Space Knight.

Author: Joe Thammasoth

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1543415911

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

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The story is about a prince that was captured by Draconian enslavers that enslaved all of Jojo Sithammas people. He was forced to grow up in an arena of death as his caretakers fought for survival. The young prince escaped and was captured by rogues and forced to grow up under a vampire kingdom of Gorum. He learned to be a rogue trained by the Eyes of Gold. It is one of the best stories ever created. The story will captivate you, and a romance story about his childhood friend, the rogue Hannah Hagglecoin, will move your heart. A new threat is coming from some alternate dimension from some far-off galaxy. Stand with Jojo Sithamma as he battles the threat from another galaxy.

Space Knight

Author: Aaron W. Rockwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781523820658


Page: 334

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Unique Process of Writing: Written and glued together by over three hundred writers and editors from around the world. Each chapter was written and expanded by several authors, and then all the chapters were pieced together by different authors and editors. The whole work was tied together and edited through a touch of sorcery and insanity by Aaron W. Rockwell. Short Synopsis: Hailed as Stars Wars meets Dungeons and Dragons; Space Knight is set in a galaxy of impending darkness. The quest for answers pulls our alcoholic hero through all edges of the multiverse. In a mix of chaos theory and full throttle emotion, our Jacob encounters classic monsters, love, loss, new acquaintances, and old friends along the way. Akin to Space Knight: The Dark Tower Series by Steven King Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder meets Star Wars/Star Trek George R. R. Martin J. R. R. Tolkien J. K. Rowling Book Includes: Battle Axes, Castles, Depression, Drama, Death, Lots of Death, Empty Space, Forests, Future Technology, Garden of Legends, Gnome Institute, Half-Orcs, Half-Goblins, Half-Centaurs (humans!), Heaven's Courtroom, Ice Dragons, Indie Girl, King Orion's Round-table, Love, Magical Items, Medieval Valor, Monsters, Montages, Natural Disasters, Ogres, Paladins, Romance, Science Fiction, Space, Space Knights, Spaceships, Taverns, The Academy, The Multiverse, Time Travel, Titans, Tragedy, Vampires, Wild West, Wizards, Magi, Sorcerers. Aaron Q&As: How did you write Space Knight? Basically, I would hire contractors to write small chapters with a loose outline: a one sentence blurb of what's going on and a couple of characters descriptions. In total, the contractor would have three to four sentences to write a whole chapter. They were given near complete freedom; some contractors had difficulty with such an open task. I would then take the small chapters and have other contractors expand them to make up 3500 words per chapter. Next phase, I would take these chapters and have contractors tie two to four chapters together. Chapter's started flowing together and making more sense, the more contractors weaved, the more the story flowed. The final phase was to edit the book, which was done in chunks just like the writing. Who would have the rights of the work then? The first contractor wrote an amazing chapter, sent it to me, and then asked about the rights to the work. I assumed I would have them, but I did not specify before his contract so I paid him and deleted his chapter. From that point on, I would state in my contracts that I would retain all rights. Furthermore, the whole book would be edited and reedited so often it would be hard to even pinpoint who did what. Is the future of authorship going to be outsourced? It's the next step; almost every other facet in society operates on mass collaboration and peer sourcing. One person doesn't design entire cars or control the entire supply chain of a company. Why should books be written by only one author? Multiple authors make for a disruptive or novel that doesn't flow? Though individual writing styles are extremely different, the more and more editors smooth over the stories, the more of a baseline of readability occurs. So in a way, the evolution of multiple voices actually is in itself a voice.


Space Knight Vol. 1 - Agent of the Cosmos

Author: Robbie Thompson

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 1302488694

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 136

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Flash Thompson is many things. Soldier. Veteran. Double amputee. Host to a powerful alien symbiote. Guardian of the Galaxy. Now Flash is tasked with being an intergalactic ambassador of Earth and an Agent of the Cosmos! Join Flash for high adventure in deep space as he swashbuckles his way across the universe! But as Venom travels the galaxy, helping the helpless and punishing the violent, he is being trailed by a mysterious warship. Collects Venom: Spaceknight #1-5.

Venom: Space Knight Vol. 2

Enemies And Allies

Author: N.A

Publisher: Marvel

ISBN: 9780785196556

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 160

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Venom's new career as an Agent of the Cosmos continues with the hunt for Black October! Flash Thompson has been learning quickly on the job as a space knight in symbiote armor, helping the hopeless and impressing the oppressed across the galaxy. He's even picked up a few new friends along the way, like sad cyborg 803, serpent-tressed Iqa, and mercenary panda Pik Rollo! But even they might not be enough to stop what's coming. A fearsome new foe has set sights on the Agents of the Cosmos, and that means Flash's training is about to get intensive. The reinvention of Venom continues! COLLECTING: Venom: Space Knight 7-13

Treachery in Outer Space

Author: Carey Rockwell

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 160977745X

Category: Fiction

Page: 131

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This, the sixth book in the "Tom Corbett" series by "Carey Rockwell" (whoever he was in real life) -- is, like all of the "Tom Corbett" books, something special. It's another tale of the three young men who serve in the Solar Guard as Space Cadets. The Titan crystal freight contracts are up for bid, and the powers that be have decided to put the contracts out competitively to the folks who can deliver fastest -- and of course there's fishy business underway. Not only are folks attempting to cheat the competition, but darker business is about to begin. . .

John Knight

Author: Anne Rorimer,Dan Graham

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262026880

Category: Art

Page: 202

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For more than four decades, the elusive but influential Los Angeles-based artist John Knight has developed a practice of site specificity that tests both architectural and ideological boundaries of the museum, gallery, and public sphere. Knight's works defy notions of stylistic coherence, even, at times, of instant recognizability. Grounded in a sustained method of inhabiting the material, discursive and economic conditions of varied sites, his works systematically challenge notions of object, sign, context, authorship, and value, and they confront audiences not only with mailers, posters, and journals but also with carpenter levels, commemorative plates, deck chairs, bicycle bells, flower arrangements, and credit cards. This volume offers essays and interviews that trace the critical thinking on Knight, discussing the artist's trajectory from 1969 to 2011. These texts, by such prominent figures as Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Anne Rorimer, Alexander Alberro, and Birgit Pelzer, offer close readings of Knight's pivotal projects in situ while also considering them in terms of such art-historical paradigms as the readymade, the anti-aesthetic, institutional critique, and the relationship between art and design as well as corporate culture at large. The book provides the first collection of these often hard-to-find texts on Knight and will serve as an essential guide for further consideration of his oeuvre.