Seven Steps into Angel Light

A Journey of Self-Discovery & Spiritual Empowerment

Author: Chrissie Astell

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1786780593

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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A highly practical self-help book that draws on the universal power and energy of angels, taking readers on a seven-step journey to reconnect with themselves and live happier, more fulfilled lives. Angels have appeared in almost every culture, faith and religion since the dawn of mankind. In this rapidly changing world of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: a universal source of guidance and love is something that we could all benefit from. After explaining the many ways in which angel energy can be experienced and the immense value in becoming more attuned to their “light”, Chrissie takes readers through the positive qualities related to each of the seven Archangels: creating new beginnings (Gabriel); finding inspiration (Jophiel); grounding and protecting yourself (Michael); healing yourself (Raphael); learning to love yourself (Chamuel); embracing joy and transformation (Zadkiel); and feeling more at peace with yourself and the world (Uriel). Each of the chapters offers not only fascinating insight into the Archangel in hand – including key associations such as chakras and crystals – but also practical guidance on how to connect with its life-enhancing energy, whether through reflective questions, inspiring prayers and affirmations, or evocative visualizations and meditations (also available as downloads). This uplifting, experience-driven book guides readers in a grounded way throughout their journey, leaving them with a deeper sense of understanding, meaning, spirituality and purpose in their lives.

The Path of Awakening: A Healing Journey

Author: Gloria Coppola,Candy Lyn Thomen,Dora Sherry,Jean Dansak,Jen Cairo,Stanley Allen,Julie Shackelford,Lisa Hahnlen,Maureen Hatfield

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781734965506

Category: Self-Help

Page: 218

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A Journey of Healing and Awakening - The path to higher consciousness can present many challenges and lessons in our lives. Are we attracting the situations or are we meant to experience them to help others? Grief, depression, toxic relationships, old belief systems and religious dogmas can all cause us to spiral down a funnel of despair. Regardless of the challenge, we can make the choice to rise up. By going inward to find our light, to walk our spiritual journey we can, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes, gain the courage to embrace new insights, greater faith and rise up. Each author in The Path of Awakening - A Healing Journey has presented a story of hope to guide you to your creative essence, your soul purpose and to heal your life.