Runaway Choices

Runaway Choices

Runaway Choices - A Christian Speculative Fiction Novel Everyone runs from their past; Beck has it mastered.

Author: Eisley Jacobs

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1468143468

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

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Runaway Choices - A Christian Speculative Fiction Novel Everyone runs from their past; Beck has it mastered. She's been running for so long, stopping is a foreign concept. With her conning skills and wits at the ready, she's on a plane to London, free of charge. Beck believes everything is going as planned, but when reality twists on its axis, she soon wonders whose plan? Teaming up with the gorgeous bellhop, Colin, is a no brainer, especially when they discover their connections are anything but accidental. In their quest for answers, both are confronted with the demons of their pasts. Beck panics and does what comes naturally -- runs. However, she's not only running from herself, but from the superhuman who has made it his life's goal to track her down and either remove her from the equation or convince her to join him.
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Evolution of the Human Brain Through Runaway Sexual Selection

Evolution of the Human Brain Through Runaway Sexual Selection Effects of mate choice copying In some species, females often copy one
another's choices, and this can have significant influence on the dynamics of
sexual selection (Losey et al., 1986; Wade & Pruett-Jones, 1990; Pruett-Jones,

Author: Geoffrey Miller


ISBN: STANFORD:36105005105890


Page: 1144

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Kids who Run Away

Kids who Run Away

into careers other than that defined as " runaway . " The Liberty of Choice While
much of what is encountered out - of - home can be problematic , it is still viewed
as an opportunity for free choice . Free choice was reported as important to many

Author: Joseph Palenski

Publisher: R & E Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105039825208

Category: Social Science

Page: 174

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This study focuses on interviews with more than 30 young people to determine why they ran away from home.
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The Runaway Economy

The Runaway Economy

People are thus trapped and denied realistic options—critically by their very
affluence. In today's ... But these choices are forced and confined, for only the
makes and models of houses and cars are available for choice, hardly other

Author: Kenneth Schneider

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595318933

Category: Political Science

Page: 664

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After centuries of accelerating growth, the economy continues to be promoted for endless growth when the effects increasingly become economically counterproductive, ecologically devastating, and socially generated crises. Yet society, Kenneth Schneider demonstrates poignantly, continues to seek blind, endless, and reckless growth-leaving in waste vast human possibilities not attainable through personal expenditures. Once the standard of living reaches affluence, continued growth becomes increasingly destructive and economically suicidal, confining the human career to productions and wastefully generated consumption. As it expands, the economy increases its control over society, dominating urban form, education, the media, and social imagination. Rather than freeing people, the increased economic wealth offers vast promotional for business to control human behavior-note that advertising multiplied forty-fold from 1950 to 2000. Schneider stresses how society must fundamentally redirect human thought and economic power to fulfill specific social purposes that constitutes human progress.
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Let me tell you , they will be given little choice if they do not . And , Jason , we don
' t have much choice either . ” “ We haven ' t had much of a choice about anything
since this thing began , Jack . ” “ That ' s not what I meant , Jason . The choices ...

Author: John Topping

Publisher: Longstreet Press

ISBN: 1563526913

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 398

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The story begins on October 4, 2006. Jason Graham and his team have just confirmed that the Earth is in the midst of a runaway greenhouse effect. Join Jason and his team as they overcome obstacles to stop the impending catostrophic global warming.
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Runaway College Costs

Runaway College Costs

Resources that have value are not unlimited in amount and availability; hence,
both individuals and institutions must make choices about which resources they
will use (and not use). It is perhaps trite to observe that the same dollar cannot be

Author: James V. Koch

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 9781421438887

Category: Education

Page: 256

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Providing the first rigorous empirical evidence of the impact that various modes of governance have had not only on tuition and fees but on a half-dozen measures of institutional performance, this book will be of serious interest to governors, legislators, public university board members and their staffs, those interested in supporting the traditional goals of public higher education, and of course students and their parents, as well as taxpayers.
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Education as Dialogue

Education as Dialogue

Author: Robin J. Alexander


ISBN: 0954694325

Category: Communication in education

Page: 43

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Categories: Communication in education

Mate Choice

Mate Choice

Lande ( 1982b ) has recently confirmed Fisher's ( 1930 , 1958 ) suggestion that
sexual selection arising from mate choice ... Thus , if female preferences are
strong and if natural selection on the male character is weak , a Fisherian
runaway ...

Author: Patrick Bateson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521272076

Category: Medical

Page: 462

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Twenty-one specially-commissioned articles provide a clear picture of the current state of thinking about mate choice. Brings together modern thinking on the various functions of mate choice and its role in evolution.
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The Runaway

The Runaway

You were given free will and the unique ability to make your own choices, to
choose between right and wrong, when you ... Right or wrong, it was always you
who had to make the final choice to either follow the demons and lose your soul
for ...

Author: D. L. Edgett

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490804231

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

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There is a horrific and demonic battle going on right now to steal and deceive your immortal souls. Unsuspecting Rachael, a runaway, finds herself caught up in the midst of a battle beyond anything she could have known possible. As she is trapped alone on a mountain in a serene place, things take a terrifying turn as she struggles to escape alive.
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The Incidence and Nature of Runaway Behavior

The Incidence and Nature of Runaway Behavior

Due to the absence of a commonly used definition of runaway , a behavioral
definition would seem appropriate . The choice for a behavioral definition , which
follows other studies as well as this one , would be of the form -- absent from
home ...

Author: Tim Brennan


ISBN: UOM:39015053789338

Category: Adolescent psychology

Page: 606

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Categories: Adolescent psychology

Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

What are the choices ? ” she asked as blithely as she could , glancing toward a
barrel of salt pork as if she were already contemplating other , more important
purchases . Clarence Trilby rubbed his chin reflectively . “ Well , I suppose you
might ...

Author: Pamela Caldwell

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 0821757288

Category: Fiction

Page: 347

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Fleeing her ruthless husband--and a phony murder charge, Zoe Smith heads west to New Mexico. Sheriff Daniel Whittaker finds her irresistible, but when Zoe's husband tracks her down, the two lovers must decide where their true loyalties lie.
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The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride

I make my own choices and I live with my decisions . Please ! Go on and do
whatever it is you have to do and forget about us . ” “ That would be my choice . I
have an obligation to do a job , and my life doesn ' t include a woman or a — wife

Author: Sandra Chastain


ISBN: 0739403621

Category: Historical fiction

Page: 294

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Categories: Historical fiction

A Publication of the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Clearinghouse

A Publication of the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Clearinghouse

Organizations and programs that assist runaway youths provide effective crisis
services and protection , but the ... has a grant from the CDC to design a " Safe
Choices Program ” to educate runaway and homeless youths about the threat of



ISBN: STANFORD:36105060033029

Category: Teenage pregnancy


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Elements of Literature Grade 7

Elements of Literature  Grade 7

Students may mention teenage runaways who leave home to go out into the
world " alone ” or other children who are ... form , with the first letters of the lines
spelling out the word runaway CHOICES : Building Your Portfolio Performance 3.

Author: Holt Rinehart & Winston


ISBN: 0030669588



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Barron s Pass Key to the PSAT NMSQT

Barron s Pass Key to the PSAT NMSQT

In Choice ( E ) , the runaway is not the person doing something . He is being
traced ; he ... The same flaw eliminates Choices ( A ) and ( C ) : a witness is
someone who is summoned ; a lawyer is someone who is retained ( hired ) .
Again , the ...

Author: Samuel C. Brownstein


ISBN: 0812090225

Category: National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

Page: 264

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These all-new test-prep helpers are compact versions of Barron's giant-size test preparation manuals
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Runaway Bridesmaid Mills Boon Vintage Intrigue

Runaway Bridesmaid  Mills   Boon Vintage Intrigue

“There are always choices,” Vivian said with a grunt as she struggled to her feet.
No longer taller than her daughter, her eyes met Sarah's dead on. “Always.” She
shrugged and draped an arm around Sarah's shoulder as a teeth-rattling ...

Author: Karen Templeton

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781472077769

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Walk down the aisle with Sarah Whitehouse on his arm? Shoot, Dean Parrish had dreamed of that for as long as he could remember. But sexy Sarah wasn' t the bride, he wasn' t the groom– and they weren' t even speaking!
Categories: Fiction

Teaming Up on Technology

Teaming Up on Technology

Author: Shannon Whalen

Publisher: Amer Alliance for Health Physical

ISBN: UVA:X004899951

Category: Education

Page: 199

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A compilation of classroom-tested, ready to use learning activities for middle school, high school and college students includes lessons that will enhance instruction while introducing students to health education and physical education content through computer applications. Each activity outlines step-by-step directions that enable the health education and physical education teacher to present the technology skills to the students.--Back cover.
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Runaway Stallion

Runaway Stallion

Then we ' ve got three choices as I see it , ” Fred said . “ Keep him , try to find his
owner , or turn him loose . " “ You can ' t travel all over the state knocking on
doors and asking if someone lost a horse , ” Lilian said . " Exactly . " “ If you turn
him ...

Author: Walt Morey

Publisher: Blue Heron Pub

ISBN: 0936085126

Category: Horses

Page: 158

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Jeff Hunter solves personal problems through rescuing a race horse, in this reissued novel.
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Children s Writer Guide To 2000

Children s Writer Guide To 2000

Lauren Tarshis , Editor Scholastic Choices 555 Broadway New York , NY 10012 -
3999 Dear Ms . Tarshis : According to the U . S . government , as many as 3
million young people run away from home every year . There are a wide variety
of ...

Author: Catherine Frey Murphy


ISBN: 1889715034


Page: 424

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The Cowboy s Runaway Bride Mills Boon Cherish Celebration TX Book 1

The Cowboy s Runaway Bride  Mills   Boon Cherish   Celebration  TX  Book 1

Pinned by his midnight blue gaze, she stood frozen, weighing her options. At
least she had enough sense to realize most of the choices sponsored by the fight
-or-flight adrenaline rush weren't very practical...or smart—like grabbing the
phone ...

Author: Nancy Robards Thompson

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781474059152

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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And the bride wore...running shoes?
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