Sorrows of a Century

Sorrows of a Century

... the Suicide Prevention Review Group: Review of Suicide Prevention in Prisons
(Wellington: Department of Justice, 1995), 40–53. ABVP, 1991/267. 83 ABQZ,
New Zealand Herald, 16 May 1992; The Dominion, 15 May 1992. 84 ABQU, vol.

Author: John C. Weaver

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773589964

Category: History

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In Sorrows of a Century, John Weaver describes how personal relationships, work, poverty, war, illness, and legal troubles have driven thousands to despair. His study is set in twentieth-century New Zealand where - in spite of high standards of living and a commitment to social welfare - citizens have experienced the profound losses and stresses of the human condition. Focusing on New Zealand because it has the most comprehensive and accessible coroners' records, Weaver analyzes a staggering amount of information to determine the social and cultural factors that contribute to suicide rates. He examines the country's investigations into sudden deaths, places them within the context of major events and societal changes, and turns to witnesses' statements, suicide notes, and medical records to remark on prevention strategies. His extensive survey of twelve thousand cases also provides an insightful assessment of psychiatry and psychology in the last century. In reviewing the motives and methods of suicide, Weaver points out the complications facing deterrence. Moving beyond the timeless present of the social sciences and the irrationality emphasized in psychology, Sorrows of a Century marshals testimony to highlight the historical context and rational conduct behind suicide.
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A Contents subject Index to General and Periodical Literature

A Contents subject Index to General and Periodical Literature

Sorrow . EMOTIONS OF ACTION - Bain ' s The Emotion and the Will , 1875 .
MYSTERY OF SORROW - Macleod ' s Parish Papers , 1862 . ON SORROW ...
CIVILIZATION IN THE WESTERN SOUDAN - Nineteenth Century , vol . 44 , 1898

Author: Alfred Cotgreave

Publisher: London : E. Stock

ISBN: UOM:39015034754765

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The Complete Works of C H Spurgeon Volume 40

The Complete Works of C  H  Spurgeon  Volume 40

Many young Christians, if they were to pretend to strike out a path for themselves,
must infallibly fall into many sorrows, ... imitate the men of the first century, and
Paul and the apostles are just old fogies who are left behind in the fardistant ages

Author: Spurgeon, Charles H.

Publisher: Delmarva Publications, Inc.




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Volume 40 Sermons 2342-2393 Charles Spurgeon (19 June 1834 – 31 January 1892) is one of the church’s most famous preachers and Christianity’s foremost prolific writers. Called the “Prince of Preachers,” he was one of England's most notable ministers for most of the second half of the nineteenth century, and he still remains highly influential among Christians of different denominations today. His sermons have spread all over the world, and his many printed works have been cherished classics for decades. In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to more than 10 million people, often up to ten times each week. He was the pastor of the congregation of the New Park Street Chapel (later the Metropolitan Tabernacle) in London for 38 years. He was an inexhaustible author of various kinds of works including sermons, commentaries, an autobiography, as well as books on prayer, devotionals, magazines, poetry, hymns and more. Spurgeon was known to produce powerful sermons of penetrating thought and divine inspiration, and his oratory and writing skills held his audiences spellbound. Many Christians have discovered Spurgeon's messages to be among the best in Christian literature. Edward Walford wrote in Old and New London: Volume 6 (1878) quoting an article from the Times regarding one of Spurgeon’s meetings at Surrey: “Fancy a congregation consisting of 10,000 souls, streaming into the hall, mounting the galleries, humming, buzzing, and swarming—a mighty hive of bees—eager to secure at first the best places, and, at last, any place at all. After waiting more than half an hour—for if you wish to have a seat you must be there at least that space of time in advance—Mr. Spurgeon ascended his tribune. To the hum, and rush, and trampling of men, succeeded a low, concentrated thrill and murmur of devotion, which seemed to run at once, like an electric current, through the breast of every one present, and by this magnetic chain the preacher held us fast bound for about two hours. It is not my purpose to give a summary of his discourse. It is enough to say of his voice, that its power and volume are sufficient to reach every one in that vast assembly; of his language, that it is neither high-flown nor homely; of his style, that it is at times familiar, at times declamatory, but always happy, and often eloquent; of his doctrine, that neither the 'Calvinist' nor the 'Baptist' appears in the forefront of the battle which is waged by Mr. Spurgeon with relentless animosity, and with Gospel weapons, against irreligion, cant, hypocrisy, pride, and those secret bosom-sins which so easily beset a man in daily life; and to sum up all in a word, it is enough to say of the man himself, that he impresses you with a perfect conviction of his sincerity.” More than a hundred years after his death, Charles Spurgeon’s legacy continues to effectively inspire the church around the world. For this reason, Delmarva Publications has chosen to publish the complete works of Charles Spurgeon.

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century Volume First third By J H M D Aubign Translated by H White Volume Fourth By J H M D Aubign Assisted in the Preparation of the English Original by H White Volume Fifth Translated by H White

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century  Volume First  third   By J  H  M  D Aubign        Translated by H  White   Volume Fourth  By J  H  M  D Aubign        Assisted in the Preparation of the English Original by H  White  Volume Fifth     Translated by H  White

40. “ True repentance and sorrow seek and love the punishment ; but the
mildness of indulgence absolves from the punishment , and begets hatred
against it . 42. “ We should teach Christians that the pope has no thought or
desire of ...

Author: Jean Henri Merle d'Aubigné


ISBN: BL:A0023120795

Category: Church history


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History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century Vol 1 5

History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century  Vol 1 5

40. "Genuine sorrow and repentance seek and love punishment; but the
mildness of indulgence takes off the fear of punishment, and begets hatred
against it. 42. "Christians must be told that the pope has no wish and no intention
that they ...

Author: Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigné

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664132598

Category: Religion

Page: 2383

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When writing the "History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century", author's intention was not to write the history of a religion, but that of one of the greatest revolutions which had taken place among men. Therefore, this is the history of that mighty impulse which was given to the world five centuries ago and the influence of which is still everywhere perceived. The history of the Reformation is different from the history of Protestantism. The history of Protestantism might interest none but Protestants; the history of the Reformation is for all Christians or rather all men.
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The Highway of Sorrow

The Highway of Sorrow

At the Close of the Nineteenth Century Hesba Stretton. Selections from ... With
nearly ONE THOUSAND ILLUSTRATIONS . Vol . I . Early and Greek History . -
Vol . II . The Roman Period . Vol . III . ... With 40 Coloured Plates in each . 128 .

Author: Hesba Stretton


ISBN: UOM:39015073446042

Category: Christian sects

Page: 430

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The Suffering Servant in Isaiah 40 53

The Suffering Servant in Isaiah 40 53

The prophet seems to look forward and backward , the most arresting thing about
the passage is the terrible suffering of the Servant and the effect the suffering
produced in the minds of those ... Whitehouse in New Century Bible , Isaiah , Vol .

Author: Corwin Taylor


ISBN: NWU:35556023375249



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Jewish Studies at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Volume 1 Biblical Rabbinical and Medieval Studies

Jewish Studies at the Turn of the Twentieth Century  Volume 1  Biblical  Rabbinical  and Medieval Studies

In the introduction to his edition of Tanhum's commentary on Habakkuk Munk
expressed his sorrow that this important book was lost. Some fifty years later, in
1891, Harkavy found this book in the library in St. Petersburg and described it.

Author: European Association for Jewish Studies. Congress

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004115544

Category: Religion

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169 papers from the Toledo Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies, offering a broad, realistic perspective on the advances, achievements and anxieties of Judaic Studies, from the Bible to our days, on the eve of the new millennium.
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Twentieth century Literary Criticism

Twentieth century Literary Criticism

... See “ Yksilön murhe " “ A Sorrowful Guest " 22 : 118 The Sorrows of Bulgaria
25 : 450 The Sorrows of the Lagoons 5 : 385 “ A Sorshoz " ( To Fate ) 14 : 39 "
Den sortklaedte " 23 : 177 “ Sosredotochie " ( Concentration ) 11 : 40 Sota valosta
24 ...

Author: Gale Research Company


ISBN: UOM:39015068881971

Category: Literature, Modern


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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, and other creative writers, 1900-1960.
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Nineteenth century Literature Criticism

Nineteenth century Literature Criticism

Even the “ complete and self - sufficing ” Shakespeare “ had his sorrows , ” "
suffered , ” and had his share of " the ... that were continually cited. 324
CRITICISM , Vol . 40.

Author: Laurie Lanzen Harris


ISBN: UOM:39015068883415

Category: Literature, Modern


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Excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers and other creative writers who lived between 1800 and 1900, from the first published critical appraisals to current evaluations.
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ZOIDS Chaotic Century Vol 1

ZOIDS Chaotic Century  Vol  1

Amidst the sorrow of the natural disa ters of volcanic eruptions and devastating
earthquakes , some 40 years previou to our story , an enormous meteorite
crashed into the planet burying much of th planet's history in the lava raised in its
wake .

Author: Michiro Ueyama

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

ISBN: 156931750X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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Van and his friends head for the capital city of the Helic Republic and encounter President Louise Theresa Campford.
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River of Sorrow

River of Sorrow

40 These large discrepancies in the amount of unregistered land underscore the
agrarian position of the estate in the nineteenth century , for during this period
Dharampur was riddled with enormous polarities in social and living standards ,
with ... vol . 399 , 1840 – 43 . Patnidars and istemrardars were leased large tracts
of land by the zamindars . This practice is detailed in chapter 5 . has held the land
in ...

Author: Christopher V. Hill

Publisher: Assn for Asian Studies Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105023145696

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Mission of sorrows

Mission of sorrows

A century later it had reached Pimería Alta , homeland of the Upper Pima Indians
. ... also James Rodney Hastings , " People of Reason and Others : The
Colonization of Sonora to 1767 , " Arizona and the West ( AW ) , Vol . III ( 1961 ) ,
pp . 321 - 40 . ermanen 8 Today the name Pápago applies not only to Before
Guevavi 11.



ISBN: UCAL:B4903368



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Bar auma of Nisibis and Persian Christianity in the Fifth Century

Bar   auma of Nisibis and Persian Christianity in the Fifth Century

Un sigle en deux parties exprime successivement le numéro d'ordre du volume
dans la collection et dans l'une des sept ... YOUNG , Severus ibn al - Muqaffa " .
Affliction's Physic and th . of Sorrow . 1978. XVIII - 40 p . V : vol . 397 . 397 | Ar.35 .

Author: Stephen Gero


ISBN: OSU:32435025321555

Category: Christian literature, Early

Page: 124

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A Study of the Thirteenth Century Buddhist Tale Collection Senj sh

A Study of the Thirteenth Century Buddhist Tale Collection Senj  sh

How foolish 10 is to let one ' s thoughts dwell on such a world while ignoring the
lasting sufferings of the worlds to come . ... 1150 ) Bk . 10 ( Misc . , 2 ) ; KKTK No .
405 . The Shikashù version appears in Fukurozoshi ( Gunsho ruijū Vol . 40 , p .

Author: Jean Moore


ISBN: STANFORD:36105043019913

Category: Buddhist stories

Page: 290

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Categories: Buddhist stories

Summa Theologiae Volume 20 Pleasure

Summa Theologiae  Volume 20  Pleasure

One is conscious of these facts in preparing the present volume for anglophone
students in the last quarter of the twentieth century . In introducing the volume it
therefore seems sensible to have in mind such students who may be unfamiliar
with his ... in general ( Questions 22-25 ) ; second , the Affective Emotions ( 26–
39 ) ; third , the Spirited Emotions ( 40-48 ) . ... the Introduction to Volume 19 , and
other introductory points required specifically for the Treatise on Pleasure and
Sorrow .

Author: Saint Thomas (Aquinas)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521029287

Category: Religion

Page: 172

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Paperback reissue of one volume of the English Dominicans' Latin/English edition of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologiae.
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Death Is a Festival

Death Is a Festival

Funeral Rites and Rebellion in Nineteenth-Century Brazil João José Reis ... 40.
47. ACS, LRO, Conceição da Praia, 1834–47, fl. 38v; AOTSD, Livro de óbitos,
1839–1943, vol. 106, fl. 93. 48. ACS, LRO ... corpses to the beasts, thus
condemning their spirits to an afterlife of sorrows for lack of proper burial (Voyage
, 48–49).

Author: João José Reis

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807862728

Category: History

Page: 400

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This award-winning social history of death and funeral rites during the early decades of Brazil's independence from Portugal focuses on the Cemiterada movement in Salvador, capital of the province of Bahia. The book opens with a lively account of the popular riot that ensued when, in 1836, the government condemned the traditional burial of bodies inside Catholic church buildings and granted a private company a monopoly over burials. This episode is used by Reis to examine the customs of death and burial in Bahian society, explore the economic and religious conflicts behind the move for funerary reforms and the maintenance of traditional rituals of dying, and understand how people dealt with new concerns sparked by modernization and science. Viewing culture within its social context, he illuminates the commonalities and differences that shaped death and its rituals for rich and poor, men and women, slaves and masters, adults and children, foreigners and Brazilians. This translation makes the book, originally published in Brazil in 1993, available in English for the first time.
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40 Old Pithy Truths Vol 3

40 Old Pithy Truths Vol  3

form, which was in rapid development in the second half of the century. ... 1440-1
521) France Josquin Desprez's work embodies the musical achievements of the
fifteenth century. ... His work is infused with warmth and poignant sorrow.

Author: Ross E. Gutman


ISBN: 0965255522

Category: Self-Help

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Sing Sorrow

Sing Sorrow

Author: Marianne McDonald

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110352429

Category: Music

Page: 343

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Opera has often used classical literature as a means of expressing the most vital concerns of the period in which the operas were written. Sing Sorrow explores the classical roots of many noted operas, illustrating the ways in which the operas reflected the political concerns of their time through these ancient narratives. McDonald pays particular attention to the female opera character as heroine. Through the lens of the classics, Sing Sorrow approaches opera from a unique aesthetic and cultural standpoint, giving a new perspective to both opera and its literary and dramatic ancestors.
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