Silent Summer

The State of Wildlife in Britain and Ireland

Author: Norman Maclean

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139788698

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

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Over the past 20 years dramatic declines have taken place in UK insect populations. Eventually, such declines must have knock-on effects for other animals, especially high profile groups such as birds and mammals. This authoritative, yet accessible account details the current state of the wildlife in Britain and Ireland and offers an insight into the outlook for the future. Written by a team of the country's leading experts, it appraises the changes that have occurred in a wide range of wildlife species and their habitats and outlines urgent priorities for conservation. It includes chapters on each of the vertebrate and major invertebrate groups, with the insects covered in particular depth. Also considered are the factors that drive environmental change and the contribution at local and government level to national and international wildlife conservation. Essential reading for anyone who is interested in, and concerned about, UK wildlife.

The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley

Author: Jan Andrews

Publisher: Yellow Dog

ISBN: 9781926531687

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 200

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When no one listens, what's the point of talking?Kyle McGinley doesn't say a word. Fed up with being shuttled from one foster care home to another, he has stopped speaking. But at the home of Scott and Jill Wardman, with the help of a crow, and a swamp, and an excess of blank paint, he begins to think that maybe, just maybe, life could be better.As long as his frigging dad doesn't mess things up.

The Beauty of Summer (A Christian Romance Novel)

Author: Louis N. Jones

Publisher: Dove Christian Publishers

ISBN: 0990397920

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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For an inspiring Christian fiction read, check out this insightful romance novel by author Louis N. Jones. Summer Maldonado is a gorgeous woman who has lived an enviable upper-middle class life as a drive-time jazz radio deejay and an executive at an upstart Richmond video production firm. Her boyfriend, Xavier, is the public relations manager at the local gas utility, one of Summer's contracts. He is handsome, well-paid, charismatic and debonair. Summer thinks she has found the perfect man, until he suddenly breaks up with her and starts dating her sexy and immoral co-worker. Summer is distraught, confused and devastated. In response, she sets her eye on reclaiming her man, only to send her life into further turmoil when he gives her mixed signals about his affections for her, and when she tries desperately to rekindle the loving and wonderful moments they once had. He is the type of man many women would die for. And Summer just might. From Brazil, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Richmond, Virginia, to Martha's Vineyard, The Breauty of Summer follows Summer on a harrowing yet inspirational and crucial journey for romance and intimacy.


Author: Constance Danielle Ringgold

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149901337X

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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Mia Latham never imagined that betrayal would be so bitter when she chose prominent Baptist Minister, Brian Abrams over loyalty. After five years in this loveless but convenient relationship, the accommodating beauty questions whether there is more to life than being a mother of three at the age of twenty-six, and the known mistress of this backsliding minister. Depleted by her situation, Mia realizes that submissiveness will never get her the possessions to which she feels entitled. Battling for a man’s love and attention would turn even the sweetest person into a cold-hearted bitch and that is proven when Mia tries to eliminate Brian’s wife and girlfriend. Fed up with sitting quietly by, as her life rapidly changes due to the countless exploits of Brian, Mia plots to regain control of what was taken from her. As secrets are buried and lies take on lives of their own, Mia will stop at nothing to keep her past from ruining her future.

Place, Ecology and the Sacred

The Moral Geography of Sustainable Communities

Author: Michael S. Northcott

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1441115374

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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People are born in one place. Traditionally humans move around more than other animals, but in modernity the global mobility of persons and the factors of production increasingly disrupts the sense of place that is an intrinsic part of the human experience of being on earth. Industrial development and fossil fuelled mobility negatively impact the sense of place and help to foster a culture of placelessness where buildings, fields and houses increasingly display a monotonous aesthetic. At the same time ecological habitats, and diverse communities of species are degraded. Romantic resistance to the industrial evisceration of place and ecological diversity involved the setting aside of scenic or sublime landscapes as wilderness areas or parks. However the implication of this project is that human dwelling and ecological sustainability are intrinsically at odds. In this collection of essays Michael Northcott argues that the sense of the sacred which emanates from local communities of faith sustained a 'parochial ecology' which, over the centuries, shaped communities that were more socially just and ecologically sustainable than the kinds of exchange relationships and settlement patterns fostered by a global and place-blind economy. Hence Christian communities in medieval Europe fostered the distributed use and intergenerational care of common resources, such as alpine meadows, forests or river catchments. But contemporary political economists neglect the role of boundaried places, and spatial limits, in the welfare of human and ecological communities. Northcott argues that place-based forms of community, dwelling and exchange – such as a local food economy – more closely resemble evolved commons governance arrangements, and facilitate the revival of a sense of neighbourhood, and of reconnection between persons and the ecological places in which they dwell.