The Life And Teachings Of Sai Baba Of Shirdi

The Conflicting Origins, Impacts, and Futures of the Community College

Author: Antonio Rigopoulos

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791412671

Category: Religion

Page: 466

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A vast and diversified religious movement originating from Sai Baba of Shirdi, is often referred to as "the Sai Baba movement." Through the chronological presentation of Sai Baba's life, light is shed on the various ways in which the important guru figures in this movement came to be linked to the saint of Shirdi.

Rickshaw 110 Road to Sai Baba

Author: Donald Zanghi,Jeanette Strack-Zanghi

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595289398

Category: Travel

Page: 104

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In early 2000, the authors were given the opportunity to travel to India and Egypt. Sai Baba: the avatar of the age and Egypt: land of mystery. You will cry with them as they first lay eyes on Sai Baba, laugh at the antics of their Indian mentor, Obules, and be thrilled as they cross the misty desert sands by moonlight to the Great Pyramids of Giza. They were led by Mr. Frank their spiritual guide in Egypt. He recognized Jeanette as a priestess from the past. Written in journal form, you will be charmed by their divergent views and opinions as they experience India and Egypt from their ringside seat in Obules’ rickshaw—Rickshaw 110, Road to Sai Baba.

Winged Faith

Rethinking Globalization and Religious Pluralism through the Sathya Sai Movement

Author: Tulasi Srinivas

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231520522

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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The Sathya Sai global civil religious movement incorporates Hindu and Muslim practices, Buddhist, Christian, and Zoroastrian influences, and "New Age"-style rituals and beliefs. Shri Sathya Sai Baba, its charismatic and controversial leader, attracts several million adherents from various national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. In a dynamic account of the Sathya Sai movement's explosive growth, Winged Faith argues for a rethinking of globalization and the politics of identity in a religiously plural world. This study considers a new kind of cosmopolitanism located in an alternate understanding of difference and contestation. It considers how acts of "sacred spectating" and illusion, "moral stakeholding" and the problems of community are debated and experienced. A thrilling study of a transcultural and transurban phenomenon that questions narratives of self and being, circuits of sacred mobility, and the politics of affect, Winged Faith suggests new methods for discussing religion in a globalizing world and introduces readers to an easily critiqued yet not fully understood community.

Shirdi Sai Baba Speaks to Yogi Spencer in His Vision


Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482839555

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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SHIRDI sAI SPEAKS TO YOGI SPENCER IN VISION presents Research-based compressive profile of Shirdi Sai Avatar (1838-1918) His greatness and unique importance as prophet of secularism, integration and global harmony in the new age for the mankind. His contemporary saints and their interactions with him. How the benevolent Shirdi Baba being all gods rolled into One protects and helps all those in the world who remember him Brief Profiles of Spiritual Masters Rishi Ram Ram and Swami Amritanandji the two Spirit Guides of the world. Authors memorable Interviews with two great women closely associated with Shirdi Sai: - 95 year old Baba Patti of Madras who was Shirdi Sais mother Devagiammas reincarnation as revealed by thousands of years old ancient sage Augustya munis naadi (Palm leaf records) of future predictions of every human being in the world. - 102 year old Sai devotee Shivamma Thayee of Bangalore who had seen Shirdi Sai Baba many times during 1904 -1917 and witnessed his amazing miracles. Shirdi Sai As God and His 77 rare discourses on Spirituality dictated to His chosen spiritual trainee Yogi Minocher K.Spencer in 1952-53.

What Researchers Say on Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

Author: Satya Pal Ruhela

Publisher: M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788185880853

Category: Hindus

Page: 137

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This research monograph is a unique addition to the existing literature on Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, who lived a humble life and taught the basics of spirituality and morality to the devotees through his many miracles, revelations of their past birhts, simple yet penetrating teachings, stories and thrilling parables.

The Story of Jesus

An Intuitive Anthology

Author: William H. Kautz

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466918098

Category: Religion

Page: 312

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THE STORY OF JESUS: AN INTUITIVE ANTHOLOGY Many contemporary Christians suspect that there is more to Jesus and his enduring message than the little that has survived in historical writings and the legendary Christian tradition. This book offers a narrative account of Jesus' life from the perspective of twenty contemporary writers who have developed their natural intuitive abilities to an unusually high level. They are therefore able to bring forth new and detailed information not ordinarily accessible by historical or literary means. Some of them had demonstrated their unusual skill by probing deeply into the personal lives and minds of historical individuals other than Jesus, while some had provided important and detailed technical information which was then verified scientifically. They apply their intuitive skills here to uncover fresh information about the man Jesus, his contemporaries and his extensive teachings which never found their way into the New Testament Gospels and related historical documents. These new findings offer a much richer view of the man himself than that available from traditional Christian sources. They also provide illuminating insights and a deep spiritual understanding of Jesus' original and hidden teachings. The Story of Jesus is essential reading for all inquirers and seekers into these hidden and previously lost portions of Christian spiritual history.

Beyond Heaven and Earth

A Novel About Love, and Death and Life

Author: Steven H Propp

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1469752778

Category: Fiction

Page: 694

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Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we die? What if you really HAD to know? When tragedy strikes the family of young Jobran Winter, he is forced to confront these questions directly. Undertaking a feverish "Quest," he explores various branches of Christianity; Judaism; Islam; Hinduism; Buddhism; Sikhism, as well as the religions of China and Japan. His search encompasses the New Age, Reincarnation, Spiritism and Psychical Research. Attending channeling sessions and sances, investigating haunted houses and Near-Death Experiences, he examines spiritual traditions ranging from Swedenborg to Scientology, from Jodo Shinshu to the Jehovah's Witnesses. Finally, the Quest brings him into direct contact with Hospice work; physical disability; child abandonment; abortion; suicide; euthanasia, and even cold-blooded murder. Encounter the doctrines of Purgatory & Predestination, Universalism & Annihilationism, as you journey in a novel that will make you reexamine your ideas about religion, skepticism, love, death and LIFE.

The Ultimate High

Author: Jennifer Gaze

Publisher: Sai Towers Publishing

ISBN: 8178990261

Category: Addicts

Page: 226

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The Famous Twelve Steps To Recovery From Addiction Has Been Successfully Used By The Characters In This Remarkable Book. The Key Spiritual Facet In This Healing Process Is Surrender To A Higher Power In Life, God. Recovery Actively Seeks Divine Grace. The Personal Nature Of These Stories, Their Intimacy With The Reader, And The Powerful Stories Of Recovery Will Touch The Heart Of All Readers. Each Narrative Is Told From A Personal Perspective Of A Journey Into Hell, And The Slow Journey To Recovery. In Each Instance, Divine Love Is The Instigation For Recovery And Ultimate Healing. God S Love Is The Ultimate High. The Stories Are Comforting, Source Of Grace, Inspiring And Challenge To Each And Every Reader. Every Person Has A Story; Some Dramatic, Some Painful, Some Successful In Terms Of Wealth. These Are Stories Of Addiction, Failure And The Depths Of Degradation And The Slow And Steady Road To Recovery With The Love And Guidance Of The Divine.

Reiki, Yoga, Meditation & Yagyas:New Age Practices

Techniques for Living in the New Millennium

Author: Marc Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465315586

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 145

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Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas, presents a case for practicing these ancient disciplines. While many people are meditating, some have had difficulties with meditation because they were not doing Hatha Yoga. It is essential to do yoga & meditation to obtain the best results. Reiki is useful as an added adjunct to keep the body healthy and also open the inner channels, often called the meridians or nadis. Yagyas are the third aspect of the yoga, meditation triangle. The purpose of yagyas is to strengthen ones spiritual connection to the Higher Power, however, yagyas effect all areas of an individual: the body, mind and spirit. These Hindu ceremonies can reduce problems even if youve had them for decades. This book provides practical tips about these disciplines and how they can help anyone achieve higher states of consciousness/Enlightenment in one lifetime.

Learning to Fulfill the Needs of Your Self

It's an Inside Job!

Author: Faith H. Charles Ph D

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477162100

Category: Self-Help

Page: 231

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An interesting and valuable tool to assess the significance of a complex of psychosocial factors affecting the mental and physical health of us all. Its an innovative idea and deserves exposure. Eric Fine, MD Dr. Charles has an amazing ability to make a difficult concept easily understood. Justin Parr, MD She presents a natural and practical way to fulfill your needs and bring harmony to your life. Edward Pratowski, author of Writing for the Deep People