HCA Comics and Original Comic Art Auction Catalog 829

HCA Comics and Original Comic Art Auction Catalog  829

41409 Kelly Freas Startide Rising ( Uplift Saga , Book 2 ) Cover Original Art ( Easton Press , 1994 ) . David Brin's Uplift novels are consid- ered by many science fiction aficionados to be among the most thrilling and extraordinary ...

Author: Jim Steele

Publisher: Heritage Capital Corporation

ISBN: 1599672766


Page: 210

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Quick and Popular Reads for Teens

Quick and Popular Reads for Teens

Startide Rising. Uplift Saga, book 2. Bantam, 1983. PPYA 2004 (Simply Science Fiction). While pursued by an alien armada, a spaceship crew of humans, dolphins, and a chimp discover the fate of the Progenitors, the race thought ...

Author: Pam Spencer Holley

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838935774

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 241

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Compiles and annotates YALSA's "Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults" and "Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers." Includes theme lists.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Science Fiction Literature through History An Encyclopedia 2 volumes

Science Fiction Literature through History  An Encyclopedia  2 volumes

But it was soon recognized as the introduction to Brin's Uplift series, which became prominent after the second novel, Startide Rising (1983), won the Hugo Award as the year's best novel. Brin describes a universe in which all ...

Author: Gary Westfahl

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440866173

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 766

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This book provides high school and undergraduate students, and other interested readers, with a comprehensive survey of science fiction history and numerous essays addressing major science fiction topics, authors, works, and subgenres written by a distinguished scholar. This encyclopedia deals with written science fiction in all of its forms, not only novels and short stories but also mediums often ignored in other reference books, such as plays, poems, comic books, and graphic novels. Some science fiction films, television programs, and video games are also mentioned, particularly when they are relevant to written texts. Its focus is on science fiction in the English language, though due attention is given to international authors whose works have been frequently translated into English. Since science fiction became a recognized genre and greatly expanded in the 20th century, works published in the 20th and 21st centuries are most frequently discussed, though important earlier works are not neglected. The texts are designed to be helpful to numerous readers, ranging from students first encountering science fiction to experienced scholars in the field. Provides readers with information about written science fiction in all its forms—novels, stories, plays, poems, comic books, and graphic novels Includes original interviews with major writers like Ted Chiang, Samuel R. Delany, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Connie Willis that are not available elsewhere Features numerous sidebars with additional data about various subjects and key passages from several classic works Includes hundreds of bibliographies of sources that provide additional information on various specific topics and the genre of science fiction as a whole
Categories: Literary Criticism

Of Sex and Faerie Further Essays on Genre Fiction

Of Sex and Faerie  Further Essays on Genre Fiction

2 Preferring a distended footnote to a necessarily distracting excursus in the main text (and noting that only those ... 'Uplift' trilogy after Sundiver ( 980) and Startide Rising ( 983); (ii) that while the second volume of Herbert's ...

Author: John Lennard

Publisher: Humanities-Ebooks

ISBN: 9781847601711

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 393

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Taking up where the author's book Of Modern Dragons (2007) left off, these essays continue Lennard's investigation of the praxis of serial reading and the best genre fiction of recent decades, including work by Bill James, Walter Mosley, Lois Mcmaster Bujold, and Ursula K. Le Guin. There are groundbreaking studies of contemporary paranormal romance, and of Hornblower's transition to space, while the final essay deals with the phenomenon and explosive growth of fanfiction, and with the increasingly empowered status of the reader in a digital world. There is an extensive bibliography of genre and critical work, with eight illustrations and many hyperlinks.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Talking Book Topics

Talking Book Topics

Contin- uation of the Uplift saga begun in Star- tide Rising ( RC 23715 ) . Followed by Infinity's Shore ( RC 52765 ) . 1995 . Infinity's Shore : New Uplift Trilogy , Book 2 RC 52765 by David Brin read by Erin Jones 4 cassettes In this ...



ISBN: UOM:39015064846382

Category: Talking books

Page: 636

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Includes audio versions, and annual title-author index.
Categories: Talking books

To be Continued

To be Continued

2. Heaven in High Gear. Pocket Books, 1 997. Does God wear a leather jacket and drive a Harley? ... 2. Startide Rising. Bantam, 1983. 3. The Uplift War. Phantasia Press, 1987. The above two titles have also been published in the ...

Author: Merle Jacob

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781573561556

Category: Prose literature

Page: 481

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Main entries by author, then series. Title and subject index also included.
Categories: Prose literature

A Companion to Science Fiction

A Companion to Science Fiction

... Christopher 326 Bond, Nancy The Voyage Begun 139 book-burnings 489–90 The Book of Mormon 96 Bookchin, ... 139 hard science fiction 189 The Postman 183 Startide Rising 199 Sundiver 199 Uplift saga 105 Bringing Up Baby 537 Britain ...

Author: David Seed

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405144582

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 612

View: 540

A Companion to Science Fiction assembles essays by aninternational range of scholars which discuss the contexts, themesand methods used by science fiction writers. This Companion conveys the scale and variety of sciencefiction. Shows how science fiction has been used as a means of debatingcultural issues. Essays by an international range of scholars discuss thecontexts, themes and methods used by science fiction writers. Addresses general topics, such as the history and origins ofthe genre, its engagement with science and gender, and nationalvariations of science fiction around the English-speakingworld. Maps out connections between science fiction, television, thecinema, virtual reality technology, and other aspects of theculture. Includes a section focusing on major figures, such as H.G.Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, and Ursula Le Guin. Offers close readings of particular novels, from MaryShelley’s Frankenstein to Margaret Atwood’sThe Handmaid’s Tale.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Our Grandchildren Redesigned

Our Grandchildren Redesigned

For a discussion of the boundary between humans and animals, see appendix Jon this book's companion website. ... Uplift Saga" novels by David Brin: Sundiver (New York: Spectra, 1985); Startide Rising (New York: Spectra, 1984); and The ...

Author: Michael Bess

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807052174

Category: Medical

Page: 321

View: 571

A panoramic overview of biotechnologies that can endlessly boost human capabilities and the drastic changes these “superhuman” traits could trigger Biotechnology is moving fast. In the coming decades, advanced pharmaceuticals, bioelectronics, and genetic interventions will be used not only to heal the sick but to boost human physical and mental performance to unprecedented levels. People will have access to pills that make them stronger and faster, informatic devices will interface seamlessly with the human brain, and epigenetic modification may allow people to reshape their own physical and mental identities at will. Until recently, such major technological watersheds—like the development of metal tools or the industrialization of manufacturing—came about incrementally over centuries or longer. People and social systems had time to adapt: they gradually developed new values, norms, and habits to accommodate the transformed material conditions. But contemporary society is dangerously unprepared for the dramatic changes it is about to experience down this road on which it is already advancing at an accelerating pace. The results will no doubt be mixed. People will live longer, healthier lives, will fine-tune their own thought processes, and will generate staggeringly complex and subtle forms of knowledge and insight. But these technologies also threaten to widen the rift between rich and poor, to generate new forms of social and economic division, and to force people to engage in constant cycles of upgrades and boosts merely to keep up. Individuals who boost their traits beyond a certain threshold may acquire such extreme capabilities that they will no longer be recognized as unambiguously human. In this important and timely book, prize-winning historian Michael Bess provides a clear, nontechnical overview of cutting-edge biotechnology and paints a vivid portrait of a near-future society in which bioenhancement has become a part of everyday life. He surveys the ethical questions raised by the enhancement enterprise and explores the space for human agency in dealing with the challenges that these technologies will present. Headed your way over the coming decades: new biotechnologies that can powerfully alter your body and mind. The possibilities are tantalizing: • Rejuvenation therapies offering much longer lives (160 and even beyond) in full vigor and mental acuity • Cognitive enhancement through chemical or bioelectronic means (the rough equivalent of doubling or tripling IQ scores) • Epigenetic tools for altering some of your genetically influenced traits at any point in your lifetime (body shape, athletic ability, intelligence, personality) • Bioelectronic devices for modulating your own brain processes, including your “pleasure centers” (a potentially non-stop high) • Direct control of machines by thought, and perhaps direct communication with other people, brain-to-brain (a new dimension of sharing and intimacy) But some of the potential consequences are also alarming: • A growing rift between the biologically enhanced and those who can’t afford such modifications • A constant cycle of upgrades and boosts as the bar of “normal” rises ever higher—“Humans 95, Humans XP, Humans 8” • The fragmentation of humankind into rival “bioenhancement clusters” • A gradually blurring boundary between “person” and “product” • Extreme forms of self-modification, with some individuals no longer recognized as unambiguously human
Categories: Medical



The Complete Original Trilogy David Brin ... Tunneling 27: Excitation 28: Stimulated Emission 29: Absorption Part X 30: Opacity 31: Propagation Startide Rising Dedication Prologue Part One: Buoyancy 1: Toshio 2: Galactics 3: Takkata-Jim ...

Author: David Brin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405515269

Category: Fiction

Page: 1296

View: 263

WINNER OF THE HUGO, LOCUS AND NEBULA AWARDS Under the caverns of Mercury, the Sundiver Mission prepares for a momentous voyage: a journey into the blazing inferno of the sun, to seek our destiny in the cosmic order of life. For in a universe where no species can reach sentience without being 'uplifted' by a patron race, only humanity - it seems - may have climbed to the stars unaided. This is a feat that puzzles and even angers some of the ancient, mighty Galactic Clans. Now, in a saga that warps from Earth to the far-reaches of five galaxies, the greatest mystery of all may be explained . . . This omnibus contains the first three novels in David Brin's classic and award-winning science fiction series, the Uplift Saga: SUNDIVER, STARTIDE RISING and THE UPLIFT WAR.
Categories: Fiction

Analog Science Fiction science Fact

Analog Science Fiction science Fact

A 0745 Psion ; 5322 The Hall 5520 The 4218 Startide 0752 Elric of 1172 The Club ed . $ 5.98 Catspaw of the Mountain Sleeping Dragon ; Rising : The Uplift Melnibone ; The Vanishing Tower ; 2 - in - 1 vol . Comb King : The Lady of The ...



ISBN: PSU:000030377844

Category: Science fiction


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Categories: Science fiction