Star Trek The Next Generation Pen Pals

Star Trek   The Next Generation Pen Pals

Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of the Federation starship Enterprise-D. In this episode, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher learns to manage a science team, and in the primary plot, focusing on ...

Author: Ane Ross


ISBN: 9798727499948


Page: 46

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Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of the Federation starship Enterprise-D. In this episode, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher learns to manage a science team, and in the primary plot, focusing on Starfleet's Prime Directive, Data helps a young girl on a troubled planet.

A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek The Next Generation

A Field Guide to the Aliens of Star Trek  The Next Generation

SEAGUNTM D7 Direttiaris Hohe Planet: Dreha IV Episode Pen Pals Rating *** These aliens are short, with orange skin and long fingers and it sort of looks like they are covered with glitter. The planet that they lived on was going to be ...

Author: Zachary Auburn

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9781942099321

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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ONE KID’S CONTINUING MISSION: CATALOG ALL ALIEN LIFE FROM STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. These are the voyages of Joshua Chapman. In 1990 at 11 years old, he wrote a field guide to the alien races of Star Trek: The Next Generation for school. He continued the project through his awkward teen years and into reluctant adulthood. Boldly go from season to season and learn about Acamarians to Zibalians. Explore strange new feelings, like Joshua’s obsession with Data, and Joshua’s angst toward his mother, who’s more terrifying than a Yridian’s face. Engage... with humanity at its weirdest. “One of my favorite artistic discoveries of the last few years, in any medium. It's funny, touching, wholly convincing, and even profound—the kind of book you'll want to give to every misfit adolescent you now know or once did, which is to say everyone who was ever worth knowing.” –Kevin Brockmeier, O. Henry Prize winning author of Things That Fall from the Sky
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Exploring Picard s Galaxy

Exploring Picard s Galaxy

Pen Pals.” Star Trek: The Next Generation—The Complete Second Season. writ. Melinda M. snodgrass and hanna louise shearer, dir. winrich Kolbe, Paramount home Video, 2002, dVd. Philips, Mary. “leadership, Eroticism and abjection: Star ...

Author: Peter W. Lee

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476630960

Category: Social Science

Page: 262

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Serving as the sequel to Gene Roddenberry’s original television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation pushed the boundaries of the “final frontier.” At the same time, the show continued the franchise's celebrated exploration of the human experience, reflecting current social and political events. ST:TNG became immensely successful, spawning four feature films and several television spin-offs. This collection of new essays explores both the series’ characters and its themes. Topics include the Federation’s philosophy concerning technocracy, sexuality and biopolitics; foreign policy shifts in the Prime Directive; key characters including Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Deanna Troi, Tasha Yar; and Klingon martial arts, music, and history.
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Today or Tomorrow

Today or Tomorrow

Low Kay Hwa. "Remembrance and regrets. They, too, are a part of friendship." JeanLuc Picard Star Trek: The Next Generation "Pen Pals" "To be bereft of emotions is not to nullify them,

Author: Low Kay Hwa

Publisher: Goody Books

ISBN: 9789810795764

Category: Fiction

Page: 126

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Lessons Learned From Star Trek

Lessons Learned From Star Trek

("Star Trek: The Next Generation" Episode: "Pen Pals" -Captain Jean-Luc Picard) “I've heard a lot of stories about the Founders and the Dominion. And justice seems to be the last thing on their minds.” (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” ...

Author: Nicholas H. Kovacs, O.F.S.

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781716171161

Category: Fiction


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This is the third edition of "Lessons Learned from Star Trek". This updated e-book is a collection of articles, which in an entertaining way, discuss important philosophical and moral issues, that our world is facing, by using the themes from the science fiction series, Star Trek. If you are a Trekkie, nor never heard of the TV series; this book is for everybody, and provides an entertaining overview of the franchise. Our world is facing so many problems today, and humanity needs to look to the lessons seen in Star Trek, as the perfect guide to help all of us discuss as a society, on how we can come together to create a better world. The world needs Star Trek, now, more than ever!
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Star Trek The Wisdom of Picard

Star Trek  The Wisdom of Picard

Chip Carter. “ Remembrance and regrets , they , too , are a part of friendship . ” — “ Pen Pals " Star Trek : The Next Generation ; Season 2 ; Episode 15 " It is possible to commit no mistakes and still.

Author: Chip Carter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507214749

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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Discover all of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s sage advice, insight, and wisdom from the deck of the USS Enterprise and beyond in this ultimate collection of wise words from the esteemed Starfleet captain. Any Star Trek fan knows that Captain Jean-Luc Picard is renowned for his impressive oratory skills, preferring negotiation and diplomacy over violence and destruction. Now, you can finally ponder all of his wisdom in one place—from his thoughts on leadership and sense of duty to justice and the limitlessness of exploration—in Star Trek: The Wisdom of Picard. Journey with the Starfleet captain through his seven seasons on Star Trek: The Next Generation to the Star Trek movies to the current series Star Trek: Picard. Star Trek: The Wisdom of Picard boldly goes where no book has gone before to log Picard’s timeless advice in one impressive collection, perfect for Star Trek fans everywhere! Make it so!
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The Ethics of Space Exploration

The Ethics of Space Exploration

Pen Pals.” Star Trek: The next generation. In syndication. May 1, 1989. Television. Sagan, C. (1985). Cosmos. New York: Ballentine Books. Smith, K. C. (2014). Manifest complexity: A foundational ethic for astrobiology?

Author: James S.J. Schwartz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319398273

Category: Philosophy

Page: 267

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This book aims to contribute significantly to the understanding of issues of value (including the ultimate value of space-related activities) which repeatedly emerge in interdisciplinary discussions on space and society. Although a recurring feature of discussions about space in the humanities, the treatment of value questions has tended to be patchy, of uneven quality and even, on occasion, idiosyncratic rather than drawing upon a close familiarity with state-of-the-art ethical theory. One of the volume's aims is to promote a more robust and theoretically informed approach to the ethical dimension of discussions on space and society. While the contributions are written in a manner which is accessible across disciplines, the book still withstands scrutiny by those whose work is primarily on ethics. At the same time it allows academics across a range of disciplines an insight into current approaches toward how the work of ethics gets done. The issues of value raised could be used to inform debates about regulation, space law and protocols for microbial discovery as well as longer-range policy debates about funding.
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The Star Trek the Next Generation

The Star Trek  the Next Generation

PEN PALS Production No .: 141 • Aired : Week of May 1 , 1989 Stardate : 42695.3 : Code : pp Directed by Winrich Kolbe Written by Melinda M. Snodgrass Story by Hannah Louise Shearer young girl on one of the unsafe worlds , Drema IV .

Author: Larry Nemecek

Publisher: Pocket Books/Star Trek

ISBN: IND:30000066040019

Category: Interplanetary voyages

Page: 339

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Completely revised and updated, this guidebook takes readers all the way through the last two seasons of the series, including the Paramount Pictures release of the blockbuster film, Star Trek: Generations. The book includes fascinating behind-the-scenes information and specially selected photos (at least one from every episode).
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Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice

Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice

In ST : TNG the Prime Directive is sometimes carried to absurd levels . In " Pen Pals " Captain Picard is at first willing to let the planet Drema IV and its inhabitants be destroyed by geologic upheaval rather than use the technology ...

Author: Robert H. Chaires

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 0966808029

Category: Law

Page: 296

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Star Trek Visions of Law and Justice collects fourteen articles connecting popular media with academic inquiry, illustrating the connections between the future world of Star Trek and current issues in international law, law and justice, and the American legal system. It makes an ideal text to teach students interdisciplinary academic concepts using a familiar, popular media phenomenon.
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The Next Generation Companion

The Next Generation Companion

Star Trek The Next Generation Larry Nemecek. played Uhura, original Trek's communications officer ... Hannah Louise Shearer also left, though she contributed a story during each of the next two seasons (“Pen Pals”/141, “The Price”/156).

Author: Larry Nemecek

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471106798

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 384

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First published in 1992 and last revised in 1995, this is a fitting record of a show that changed the rules by which television was made. The first adventure drama series ever to run to seven seasons and more than 170 episodes, Star Trek: The Next Generation broke audience records wherever it was shown and remains the most widely viewed and consistently popular of all the Star Trek series. This new edition of the series companion has been brought bang up to date to include not only all seven years of the TV series but also all four films which have featured the Next Generation crew. In addition to Generations (1994), we now have full details of First Contact (1997), Insurrection (1998) and the very latest incarnation, Nemesis (2002). A positive feast of information, the Companion includes complete plot summaries and credits for each invidiual episode and film. There are fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into how each one was made, and in-depth analysis really brings The Next Generation universe to life. Illustrated throughout with more than 150 black and white photographs, this is a truly invaluable reference guide.
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Perspectives on Ignorance from Moral and Social Philosophy

Perspectives on Ignorance from Moral and Social Philosophy

... the Captain sometimes resorts to erasing the memories of the unfortunate locals (as with Sarjenka in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Pen Pals'). And memory erasure is not just a science fiction possibility.

Author: Rik Peels

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317369554

Category: Philosophy

Page: 246

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This edited collection focuses on the moral and social dimensions of ignorance—an undertheorized category in analytic philosophy. Contributors address such issues as the relation between ignorance and deception, ignorance as a moral excuse, ignorance as a legal excuse, and the relation between ignorance and moral character. In the moral realm, ignorance is sometimes considered as an excuse; some specific kind of ignorance seems to be implied by a moral character; and ignorance is closely related to moral risk. Ignorance has certain social dimensions as well: it has been claimed to be the engine of science; it seems to be entailed by privacy and secrecy; and it is widely thought to constitute a legal excuse in certain circumstances. Together, these contributions provide a sustained inquiry into the nature of ignorance and the pivotal role it plays in the moral and social domains.
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Indeed, Star Trek fans will recognize that similar scenarios have been explored in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In 'Pen Pals' (season 2, episode 5) the people of Drema IV are going to die due to the planet's tectonic instability.

Author: Sue Donaldson

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191618987

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 422

Zoopolis offers a new agenda for the theory and practice of animal rights. Most animal rights theory focuses on the intrinsic capacities or interests of animals, and the moral status and moral rights that these intrinsic characteristics give rise to. Zoopolis shifts the debate from the realm of moral theory and applied ethics to the realm of political theory, focusing on the relational obligations that arise from the varied ways that animals relate to human societies and institutions. Building on recent developments in the political theory of group-differentiated citizenship, Zoopolis introduces us to the genuine "political animal". It argues that different types of animals stand in different relationships to human political communities. Domesticated animals should be seen as full members of human-animal mixed communities, participating in the cooperative project of shared citizenship. Wilderness animals, by contrast, form their own sovereign communities entitled to protection against colonization, invasion, domination and other threats to self-determination. `Liminal' animals who are wild but live in the midst of human settlement (such as crows or raccoons) should be seen as "denizens", resident of our societies, but not fully included in rights and responsibilities of citizenship. To all of these animals we owe respect for their basic inviolable rights. But we inevitably and appropriately have very different relations with them, with different types of obligations. Humans and animals are inextricably bound in a complex web of relationships, and Zoopolis offers an original and profoundly affirmative vision of how to ground this complex web of relations on principles of justice and compassion.
Categories: Political Science

Quotable Star Trek

Quotable Star Trek

—Troi to senior staff, on Wesley TNG / "Pen Pals" "He is a boy, not a sword." "Who will one day become a man and,to extend the metaphor, will need a fine edge that won't dull at the first touch of resistance.

Author: Jill Sherwin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451602626

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 981

"...Good words. That's where ideas begin." -- Dr. David Marcus to Admiral James T. Kirk, Star Trek® II: The Wrath of Khan™ It makes us wonder. It makes us smile. But most of all, it makes us think. More than any other single aspect, Star Trek is defined by the strength of its ideas. For decades this television and movie phenomenon has reached out to its audience, spanning generations and inspiring them not simply with the power of its voice, but with the meaning behind it. Quotable Star Trek demonstrates the truly universal appeal of Gene Roddenberry's extraorinary creation. Words of wit, wisdom, and compelling insight applicable to everyday life from The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek Voyager®, and eight Star Trek motion pictures have been meticulously researched and collected in one volume. Intensely thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining, Quotable Star Trek has something for everyone, and is a must-have resource for every devoted fan.
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Embodied Care

Embodied Care

Pen Pals . ” Star Trek : The Next Generation . Television broadcast . Paramount Productions ( aired May 1 , 1989 ) . Kuhn , Thomas . The Structure of Scientific Revolutions . 3d ed . Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 1996 .

Author: Executive Director Professor of Philosophy Maurice Hamington

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252029283

Category: Philosophy

Page: 181

View: 351

Embodied Care argues that the body's is central to care ethics. It develops the idea that our bodies are central to our morality, paying particular attention to the ways we come to care for one another. Hamington's argues that human bodies are "built to care"; as a result, embodiment must be recognized as a central factor in moral consideration.
Categories: Philosophy

Star Trek Crosswords

Star Trek Crosswords

[TOS] 24 Gary Seven's cat 25 Gillespie in "Pen Pals" [TNG] 28 SSE or NNE: Abbr. 30 Thesaurus abbr. 32 Arguable 33 Norman in "Tapestry" [TNG] 34 Benjamin Sisko's second wife 38 Hawaiian menu fish 39 Vulcan mating instinct 41 Scotty's ...

Author: John M. Samson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743463119

Category: Fiction

Page: 64

View: 409

From the name of Captain James T. Kirk's brother* (3 letters) to the name of the latest Star Trek feature film's villain** (7 letters) this crossword puzzle book covers every corner of the intergalactic phenomenon that has captivated fans for more than thirty years. With fifty puzzles to conquer, Star Trek Crosswords will engage, delight and entertain both casual viewer and diehard Trekker alike. * Sam ** Shinzon
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The Star Trek Encyclopedia

The Star Trek Encyclopedia

A colony of these parasites infested the EnterpriseD in 2368, after which the ship's personnel successfully returned the parasites to the Pelloris Field. (“Cost of Living” [TNG]). “Pen Pals.” Next Generation episode #41.

Author: Michael Okuda

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451646887

Category: Fiction

Page: 752

View: 178

From 'audet IX to Zytchin III, this book covers it all. This is the ultimate reference book for all Star Trek fans! Added to this edition are 128 new pages. This addendum highlights the latest episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek: Voyager® and the newest feature film, Star Trek: Insurrection™. The thousands of photos and hundreds of illustrations place the Star Trek universe at your fingertips. Planets and stars, weapons and ships, people and places are just part of the meticulous research and countless cross-reference that fill this book.
Categories: Fiction

Voyages of Imagination The Star Trek Fiction Companion

Voyages of Imagination  The Star Trek Fiction Companion

Dr. Katherine Pulaski wants to check up on Sarjenka, a little girl who Data corresponded with during the Next Generation episode, 'Pen Pals.' Pulaski wiped her mind of the incident but wonders if the memories might return.

Author: Jeff Ayers

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416525486

Category: Fiction

Page: 800

View: 644

Through four decades, five television series comprising over seven hundred episodes, ten feature films, and an animated series, fandom's thirst for more Star Trek stories has been unquenchable. From the earliest short-story adaptations by James Blish in the 1960s, followed by the first original Star Trek novels during the seventies, and on throughout the eighties, nineties, and into the twenty-first century, fiction has offered an unparalleled expansion of the rich Star Trek tapestry. But what is it that makes these books such a powerfully attractive creative outlet to some and a compelling way to experience the Star Trek mythos anew to others? Voyages of Imagination takes a look back on the first forty years of professionally published Star Trek fiction, revealing the personalities and sensibilities of many of the novels' imaginative contributors and offering an unprecedented glimpse into the creative processes, the growing pains, the risks, the innovations, the missteps, and the great strides taken in the books. Author Jeff Ayers has immersed himself in nearly six hundred books and interviewed more than three hundred authors and editors in order to compile this definitive guide to the history and evolution of an incomparable publishing phenomenon. Fully illustrated with the covers of every book included herein, Voyages of Imagination is indexed by title and author, features a comprehensive timeline, and is a must-have for every fan.
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Easy Crosswords For Seniors For Dummies

Easy Crosswords For Seniors For Dummies

Star Wars, to Ronald Reagan 37. Super-wide specification at Thom McAn 39. Hymn, to Apollo (Var.) ... Star Trek: The Next Generation crewman 5. Not a pro 6. They may get plastered 7. Minute land mass 8. Pen pal? 9. Foot comforters 10.

Author: Timothy E. Parker

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470887493

Category: Games


View: 697

An easy-to-do puzzle-packed guide tailored to the interests of the older generation Are you over the age of 55? Looking for some great crossword puzzles? Better yet, how about a collection of crosswords that is tailored to your interests? Look no further. This compilation of challenging and entertaining crossword puzzles is perfect for you if you want to challenge your brain, preserve mental fitness-or are just looking for some fun! It's a known fact that keeping the mind active and healthy can reduce the risk of such conditions as dementia; plus, puzzles have been proven to strengthen memory and mind function. Features 150 brand-new, easy crossword puzzles created with your interests in mind Puzzles are presented in large print, oversized format Solving puzzles helps you maintain an active and productive mind Puzzles are organized chronologically with themes, including TV, special shapes, history, and music through the decades Includes a bonus "Part of Tens" chapter with ten different types of puzzles such as word search, fill-in, cryptogram, and others Have a great time and stimulate your brain at the same time with Easy Crosswords For Seniors For Dummies!
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Star Trek The Next Generation 365

Star Trek  The Next Generation 365

P Pagh Pakleds Palmer, Ensign (Mae Jemison) “Parallels,” Paramount Pictures Pardek Paris, Tom (Robert Duncan McNeill) pattern enhancers “Peak Performance,” “The Pegasus,” “Pen Pals,” “The Perfect Human,” “The Perfect Mate,” Persoff, ...

Author: Terry J. Erdmann

Publisher: ABRAMS

ISBN: 9781613124000

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 744

View: 508

A complete episode-by-episode exploration of the hit TV series—with rarely seen photos and illustrations. With the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gene Roddenberry somehow managed to recapture lightning in a bottle. This new incarnation of Star Trek was an instant hit, and its popularity inspired four films and three spin-off television series. A must-have for fans, Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 provides a fresh, accessible overview of the entire series, including an authorized guide to all 178 episodes. Featuring classic and rarely seen photography and illustrations, this visual celebration of the voyages of Captain Picard, his crew, and the Enterprise-D offers a loving look back at the Emmy and Hugo Award–winning series.
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Star Trek The Next Generation The Gift

Star Trek  The Next Generation   The Gift

... Schizoid Man " “ Loud As a Whisper " “ Unatural Selection " Strike Zone “ A Matter of Honor " “ Measure of a Man " " The Dauphin ” " Contagion " " The Royale " " Time Squared " " The Icarus Factor " " Pen Pals ” Masks " Q - Who ?

Author: John de Lancie

Publisher: IDW Publishing


Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 147

An all-new reprint of the classic TNG story! Q gives Jean-Luc Picard the chance to go back in time to fix one of his biggest mistakes, but the consequences of his actions will create a ripple effect that will threaten the entire Federation! Written by Q himself – actor John de Lancie – with art by Gordon Purcell and a newly painted cover by J.K. Woodward.
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