in the United States. At the same time the gap between the rich and poor has never been wider. The New Poverty Studies critically examines the new war against the poor that has accompanied the rise of the New Economy in the past two decades, and details the myriad ways poor people have struggled against it. The essays collected here explore how global, national, and local structures of power produce poverty and affect the material well-being, social relations and politicization of the poor. In updating the 1960s encounter between ethnography and U.S. poverty, The New Poverty Studies highlights the ways poverty is constructed across multiple scales and multiple axes of difference. Questioning the common wisdom that poverty persists because of the pathology, social isolation and welfare state "dependency" of the poor, the contributors to The New Poverty Studies point instead to economic restructuring and neoliberal policy "reforms" which have caused increased social inequality and economic polarization in the U.S. Contributors include: Georges Fouron, Donna Goldstein, Judith Goode, Susan B. Hyatt, Catherine Kingfisher, Peter Kwong, Vin Lyon-Callo, Jeff Maskovsky, Sandi Morgen, Leith Mullings, Frances Fox Piven, Matthew Rubin, Nina Glick Schiller, Carol Stack, Jill Weigt, Eve Weinbaum, Brett Williams, and Patricia Zavella. "These contributions provide a dynamic understanding of poverty and immiseration" --North American Dialogue, Vol. 4, No. 1, Nov. 2001
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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Lethal Heart is in various books and his book, stealing innocence III will be
available soon. Onyx Heart can be found in various books as well and her book
is due to come out only after her brother's book. To catch up on other stealing ...

Author: Sylvia Hubbard

Publisher: HubBooks/ Motown Writers Network

ISBN: 9781438212616

Category: Fiction

Page: 84

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When Naomi is scarred by a horrible crime, her old seductress ways were put to rest, while she coped with the fact that men did not find her attractive anymore. Yet, when she ventures on the Internet and finds a man who will love her despite her appearance, she realizes that beauty is only skin deep, but deception is ugly to the bone.
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Keywords in Youth Studies

Keywords in Youth Studies

New York: Oxford University Press. Driver, S.(2007). Queer girls and popular
culture: Reading, resistingand creating media. New York: Peter Lang. Giroux, H.(
2000). Stealing innocence: Youth, corporate power,and the politics ofculture.

Author: Nancy Lesko

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136651557

Category: Education

Page: 350

View: 373

With recent attention to issues such as youth social exclusion, poverty, school underachievement, school violence, gang activity, sexuality, and youth’s interactions with media and the internet, youth studies has emerged as a significant interdisciplinary field. It has moved beyond its roots in subcultural studies to encompass a diverse array of disciplines, subfields, and theoretical orientations. Yet no volume exists that systematically presents and puts into dialogue the field’s areas of focus and approaches to research. As a unique blend of reference guide, conceptual dictionary, and critical assessment, Keywords in Youth Studies presents and historicizes the "state of the field." It offers theoretically-informed analysis of key concepts, and points to possibilities for youth studies’ reconstruction. Contributors include internationally-renowned field experts who trace the origins, movements, and uses and meanings of "keywords" such as resistance, youth violence, surveillance, and more. The blending of section essays with focused keywords offers beginning and advanced readers multiple points of entry into the text and connections across concepts. A must-read for graduate students, faculty, and researchers across a range of disciplines, this extraordinary new book promotes new interdisciplinary approaches to youth research and advocacy.
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The Desolation of a Tortured Soul

The Desolation of a Tortured Soul

CHAPTER 15 Stealing Innocence It had been approximately one week since I
first began the massive undertaking of building this soapbox derby-car of mine.
Finally it was completed, and I was ready to race it. I cannot tell you just how
proud ...

Author: George Colby Hoffman

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781625163141

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 338

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My story begins in my home state of Maryland, where I was the youngest of three children. From my earliest memories, I was the victim of severe abuse at the hands of my birth father, which I endured throughout my adolescent years. During this time I was visited by two angels who have accompanied me my entire life. They told me that I would suffer many things and be hated by all men, but if I kept my faith in God, I would have a special place in heaven. Once my mother left my birth father, she moved us to her mother's house in Washington, D.C. Then my mother married my second father, who was from Germany. We moved back to Maryland, but he had a serious drinking problem and he committed suicide. She then married our third father and we moved to Florida, where he too became abusive. When our grandmother died, we moved back to Maryland. My third stepfather continually beat me. It became so bad, I had to live in the woods in the winter and eat out of trash cans. After I got a job, my mother took most of my paycheck for her husband's drinking and gambling money. This story of extreme child abuse promises to take you on a journey through the eyes of a child as the victim, to the young adult as the survivor. My sole purpose and motivation is to help child abuse victims and help those more fortunate to understand the victims! First-time author George Colby Hoffman now lives in Florida. His next book is titled From Exercise to Competitive Bodybuilding for the over 50. Publisher's website: http: //
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Education as Enforcement

Education as Enforcement

... 1997), Pedagogy and the Politics of Hope (Westview/HarperCollins, 1997),
The Mouse that Roared: Disney and the End of Innocence (Rowman & Littlefield,
1999), Stealing Innocence: Youth, Corporate Power, and the Politics of Culture (

Author: Kenneth J. Saltman

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415944899

Category: Education

Page: 332

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This text locates a rising culture of militarism found not only in popular culture, civil society and US foreign policy but also in educational policy and practices. Considering the rise of school security apparatus, accountability and standards movements, privatization and commercialization, this book highlights the intersections between militarization and corporatization. This volume brings together scholars in education to explore and challenge the ways that the imperatives of corporate globalization are educating citizens through curriculum, policy and popular culture in the virtues of authoritarianism, while turning some schools into boardrooms and others into barracks and prisons. With the shadow of the No Child Left Behind Act descending, the text points to the need for citizens to become more actively involved in leading schools, teachers and children out of this educational Dark Age.
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Democratic Social Education

Democratic Social Education

His most recent books include: Channel Surfing: Race Talk and the Destruction
of Today's Youth; Pedagogy and the Politics of Hope; The Mouse That Roared:
Disney and the End of Innocence; Stealing Innocence: Youth, Corporate Power, ...

Author: David W. Hursh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135711344

Category: Education

Page: 224

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In 1932 George Counts, in his speech "Dare the School Build a New Social Order?" explicitly challenged teachers to develop a democratic, socialistic society. In Democratic Social Education: Social Studies for Social Change Drs. Hursh and Ross take seriously the question of what social studies educators can do to help build a democratic society in the face of current antidemocratic impulses of greed, individualism and intolerance. The essays in this book respond to Counts' question in theoretical analyses of education and society, historical analyses of efforts since Counts' challenge, and practical analyses of classroom pedagogy and school organization. This volume provides researchers and teacher educators with ideas and descriptions of practice that challenge the taken-for-granted meanings of democracy, citizenship, culture, work, indoctrination, evaluation, standards and curriculum within the purposes of social education.
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Breaking the Magic Spell

Breaking the Magic Spell

133-50. Giroux, Henry A. the Mouse That Roared: Disney and the End of
Innocence. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1999. ––. Stealing Innocence:
Youth, Corporate Power, and the Politics of Culture. New York: Palgrave, 2000.
Ginschel ...

Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813137803

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 450

This revised, expanded, and updated edition of the 1979 landmark Breaking the Magic Spell examines the enduring power of fairy tales and the ways they invade our subjective world. In seven provocative essays, Zipes discusses the importance of investigating oral folk tales in their socio-political context and traces their evolution into literary fairy tales, a metamorphosis that often diminished the ideology of the original narrative. Zipes also looks at how folk tales influence our popular beliefs and the ways they have been exploited by a corporate media network intent on regulating the mystical elements of the stories. He examines a range of authors, including the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, Ernst Bloch, Tolkien, Bettelheim, and J.K. Rowling to demonstrate the continuing symbiotic relationship between folklore and literature.
Categories: Social Science

Schools Under Surveillance

Schools Under Surveillance

New York:Vintage Books. ———. 2003. Abnormal. New York: Picador. Giroux, H.
1996. Fugitive cultures: Race, violence, and youth. New York: Routledge. ———.
2000. Stealing innocence: Youth, corporate power, and the politics of culture.

Author: Torin Monahan

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813548268

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 724

Schools under Surveillance gathers together some of the very best researchers studying surveillance and discipline in contemporary public schools. Surveillance is not simply about monitoring or tracking individuals and their dataùit is about the structuring of power relations through human, technical, or hybrid control mechanisms. Essays cover a broad range of topics including police and military recruiters on campus, testing and accountability regimes such as No Child Left Behind, and efforts by students and teachers to circumvent the most egregious forms of surveillance in public education. Each contributor is committed to the continued critique of the disparity and inequality in the use of surveillance to target and sort students along lines of race, class, and gender.
Categories: Social Science

Children Morality and Society

Children  Morality and Society

Giroux, H.(2000) Stealing Innocence:Corporate Culture's WaronChildren (
Basingstoke: Palgrave). Gleitman, H.(1995) Psychology (London: W.W. Norton
andCompany). Goodwin, C. (2000) 'Action and Embodimentwith Situated Human

Author: S. Frankel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137007797

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

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This book explores the extent to which children engage with questions of morality, arguing that they are active members of society who have both the capacity and understanding to engage with discourses of morality.
Categories: Social Science

Neoliberal Transformation of Education in Turkey

Neoliberal Transformation of Education in Turkey

Giroux, Henry. Stealing Innocence: Youth, Corporate. AgostinoneWilson, Faith. “
Downsized Discourse: Classroom Management, Neoliberalism, and the Shaping
of Correct Workplace Attitude.” Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies 4, no

Author: K. Inal

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137097811

Category: Education

Page: 267

View: 309

Neoliberal policies have had an impact on educational systems globally. This book provides a detailed and critical analysis of neoliberal educational policies and reforms in Turkey by focusing on the Justice and Development Party's reform efforts over the last eight years.
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Deleuze and the Body

Deleuze and the Body

Giroux, H. (2000), Stealing Innocence: Youth, Corporate Power, and the Politics
of Culture, New York: Palgrave. Guattari, F. (1995), Chaosmosis: An Ethico-
aesthetic Paradigm, trans. Paul Bains and Julian Pefanis, Bloomington: Indiana ...

Author: Laura Guillaume

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748688043

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 190

This book will be important reading for those with an interest in Deleuze, but also in performance arts, film, and contemporary culture.
Categories: Philosophy

How Drama Activates Learning

How Drama Activates Learning

Child Development, 82,405–32. Elliott, J. (2005), Using Narrative in Social
Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. London: Sage. Giroux, H. A.
(2000), Stealing Innocence: Youth, Corporate Power, and the Politics of Culture.

Author: Michael Anderson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441194169

Category: Education

Page: 336

View: 838

How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice draws together leaders in drama education and applied theatre from across the globe, including authors from Europe, North America and Australasia. It explores how learning can be activated when drama pedagogies and philosophies are applied across diverse contexts and for varied purposes. The areas explored include: · history · literacy, oracy and listening · health and human relationships education · science · democracy, social justice and global citizenship education · bullying and conflict management · criticality · digital technologies · additional language learning Drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives, the contributors present case studies of drama and applied theatre work in school and community settings, providing rich descriptions of practice accompanied by detailed analysis underpinned by the theoretical perspectives of key thinkers from both within and beyond the field of drama.
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Tooning In

Tooning In

Stealing innocence. New York: Palgrave. Isenberg, J., and Jalongo, M. (1997 ).
Creative expression and play in early childhood. New Jersey: Prentice Hal.
Postman, N. (2005). Amusing ourselves to death. New York: Penguin. Steinberg,

Author: Cameron White

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781461646273

Category: Education

Page: 164

View: 114

The scope and theme of Tooning In aim to insert into the debate surrounding so-called 'popular culture' and its role in shaping society specific perspectives regarding popular culture and adolescents' lives. The authors suggest that popular culture is vital to how adolescents make sense of the world and educators should tap into it as a tool for imparting critical thinking skills and generally empowering students. Tooning In critically examines and interprets concepts of popular culture, with the ultimate aim of inviting readers to re-examine the fundamental aspects of popular culture as a societal force.
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Language in the Media

Language in the Media

Giroux, H. A. (2000), Stealing Innocence:

Author: Sally Johnson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441151254

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

View: 637

This book examines the ways in which the media represents language-related issues, but also how the media's use of language is central to the construction of what people think language is, could or ought to be like. The chapters examine issues of identity, gender, youth, citizenship, politics and ideology across a range of media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet. The result is a multilingual survey of the construction of language in and by the media that will be essential reading for students and researchers of sociolinguistics or language and communication.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

The School I d Like

The School I d Like

Giroux,H.A.(2000) Stealing Innocence: Youth,Corporate PowerandthePolitics of
Culture,New York,NY: Palgave Macmillan. Holt,J. (1967)How Children Learn,
London: Penguin. Holt, J. (1970) The Underachieving School, London: Pitman.

Author: Catherine Burke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134418633

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 992

In 2001, The Guardian launched a competition called The School I'd Like, in which young people were asked to imagine their ideal school. This vibrant, groundbreaking book presents material drawn from that competition, offering a unique snapshot of perceptions of today's schools by those who matter most - the pupils. The book is wonderfully illuminated by children's essays, stories, poems, pictures and plans. Placing their views in the centre of the debate, it provides an evaluation of the democratic processes involved in teaching and learning by: identifying consistencies in children's expressions of how they wish to learn highlighting particular sites of 'disease' in the education system today illustrating how the built environment is experienced by today's children posing questions about the reconstruction of teaching and learning for the twenty-first century. This book offers a powerful new perspective on school reform and is essential reading for all those involved in education and childhood studies, including teachers, advisors, policy-makers, academics, and anyone who believes that children's voices should not be ignored.
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Thinking Comprehensively About Education

Thinking Comprehensively About Education

Stealing innocence:Youth, corporate power, and the politics ofculture. New York,
NY: Palgrave. Greene, M. (1995). Releasing the imagination: Essays on
education, the arts, and social change. San Francisco, CA:Jossey-Bass.
Gustavson, L.

Author: Ezekiel Dixon-Román

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136318474

Category: Education

Page: 288

View: 872

While much is known about the critical importance of educative experiences outside of school, little is known about the social systems, community programs, and everyday practices that can facilitate learning outside of the classroom. Thinking Comprehensively About Education sheds much-needed light on those systems, programs, and practices; conceptualizing education more broadly through a nuanced exploration of: the various spaces where education occurs; the non-dominant practices and possibilities of those spaces; the possibilities of enabling social systems, institutions, and programs of comprehensive education. This original edited collection identifies and describes the resources that enable optimal human learning and development, and offers a public policy framework that can enable a truly comprehensive educational system. Thinking Comprehensively About Education is a must-read for faculty, students, policy analysts, and policymakers.
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Lost Innocence Stolen Childhoods

Lost Innocence  Stolen Childhoods

That children could have their own personal motives , problems and frustrations
which lead to stealing and other ' bad ' behaviour was not envisaged . The
behavioural problems of one's children are assumed to be the result of contagion

Author: Thérèse Blanchet


ISBN: UOM:39015038589597

Category: Children

Page: 261

View: 562

With reference to Bangladesh.
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