Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

Sexuality Education for Students with Disabilities

Important topics for sexuality education with individuals with lowincidence disabilities include sexual hygiene and health information, as well as social and relationship skills. Self- determination and selfadvocacy skills are needed to ...

Author: Thomas C. Gibbon

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538138540

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"The most complete sexuality education text on the market for educators, social workers, and counselors working with or preparing to work with students with disabilities and their families"--
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Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education

Greater consideration of the impact of gender differences on sexuality education is needed to determine how best to educate both female and male students . Sexuality Education for the Mentally Disabled For a myriad of reasons ...

Author: Roger J. R. Levesque

Publisher: Nova Publishers

ISBN: 1590338243

Category: Family & Relationships

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Adolescents live in a changing world. Those changes come in the readily recognisable form of pressing familial, educational, economic, informational, cultural and global challenges. We have yet to see how these transformations will impact adolescents' personal relationships and their place in society. We do know, however, that current approaches to the socialisation of adolescents raise important concerns as parents and social institutions respond to challenges. This book explores these changes and challenges by examining the extent to which we may foster adolescent development in ways that respect and foster adolescents' basic rights to relationships they deem appropriate, fulfilling, and worthy of protection. It also explores those changes and rights from a view that acknowledges the need to respect the rights of others, that recognises that adolescents' rights are not for them alone. Contents: Preface; The Legal Foundations of Adolescents' Education; The Place and Nature of Sexuality Education in Society; Revisiting the Traditional Rationale for Sexuality Education: Pregnancy, Developmental Timing, and its Legal Responses; Combating Relationship Violence: Expanding Adolescents'
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Tools for Teaching Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

Tools for Teaching Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

Lessons, Activities, and Teaching Strategies Utilizing the National Sexuality Education Standards Dominick Splendorio, Lori Reichel. One of the main reasons students with special needs should be taught about human sexuality is that ...

Author: Dominick Splendorio

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118740385

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A hands-on resource filled with interactive activities to engage students' thinking and skill development This book contains ready-to-use lesson plans referencing both the National Sexuality Education Standards and the National Health Education Standards, and is arranged into chapters by the seven topic areas outlined in the National Sexuality Education Standards. These include: anatomy and physiology, puberty and adolescent development, identity, pregnancy and reproduction, sexually transmitted infections, healthy relationships, and personal safety. These dynamic "pick and choose" lessons and activities have been field-tested in classrooms and workshops by the authors, who are recognized experts in this area. Many of the lessons contain an opening activity to immediately engage students, followed by student-centered learning experiences such as case studies, simulations, real-life scenarios, self-assessments, journals, and individual and group projects/presentations. Features lessons that incorporate the essential knowledge and skills to empower students to make healthy decisions related to their sexual health Includes performance indicators detailed what students should know and be able to do by the end of grades eight and twelve Offers supplementary web resources and assessment projects, as well as "Home-School Connection" assignments to support family communication about sexuality
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Sex Youth and Sex Education

Sex  Youth  and Sex Education

obsolete, and people with disabilities are contributing members of society living in the community and learning in the general education classroom. ... “Sexuality Education of Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities.

Author: David Campos

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781576077764

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Compiles information and views on sex education for youth, including the history of sex education in the twentieth century, sexual violence against youth, sexual orientation, and youth with disabilities, and lists resources.
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Sexual Misconduct in the Education and Human Services Sector

Sexual Misconduct in the Education and Human Services Sector

Sexuality and Disability, 9(4), 323–328. doi:10.1007/BF01102020 Baladerian, N.J., Coleman, T. F., & Stream, J. (2013). ... Sexuality education for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities: An instruction manual for ...

Author: Schwilk, Christopher

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522506584

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Creating a safe and trusting environment is a pivotal concern within any professional setting. By increasing awareness and providing accurate information, misbehavior problems can more easily be prevented. Sexual Misconduct in the Education and Human Services Sector is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on effective guidelines and frameworks for ensuring appropriate professional conduct, and presents innovative methods for the proper training of employees. Focusing on imperative concepts and applicable real-world examples, this book is ideally designed for managers, researchers, and professionals interested in the prevention of inappropriate behavior in the workplace.
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Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education

Settings for Individuals with Developmental , Learning , or Mental Disabilities . The fear of AIDS has created an environment in which sexuality education is “ in . ” Stiggall ( 1988 ) pointed out that students with learningor ...

Author: Clint E. Bruess

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763747599

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Sexuality Education: Theory and Practice, Fourth Edition is designed to prepare future sexuality educators and administrators, as well as seasoned teachers about sexuality and also aims to clarify the false assumptions related to sexuality education. This one-of-a-kind resource provides comprehensive coverage of information and issues related to sexuality education and the skills needed to prepare sexuality educators.
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Curricula for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Curricula for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Although our education systems should be proactive on sexuality education for students with and without disability, the reality falls short of the ideal. Unfortunately, most parents and schools react after student's sexual behavior ...

Author: Hsu-Min Chiang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319699837

Category: Psychology

Page: 303

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This book provides an extensive overview of curricula and instructional strategies for teaching children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It offers an empirically solid framework for designing and developing interventions for learners along the autism spectrum by reducing skill deficits and enhancing learner strengths while being flexible enough to allow for individual differences. The book discusses key concepts in educating individuals with ASD as they impact the processes of syllabus building, from planning goals and objectives to generating content choosing appropriate teaching strategies, and assessing progress. Chapters detail curriculum designs in academic areas such as language skills, science, and social studies, as well as functional skills, including independent living, career development, and preventing social victimization. The book concludes with recommendations for future interventions and curricula-building. Among the topics covered: Communication and autism spectrum disorder. Mathematical problem-solving instruction for students with ASD. Visual arts curriculum for students with ASD. How to build programs focused on daily living and adult independence. Sexuality education for students with ASD. Curricula for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder is a must-have resource for researchers, graduate students, and clinicians and related therapists and professionals in clinical child and school psychology, childhood/special education, social work, developmental psychology, behavioral therapy/rehabilitation, and child and adolescent psychiatry.
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Talking About Sex

Talking About Sex

It also works to help solve problems of loneliness and problems with self-esteem. This book will address this but also much more.

Author: Elizabeth A. Harkins Monaco

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475839852

Category: Education

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Key social and emotional milestones during adolescence are often directly related to the abilities to initiate and maintain intimate relationships, maintain physically maturing bodies, and manage personal sexuality. Most adolescents with developmental disabilities have particular difficulty expressing sexuality in satisfying ways, consequently facing issues such as limited intimate relationships, low self-esteem, increased social isolation, deregulated emotional maintenance, reduced sexual functioning, and limited sexual health. Appropriate sexual knowledge assists not only in achieving personal fulfillment, but protection from mistreatment, abuse, unplanned pregnancies, or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It also works to help solve problems of loneliness and problems with self-esteem. This book will address this but also much more. Issues of physical and cognitive development will be discussed, including appropriate sexual development/urges and brain development, and innate similarities and differences of sexuality that could occur between people with autism spectrum disorders and intellectual or developmental disabilities, including the complexities of physical disabilities. The authors will also consider special considerations for group homes and recreational facilities, and specifically focus on concepts of ethics and models of consent (medical, legal, social, and educational), as well as how to deal with uncertainty.
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Youth Responding to Lives

Youth  Responding to Lives

How particular disabilities affect sexuality and sexuality education. ... Teaching children and youth about sexuality. ... Sex life and sexuality of individuals with developmental disabilities: A critical review of the literature.

Author: Andrew Azzopardi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789462094314

Category: Education

Page: 292

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This book draws from various fields of knowledge, in an effort to theorise, create new and innovative conceptual platforms and develop further the hybrid idea of discourses around social inclusion and youth (from policy, practice and research perspectives). Youth: Responding to lives – An international handbook attempts to fill the persistent gap in the problematisation and understanding of inclusion, communalism, citizenship – that are intertwined within the complex youth debate. It writhes and wriggles to highlight the interconnections between the encounters, events and endeavors in young people’s lives. The focus of this edited work is also intended to help us understand how young people shape their development, involvement, and visibility as socio-political actors within their communities. It is this speckled experience of youth that remains one of the most electrifying stages in a community’s lifecycle. Contributors to this text have engaged with notions around identity and change, involvement, social behavior, community cohesion, politics and social activism. The chapters offer an array of critical perspectives on social policies and the broad realm of social inclusion/exclusion and how it affects young people. This book essentially analyses equal opportunities and its allied concepts, including inequality, inequity, disadvantage and diversity that have been studied extensively across all disciplines of social sciences and humanities but now need a youth studies ‘application’.
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