Shadows of Love Shadows of Lonliness

Shadows of Love  Shadows of Lonliness

In this landmark collection, William T. Vollmann offers a kaleidoscopic retrospective of the visual artwork he has produced over four decades, with new commentary from Vollmann on his process, inspiration, and the many intersections with ...

Author: William T. Vollmann


ISBN: 1644281848

Category: Art

Page: 240

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In this landmark collection, William T. Vollmann offers a kaleidoscopic retrospective of the visual artwork he has produced over four decades, with new commentary from Vollmann on his process, inspiration, and the many intersections with his writing. The celebrated author of over twenty-five books (among them the National Book Award-wining novel Europe Central; the seven-volume Rising Up and Rising Down, based on Vollmann's career as a war correspondent; and the two-volume climate change investigation Carbon Ideologies), Vollmann's equally ambitious and prolific career as a photographer, printmaker, and painter reflects the artist's deep interest in people existing on the margins, a profound empathy for his subjects, and the humility and generosity to meet them on their terms. Shadows of Love, Shadows of Loneliness includes Kodachrome slides of Afghan Mujahideen from 1982; a handmade watercolor sketchbook from Subarctic Canada, complete with inscriptions to Vollmann from local Inuit teenagers; gum bichromate prints of American landscapes from Maui to Mount Desert Island; silver gelatin portfolios of insurgents, refugees, prostitutes, police, and criminals all over the world; photogenic drawings of Tahitian women; transgender self-portraits of "Dolores"; Bible woodblock prints in which God and everyone else is female; acrylic paintings of California landscapes; cyanotypes, platinotypes, salt prints, and gold-toned Vandykes, to name just a few. Complementing these selections is a series of essays commissioned especially for this book to lay out Vollmann's views on what photographs can and should say, how he chooses what to represent (beauty, suffering, compassion, love, desire, ideology), thoughts on photographic consensuality, and any number of technical descriptions. Particularly useful for Vollmann fans and scholars are the cross-references between these artistic and photographic projects and his books.
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Grasping Shadows

Grasping Shadows

See Sergiusz Michalski, “Shadows of Loneliness, Shadows of Menace,” in Victor I. Stoichita, ed., La Sombra (Madrid: Museo ... and Frances Muecke, “'Taught by Love': The Origin of Painting Again,” Art Bulletin, 81.2 (June 1999): 297–302.

Author: William Chapman Sharpe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190682255

Category: Art

Page: 400

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What's in a shadow? Menace, seduction, or salvation? Immaterial but profound, shadows lurk everywhere in literature and the visual arts, signifying everything from the treachery of appearances to the unfathomable power of God. From Plato to Picasso, from Rembrandt to Welles and Warhol, from Lord of the Rings to the latest video game, shadows act as central players in the drama of Western culture. Yet because they work silently, artistic shadows often slip unnoticed past audiences and critics. Conceived as an accessible introduction to this elusive phenomenon, Grasping Shadows is the first book that offers a general theory of how all shadows function in texts and visual media. Arguing that shadow images take shape within a common cultural field where visual and verbal meanings overlap, William Sharpe ranges widely among classic and modern works, revealing the key motifs that link apparently disparate works such as those by Fra Angelico and James Joyce, Clementina Hawarden and Kara Walker, Charles Dickens and Kumi Yamashita. Showing how real-world shadows have shaped the meanings of shadow imagery, Grasping Shadows guides the reader through the techniques used by writers and artists to represent shadows from the Renaissance onward. The last chapter traces how shadows impact the art of the modern city, from Renoir and Zola to film noir and projection systems that capture the shadows of passers-by on streets around the globe. Extending his analysis to contemporary street art, popular songs, billboards, and shadow-theatre, Sharpe demonstrates a practical way to grasp the "dark side" that looms all around us.
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Eternal Shadows or Shadow Makers

Eternal Shadows or Shadow Makers

Ihave heard of no one coming back from the grave to get another chance to love. ... Ronald Rolheiser says in his book The Restless Heart, “Loneliness is God's way of drawing us toward the end for which He made us, namely, union with God ...

Author: Fr. Steve Peterson OSJ

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781449759803

Category: Religion

Page: 259

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Everything in our solar system casts a shadow. The Earth, the moon, and the planets cast a shadow. The only thing that does not cast a shadow is the sun. The sun shines its light on one half of the planets, while the other half is in the shade of its own shadow. All living and non-living things expose only half of themselves to the light of the sun. Their other half remains in its shadow. Plants and animals are born with a shadow, live with a shadow, and must die with a shadow. Man is born with a shadow; however, he does not have to live and die with a shadow like the rest of the living creatures. He can choose to stay confined within the shadows of earthly things or go beyond the shadows to become something like the sun. But this quest takes a little something extra than most ordinary men seem to look for or even believe is possible to achieve. Early on in childhood, Fr. Peterson wanted to fly. Little did he know that his innocent desire to fly was an extraordinary, shadowless thing called prayer. A real and very extraordinary ear heard his plea. So God s heart, the only one in nature who produces no shadow, was moved to help show him how to go beyond the shadows of worldly things, frightful things, and even deadly things.
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Shadows of the Canyon Desert Roses Book 1

Shadows of the Canyon  Desert Roses Book  1

SHADOWS OF THE CANYON People from both walks often told her that coming here had made them feel closer to God. Alex knew what they meant. She had fallen in love with the place from the first moment she'd set her gaze upon the ...

Author: Tracie Peterson

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781441203298

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Book 1 of the Desert Roses series. Working as a Harvey Girl at the luxury resort of El Tovar, located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Alexandra Keegan feels she is in a dream come true. But when her father's indiscretions come to light and her mother is suspected of murder, Alex finds herself the center of some unwelcome attention. Will she soon find herself alone in the world?
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Shadow Life

Shadow Life

My creation, my education, while extraordinary, had been in isolation, in the shadows. I did not discover loneliness until I found companionship. I had accepted that Illiyana would not return my love, but I worked to spend every minute ...

Author: Jason Mather

Publisher: EDGE-Lite

ISBN: 9781770531604

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Hans Ricker knows the value of his life. 500 dollars. He came cheap, and death came easy. But in the near future it’s not that easy to die, and now he’s back, and the trouble is only growing deeper. Two feuding underworld figures, both immensely powerful, want him dead. Something else wants him alive, something even more powerful, more mysterious, and Hans isn’t the only one with the power of resurrection.
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Catalog of Copyright Entries

Catalog of Copyright Entries

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Lovely Lonely Life a Woman s Village Journal 1973 1982 Volume I

Lovely  Lonely Life  a Woman s Village Journal  1973 1982  Volume I

WEDNESDAY, February 10, 1982 Another beautiful, sunny day, weather perfectly indicative of February, cold and still, shadows cast by the returning sun, which easily causes snow blindness whenever ...

Author: Mary Kelly Black

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462802001

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 242

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These journal entries comprise two volumes of selections (Vol. I, 1973-1982, Vol. II, 1983-2003). Volume I includes an Introduction and some biographical memories. As Stephane Mallarme considered literature the antithesis of journalism, a journal is often the antithesis of a diary. It is of less interest to record moods and events, or barriers to self-realization, than to have ideas and insights about these. As a journal-keeper, I am generally disinterested in diurnal details, unless these form the compost of deeper exploration or revelation, seeking insight into my condition, not simply its description. A journal, therefore, is often more complex and difficult than a diary, far less personal in depictions of daily fortune, using everyday experiences as a stepstool (at the least) to peer beyond the walls of psychological enclosure. I did not choose the journal form to mask the personal, to belittle or avoid it, but to reflect my most intimate assessment of the personal as contributing to something greater: comprehension. It is not enough merely to record the frustrations, joys or barriers of living, without appraising these for what they represent and suggest, where we learn not merely reiterate. The ideal criteria of selection and discrimination apply not only to ones journal, but to life as well, adding a mythological drama and perspective that immersion alone does not permit. In some ways, journalizing is similar in impulse to the pastoral ethos or motif familiar in contemplative writing from Virgil to Thoreau: one withdraws from active society, toward natural or rural settings, in search of some form of respite, then returns to tell of their discoveries. Some critics have seen this as the organizing design of most North American fables--in fact, as the American mythology, seeking to heal the serious schism between our natural psyche and its more devastated environment; that is, a search for a middle ground (or via media) between the primitive and the technologically complex. This volume of journal selections resembles that motif, focusing on the withdrawal phase of a generally recuperative metaphysical cycle. Such solitude is intentional, a critical phase in the live/withdraw/live-again cycle of spiritual refreshment. A recuperative isolation can be experienced daily, if one is discriminating in how their time is spent, but is usually gained more intensely over long, purposefully reclusive periods. The motivations for my withdrawal were several, perhaps the strongest a propensity (as described of another Irish writer) for being nearly overcome by the variety of life. If not overcome, certainly fatigued by events in and of themselves. A reflective silence seemed essential to examine the roots of this propensity. An ideal of pure time, free of most distractions (human or otherwise), was also necessary for writing of the sort that interested me, the personally contemplative or mystical. Only through such reflection could I ever achieve a meaningful connection with the more active life that surrounded me. The predominant experience of solitude--especially in a society where the value of withdrawal is suspect or sporadic--is the figurative isolation one experiences throughout the entire cycle of withdrawal and re-emergence. It is generally difficult for lovers of action to comprehend this attraction to non-doing. One of the aims of solitude is to reunite philosophy and religion, or rather philosophy and awe, to not accept the social impoverishment of these universal needs for knowledge and worship. The asceticism of retreat was not solely the traditional and philosophical appeal of simplicity, but the freedom from income-producing and time-consuming work it permitted. For the solitary, however, an ideal of pure time must be united with an ideal of intimate association, if the mystical quest is to be emotionally as well a
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Venus of Shadows

Venus of Shadows

Toward noon, a floater passed overhead, casting its elongated shadow on the broken road. ... his pain and loneliness. Instead, he had gone from one love to the next only to find, during his disgrace, that none of them loved him enough ...

Author: Pamela Sargent

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780575125650

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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The Venus Project calls upon the strongest and most courageous to create a prosperous world in the dismal wilderness of Venus. Those who demonstrate the skill and the passion to embark on this adventure must transform the barren planet in the midst of political and cultural unrest. When Risa and Benzi, children of Iris, one of the first people to partake in this project, find themselves in opposing forces on the battlefield, it is their love and perseverance that will determine the destiny of the new land.
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Best Short Stories Omnibus Volume 1

Best Short Stories Omnibus   Volume 1

H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Katherine Mansfield, Jack London, Guy de Maupassant, Virginia Woolf, ... So he thought that as he was now in the Valley of the Shadow, and as he heard the Music of the Spheres, ...

Author: H. P. Lovecraft

Publisher: Tacet Books

ISBN: 9783968587554

Category: Fiction

Page: 9882

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This book contains 350 short stories from 50 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. Wisely chosen by the literary critic August Nemo for the book series 7 Best Short Stories, this omnibus contains the stories of the following writers: - H.P. Lovecraft, - Edgar Allan Poe, - Arthur Conan Doyle, - Katherine Mansfield, - Jack London, - Guy de Maupassant, - Virginia Woolf, F. - Scott Fitzgerald, - Edith Wharton, - Stephen Crane, - Susan Glaspell, - Kate Chopin, - Laura E. Richards, - Alice Dunbar-Nelson, - Louisa May Alcott, - Hans Christian Andersen, - Charles Dickens, - Nathaniel Hawthorne, - Henry James, - Mark Twain, - Charlotte Perkins, - Elizabeth Gaskell, - Herman Melville, - James Joyce, - Leo Tolstoy, - Nikolai Gogol, - Anton Chekhov, - Fyodor Dostoevsky, - Maxim Gorky, - Leonid Andreyev, - Ivan Turgenev, - Joseph Conrad, - Aleksander Pushkin, - Robert Louis Stevenson, - Robert E. Howard, - G. K. Chesterton, - Edgar Wallace, - Arthur Machen, - Ambrose Bierce, - Talbot Mundy, - Abraham Merritt, - Zane Grey, - Edgar Rice Burroughs, - Oscar Wilde, - Rudyard Kipling, - E.T.A. Hoffman, - Bram Stoker, - H.G. Wells, - Franz Kafta - Washington Irving.
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The Golden Book of Life

The Golden Book of Life

Embrace all your shadows in love and find out. ... Then there is only light as substance, power, and individual purpose, connected and as one with all that is-—love. Truth. By being uniquely you, all loneliness disappears.

Author: Simone Renee Quinton

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982294458

Category: Self-Help

Page: 598

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The Golden Book of Life & The Plasma Soul Codes is an extraordinary self-help bible overflowing with life-changing spiritual information, healing guidance, cosmic wisdom, and unconditional love specifically designed to empower you to live your best life. It is significantly unique as it presents intelligent, energetic codes of plasma light that live inside your soul. These codes magnetically reconnect you to converse with your limitless soul in plenty of practical means and enliven you and others in every way possible! Further, the Author feeds information from the collective soul group and all kingdoms of life. Nature, the Earth, animals, the stars, the whole galaxy and beyond – get ready for a magical ride of awakening – for all that is lives inside you! Simply look up a keyword in the back of the book and be sent to the best soul code to assist yourself or others with everyday breathing exercises, easy tips, moving meditations, hands-on healing and soul practices - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If you wish to help yourself or another, be happy and enlightened, or are searching for the keys to all that is life, then this is your book!
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