Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research

An Epistemology of Sport

Author: Graham McFee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135276161

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

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The study of sport is characterised by its inter-disciplinarity, with researchers drawing on apparently incompatible research traditions and ethical benchmarks in the natural sciences and the social sciences, depending on their area of specialisation. In this groundbreaking study, Graham McFee argues that sound high-level research into sport requires a sound rationale for one’s methodological choices, and that such a rationale requires an understanding of the connection between the practicalities of researching sport and the philosophical assumptions which underpin them. By examining touchstone principles in research methodology, such as the contested ‘gold standard’ of voluntary informed consent in the natural sciences and the postmodern denial of ‘truth’ in the social sciences, McFee demonstrates that epistemology and ethics are inextricably linked. Drawing on a wide range of examples, from the laboratory to the sports field, McFee explores the concepts of ‘knowledge’ and ‘truth’ in sports research and makes a powerful case for a philosophical deepening of our approach to method and methodology in sport. This book is important reading for all advanced students and researchers working in sport, exercise and related disciplines.

"Home and away"

sport and South Asian male youth

Author: Scott Fleming

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781859720172

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 155

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This book is based on an ethnographic study of Parkview School - a large, mixed, multi-ethnic secondary school in North London. A protracted period of fieldwork was undertaken at the school, and this provided the sort of risk and in-depth qualitative data that is characteristic of some of the classic works in the sociology of education. An extensive questionnaire survey of sports participation patterns was also conducted in order to generate an overall picture of the role of sport in the lifestyle of young South Asians more broadly.The case-study of Parkview School provides rich and illuminating data on the sport-ethnicity relation as it impacts on certain groups of young South Asians in an inner-city area of North London. Yet the variables that are frequently used to characterise or define South Asian heterogeneity were not the key factors that affected attitudes towards sport, and participation in it. Rather, there were other aspects of South Asian lifestyles - many of them determined by the social order in the school - that were extremely influential.The most important of these was the prevalent personal racism that significantly influenced the daily lived experiences of all of the young South Asians. Responses to the various forms of racism that were encountered varied between the different cultural (and sub-cultural) groups; but it was clear that participation in sport was directly affected.

Sport Policy and Governance

Local Perspectives

Author: Neil King

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0750685476

Category: Political Science

Page: 301

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Sport policy, governance and politics have become increasingly important due to a recent surge in government spending and mounting media focus on the politics of sport. However, books which address these themes are few and none highlight how local policy actors mediate national policy priorities, until now?.. Sport Policy and Governance: local perspectives is the first book of its kind which addresses the strategies of national and local government actors as its core focus. As more and more courses are developed in this area, the text offers students insight and 'political savvy' in an area which will become key during their professional lives. Written in a clear and accessible style the text offers: * insights into the politics of policymaking and implementation - problematising policy priorities * an explanation of sport policy processes and policy stability/change and sets an agenda for future research * extensive research over three years including approximately 100 interviews and document analysis spanning the period 1970-2008 * insights into the strategies employed by policy actors in shaping policy * topical case studies which focus on school sport, sport and health policy, sport and youth justice and sport and land-use policy Sport Policy and Governance: local perspectives is essential reading for anyone who is studying, teaching or researching in this key area of sports policy. * The first text to highlight how local policy actors mediate national policy priorities * Offers a fresh approach which directly links strategy with practice and smoothly blends theory with practice * Includes detailed case studies on school sport policy, sport and health policy, sport and youth justice policy and sport and land-use planning policy

Run for Life

The Anti-Aging, Anti-Injury, Super-Fitness Plan to Keep You Running to 100

Author: Roy M. Wallack

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 1602393443

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 294

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Counsels running athletes on how to maintain active fitness throughout one's senior years, explaining the potential health benefits of running while making recommendations on everything from strength training and improving flexibility to fighting bone loss and preventing back pain. Original.

Rebels for the Cause

The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club

Author: Jon Spurling

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 178057486X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 288

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Arsenal's on-field success has been well documented. But what has never been written before is the equally remarkable history of Arsenal's rebels, both on and off the pitch. Spanning almost 120 years, and set against a backdrop of turbulent social and political change, Rebels for the Cause assesses the legacy and impact of Arsenal's most controversial players, officials and matches. From hard men like '30s player Wilf Copping to the reformed wild ones of recent years such as Tony Adams, Jon Spurling highlights the infamous figures whose refusal to conform has made them terrace legends. Mavericks such as '80s star Charlie Nicholas and the 'King of Highbury' Charlie George are here, as are '70s lads Alan Hudson and Malcolm Macdonald. The book also focuses on the club's revolutionary founding fathers, David Danskin and Jack Humble, the terrifying '20s 'soccer Tsar' Sir Henry Norris and David Dein's controversial introduction of free-market economics to Highbury in the regressive '80s. Also investigated are the stories behind Arsenal's most infamous tabloid exposés. Featuring extensive interviews with 15 former players, Rebels for the Cause is an indispensable guide to the alternative history of Arsenal Football Club, shedding new light on the origins of the rivalry with Tottenham, on many of Highbury's cult heroes and on the struggle of several players to adapt to life outside the game.

Best Climbs Denver and Boulder

Over 200 of the Best Routes in the Area

Author: Stewart M. Green

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762767510

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 144

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Best Climbs Denver & Boulder covers Eldorado Canyon, the Flatirons, Boulder Canyon, Golden Cliffs, Castlewood Canyon, the north section of the South Platte, and some toproping routes at Ironclads.


A Love Affair with the Racing Bicycle

Author: Charlie Woods

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780575157

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 5513


Bikie lays bare the true heart of cycling. Every grass-roots enthusiast, keen racing man and elite professional has one thing in common: he loves his bike and riding it. The author pinpoints the source of his love, tracing its development in the individual, how it draws people into a community and then a tradition – creating a whole worldwide culture to celebrate that deep affection for what is a technological marvel and transcendent experience. Great champions, too, are inseparable from their bikes. They merge into them, becoming a composite image, figures of myth. As well as exerting an emotional hold, cycling, in its famous races, also mounts a living proof of exemplary virtues: courage, perseverance and self-sacrifice – gives us, in fact, a glimpse of the higher reaches of the human spirit. There is a sense of this mythical realm in every pedal turn, for once astride a handbuilt lightweight we are put in touch with the greatest riders of all time. Bikie is the story of one man’s passionate involvement, but in its forthright sincerity it goes to the roots of what we all share.

Extraordinary People

A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Some of the World's Most Fascinating Individuals

Author: Michael Hearst

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452133395

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Inside this book, you'll find stories of 50 extraordinary people such as: Evel Knievel, who jumped his motorcycle over 14 Greyhound buses The Iceman, the most well-preserved human, found in the ice after 5,300 years Sam Patch, who jumped Niagara Falls for $75 Helen Thayer, who walked to the North Pole alone Roy Sullivan, who was struck by lightning 7 times These intriguing facts and hundreds more await curious readers, amateur historians, and anyone who aspires to the altogether extraordinary!