Slingshots Key Hooks

Slingshots   Key Hooks

This beautifully illustrated book includes 15 step-by-step projects and advice on how to responsibly forage for wood.

Author: Geoffrey Fisher

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

ISBN: 1497100046

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 650

Transform found wood into artfully designed crafts such as a slingshot, whistle, jump rope, cup and ball game, key hook, table brush, and more. This beautifully illustrated book includes 15 step-by-step projects and advice on how to responsibly forage for wood.
Categories: Crafts & Hobbies

Catapults and Key Hooks

Catapults and Key Hooks

With information on how to forage responsibly and suggestions on sources for the best wood to use, Geoffrey Fisher shows how the natural bounty of woodland can be used to stunning effect.

Author: Geoffrey Fisher

Publisher: Kyle Books

ISBN: 0857835300

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 645

Categories: Crafts & Hobbies



He replaced the padlock on the hinge and returned the key to its hook in the Team House. Morelly had at one time wondered why a lock was needed on a ...

Author: Edward Vick

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781401074722

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

View: 672

It is Christmas in Vietnam, 1968. Terrible heat and wilting humidity mark just another day. At a desolate base camp in the northwest corner of the Mekong Delta, near the Cambodian border, a helicopter touches down and a stout little Hispanic man dressed coolly in khaki trousers and white shirt steps onto the ground. The military and political credentials of Mr.Mendez will prove to be unclear, which means he is CIA. Big shots rarely visit the camp at Tra Cu. It is home base for operations of all sorts, from conventional to far from it. From Tra Cu's barbed wire perimeter one can mount just about any kind of overt or covert mission. Mix or match an Army Special Forces "A" Team, a Navy SEAL detachment, South Vietnamese Army Rangers, mercenaries from Cambodia and even Laos, and patrol boats and crews of the Navy's River Patrol Force. Mr. Mendez needs a boat a patrol boat and crew to run him up a narrow river, deep into territory held by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. Their objective will be to buy the freedom of a downed American pilot, held by a gang of Viet Cong guerillas. In a setting amazingly similar to that of the renowned film "Apocalypse Now", this mission begins.
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Slingshot Warbirds

Slingshot Warbirds

... pass it under the main float and then attach it to the crane's boat hook . ... Aside from that amazing display , a few flying wires and some scarce key ...

Author: William Neufeld

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786407883

Category: History

Page: 239

View: 900

A unique and little-known chapter in World War II naval aviation history concerns the exploits of the scout-observation pilots who flew from the battleships and cruisers of the U.S. Navy. To carry out their missions, they were launched from their ships by catapult. On returning, their float-equipped aircraft landed on the water and the plane and crew were crane-hoisted aboard the vessel. In compiling this work, the author culled from the naval archives many of the ships' action reports and war diaries that detail the accounts of these airmen. In addition he meticulously edited the personal records of 27 veteran airmen who related stories of intense and excruciatingly difficult missions.
Categories: History

Field Stream

Field   Stream

Some slingshots with tubular bands are advertised as being the hardest hitting, but actual tests show ... But most stones will dip, rise, slice, or hook.





Page: 148

View: 176

FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the outdoor experience with great stories, compelling photography, and sound advice while honoring the traditions hunters and fishermen have passed down for generations.

The Urban Tree Book

The Urban Tree Book

As a club head for golfers, the wood could blast mighty hooks and slices without breaking. Dogwood slingshots were formidable. Piano keys of dogwood took ...

Author: Arthur Plotnik

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 9780307718365

Category: Nature

Page: 448

View: 508

Open The Urban Tree Book and discover the joys of forest trekking--right in your city or town. This first-of-a-kind field guide introduces readers to the trees on their block, in neighborhood parks, and throughout the urban landscape. Unlike traditional tree guides with dizzying numbers of woodland species, The Urban Tree Book explores nature in the city, describing some 200 tree types likely to be found on North America's streets and surrounding spaces, including suburban settings. With telling descriptions and precise botanical detail, this unique guide not only identifies trees but brings them to life through history, lore, anecdotes, up-to-date facts, and hundreds of fascinating characteristics. More than 175 graceful illustrations capture the charm of trees in urban settings and depict leaf, flower, fruit, and bark features for identification and appreciation. The Urban Tree Book will inform even the most knowledgeable plant person and delight urbanites who simply enjoy strolling beneath the shade of welcoming trees. An engaging excursion into the "urban forest," this complete guide to city trees will both entertain and enlighten nature lovers, urban hikers, gardeners, and everyone curious about their environment. Includes a tree planting-and-care section, tree primer, and exploration guide Is backed by the expertise of the renowned Morton Arboretum Incorporates new "urban forestry" perspectives Covers urban trees across the continent Lists key organizations and institutions for tree lovers Selects the best tree sites on the Internet Updates many guides by 20 years
Categories: Nature

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Key - gage . Water - gage . Extractor : SeeOil - gage . ... Garment or other hook . E. W. Kite . No. 1,207,415 ; Faucet . H. D. Kelly . No. 1,207,053 ; Dec.

Author: United States. Patent Office


ISBN: PSU:000064090726

Category: Patents


View: 911

Categories: Patents

Disney s Return to Never Land

Disney s Return to Never Land

Jane snatched a dagger from a pirate and the key from Hook and freed Peter Pan
and the Lost Boys . Armed with slingshots , the Lost Boys began shooting jewels
from Hook ' s treasure overboard . Diamonds , rubies , and emeralds splashed ...

Author: Random House Disney

Publisher: RH/Disney

ISBN: 0736413065

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 101

The tale of Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and Tinker Bell continues as Wendy's daughter, Jane, visits Never Land during World War II.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Insider Brooklyn

Insider Brooklyn

There is also an array of nonclothing items— gridded notebooks, rugged Phigvel
leather key holders, canvas totes, and, to tap in to every man's inner boy,
Buckthorn branch slingshots—that have been chosen with an expert eye. 109

Author: Rachel Felder

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062397447

Category: Travel

Page: 288

View: 352

A trend and shopping expert and fourth-generation New Yorker’s chic, full-color guide to the best boutiques, shopping routes, restaurants, cafes, and bars in New York City’s “It” borough, highlighting more than 200 favorite destinations and shops for both style-oriented travelers and New Yorkers alike. The fourth most popular travel destination in the world, New York City draws millions of visitors annually, including more than fifty-four million people in 2014 alone. At the center of this white-hot destination is none other than the borough of Brooklyn—the mecca of twenty-first century cool and style. Now, native New Yorker Rachel Felder, a widely published journalist specializing in fashion, beauty, travel, and trends, has created a portable, beautifully designed, personally curated anthology that brings this fashionable borough into focus as never before, featuring not-to-be-missed highlights and covering everything—from food to furniture to fashion—it has to offer. Rachel takes you into some of the borough’s most diverse and charming neighborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, and DUMBO. She begins with valuable travel advice, including a precisely selected list of hotels, cafes, bars, bakeries, festivals, salons, and markets. She provides a sample itinerary for trip planning, as well as a comprehensive list of Brooklyn’s main attractions—including its major landmarks, parks and gardens, museums and zoos, noteworthy restaurants, bars and breweries, and artisanal food shops. She then takes you into individual neighborhoods, exploring each thoroughly by shop type and goods, providing the complete address, phone number, and website for each. Insider Brooklyn is filled with must-have advice on trendsetting furniture and décor; antiques and vintage; clothing for men, women, and children; jewelry, both affordable and high-end; beauty—makeup, perfume, and salons; health and wellness, including juices, gear, and fitness specialists; children’s goods; stylish kitchen essentials and decorating for the table; unique art and objects; rare oddities and curiosities; and favorite bookstores, specialty grocers, and niche shops. The stores have been chosen with an expert’s eye, including new discoveries, popular mainstays, and neighborhood gems worth visiting. Bursting with invaluable insights, helpful tips, and must-see destinations, Insider Brooklyn is an indispensable resource and a visual feast for tourists and business visitors headed to the city, locals—both Brooklynites and other New Yorkers—and armchair travelers who simply want to dream about and shop it from home.
Categories: Travel

Life and Economy at Early Medieval Flixborough c AD 600 1000

Life and Economy at Early Medieval Flixborough  c  AD 600 1000

... 431, 433 pottery 431 slingshots 431, 432, 443 iron domestic fittings 165, ... tanged hooks; tripod; tubes; Ushaped fittings; wall hooks iron objects 1,6 ...

Author: D. H. Evans

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 9781782972839

Category: History

Page: 534

View: 435

Between 1989 and 1991, excavations in the parish of Flixborough, North Lincolnshire, unearthed remains of an Anglo-Saxon settlement associated with one of the largest collections of artefacts and animal bones yet found on such a site. In an unprecedented occupation sequence from an Anglo-Saxon rural settlement, six main periods of occupation have been identified, dating from the seventh to the early eleventh centuries; with a further period of activity, between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries AD. The remains of approximately forty buildings and other structures were uncovered; and due to the survival of large refuse deposits, huge quantities of artefacts and faunal remains were encountered compared with most other rural settlements of the period. Volume 2 contains detailed presentation of some 10,000 recorded finds, over 6,000 sherds of pottery, and many other residues and bulk finds, illustrated with 213 blocks of figures and 67 plates, together with discussion of their significance.It presents the most comprehensive, and currently unique picture of daily life on a rural settlement of this period in eastern England, and is an assemblage of Europe wide significance to Anglo-Saxon and early medieval archaeologists.
Categories: History

Metaphysics The Key Concepts

Metaphysics  The Key Concepts

... with some suspicion, so they themselves may not get off the hook entirely). ... Finally, facts run into problems with Davidson's 'slingshot argument', ...

Author: Nikk Effingham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136855184

Category: Philosophy

Page: 320

View: 944

Ever wondered about Gunk, Brains in a Vat or Frankfurt’s Nefarious Neurosurgeon? With complete explanations of these terms and more Metaphysics: The Key Concepts is an accessible and engaging introduction to the most widely studied and challenging concepts in metaphysics.
Categories: Philosophy

False River

False River

He took the International truck key from the rack. ... Furniture, slingshots for Christiaan and a model soccer team welded from lead for Paul.

Author: Dominique Botha

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 9781415205402

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

View: 277

“You are too close to the water,” Paul whispered. “There are barbels in the mud. They will wake up if you step on them.” When Paul and Dominique are sent to boarding schools in Natal, their idyllic childhood on a Free State farm is over. Their parents’ leftist politics has made life impossible in the local dorp school. Angry schoolboy Paul is a promising poet, his sister his confidant. But his literary awakening turns into a descent. He flees the oppression of South Africa, only to meet his death in London. Dominique Botha’s poignant debut is an elegy to a rural existence and her brother – both now forever lost. The novel is based on true events.
Categories: Fiction

Awful Intent

Awful Intent

Snares and fish hooks were good. But a modern slingshot with steel or lead ball bearings was murder on squirrels and rabbits. There were some guys who could ...

Author: John D. Brown

Publisher: Blacksword Books

ISBN: 9781940427140

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 674

Frank is an Army Special Forces veteran who screwed up, went to prison, and is now out, trying to go straight. He’s traveling through Southeastern Utah, enjoying the miles and miles of red-rock desert and wilderness when a man is murdered where nobody is supposed to see. Except Frank does see. He could turn his back, but turning isn’t in Frank’s nature. Not when the murderous crew begins to hunt him. Not when the sheriff seems to be helping them. And especially not when he discovers the plot is far bigger than he could have imagined, a plot of awful intent.
Categories: Fiction

Prima s Authorized GameShark Pocket Power Guide

Prima s Authorized GameShark Pocket Power Guide

Have Red Key 800A8834000 Have Rocket Launcher 800A8874000 Have
Shotgun 800A8868000 Have Yellow Key 800A883C000 ... ltems (Disk 1)
500004040000 Have All ltems (Disk 1) 800A9BC00001 Have Lantern (Disk 1)
800A9BEC0001 Have Slingshot (Disk 1) 800A9BF00001 Have Dragon Ring (
Disk 1) . ... 800A9C 140001 Have Lighter (Disk 1) 800A9C 180001 Have
Grapling Hook (Disk 1) .

Author: Prima Temp Authors


ISBN: 0761539913

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 496

View: 526

The Good, The Bad, and the CodeBoy Over 14,400 New Codes Including Nintendo 64: ·Aidyn Chronicles ·Mario Party 3 ·Tony Hawk's Pro Skater v1.1 Game Boy: ·Dragon Warrior 3 ·Pokemon Crystal ·Roswell Conspiracies ·WWF Betrayal Game Boy Advance: ·Castlevania: Circle of the Moon ·Fire Pro Wrestling ·Pinobee: Wings of Adventure ·Super Mario Advance PlayStation: ·Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare ·Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX ·NFL GameDay 2002 ·Tomb Raider Chronicles PlayStation 2: ·Gaunlet: Dark Legacy ·NASCAR Heat 2002 ·Red Faction v1.1 ·Twisted Metal: Black *IMPORTANT: You must own a GameShark Video Game Enhancer to use these codes!
Categories: Games & Activities

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda


Author: Tim Bogenn

Publisher: Brady

ISBN: 074400067X

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 216

View: 677

BradyGames The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages Official Pocket Guide reveals secrets needed to unlock puzzles and areas and defeat enemies in both games. A complete walkthrough of each game will help players navigate through levels as well as show locations of power-up icons. Complete coverage of both games in one book, plus insight on how using the password system to link to each game will increase gameplay value!
Categories: Games & Activities

My Life Was This Big

My Life Was This Big

The dough ball has to have enough tackiness to stick to the hook when you ... The Europeans use slingshots to throw carp food out in the river to chum carp.

Author: Lefty Kreh

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781628732276

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 288

View: 397

Lefty Kreh takes his readers on an angling journey through the last half-century, when water was big and fishermen were bigger (maybe). But, despite all that's changed since the fifties, when Lefty began his career as a professional fly fisherman and writer, fishing is still just fishing. In My Life Was This Big, he relates tales of fishing expeditions with Fidel Castro and Ernest Hemingway, as well as solo battles with some of the scrappiest, most elusive fish in the world. Lefty also takes the reader through the development of his world-famous "Deceiver" fly style, and takes on the issue of conservation through catch-and-release. This is a glimpse into the heart and soul of Lefty Kreh—a man who has written for nearly every outdoor magazine in the U.S.; a man who has fished some of the remotest parts of the globe; and a man whose books and articles have taught thousands of people his techniques for hooking and landing more fish. For fans both young and old, these are Lefty's stories.
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Guardian of the One

Guardian of the One

I grabbed the key chain from the hook, and headed up stairs behind him. ... I remembered the metal sling shot I kept in the 314 Guardian of the One.

Author: Roger L. Haller

Publisher: Cowboy Logic Press

ISBN: 9780981685328

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

View: 124

Imagine the universe as a single entity to which all things are attached. Follow a Native American legend as the new Guardian of the One begins the task of bringing the world back to this understanding. Many powerful entities can not let this happen. Watch Gadge and Sammy, his Dreamer, as they unravel the mysterious links of the soul. Are they in time to save the wobbly cycle of life?
Categories: Fiction

American Christmas Tree Journal

American Christmas Tree Journal

Items made with simple wood - working tools include barometer , tie rack , coat
hanger , slingshot , bird feeder , bird house , desk a a The Myers triple ... set ( pen
holder ) , key holder , and hat cluding labor , for a 6 - foot Scotch pine rack .



ISBN: MINN:31951D00403094D

Category: Christmas tree growing


View: 742

Categories: Christmas tree growing

Life During Wartime Stories

Life During Wartime  Stories

I grabbed the metal hook for opening the wood stove, the only weapon. “Smirk! Shoot him and I'll smash the window!” Smirk took out his slingshot, ...

Author: Thomas Pluck

Publisher: Down & Out Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 614

A blackjack 21 of stories of people caught up in crime, facing bleak horrors, or spun in the whirlpool of human absurdity, this collects the best stories of Thomas Pluck. Take a ride on the neuter scooter in “The Big Snip”, selected as one of the best crime stories of 2016. Follow a mountain man who’s not what he seems into a snowbound frontier town where evil has sunk its claws. Dine at the most exclusive restaurant in New York, where “Eat the Rich” takes on a whole new meaning. And meet Denny the Dent, a hulking 350 pounds of muscle who wouldn’t harm a fly…but who’ll glad crush a bully’s skull. And read the Jay Desmarteaux yarn that takes off where Bad Boy Boogie ends. Read the stories readers call “hard-hitting bombs” full of “gut punches and belly laughs”…and be ready to get Plucked. Praise for Thomas Pluck: “Thomas Pluck is a crime writer to watch. Steeped in the genre’s grand tradition but with heart and bravado all his own, his writing is lean, smart and irresistibly compelling.” —Megan Abbott, author of You Will Know Me and Queenpin “He writes those quick, hard-hitting bombs as well or better than anybody on the scene today. Keep ’em coming.” —Wayne Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal PI series and creator of Hardboiled Magazine “If you don’t know who Thomas Pluck is, you will soon enough. His short fiction is all over the internet and he combines jabs of clever humor with full-impact gut shots.” —Johnny Shaw, author of Dove Season and Big Maria
Categories: Fiction