Shame and Its Sisters

A Silvan Tomkins Reader

Author: Irving E. Alexander

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822316947

Category: Psychology

Page: 268

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The question of affect is central to critical theory, psychology, politics, and the entire range of the humanities; but no discipline, including psychoanalysis, has offered a theory of affect that would be rich enough to account for the delicacy and power, the evanescence and durability, the bodily rootedness and the cultural variability of human emotion. Silvan Tomkins (1911–1991) was one of the most radical and imaginative psychologists of the twentieth century. In Affect, Imagery, Consciousness, a four-volume work published over the last thirty years of his life, Tomkins developed an ambitious theory of affect steeped in cybernetics and systems theory as well as in psychoanalysis, ethology, and neuroscience. The implications of his conceptually daring and phenomenologically suggestive theory are only now—in the context of postmodernism—beginning to be understood. With Shame and Its Sisters, editors Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank make available for the first time an engaging and accessible selection of Tomkins's work. Featuring intensive examination of several key affects, particularly shame and anger, this volume contains many of Tomkins's most haunting, diagnostically incisive, and theoretically challenging discussions. An introductory essay by the editors places Tomkins's work in the context of postwar information technologies and will prompt a reexamination of some of the underlying assumptions of recent critical work in cultural studies and other areas of the humanities. The text is also accompanied by a biographical sketch of Tomkins by noted psychologist Irving E. Alexander, Tomkins's longtime friend and collaborator.

Sisters in the Struggle

African American Women in the Civil Rights-black Power Movement

Author: Bettye Collier-Thomas,V.P. Franklin

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814716038

Category: Political Science

Page: 363

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Tells the stories and documents the contributions of African American women involved in the struggle for racial and gender equality through the civil rights and black power movements in the United States.

Moon Sisters, Krishna Mothers, Rajneesh Lovers

Women's Roles in New Religions

Author: Susan J. Palmer

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815602972

Category: Religion

Page: 287

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Explores the role of women in seven unorthodox religious movements in Western culture. Based on interviews and first-hand data, the study illustrates a range of roles: celibate sister, devoted Hindu wife, sexually expressive lover, veiled Nubian bride in polygamy, and asexual shaman.

Radical Sisters

Second-wave Feminism and Black Liberation in Washington

Author: Anne M. Valk

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252032985

Category: History

Page: 253

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How racial and class differences influenced the modern women's movement

The Grimké Sisters from South Carolina

Pioneers for Woman's [sic] Rights and Abolition

Author: Gerda Lerner

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195106032

Category: Science

Page: 364

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The only Southern white women ever to become leading abolitionists, Sarah and Angelina Grimke encountered many obstacles in pursuing their anti-slavery work, the least of which was their gender. Women's historian Gerda Lerner tells the compelling story of these determined sisters and the contributions they made to the anti-slavery and women's rights movements.

The Sugar Bean Sisters

A Play

Author: Nathan Sanders

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 9781583423684

Category: Alien abduction

Page: 104

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"Cast: 1m., 4w. In this Southern Gothic comedy of romance, murder and alien abduction, the Nettle sisters are determined to escape spinsterhood--Willie Mae by going to Salt Lake and finding a good Mormon husband and Faye by hopping on the spaceship when the "space people" return for another visit. We meet Faye and Willie Mae as they return home to their ramshackle swamp dwelling in Sugar Bean, Florida, after a disastrous daytrip to Disney World, where Willie lost her prized Eva Gabor wig on Space Mountain. Having witnessed the landing of an alien space craft some 25 years ago in her daddy's sugarcane field, Faye prepares for the return of her celestial visitors on this night, the very anniversary of that fateful day. A disturbance in the sugarcane field lures the sisters outside to investigate, and Faye recalls how their infamous daddy claimed to have witnessed dead folk walking through Sugar Bean on a similar night many years before. A strange bird-like woman suddenly appears out of the darkness of Buster Swamp, setting in motion a chain of extraordinary events. Lies begin to unravel and the truth is revealed as the Sugar Bean Sisters hatch a diabolical plot to ensure the space people's return. Unit set. Approximate running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes."--Publisher's website.

The Guid Sisters

A Translation of Les Belles-Soeurs Into Modern Scots

Author: Michel Tremblay,Martin Bowman,William Findlay

Publisher: Exile Editions, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781550965230

Category: Drama

Page: 121

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This classic play has been translated before, but only into a pallid approximation of the original joual. Scots, however, is an energetic and earthy vernacular with a distinctive sound system equal to joual. The play, a landmark in Canadian theatre, can now be truly appreciated in this superb translation, just as audiences in Glasgow and Moscow have learned to laugh with these ladies.

My Sisters Telegraphic

Women in the Telegraph Office, 1846-1950

Author: Thomas C. Jepsen

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 0821413430

Category: Social Science

Page: 231

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"This study also explores the surprising parallels between the telegraphy of the nineteenth century and the work of women in technical fields today. The telegrapher's work, like that of the modern computer programmer, involved translating written language into machine-readable code. And anticipating the Internet by over one hundred years, telegraphers often experienced the gender-neutral aspect of the "cyberspace" they inhabited."--BOOK JACKET.


Heroic true-life stories from the nurses of World War Two

Author: Barbara Mortimer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448184134

Category: History

Page: 336

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On 3 September 1939, the Prime Minister declared that Britain was at war with Nazi Germany. Thousands of young women, many of them barely out of school, were sent headlong into gruelling training regimes that would see them become wartime nurses. Sisters features over 150 previously unpublished stories from the archives of the Royal College of Nursing. The vivid, poignant and riveting stories capture these nurses' incredible bravery and touching friendships.

Shakespeare's Sisters

Feminist Essays on Women Poets

Author: Sandra M. Gilbert,Susan Gubar

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253112583

Category: Poetry

Page: 337

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