Secrets of Mental Math - Master the Art

Advanced Calculation and Memorization All in Your Head

Author: Kenneth Paek

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781507670811

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Mathematics is not a new subject to us because almost everyone knows how to count either with fingers or pen and paper in whichever language we are comfortable with. Math is not only the game of numbers but also the language of nature. As a matter of fact, it has been established through research that the more we understand our universe, the more we discover interesting mathematical connections. For instance, flowers have spirals that are carefully lines up in a special sequence of numbers commonly referred to as Fibonacci numbers. This sequence can be studied, understood and generated. A study on seashells also revealed that they form perfect mathematical curves known as logarithmic spirals that originate from a chemical balance. Apart from the flowers and seashells, star clusters also form a mathematical arrangement in the way they tag on one another. This has been observed through astronomical studies. Scientists including mathematicians have spent centuries trying to discover the nature of math and how to develop a mastery of the same. It is possible to get comfortable with calculations of any nature as long as you discover the secrets behind the numerics. The reason why it is important to unravel and enhance your command of math is because numbers are part and parcel of our daily lives even in ways that at times we don't notice. For example, if you need to call someone, you need a phone number. The time you spend on your phone conversation is measured in hours and minutes which are also numbers. Think of any date in history including your birthday, graduation day or just any other significant day and you will find that recording it in numbers is much easier than in any other form. This book will show you the tricks and shortcuts that will make math so intriguing. You will definitely impress your friends and colleagues with your lightning fast calculating ability. But most importantly, these secrets will benefit you at a personal level because you will be able to handle complex numeric problems within seconds.

New World

Author: Park Benjamin,James Aldrich,Henry Champion Deming,James Mackay

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Ideas que pegan

Author: Chip Heath,Dan Heath

Publisher: LID Editorial

ISBN: 8483566184

Category: Business & Economics

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Chip Heath y Dan Heath explican por qué algunas ideas sobreviven y otras mueren.