Secrets from the Past

Secrets from the Past

How little we know about secrets from the past. “I'm not sure, Serena,” Harry said
softly. “Certainly never from me. But Elizabeth might have known I was in love
with her. Women are intuitive about these things.” “And Tommy? Did he know?

Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781250025968

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author comes a powerful and emotional novel about one woman's quest to uncover long-buried secrets about her family--secrets she will stop at nothing to uncover, no matter the consequences. At thirty, American photojournalist Serena Stone has already made a name for herself with her unique and dramatic coverage of wars in the Middle East, following in her famous father's footsteps. But after his unexpected death in France, she ends her job at the renowned photo news agency, weary of years of danger. Leaving the front lines behind, Serena returns to New York where she starts work on a biography of her celebrated father. When Serena discovers that her former lover Zachary North is in trouble overseas, she's forced to leave the safety of her new life, and head back to a place she was trying to escape...and her life will never be the same again. As she brings Zac back to health in Venice, she discovers a shocking secret in the archives of her late father's work. It is a secret that will propel her back to war-torn Libya, risking her life looking for clues that she hopes will piece together the mystery surrounding her parents' marriage and the part of their life together that she never knew. Well-kept secrets, passionate love, obsession, betrayal, redemption, and the power of the past to control the future propel Secrets from the Past, the explosive new novel from The New York Times bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford
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Secrets from the Past

Secrets from the Past

A bus crash almost killed him… Now someone’s come back to finish the job.

Author: Jane M. Choate

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488072321

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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A bus crash almost killed him… Now someone’s come back to finish the job. Someone’s taking out survivors of a school bus crash from fifteen years ago, and former Delta soldier Liam McKenzie’s next on the list. Determined to figure out who is killing his old classmates, the single father enlists the help of security operative Paige Walker, whose brother died in the original crash. But digging up old secrets could prove lethal for them both. From Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.
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Chatham Township Nj Secrets from the Past

Chatham Township  Nj  Secrets from the Past

Author: Bert Abbazia

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462024181

Category: History

Page: 196

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The history of this unique endeavor is written by an eye witness to the “rise and demise” of America’s Fourteenth Colony. The story is the result of the author retrieving original documents to verify the people and events of an odyssey that spanned five decades. The story is collaborated by the survivors and the beneficiaries of an experiment, for a better way of life, by a group of predominately Eastern European and Russian Jews with their political “shades of red” philosophy settling into what was a predominately “conservative” Chatham Township, a rural community in Central New Jersey. It is a story of objection, rejection, suspicion, ridicule and ultimately, assimilation and acceptance. The story has been influenced and colored by the author’s personal observations and personal experiences while growing up in the Colony. Bert Abbazia was a “Colony Boy”.
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Unforgiving Tears

Unforgiving Tears

This modern-day Western romance is set in northern Nevada, where another unexplained shooting has just taken place. The novel is a sequel to Without a Tear.

Author: Jayce Robin

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781609766634

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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Jackie Alexander is a savvy forty-three-year-old divorced mother of two sons who lives a simple life in rural Nevada. As a small-town nature photographer, she loves the rugged backcountry and the romance of the Old West. But she is recovering emotionally from more than she bargained for as the only witness to a brutal murder in the Nevada wilderness. With a slightly sarcastic sense of humor and good common sense, Jackie listens to her heart as she unravels the mystery surrounding the murder she witnessed and the turquoise jewelry that connects her to the victim. Chad Thistle, owner of the Silver Sage Ranch, is a ruggedly handsome former national cutting horse champion originally from Texas. He overcame alcoholism to become a wealthy and well-respected rancher. Chad re-enters Jackie's life after a two-year absence, sweeping her off her feet with his irresistible charm. The divorced father of two girls, he is Jackie's soul mate and best friend. From life on the streets as a runaway foster child, Chad has become the handsome prince, the rodeo champ and the king of the hill. This modern-day Western romance is set in northern Nevada, where another unexplained shooting has just taken place. The novel is a sequel to Without a Tear.
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Secrets from Ancient Graves

Secrets from Ancient Graves

Discusses how archaeological discoveries have given credence to legends about ancient rulers and heroes.

Author: Daniel Cohen

Publisher: W. Clement Stone

ISBN: IND:32000009521321

Category: Archaeology

Page: 158

View: 308

Discusses how archaeological discoveries have given credence to legends about ancient rulers and heroes.
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Secrets from Chuckling Goat

Secrets from Chuckling Goat

... gut help it digest its mother's milk . You take those bugs and put them in the
milk ; you are essentially borrowing the calf's ability to digest the milk . The calf is
extending its protection to you . In the past , humans lived happily with the world

Author: Shann Nix Jones

Publisher: Hay House Incorporated

ISBN: 9781401947484

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 268

View: 383

Shann Jones never expected to fall in love with a Welsh farmer at the age of 41. She didn't anticipate leaving her city-girl existence as a radio talk show host in San Francisco to end up running a 25-acre self-sustaining farm in Wales. And she certainly didn't expect to find herself locked in a desperate battle to save her husband's life from a deadly superbug infection, armed only with natural remedies and the probiotic drink they make on the farm. This is a true story, taken from Shann's diaries. It's about second-chance love stories, and happy endings that pop up when you least expect them. It's a story about nature, and farm life, and ancient recipes. And most of all, it's about the miracles that can happen when you refuse to give up hope.
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Secrets from the Greek Kitchen

Secrets from the Greek Kitchen

My own research project was framed in terms of these concerns, but I also felt
that the question of historical consciousness, or the felt relevance of the past in
people's daily lives, might be important for understanding how the past shapes
the ...

Author: David E. Sutton

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520280540

Category: Cooking

Page: 238

View: 774

Secrets from the Greek Kitchen explores how cooking skills, practices, and knowledge on the island of Kalymnos are reinforced or transformed by contemporary events. Based on more than twenty years of research and the author’s videos of everyday cooking techniques, this rich ethnography treats the kitchen as an environment in which people pursue tasks, display expertise, and confront culturally defined risks. Kalymnian islanders, both women and men, use food as a way of evoking personal and collective memory, creating an elaborate discourse on ingredients, tastes, and recipes. Author David E. Sutton focuses on micropractices in the kitchen, such as the cutting of onions, the use of a can opener, and the rolling of phyllo dough, along with cultural changes, such as the rise of televised cooking shows, to reveal new perspectives on the anthropology of everyday living.
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Malibu Off the Grid

Malibu Off the Grid

Where your neighbor could be the Lone Ranger or the second man on the moon. A town where your famous neighbor might have the Beatles play at his house. You have to read the whole book. Take a chance.

Author: Sam Neilson


ISBN: 1645849457

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 120

View: 814

Most of you know Malibu. Malibu off the Grid is the Malibu you don't know. That is why the cover depicts snow and a trailer. Did you know it snows in Malibu? Most of Malibu is steep mountains and rolling hills. The coastline is just a small part of the scenery. That is why it is some of the most sought-after real estate in the country. Malibu is Hollywood's movie set. In the early days, it was wild and untouched. They have filmed more movies, TV shows, and commercials in Malibu than anywhere in the country. Some of the movie and TV stars made the place they filmed at their home. Did you know Malibu had a nuclear missile base? In fact it had two. Malibu was also the home to Chumash Indians for ten thousand years. Living in Malibu is not for the meek. People who live in Malibu have been through hell. From the fires that blow in with the Santa Ana's to the flooding and mudslides that occur in the winter. There is never a dull moment. Although it never rains in California, when it does it comes in buckets. Malibu wouldn't have it any other way. Take a tour with me into the town of the rich and famous. Where your neighbor could be the Lone Ranger or the second man on the moon. A town where your famous neighbor might have the Beatles play at his house. You have to read the whole book. Take a chance. Find out if Linda Blair's Volvo is haunted. If Don Drysdale gave out autographed baseballs for Halloween. Is the Hotel California really in Malibu?
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Silkworm Secrets Dark Secrets from a Distant Past

Silkworm Secrets   Dark Secrets from a Distant Past

Will the dark secrets remain uncovered or will Ruby and Bobby be forced to face up to what they witnessed so many years before.This is a story about the secrets that children keep, the strength that comes from a childhood friendship and a ...

Author: Rhonda Forrest


ISBN: 0645056308



View: 797

'The ancient trees with their rough bark wrap around me like silk cocoons. Their solid trunks and tendril roots grip the ground as if to say, I will hold you, I will not let go.'In the 1960s the rural suburbs of Brisbane should have been an idyllic place for Ruby and Bobby to grow up. Their treehouse retreat, set high in a mulberry tree is a place to share friendship and watch the events of the yards nearby. However as the two become teenagers, the naive Ruby is exposed to the sinister events that Bobby has to deal with in his family life.As the years pass and the best friends go their separate ways, childhood events become a distant memory. Will the dark secrets remain uncovered or will Ruby and Bobby be forced to face up to what they witnessed so many years before.This is a story about the secrets that children keep, the strength that comes from a childhood friendship and a special family love that overcomes the hardships of the past.Reviewers' commentsA heart-warming amazing Australian novel that stayed with me long after the last page was turned. Contemporary Fiction at its best! Reviewer - Goodreads'Silkworm Secrets' absolutely blew me away! It was beautifully written - filled with deep emotion and heartache, love and abiding friendship. Brenda - Reviewer GoodreadsI just absolutely LOVED this book! Aussie author Lea Davey has written a heartwarming story that touches on issues such as domestic violence, family and friendship. Sharon - Reviewer GoodreadsYes its true this novel explores deeper and darker issues, - but life can be like that, complex, difficult, unfair. A rollercoaster ride of emotion but well worth it. This quintessential Australian novel is a must-read. Mary - reviewer Goodreads

Secrets from the Afterlife

Secrets from the Afterlife

The fact is that often the real secrets are lying right underneath our noses. But
because we are caught up in the past, we don't understand them. A lot of the time
we are focusing on those who've passed over when we should be thinking about

Author: Colin Fry

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407024387

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 868

Colin Fry is the acclaimed star of '6ixth Sense', and 'Psychic Private Eyes', and is UK TV's leading psychic medium. Not only are his viewing figures huge, he also tours the country speaking to massive audiences. So many people want to see him because he's the keeper of remarkable secrets: - When loved ones pass over, where do they go? - How do you know if they're ok? - Are they still aware of us? - Can they do anything to help? - Is there a way to keep in touch with them? - What's it like on the Other Side? In this extraordinary book, Colin explains how understanding the spirit world has made his own life so much easier. And he also describes how many, many people ask him to connect with their loved ones who have passed over. The stories of these encounters make incredible reading. You will not be surprised by the amount of comfort he can bring to others, but you will be amazed by the secrets he discovers from the afterlife and how, hearing them, can change your perspective forever...
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This book is a collection of the best "anti-aging secrets" from her 30-year life experiment with "New Age," as well as ancient, natural anti-aging methods and techniques ~ for both prevention and rejuvenation.

Author: Karen Renee Gomez

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412028332

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 182

View: 188

BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging keeps it real. . .only better !!! In their quest to retain a youthful appearance and fight the aging process, appearance-conscious, vanity-oriented Baby Boomer's and Generation X-er's are turning more than ever before to plastic surgery, Botox® injections, dermabrasion, chemical and laser peels, and other cosmetic procedures, spending millions upon millions of dollars every year. However, each of those procedures carries with it an inherent risk of danger ~ possible complications from anesthesia and the risk of adverse and irreversible side effects ~ deformity, infection, scarring, pigmentation changes, nerve and muscle injury, etc. And they, and millions of others who cannot afford those expensive cosmetic procedures, are also spending billions of dollars every year on expensive anti-aging lotions, potions and creams, each of which claims to be THE definitive cure. BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging offers the readers a natural, safe, painless, inexpensive alternative to the knife and needle. In BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging, Karen Gomez takes the readers on an entertaining journey through a 24-hour day, filled with fascinating factoids and personal anecdotal side-trips. This book is a collection of the best "anti-aging secrets" from her 30-year life experiment with "New Age," as well as ancient, natural anti-aging methods and techniques ~ for both prevention and rejuvenation. Beauty comes from within, starting with how you feel about yourself. After a short lesson on how to make that small, but critical, attitude adjustment, BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging offers the reader a diverse array of simple, unconventional anti-aging techniques that take only a few minutes a day, are literally at your fingertips, and cost absolutely nothing! BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging combines elements of the ancient principles of Zen, yoga, color/light therapy, acupressure, reflexology, herbal therapy and naturopathy, with contemporary methods, practices and techniques such as visualization, imagery, "the power of positive thinking," autosuggestion, "self-speak" (what we say to ourselves), with proper breathing techniques, proper skin care, facial exercises, facial massage, and a healthy diet, including vitamins, minerals, supplements, and exercise that, when practiced on a regular basis, can be a renewal or rejuvenation program. Complimenting the anti-aging techniques to be used without, BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging also contains a diverse array of simple anti-aging techniques to be used within, to minimize free radical damage ~ which is now believed to be the primary cause of aging. By controlling stress and eliminating negativity, utilizing deep breathing exercises, eating properly combined foods at the proper time of the day, avoiding food additives, preservatives and hydrogenated fats, and using other techniques described throughout the book, free radical damage can be kept to a minimum, thereby preventing the structural damage from cellular injury and breakdown which is the cumulative result of free radical damage ~ the wrinkled skin, stiff joints and hardened arteries of old age. What makes BIOSynergenics: Guerrilla Anti-Aging so unique is its author. Go to any bookstore, and you will find two types of books on beauty and anti-aging ~ the book written by the M.D. or Ph.D. which is based solely upon his or her scientific research findings (who usually do not visually typify their findings), and the book "written" by the celebrity du jour, whose recognizable face (after spending how much on plastic surgery, expensive cosmetic procedures, and professional make-up artists???) and name are used to market and sell the book. Karen Gomez is not a researcher, scientist or celebrity, but just a regular, everyday pe
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Complete Book of Dirty Little Secrets From the Credit Bureaus

Complete Book of Dirty Little Secrets From the Credit Bureaus

Identifying Credit Mistakes You've Made in the past By looking carefully at your
current overall financial picture, you should be able to identify money or credit
management mistakes you've made in the past. If you can't pinpoint these
problems ...

Author: Jason R. Rich

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 9781613080399

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 520

Bestselling author Jason R. Rich joins forces with top credit experts to bring you this insider’s guide to credit. Revealing jaw-dropping secrets, strategies and tools, Rich and his team of industry insiders show you how to get out from under any credit crunch, and get back in control of your financial future—in less than 12 months! Discover how to increase your credit score, remove incorrect and negative information from your credit reports, rebuild destroyed credit, and ultimately, save hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars every month! • Boost your credit scores and overall rating • Work with collection agencies, creditors, and lenders to pay off debts and overcome past mistakes • Get the best rates on credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages and start saving • Avoid the most common financial and credit-related mistakes made by millions • Learn how to identify and avoid “credit repair” and “credit score boosting” scams • And more Includes worksheets, exclusive interviews with credit experts and supplemental resources!
Categories: Business & Economics

Secrets from the Treadmill

Secrets from the Treadmill

Nostalgia can cloud our otherwise clear hindsight, causing us to remember the
past with a sense of romance. I reflect back on my early childhood in England
with great fondness. I ran around the fertile countryside, threw chestnuts at my
friend, ...

Author: Pete Briscoe

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418534813

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 895

We're all aware of God's commandment to "remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." After all, it's one of the Big 10. But how many of us really observe a Sabbath of rest? More than just a lazy Sunday afternoon, we all need "Sabbaths"-times of reflection and relaxation-in this stressed-out world. With a pastor's experience and insight, and an award-winning writing style, Secrets from the Treadmill presents a rejuvenating plan of rest replenishment to stressed-out, overworked people. Offering practical and spiritual motives to engage in periods of rest, the book also provides realistic solutions for fitting Sabbaths into a busy life. Finally, it includes a chapter devoted to wise "resters" from the Bible.
Categories: Religion

Business Secrets from the Stars

Business Secrets from the Stars

... to that dangerous voice from the past and will himself come to one of our
offices for a complete engrammatic analysis before it's too late.'" "Hmm," Malcolm
says. "Well, I'm afraid it's already too late. 224 Business Secrets from the Stars.

Author: David Dvorkin

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781592246069

Category: Authors

Page: 356

View: 230

Dopey presidents, scary televangelists, dangerously ambitious politicians, cute little monkeys, sinister old men with long, sharp teeth, and in the middle of it all, Malcolm Erskine, mostly innocent writer, who thought he had such a clever idea. Malcolm has never had a real success. No one has read his novels. Nowadays, no one even wants to publish them. But bookstores are full of New Age woo woo and absurd self-help books, especially business self-help books. Why not combine the two? Now he's changed the world, and not for the better.
Categories: Authors

Secrets from the Alaskan Bush

Secrets from the Alaskan Bush

She hadn't been sleeping well for the past two weeks after hearing about her
husband's possible infidelity. “Can't be true,” she said to herself. “After all these
years, the moveto Alaska, and kids. Our kids. She's his boss and mine too.

Author: K. Bond

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499051537

Category: Fiction

Page: 86

View: 670

What do an Alaskan grizzly bear, a jealous husband and an unexplained disappearance have in common? Kate Murray A young mid-western woman moves thousands of miles from her home town to start a new life with her recently betrothed husband. Finally, she found the perfect man. It was a great beginning – a clean break away from her abusive and overbearing mother. The remote village in bush Alaska was full of adventures and fun, interesting people. Some of the adventures soon morphed into risky behaviors with frightening consequences. Come join Kate Murray on a page turning journey which takes her from the comforts of civilization to the remote trapper’s cabin of Old Ivan, then on to the front porch of a an elder stateswoman, Miss Eleanor who lives in a grand historic home in Apalachicola Florida. A mysterious twist at the end of this novel will make you long for the sequel, Lost in the Sun.
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Leadership Secrets From The Mahabharata

Leadership Secrets From The Mahabharata

I was thinking of that foremost of all persons conversant with morality and duty, of
him who knows the Past, the Future and the Present (and who is) the receptacle
of all sciences. After that tiger among kings shall have ascended to heaven, the ...

Author: Meera Uberoi

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9789351181224

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 104

View: 105

Management insights culled from the Mahabharata The Mahabharata, one of the greatest books of all time, is not simply the story of a fratricidal war or a fount of wisdom for philosophers; it is also a comprehensive manual on strategy. From this storehouse of knowledge, Meera Uberoi selects the most pertinent shlokas to reveal the secrets of leadership and the path to success. She shows that the Mahabharata is equal, if not superior, to other management bibles such as The Art of War, The Prince and Go Rin No Sho The Book of Five Rings. The aphorisms in Leadership Secrets from the Mahabharata have been selected from the Santi Parva, the Bhagvad Gita Parva and the Adi Parva. As Bhishma lies dying on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Krishna realizes that with Bhishma s death, the world will lose 'all knowledge'. To prevent this, Krishna asks him to impart to Yudhisthira all he knows. These teachings, coming as they do from Bhishma, the wisest of them all, contained in the Santi Parva, form the core of Uberoi s book. Apart from detailing how to apply the craft of kingship to modern business practices, the book also explores the analogy between kingship and leadership. Pithy and insightful, Meera Uberoi s selection is a practical guide to leadership in any field of life. The aphorisms, grouped under heads like Duty, War, Espionage and Conduct, deal with eternal values and truths that are as relevant today as they were 3,000 years ago.
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Poetic Memoirs of Hurricane Katrina s Hidden Secrets From the Famed Crescent City of New Orleans

Poetic Memoirs of Hurricane Katrina   s Hidden Secrets  From the Famed Crescent City of New Orleans

... bubble Counter action: If we use quality time to figure out how to include
insteadof excluding (and we are capable of doing this) then war will become a
thing of the past and so will starvation, manmade disease and destructive

Author: Chris B. Fontenot, Sr.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496940803

Category: Poetry

Page: 126

View: 289

The author’s poems were constructed during the struggles following the biggest natural/man-made disaster the region has endured in recent history—Hurricane Katrina. One may use the poems to ponder, plan, and produce long-term strategies, in many of the areas discussed, planting seeds in your neighborhoods and throughout the world; also, to develop a positive mission statement to act as a guide for your family and local/national governments in attaining all goals and other endeavors. Your insight will be useful in eradicating the thoughts of the past and in ushering into existence new, positive thoughts to really make this democracy greater than we, the people of the twenty-first century, could ever imagine. It will help to create a civilization that would baffle the minds of past leaders and prophetic spirits, changing the path in which we are now heading, a feat that only God’s people are capable to bring to pass through him—the Creator.
Categories: Poetry

IRS Secrets from the Nation s Cash Register

IRS Secrets from the Nation s Cash Register

If the past is a guarantee of things to come, one could become very wealthy by
betting on horses or on the stock market. That is not the case. Why do you think
they call the people that sell you stocks, brokers? Because they are more broke ...

Author: Julian Chitta

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 9781612044637

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 484

View: 503

Fascinating and candid, IRS Secrets from the Nation's Cash Register examines the inner workings of the Internal Revenue Service as well as its relationship to the federal courts. Author Julian Chitta - who worked for eight years at an IRS center as a collection agent - shows us how the IRS is stacked against the US taxpayer. This unique book provides a qualified snapshot of the workings of the fourth branch of the government, and shows how it has outlived elections, administrations, and congressional whims to form a specific power base for its own interests. IRS Secrets from the Nation's Cash Register spares nothing and divulges important information that Americans need to know. About the Author: Julian Chitta, a retired electrical engineer and a former US Merchant Marine Captain, lives in Kingsland, a small Texas rural community, where he enjoys hunting and fishing. His motivation in writing the IRS Secrets was to impart critical information to the American taxpayer, the most important person in our political system.His respect and admiration for American taxpayers permeates every single page of this book, as he suggests practical ways to deal with federal tax problems and how to avoid them. Previously, Mr. Chitta has written technical manuals, short stories, books on folk medicine, and on fresh water fishing. His style is unpretentious, giving the reader valuable technical information in a direct, conversational manner. Publisher's website: http: //
Categories: Business & Economics

Chateau of Secrets

Chateau of Secrets

But as she begins to explore the dark and winding passageways beneath the chateau, nothing can prepare her for the shock of what she and Riley discover… With emotion and intrigue, Melanie Dobson brings World War II France to life in this ...

Author: Melanie Dobson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476746128

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 749

A courageous young noblewoman risks her life to hide French resistance fighters; seventy years later, her granddaughter visits the family’s abandoned chateau and uncovers shocking secrets from the past. Gisèle Duchant guards a secret that could cost her life. Tunnels snake through the hill under her family’s medieval chateau in Normandy. Now, with Hitler’s army bearing down, her brother and several friends are hiding in the tunnels, resisting the German occupation of France. But when German soldiers take over the family’s château, Gisèle is forced to host them as well—while harboring the resistance fighters right below their feet. Taking in a Jewish friend’s baby, she convinces the Nazis that it is her child, ultimately risking everything for the future of the child. When the German officers begin to suspect her deception, an unlikely hero rescues both her and the child. A present day story weaves through the past one as Chloe Sauver, Gisèle’s granddaughter, arrives in Normandy. After calling off her engagement with a political candidate, Chloe pays a visit to the chateau to escape publicity and work with a documentary filmmaker, Riley, who has uncovered a fascinating story about Jews serving in Hitler’s army. Riley wants to research Chloe’s family history and the lives that were saved in the tunnels under their house in Normandy. Chloe is floored—her family isn’t Jewish, for one thing, and she doesn’t know anything about tunnels or the history of the house. But as she begins to explore the dark and winding passageways beneath the chateau, nothing can prepare her for the shock of what she and Riley discover… With emotion and intrigue, Melanie Dobson brings World War II France to life in this beautiful novel about war, family, sacrifice, and the secrets of the past.
Categories: Fiction

Trade Secrets from Use What You Have Decorating

Trade Secrets from Use What You Have Decorating

Through every step of the process, Trade Secrets provides time- and money-
saving ideas that Lauri Ward and her associates in the Interior Refiners Network
® have used successfully with thousands of clients over the past twenty years.

Author: Lauri Ward

Publisher: Putnam Adult

ISBN: 0399148094

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 189

View: 959

Provides hints, tips, suggestions, and advice on simple, stylish, and inexpensive ideas for creating a comfortable home environment.
Categories: Crafts & Hobbies