Seduced by Logic

Émilie Du Châtelet, Mary Somerville and the Newtonian Revolution

Author: Robyn Arianrhod

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199931615

Category: Mathematics

Page: 338

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Newton's explanations of natural laws shattered the way mankind perceived the universe, and hence were not immediately embraced. How can anyone warm to a force that could not be seen or touched? But for two women, separated by time and space but joined in their passion for Newtonian physics,that force drove them to great achievements. Brilliant, determined, and almost entirely self-taught, they dedicated their lives to explaining and disseminating Newton's discoveries.Robyn Arianrhod's Seduced by Logic tells the dual biography of Emilie du Chatelet and Mary Somerville, who, despite living a century apart, were connected by their love for mathematics and their places at the heart of the most advanced scientific society of their age. When Newton published hisrevolutionary theory of gravity in 1687, most of his Continental peers rejected it for its reliance on physical observation and mathematical insight and its lack of religious or metaphysical hypotheses. But the brilliant French aristocrat and intellectual Emilie du Chatelet and some of her earlyeighteenth-century Enlightenment colleagues - including her lover, Voltaire - realized the Principia Mathematica had changed everything, marking the beginning of theoretical science as a predictive, quantitative, and secular discipline. Emilie devoted herself to furthering Newton's ideas in France,and her translation of the Principia became the accepted French version of his work. Almost a century later, in Scotland, Mary Somerville taught herself mathematics and rose from genteel poverty to become a world authority on Newtonian physics. Living in France, she became acquainted with the workof one of Newton's proteges, Pierre Simon Laplace, and translated his six-volume Celestial Mechanics into English. It remained the standard astronomy text for the next century, and was considered the most influential work since Principia. Combining biography and history of science, Seduced by Logic not only reveals the fascinating story of two incredibly talented women, but also brings to life a period of dramatic political and scientific change. With lucidity and skill, Arianrhod reveals the intimate links between the unfoldingNewtonian revolution and the origins of intellectual and political liberty.

Undisciplined Theory

Author: Gary Genosko

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: 9780803975903

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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What is the value of interdisciplinary theory? Are there any boundaries left which social theory must recognize? This book shows that the vital questions in theory are being posed and followed at the interdisciplinary level. Our awareness of this is curtailed by the institutional organization of social theory which still tends to assume a canon and clear boundaries. Gary Genosko proposes that postmodernism has provided the main challenge to institutional myopia. Yet postmodernism is too often treated as an aberration or a blind alley. The challenge for social theorists today is to develop and practice `undisciplined theories' which constantly question the limits of the canon and expose the porous character of boundaries. Th

Ritual Thinking

Sexuality, Death, World

Author: Mario Perniola

Publisher: Prometheus Books


Category: Philosophy

Page: 246

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Perniola takes his inspiration from ancient Roman religion and its demystification of myth as ritual without myth. This demystification of ritual does not entail a process of secularization nor does it compromise the sacred character of myth. Instead, it is an attempt to establish a link or a transit between the sacred and the profane. The repetitive nature of ritual thinking is an attempt to relate the individual to the "hard nuts of experience"-sexuality, death, and the vast complexity of the world. These realities are "opaque and impenetrable, indifferent and extraneous to subjective purpose and good intentions. They appear to be 'things' that are irreducible to the life of the spirit and to its ideal aspirations." Where philosophy breaks down in coping with these actualities, ritual thinking provides a symbolic means. Today we witness the global dissemination of behaviors that have lost their original meaning. These behaviors and patterns of thought have become the modern rituals through which we cope with reality. This composite of two works—Transits and The Society of Simulcra—by one of Italy's most innovative thinkers, here translated into English for the first time, will be invaluable to philosophers with an interest in continental philosophy.

The essentials of logic

being a second edition of Dralloc's epitome improved, comprising an universal system of practical reasoning; illustrated by familiar examples, from approved authors

Author: John Collard

Publisher: N.A


Category: Philosophy

Page: 253

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Logic and Sin in the Writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein

Author: Philip R. Shields

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226753027

Category: Philosophy

Page: 153

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Philip R. Shields shows that ethical and religious concerns inform even the most technical writings on logic and language, and that, for Wittgenstein, the need to establish clear limitations is both a logical and an ethical demand. Rather than merely saying specific things about theology and religion, major texts from the Tractatus to the Philosophical Investigations express their fundamentally religious nature by showing that there are powers which bear down upon and sustain us. Shields finds a religious view of the world at the very heart of Wittgenstein's philosophy. "Shields argues that the appearance throughout Wittgenstein's writings of such concepts as ritual, limit, transgression, a change of will, pride, temptation, and judgment implies a relation between religion and the logical aspects of Wittgenstein's philosophy."—Choice "Of the many recent books about Wittgenstein, Logic and Sin is one of the very few that are well worth having"—Fergus Kerr, Modern Theology "What Shields has uncovered in Wittgenstein's religious sensibility is something genuine and profound. . . . Shields has not just written an important book on Wittgenstein but an enlightening work that invites further reflection."—Eric O. Springsted, Cross Currents

Seduced by Success

No Longer Addicted to Pills, Performance and Praise

Author: Ann Anderson

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418559504

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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She won our hearts when she told us she was out to change the world. But Ann Kiemel Anderson discovered that success can be addictive, and soon she found that the world had changed her. Ann's first book in five years, Seduced By Success chronicles two major battles in her life: combating an addiction to the praise of others and overcoming an addiction to pain medication for a chronic illness. Drug-free for the last two years, Ann now shares heart-to-heart with her readers, saying, "I no longer want power and glory. God has given me a second chance to be used by Him. With quiet joy, I prepare to write something beautiful for God."

Seduced by the CEO

Author: Barbara Dunlop

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460382765

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Falling for the CEO is a minefield of secrets in this tale from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop Born on the wrong side of the bed, Riley Ellis is done playing second fiddle to his half brother—the legitimate heir. Determined to make his own company a success, Riley needs leverage and Kalissa Smith is it. Only he knows Kalissa is the long-lost identical twin to his rival's beloved wife. What a scandal their union could cause… By the time Kalissa learns the truth, Riley's passion is the real deal. But can he convince her she isn't a mere pawn in his seduction scheme?

Seduced by the Night

Author: Robin T. Popp

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446554073

Category: Fiction

Page: 360

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With a powerful, sensual style reminiscent of ChristineFeehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon, Robin T. Popp delivers a spellbindingromance between a man who hunts vampires and the woman who'scaptured his heart.

The Logic of Interdisciplinarity

The Monist-series

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783050044101

Category: Logic

Page: 455

View: 1994


Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914) is known as a logician, philosopher, mathematician and physicist. He is one of the most important thinkers in the modern history of science. In the late and most important phase of his work (1891-1909), he wrote thematic essays and lectures selected explicitly as a series for the periodical The Monist. His contributions, of which only excerpts and heavily revised versions have been published thus far, are given in full publication in the Monist texts in this volume intended as a contemporary approach to the highly heterogeneous work of Peirce. It is an attempt to divulge Peirce's thoughts to the international scientific public without editorial modifications. The central objective of the Monist series is the creation of a semiotic methodology. The papers present statements on universal laws, logic, emotions, cognition, desire, experience and knowledge. Besides its relevance in the philosophical and cultural image of research in cognitive science and logic, it is shown by the topics discussed by Peirce that these essays have high relevance for the contemporary natural sciences.