Step by Step Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Web Traffic Growth

Author: Arnold De Vries

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542573771


Page: 66

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Very Effective - Even in 2017! Optimizing your website for the search engines might seem complicated at first, but there is a world of opportunities to attract targeted web traffic with SEO, now more than ever before! You thought that SEO was dead since Google got more strict? Think again, because this book will give you a complete guide on all the steps you need to get web traffic from SEO, without much prior knowledge required. SEO Step By Step This book will introduce you to what SEO is, how it can help you, but will also show you step by step what the best practices are. And everything is optimized for Google's current algorithm. The information you will learn in this SEO book will give you all the tools needed to get the competitive edge in the search rankings with your website! What you will learn in this book: Exactly What SEO Is & How It Can Improve Your Website Success All Relevant Methods of 'Doing SEO' Best Practices In On-Page & Off-Page Website Optimization How To Do QUALITY Link Building For Your Website How To Rank High In Local Google Rankings (Perfect For Local / Small Businesses) Understanding What NOT To Do In SEO A Precise Explanation of Anchor Text (And Why You Need To Use It) Step By Step Best Practices For Effective Keyword Research Tips & Tricks For A Succesful SEO Performance In 2017 Does SEO still work in 2017? Even in the present day and age, you can certainly create a blog or website from scratch and generate tons of traffic with just SEO. Using the strategies explained in this book, you can improve your website traffic in a matter of weeks. However, this will only work if you actually implement what is taught to you in this book. Having your own website is certainly a long-term project that requires work, but with good SEO, success is just around the corner. The strategies in this book are the perfect way to leverage the Google Search Engine & pull large amounts of targeted traffic to your website. No, that's not a claim, it's a proven fact by many SEO experts. Good SEO is a business in itself: one that requires investment in both time and money. It will not come easy. So best of luck learning the importance of search engine optimization & learning exactly how to do SEO. Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page to get started with learning about SEO immediately!

Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development, Implementation, and Management

Author: Lee, In

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466697881

Category: Computers

Page: 2375

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The convenience of online shopping has driven consumers to turn to the internet to purchase everything from clothing to housewares and even groceries. The ubiquity of online retail stores and availability of hard-to-find products in the digital marketplace has been a catalyst for a heighted interest in research on the best methods, techniques, and strategies for remaining competitive in the era of e-commerce. The Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development, Implementation, and Management is an authoritative reference source highlighting crucial topics relating to effective business models, managerial strategies, promotional initiatives, development methodologies, and end-user considerations in the online commerce sphere. Emphasizing emerging research on up-and-coming topics such as social commerce, the Internet of Things, online gaming, digital products, and mobile services, this multi-volume encyclopedia is an essential addition to the reference collection of both academic and corporate libraries and caters to the research needs of graduate-level students, researchers, IT developers, and business professionals. .

Google SEO Marketing Master Guide with Video Tutorials - Optimization Resources Included for Beginners & Professionals to Get on Top

Author: Sanusi A. L.

Publisher: A. B. Lawal

ISBN: 1386403008

Category: Computers

Page: N.A

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What to Expect From My Book? This book "Google SEO Marketing Master Guide with Video Tutorials – Optimization Resources Included for Beginners & Professionals to Get on Top" doesn't hold any 'secrets'. Instead, it cuts through the noise and guides you to the ultimate return on time investment for SEO. It tells you what to focus on and when. This is a step-by-step Playbook - one with the fresh and down-to-earth approach even if you came from no background in SEO or digital marketing at all. It will teach you step by step the same SEO tactics that made me quit my flying career and built a top SEO Agency in UK with a seven-figure income. 7 Years 1300 clients later, I'm now ready to hand you this Playbook. This is New Release. Not an Update or Revision. This book is written for you if you are: A complete SEO Virgin looking for a 7 figure residual income. An entrepreneur who wants to take his business to the No. 1 spot on Google. A blog or business owner with big plans. A mom & Pop store owner. A hard worker in need of technical knowledge. A frustrated Google AdWords spender. A SEO professional looking for time-saving hacks. An affiliate marketer who needs to make huge profits. What Does The Book Deliver? Over 3 hours of invaluable 'walk through' high definition video tutorials to show you step by step what to do, as well as a week-by-week SEO Blueprint and Checklist. If you've got a solid work ethic, you're eager to learn, and your business model is sound, I have included all the tools and know-how you need to get your website to the very top of Google where the profit is. Through my refreshingly no-nonsense plain English approach to SEO, my successful SEO Agency book unveils how to... Discover SEO's greatest secret – that it isn't rocket science! Stop outsourcing and learn how to do SEO yourself, or with your own in-house team. Filter profitable traffic to your site. Learn the right things to do with your social media Effectively direct and monitor people doing SEO for you As a professional speaker on the subject of making businesses profitable through SEO, I reveal why and how I went from 'airline' to 'online'; and how you can leverage my years of experience getting clients' websites to the very top of Google. You'll discover in this carefully curated SEO guide for 2018 Onwards... Online marketing 101. Personal advice for your business. How to uncover money-making keywords. Configuring WordPress for SEO success. How to nail the technical elements. How to win links. A crash course in content marketing. Social media account use (finally!) Local SEO for a local business. eCommerce SEO (inc. Shopify, Magento, & WooCommerce). Google penalty diagnosis & avoidance. Why it's quicker to go 'white hat' and not try to cheat Google. And so much more! If you're ready to master SEO, order my Book right now. It was written for YOU!

The Entrepreneur's Information Sourcebook

Charting the Path to Small Business Success

Author: Susan C. Awe

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1598847864

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 285

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For 21st-century entrepreneurs, this book provides the practical guidance they need to overcome the often intimidating challenges of starting, organizing, and running a new business effectively and efficiently. * 400 unique evaluative descriptions of print and electronic resources for initial start-up, creating a business plan, management, marketing, personnel and HR, and competitive analysis * Screenshots of important and useful web pages * A glossary of relevant terms and acronyms * An index provides access by author, title, subject, and webpage

How to Get on the First Page of Google

The Beginners Guide

Author: Shawn Ward

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781981687428


Page: 174

View: 1922


How To Get On The First Page Of Google (The beginners Guide) This book has been developed to give you an easier understanding of how to get on the first page of Google and other search engines without all that confusing and misleading stuff out there on the web. This is a step by step approach that could get you top website results and rankings in search engines online. From "SEO" known as "Search Engine Optimization" to link building that has an high impact on your targeted search terms, this what you type into search engines to get to your website. We will show you actually what you need to be doing to get the highest maximum website exposure online. This book is an complete understanding of the Google and the search engine process of marketing your website, brand awareness or products sells, or just getting exposure, a beginner can even understand. Read My, 2018 Search Engine Optimization Book Reviews Learn How To SEO Optimize Website Create, Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Web Pages Build On-PAGE SEO Pages Build a Quality SEO Friendly Website Building Links Get High Quality Inbound Links Master Keyword Research Build Webpage Content Get Free Website Optimization Tools Get Website Traffic Easy To Read SEO Guide Getting On The Front Page Of Google One Of The Best 2018 SEO Books All the tools and information needed to succeeding to the highest levels in Google, and other search engines online are here.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

A Guide for Absolute Beginners

Author: Todd Kelsey

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484228510

Category: Computers

Page: 126

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Don't be intimidated by all the search engine optimization (SEO) tools out there. You will start out learning about keywords and the importance of quality content and then walk through incremental steps as you try out the tools and master the tips and strategies. If you are completely new to search engine optimization and you want to learn the basics, this guide will introduce you to the content quickly. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization is a detailed guide to the most important tools and skills needed to accurately and effectively utilize search engine optimization. This book covers SEO basics, keyword research, SEO ranking and analytics, Google Analytics, and more. It also includes an overview of how to pursue SEO-related certifications. What You’ll Learn Create a content platform, including blogs and YouTube channels Use keywords to maximize findability and increase search volume Check your SEO rank and other analytics Hunt for duplicate content Set up Google Analytics, including Blogger Utilize Indexing and Webmaster tools/search console Who This Book Is For Those who need to get up to speed on search engine optimization tools and techniques for business or personal use. This book is also suitable as a student reference.

Affiliate Marketing

Beginners Guide to Learn Step-by-Step How to Make Money Online using Affiliate Program Strategies and Earn Passive Income up to $10,000 a Month

Author: Daren H. Russell

Publisher: E.C. Publishing via PublishDrive


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

View: 5798


Do you Want to Make Money Online this year? Had enough of your 9-to-5 job and would like to work at home instead? If yes, keep reading... Unhappy with your corporate job? This is not an uncommon feeling. In fact, more than 2 Million Americans voluntarily leave their jobs mainly because they want to be their own boss and have full control of their schedule and place to work like at home. If you are unsure which money making path to pursue, Affiliate Marketing is great because it has helped others earn real income: Affiliates reportedly make up a massive 40% of Amazon's 100 billion dollars in yearly revenue! With money definitely to be made, having the right information is key. In this complete step-by-step guide, Affiliate Marketing: Beginners Guide to Learn Step-by-Step How to Make Money Online using Affiliate Program Strategies and Earn Passive Income up to $10,000 a Month, you will discover: - One of the most powerful and proven Affiliate Marketing strategies outlined in simple to implement steps on how to make your Affiliate Marketing efforts sustainable and still earning income for months and years to come - The four life-changing benefits of Affiliate Marketing - A simple outline on how Affiliate Marketing works - from initial setup to getting paid - How to dramatically shift your thinking into the right Affiliate Marketing mindset in order to avoid failures trying to make money online and succeed - even as a beginner - The Top 5 niches to focus on in Affiliate Marketing so you avoid wasting time and money - Eleven ways on how to effectively choose which niche to work on to ensure you are on the right track to making money - The 3 Best Affiliate Programs today and how to pick the best one for youHow to setup your Blog or website outlined in easy to follow steps - and how to publish content that your visitors will enjoy - Six Secret Strategies on where to place your Affiliate links in your Blog or Website for your target customer to find which would lead to an Affiliate sale and income - Easy to follow steps on how to get more customers to visit your Blog or website for more Affiliate sales and profit - Secrets on How to Scale Up your Affiliate Marketing efforts that is used by today's Affiliate Marketing millionaires so that it could double or even triple your income in order to achieve true passive income …and much, much more! Added BONUS: - Includes a Bonus Chapter: "Using Social Media to Drive Your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns" With easy-to-follow techniques and step-by-step details on each chapter to help you get results - even if you have never made a single dollar online or have never sold a product a service before, you will find strategies in this book that are both simple and practical to do to help you make money online that would eventually develop into a consistent passive income stream to make while you sleep. So if you want to make money online and from your own home today - without having to make your own products and services, simply click on the "Buy Now" button to get started.

Start Your Own Net Service Business

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success

Author: Entrepreneur Press

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1613080859

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 2057


Today’s billion-dollar e-commerce industry, plug-and-play technology, and savvy web surfers are just few of the reasons why internet-related services are in high demand. There has never been a better time to build your net service business—let us help you get started! Detailing four of today’s hottest web service businesses, our experts show you how to take your enthusiasm for the internet and turn it into a lucrative business. Learn step by step how to apply the basics of building a business to your internet specialty, including establishing your business, managing finances, operations, and so much more. Plus, gain an inside edge with insights, tips, and techniques from successful net service CEOs and other industry leaders! • Choose from four of today’s hottest web services—web design, search engine marketing, new media, blogging • Discover your clientele and their needs • Build a virtual or traditional office setting and team • Create a business brand that gets noticed • Write a marketing plan that captures clients and creates referrals • Develop profitable partnerships • Boost profits by expanding your specialty or your business Gain an edge on all that the internet has to offer—start your net services business today!

How to Start an Online Store

How to Start an Online Store: The Complete Step-By-Step Beginners Guide to Starting Your Online Business

Author: Jonathan Eldridge,Robert Bustamante

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781505633573


Page: 134

View: 9259


The Complete Step-by-Step Beginners Guide To Starting Your Online Business