Artificial Paradise: The Dark Side of the Beatles' Utopian Dream

The Dark Side of the Beatles' Utopian Dream

Author: Kevin Courrier

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313345872

Category: Music

Page: 360

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There is an epigram in this book from the Phil Ochs song, "Crucifixion", about the Kennedy assassination, that states: I fear to contemplate that beneath the greatest love, lies a hurricane of hate. On February 11th 1963, the Beatles recorded "There's a Place", a dazzling, unheralded tune which was included on their electrifying debut album, Please Please Me. This song firmly laid the foundation on which a huge utopian dream of the sixties would be built. Within that dream, however, also lay the seeds of a darker vision that would emerge out of the very counterculture that the Beatles and their music helped create. Thus, even as their music attracted adoring fans, it also enticed the murderous ambitions of Charles Manson; and though the Beatles may have inspired others to form bands, their own failed hopes ultimately led to their breakup. The disillusionment with the sixties, and the hopes associated with the group, would many years later culminate in the assassination of John Lennon and the attempted slaying of George Harrison by deranged and obsessive fans. In this incisive examination, author Kevin Courrier (Dangerous Kitchen: the Subversive World of Zappa, Randy Newman's American Dreams) examines how the Fab Four, through their astonishing music and comically rebellious personalities, created the promise of an inclusive culture built on the principles of pleasure and fulfillment. By taking us through their richly inventive catalogue, Courrier illustrates how the Beatles' startling impact on popular culture built a bond with audiences that was so strong, people today continue to either cling nostalgically to it, or struggle — and often struggle violently — to escape its influence.


The Twisted Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll

Author: Nick Tosches

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0786750987

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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Celebrating the dark origins of our most American music, Country reveals a wild shadowland of history that encompasses blackface minstrels and yodeling cowboys; honky-tonk hell and rockabilly heaven; medieval myth and musical miscegenation; sex, drugs, murder; and rays of fierce illumination on Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others, famous and forgotten, whose demonology is America's own. Profusely and superbly illustrated, Country stands as one of the most brilliant explorations of American musical culture ever written.

The Classical Tradition

Author: Anthony Grafton,Glenn W Most,Salvatore Settis

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674035720

Category: History

Page: 1067

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Collects alphabetically arranged essays on how classical tradition has shaped popular culture, government, mathematics, medicine, and drama.

The Rough Guide to Bob Dylan

Author: Nigel Williamson

Publisher: Rough Guides Limited


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 385

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This book is the essential Dylan companion. In his seventh decade and still going strong, Bob Dylan is the ultimate singer-songwriter - hugely revered, bafflingly idiosyncratic, an enigma and a music legend responsible for a staggering number of classic songs. This new Rough Guide clarifies the mysteries surrounding the man and the music, looking at the lyrics, the influences, the legends, and the musicians he worked with. Features include: The Life: from Minnesota to Manchester, from the Albert Hall to the Never Ending Tour. The Music: 50 essential Dylan songs and the stories behind them; the albums, the bootlegs and the compilations; covers, comic songs and curiosities. Dylanology: the movies and the sayings; books and websites. -- Publisher description.


I am looking for the Questions ...To all the answers I have

Author: Larry Gaddy

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467869708

Category: Poetry

Page: 568

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Life and self worth is a blessing that cannot be bought at any price. To see through those eyes is to see eternal youth, to grow wise with grace, and to still die young at any age. Watching a colored leaf fall from a tree... Seeing its dance upon the wind... Hearing the lyrics of a song unsung... Humming the melody yet written... Writing words that bring teardrops... And humbled by the grace of it all... Some would say he's a visionary; seeing truth beyond the lies, twisting a simple word into emotion. “Question everything” He heard so often as a child. Looking through the stained glass in his mind‘s eye, somewhere within his fantasy a simple child became a poet. He is a story teller. In his words, you will find a simple truth. Hanging on a single word as a lifeline; letting go to find another. In his world, you feel the little things and the miracles they bring. Through his eyes, the fairies have been seen, painting sunsets and rainbows.