Spikey 2 Hard to Handle

Spikey 2 Hard to Handle

In this brutally frank and hard-hitting autobiography, 'Spikey' Watkins, the loveable rogue of Welsh rugby, lifts the lid on his roller-coaster playing career.

Author: Bunko Watkins


ISBN: 1902719409

Category: Rugby Union football players

Page: 237

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Mewn hunangofiant gonest, mae Mike 'Spikey' Watkins, cymeriad brith ond hoffus ym myd rygbi Cymru yn yr 1980au yn codi'r clawr ar fywyd a gyrfa lliwgar iawn. -- Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru
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Lord Forgive Me

Lord Forgive Me

... and not-so-good bookshops The Tale of the Shagging Monkeys The Tale of
Two Shagging Monkeys – The Siege of El ... Story of a Human Trafficking
Rescuer Hugh Jackman The Biography Spikey2 Hard to Handle The
Autobiography of ...

Author: Anthony Bunko

Publisher: Y Lolfa

ISBN: 9781847719966

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A hilarious laugh-out loud 'consultant had enough' memoir based on true events. Anthony Bunko spills the beans of what goes on in the two-faced world of BMWs, smart suits, flip charts and ever changing buzz words, while trying to cope with his mid-life crisis.
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Nerves of Steele

Nerves of Steele

Nerves of Steele is a remarkable story and reveals the real Phil Steele, a man known only by his very closest friends and family.

Author: Phil Steele

Publisher: Welsh Academic Press

ISBN: 1902719506

Category: Rugby football players

Page: 240

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Known to thousands of rugby fans as a knowledgeable, passionate and witty broadcaster, and as an entertaining and popular after-dinner speaker, Phil Steele's confident demeanour and humorous disposition mask a life-long battle against depression and anxiety heightened by heartbreak and tragedy in his personal life. Nerves of Steele is a remarkable story and reveals the real Phil Steele, a man known only by his very closest friends and family. The Cardiff-born 'Ely Boy', who dreamed of playing for Wales, suffered his first bout of debilitating clinical depression when he saw his promising rugby career with Newport RFC wrecked by injury at only 23, just as his eye-catching performances had earned him a call up to the Wales B squad. The curse of mental illness and its malevolent twin, chronic anxiety, hung over Phil for years, who describes his suffering as 'like living under a cloak of constant unease' and at times even sapped his will to go on living. His vulnerability was repeatedly tested by losing both parents whilst still in his twenties, his younger sister to alcoholism and his beloved wife Liz who died from a brain tumour aged 48, only a month after being diagnosed. Nerves of Steele is, however, an uplifting story of how, despite all the mental anguish and personal tragedy, Phil's determination, strength of character and infectious personality has enabled him to conquer his condition and live a full and rewarding personal and professional life. With mental illness believed to affect one in every four people, Nerves of Steele will resonate with those that have experienced it themselves as well as their loved ones who've also been affected by it - and offer them all real hope for the future.
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Spikeys Points

Spikeys Points

He's Spikey's and Larry's friend. (Dress: golf shirt, shorts, runners, baseball cap,
construction hat). JESSICA: (Sequel 2 only) A generally kind, welldressed leader
of the after school dance team. She's upset, as she has to move midway through

Author: Joy Winter-Schmidt

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504951692

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 218

View: 422

“Spikey’s Points” is a fable about a poetic porcupine with mostly ‘good points,’ sharing many life lessons. Spikey is bullied and ostracized, but has chosen to be the ‘park peacemaker,” with his mentor Grammy. By being kind and helpful, they make the world a better place, and encourage others to keep their faith in humanity. ALL STAR CAST: Back Row: LARRY Law, Coach BOB, Ms SARAH Bell, MR. T (Joe Taylor) The STAR represents Music STAR: (male or female in Sequel 1 only) GRAMMY (Mary) SPIKEY, MISTY. Front Row: Brothers: MARK & BEN Law, KERI Bell, LISA, Sisters: SALLY & TIA, PUNKY, JESSICA, VP Ms Radcliffe & daughter ROBYN. “Spikey, the all positive star of this musical, is a 6 foot tall porcupine, who speaks in rhymes. The energetic singing and dancing of the 20 local performers, aged 8 to 55, keep young audiences entertained throughout!” Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press “My Kindergarteners enjoyed the music and Spikey himself!” Shara Ewasiuk, Kindergarten Teacher “Spikey opens stage doors for all ranges, ages and sizes of actors. The musical features powerful messages concerning inclusion and anti-bullying, appealing to all audiences - Katherine Quinton, K-12 Teacher, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Thank you for coming to Brandon! I have enjoyed many Spikey performances and no two are ever exactly the same. Love the diversity!! My 3 year old granddaughter had fun and lasted at least 45 minutes and after a little activity break was able to enjoy the final song reaching to the sky : ) She loved the audience participation. My 29 year old daughter in law thought it was humorous. My 80 year old mom enjoyed it and like myself, was so impressed with the rhyme and music with so much meaning!! So it really is a generational presentation with something for everyone!! Best of all, it promotes such great values!! Shelly Gurr, EA, Brandon School Division Performance K-6 / Community Living, June 2015.
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Upper Necaxa Totonac Dictionary

Upper Necaxa Totonac Dictionary

... full of weeds, spines, and rocks making it impossible to work; 2) unpleasant,
awful (place) lhkáka'/ikáka/ (adj) spicy, hot ... having spiky hair, having unevenly
cut hair () lhkali'k a'ksi'tkani: 'tza'má hawá'cha' they didn't cut the boy's hair evenly'

Author: David Beck

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110238235

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 869

View: 105

The Upper Necaxa Totonac Dictionary represents to-date the most extensive collection of lexical material for any member of the Totonac-Tepehua family and the only such record for this previously-undescribed polysynthetic language, currently spoken in two principal dialects by some 3,400 people, mainly adults, in the Sierra Norte of Puebla State, Mexico. As well as a short grammatical sketch, the dictionary comprises 9,000 lexical entries, including numerous fixed expressions, idioms, and ideophones; each lexical entry is accompanied by part-of-speech information and phonetic transcriptions as well as, where appropriate, dialectal information, grammatical notes (including plurals and classifiers for nouns), literal morpheme-by-morpheme glosses, example sentences, and cross-references to derived forms and semantically-related words. The accompanying DVD includes additional illustrative sentences, audio recordings of headwords and examples, and interlinear glosses for many of the sentences included in lexical entries. This book is the first Totonacan dictionary to be structured for the academic linguist, with special attention paid to the morphological structure of words and the organization of the Totonacan lexicon. Glosses are constructed so as to reflect the underlying complement-structure of words, with careful indication of the number of arguments required by particular lexical items, and all verbs are classified by dynamicity and valency. This dictionary is of interest to linguists working on American indigenous languages, as well as those concerned with the structure of morphologically complex words and the role of derivation in the lexicon of polysynthetic languages. It is also of use to historical linguists and Mesoamericanists interested in the reconstruction of the pre-Columbian history and ethnogeography of Mexico.
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Acting Alone

Acting Alone

Spikey stood up even straighter than usual, and he got that serious, frowny look
he always wore back in grade school ... of that rat hole and couldn't move for
couple days until he digested one or the other of the two hard-boil eggs that you
fed ...

Author: Tom Bradley

Publisher: Browntrout Publishers

ISBN: 1563134446

Category: Fiction

Page: 269

View: 230

Kansas college professor Sam Edwine comes up with a great get-rich-quick scheme: he will ghostwrite the memoirs of Sgt. Spikey Wamsutter, former Iranian hostage and cousin of Shannon, a student for whom Sam lusts
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The Dr Sears T5 Wellness Plan

The Dr  Sears T5 Wellness Plan

... 1⁄4 cup each) • Whole piece of fruit • Hard-boiled eggs (two per bag) • Cherry
tomatoes with cheese cubes • Hummus with ... SPIKEY. AND. MS. STEADY. Let
us summarize what we've learned in these first two steps—what to eat and how to

Author: William Sears, MD

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 9781944648718

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 410

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The best of today’s science-based nutrition and lifestyle research is finally available in one crystal-clear plan. All you need is five steps and five weeks. Maybe you’ve just received a wake-up call: your own health crisis, or a sick parent or friend. Or maybe you’re just tired of feeling tired and sick of feeling sick. You don’t need a diet plan. You need a health transformation—from the inside out. For more than 20 years, The Baby Book author William Sears’s advice has been trusted by millions of parents across the country, and around the world. Now, along with his daughter Erin, a health coach and fitness instructor who went through her own transformation, losing 70 pounds and radically improving her health, Sears turns his science-based guidance to creating better health for everyone. The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan is a book for all ages and all ailments. Decrease inflammation, protect your brain and heart, strengthen your gut, balance your hormones, and even make your own medicine. The Dr. Sears T5 Wellness Plan’s five-step, five-week mind and body makeover—field-tested by the authors in their medical and health-coaching practices—changes your body’s biochemistry to help you feel better, look better, and enjoy the New You! From its lively illustrations to motivating transformer testimonies, T5 is fun to read and fun to do—which means it’s the program you’ll stick with. Your mind and body will thank you. You Will Thrive on T5!
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A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary

A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary

Author: R. W. Burchfield


ISBN: UVA:X000993621

Category: English language

Page: 37

View: 325

These volumes replace the 1933 Supplement to the OED. The vocabulary treated is that which came into use during the publication of the successive sections of the main Dictionary -- that is, between 1884, when the first fascicle of the letter A was published, and 1928, when the final section of the Dictionary appeared -- together with accessions to the English language in Britain and abroad from 1928 to the present day. Nearly all the material in the 1933 Supplement has been retained here, though in revised form (Preface).
Categories: English language

The Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary

Author: J. A. Simpson


ISBN: 0198612281

Category: English language

Page: 1015

View: 831

Provides definitions of approximately 290,500 English words, arranged alphabetically in twenty volumes, with cross-references, etymologies, and pronunciation keys, and includes a bibliography.
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Geophysical Logs in British Stratigraphy

Geophysical Logs in British Stratigraphy

Despite this the log records show that the Upper Lias is divisible into two units (
UL 1 and UL 2 ) . ... Unit UL 2 in places has a very spikey and ' noisy ' signature
depending upon the presence of hard , calcareous doggers in the southern ...

Author: A. Whittaker

Publisher: Blackwell Science Incorporated

ISBN: UCAL:B4331408

Category: Geology

Page: 74

View: 359

Categories: Geology

Basalt Intrusions in Evaporites

Basalt Intrusions in Evaporites

Despite this the log records show that the Upper Lias is divisible into two units (
UL I and UL 2 ) . ... Unit UL 2 in places has a very spikey and ' noisy ' signature
depending upon the presence of hard , calcareous doggers in the southern ...

Author: Bernhard J. Knipping

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: UCAL:B4331407

Category: Nature

Page: 132

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Knossos from Greek City to Roman Colony Text

Knossos   from Greek City to Roman Colony  Text

Most are shapes familiar from other deposits : incense burners ( 2 ) as C1 , 68 ;
lid ( profile ) D . 14 . ... One - handled . Dark - brown , with white grits and some
mica ; inside surface mauvish brown ; outside surface flaking . ... 71 ( x 2 ) , 74 ,
75 and 76 ( x 2 ) ; two stamps occurred , one large spikey rosette , one small
rosette inside concentric ... Four have hard grey or grey - brown fabric , one is
brick - red with pale mauvish - brown surface , one a brilliant red with blue - grey
surface .

Author: L. H. Sackett

Publisher: British School at Athens

ISBN: UOM:39015029243980

Category: History

Page: 498

View: 425

This second volume reporting on the excavations at the site of the `Unexplored Mansion' describes all the structures and finds that are later than Minoan. The substantial deposits that range between Minoan and Hellenistic are mainly pits, wells and wash levels with little remaining of the buildings with which they were associated; for the Hellenistic and Roman periods, until the third century AD, there are substantial remains of a succession of buildings. These provide a context for the large quantity of finds whose description takes up the bulk of the report. Pottery: sub-Minoan (M R Popham), early Hellenic (J N Coldstream), Archaic to Hellenistic (P J Callaghan), Roman pottery, amphorae and sigillata stamps (L H Sackett); lamps (H W & E A Catling); coins (M J Price); plaster sculptures (G B Waywell); terracottas (R A Higgins); metal objects (K Branigan); bone objects (L H Sackett); glass vessels (J Price). The enormous number of drawings and photos supporting the description of these finds will ensure that this becomes a valuable work of reference.
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A Guide to the Seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands

A Guide to the Seashores of Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Islands

Tough pinkish - orange rind , 2-3 mm thick , over a softer mustard gold interior
with tough radiating spicule tracts . Habitat : shallow lagoons on coral ... N.B.
allied species T. seychellensis ( spherical , spikey , with a deep red exterior ) .
Family ...

Author: Matthew D. Richmond


ISBN: UCSD:31822023032964

Category: Coastal ecology

Page: 448

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Categories: Coastal ecology

Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

( 4 ) Transplant when seedlings can be easily handled . ... For spiky blue flowers
that are often hard to come by during summer , try two varieties of blue salvia (
Farinacea ) we think ... The latter grows 2 feet tall , and VICTORIA about 18
inches .



ISBN: UOM:39015053577436

Category: Organic farming


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The Mega Man Battle Network

The Mega Man Battle Network

(12) Blue1:Wort, Hardhead on Grass Panels White 2: Mettaur, Yort Blue2:
Mettaura, Spikeylonizepanels Available:Part 6 White?:Beetle, Mettaura, Shrimpy
Blues:Fishy, shrimpy, spikeylonsand Reward:Antirecw B -> White4:Wort(x2)
Panels ...

Author: Greg Sepelak

Publisher: Brady

ISBN: 0744002303

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 128

View: 429

BradyGames' Mega Man Battle Network 3 Official Strategy Guide provides a complete walkthrough for each mission. Comprehensive character coverage. Tips to find every Cyber-Elf, weapon, item, and elemental chip. Game secrets revealed!
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The American Spectator

The American Spectator

She moves me not only because she ' s from Queens , and is trying so hard to do
the Texas two - step right . ... He ' s got four birds , two onyx lizards ( Spike and
Spikey ) , two turtles ( Tiny Tim and Tiny Tim II ) , and more fish , shrimp , and ...



ISBN: UVA:X002274959

Category: American literature


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Categories: American literature

Stove and the lost laugh

Stove and the lost laugh

And worst of all, there was 'Rotten Row,' an area about one mile long by 1⁄2 mile
wide. ... Mile upon mile of almost featureless, red sand and hard cracked mud,
spikey, cruel looking trees and cactus, broken up with an occasional scrubby ...

Author: Rob Gill

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781445283630


Page: 314

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A magical fantasy adventure. Colorful and original characters, scarey monsters and hilarious gags create a rich world of wit, imagination and cheese and onion sandwiches.

Collected Works in North and South American Linguistics and Archaeology

Collected Works in North  and South American Linguistics and Archaeology

Two main forms are in existence : a smaller , more elegant one and a broader
one with flat bottom , which probably served for freight . ... bundle of heart -
formlike pointed stones that was similarly tied together with cords and a sort of
vegetable cement into a spikey ball . ... One of them , not quite two feet long ,
appeared particularly unusual to Cushing , made of hard wood with a round
handle and flat ...

Author: Eduard Seler


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173015239535

Category: Aztecs

Page: 320

View: 422

Categories: Aztecs

Under the Radar

Under the Radar

Even though the new equipment now fitted to Yogis 1 and 2 had yet to be tested,
its top secret status meant that the aircraft had ... aircraft were parked on the acre
orso of hard standing beside 'C'hangar, out of theway of thetwo squadrons'
daytoday movements. ... Corporal Brian 'Spikey' Caltrop was not one of the more
13 .

Author: James Hamilton-Paterson

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571274000

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 226

1961. A squadron of Vulcan aircraft, Britain's most lethal nuclear bomber, flies towards the east coast of the United States. Highly manoeuvrable, the great delta-winged machines are also equipped with state of the art electronic warfare devices that jam American radar systems. Evading the fighters scrambled to intercept them, the British aircraft target Washington and New York, reducing them to smoking ruins. They would have done, at least, if this were not an exercise. This extraordinary raid (which actually took place) opens James Hamilton-Paterson's remarkable novel about the lives of British pilots at the height of the Cold War, when aircrew had to be on call 24 hours a day to fly their nuclear-armed V-bombers to the Western USSR and devastate the lives of millions. This is the story of Squadron-Leader Amos McKenna, a Vulcan pilot who is suffering from desires and frustrations that are tearing his marriage apart and making him question his ultimate loyalties. Relations with the American cousins are tense; the future of the RAF bomber fleet is in doubt. And there is a spy at RAF Wearsby, who is selling secrets to his Russian handlers in seedy East Anglian cafes. A macabre Christmas banquet at which aircrew under intolerable pressures go crazy, with tragic consequences, and a dramatic and disastrous encounter with the Americans in the Libyan desert, are among the high points of a novel that surely conveys the beauty and danger of flying better than any other in recent English literature.
Categories: Fiction

The American Heritage English as a Second Language Dictionary

The American Heritage English as a Second Language Dictionary

Author: Houghton Mifflin Company

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division

ISBN: 0395880696

Category: Reference

Page: 991

View: 236

From the Publisher: The American Heritage English as a Second Language Dictionary is the first of its kind to be based on one of the most respected and authoritative American language dictionaries available. Specially designed to suit the needs of ESL students, this resource is a necessity for any student of English. The dictionary provides the tools students need to learn and use American English effectively.
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