Rites to a Good Life

Rites to a Good Life

This book focuses on the key processes and relationships that make that possible (i.e. between parent and child, individual and community, individual and nature).

Author: Frederick Mark

Publisher: Warrior Films

ISBN: 0998406252


Page: 278

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Rites to a Good Life is the definitive guide on how to think about and restore practices of ritual healing to everyday contemporary life. This exhaustive handbook is essential for the well-being of all individuals, families, and communities. Poised in the middle of a conversation between the ancient past and the present-day, Marx translates indigenous wisdom practices into the needs and realities of our present-day world. This is a spiritual book for all those who've given up on religion and spirituality, yet recognize that something is missing in their life. There's nothing New-Agey here. It's full of no-nonsense practical suggestions. Self-help books tend to focus on the individual (i.e. "Here's what's wrong with you that you need to fix.") But what if there were nothing to fix? What if we only needed to drop more deeply into what already IS, experience it more fully, and then consecrate it with simple ritual? This book focuses on the key processes and relationships that make that possible (i.e. between parent and child, individual and community, individual and nature). With a final chapter focusing on all the upheavals during 2020's Planetary Rite of Passage (i.e. Covid, the economy, Black Lives Matter, and political turmoil), Marx clarifies what happened and the opportunity that exists for all of us to create positive change. The times demand change and Marx tells us what rebirth might look like. Outdated tropes must die (i.e. "Looking out for #1," "Every man for himself," and "Whoever dies with the most toys wins."). This definitive handbook is full of practical advice for: - What parents can do with children. - How families can restore relations across the generations. - How to gain sustenance from nature. - Where to find the mentorship we require. - Who the leaders are who can introduce us to the future.

Practising the Good Life

Practising the Good Life

Van Gennep claimed that rituals, marking, helping, or celebrating individual or collective passages through the cycle of life or nature, existed in all ...

Author: Kate Torkington

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443879347

Category: Social Science

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This edited collection adds to the growing body of research on lifestyle migration with empirically grounded explorations focusing on a wide range of practices involved in living 'the good life'. The volume brings together a variety of socio-geographical contexts-from Swedish 'lifestyle movers' in Malta, retired Britons and Germans in Spain, and seekers of the 'rural idyll' in the Iberian Peninsula, to expats in Nepal, North Americans in Ecuador and 'utopian' lifestyle migrants in Patagonia-t ...
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A Good Life

A Good Life

Human Rights and Encounters with Modernity Mary Edmunds ... 108, 118-19, 121-22, 148 understanding of the good, good life, good society, 29, 109, 131, 156, ...

Author: Mary Edmunds

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 9781922144676

Category: Social Science

Page: 300

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This book is a story. It's a story about ordinary people in very different parts of the world dealing with rapid change in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It's about times of turbulent and violent social upheaval and rupture with the past. It's about modern times. It's also about being human; what it is to be human in a modernising and globalising world; how, in responding to the circumstances of their times, different groups define, redefine, and attempt to put into practice their understandings of the good and of what constitutes a good life. And it's about how human rights have come to be not abstract universal principles but a practical source of consciousness and practice for real people.
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Envisioning the Good Life

Envisioning the Good Life

... source of virtue and hence of the good life and human flourishing. As Ananda Coomaraswamy writes so perceptively: “Every mimetic rite is by nature a ...

Author: Matthew Croasmun

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498235242

Category: Religion

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Who is God? What is God's relation to the world? How is God disposed towards us? What does God ask of us? These questions are not mere intellectual puzzles. They matter for us. A disinterested theology would be no theology at all, for we are fundamentally, at our very core, invested in God. God is the one who concerns us most deeply. Put differently, any theology worth the name is, as Miroslav Volf has put it, theology "for a way of life." We ask theological questions as those whose lives depend on the God whose character we try to articulate in the answers--and also in the asking. How we ask and answer these questions gives shape to our lives. In this volume, published in Volf's honor, leading Christian, Jewish, and Muslim theological scholars reflect on the shapes flourishing human life takes in light of God. Considering concrete questions--from how to talk about suffering to the value of singing in congregational worship--in light of their deep theological commitments, the contributors exemplify the kind of theological reflection our cultures so deeply need. Contributors to this volume: Matthew Croasmun Ryan McAnnally-Linz Marianne Meye Thompson David H. Kelsey Michael Welker Christoph Schwobel Alon Goshen-Gottstein Reza Shah-Kazemi Jurgen Moltmann Natalia Marandiuc Nancy Bedford Nicholas Wolterstorff Lidija Matosević Ivan Sarčević Linn Marie Tonstad
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The 120 Club Living the Good Life for 120 Years

The 120 Club   Living the Good Life for 120 Years

So I decided to do a personal healing ritual. ... They formally acknowledge an aspect of our lives that means a great deal. Rituals are a form of blessing, ...

Author: Philip Rose

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452060649

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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The 120 Club Living the Good Life for 120 Years By Philip Rose In his book, The 120 Club - Living the Good Life for 120 Years Phil Rose wants us to imagine that living to 120 years is possible. He imagined this long before consulting the longevity experts, many of whom had reached the same conclusion: living to 120 is the natural life span for humans. In The 120 Club - Living the Good Life for 120 Years Phil Rose presents his Ten Wisdoms for living a balanced and rational life. His ideas stand in contrast to much of what is out of balance in our world. In addition to the more widely accepted and discussed areas of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise, Phil Roses program of ten wisdoms includes an in-depth analysis of: Learning effective and practical ways to reduce stress and heal emotional hurts. Managing money and finding meaningful work. Living outside the box through personal creativity and play. Enjoying the rewards and inner peace of an authentic spiritual life. Participating in the essential healing powers of Mother Earth. Gaining and keeping long time friendships alive. Using alternative healers and Western doctors to repair and heal the body. Experiencing personal power to transform the world. The 120 Club Living the Good Life for 120 Years is not a quick-fix book but one that is meant to accompany you over a lifetime. There is no pre-requisite to join The 120 Club other than the total and joyful decision to transform your now long and healthy life. The 120 Club is THE survival manual for this century Bob Bodgan Professor of Sociology and Education Syracuse University There are books aplenty that urge us to fix the world and as many that guide us in healing the body and soul. In these pages Phil Rose wisely shows that to be fully alive is to be fully engaged spiritually, politically, and personally. Read on, live well, live long. Jack Manno Executive Director of the Great Lakes Research Consortium and author of Privileged Goods.
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The Good Life

The Good Life

A man most conversant in the rites acts , but when no one responds rolls up his sleeves and r e sorts to persuasion by force . Hence when the way was lost ...

Author: Charles B. Guignon

Publisher: Hackett Publishing

ISBN: 0872204383

Category: Philosophy

Page: 325

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A collection of 25 philosophical writings from antiquity to modernity that concern the self-directed question of what is the good life. Organized into sections on religious ways, the use of reason, self-exploration, self realization, and social involvement, the book contains essays and excerpts from works by such authors as Plato, Lao Tzu, Augustine, William James, Descartes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Sartre, Marx, and Buber. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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In Search of the Good Life

In Search of the Good Life

... be no doubt about the cardinal's continued commitment to religious harmony during the rest of his life. ... ever because of different religious rites.

Author: Fred Dallmayr

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813172683

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

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The great German novelist Thomas Mann implored readers to resist the persistent and growing militarism of the mid-twentieth century. To whom should we turn for guidance during this current era of global violence, political corruption, economic inequality, and environmental degradation? For more than two millennia, the world’s great thinkers have held that the ethically “good life” is the highest purpose of human existence. Renowned political philosopher Fred Dallmayr traces the development of this notion, finding surprising connections among Aristotelian ethics, Abrahamic and Eastern religious traditions, German idealism, and postindustrial social criticism. In Search of the Good Life does not offer a blueprint but rather invites readers on a cross-cultural quest. Along the way, the author discusses the teachings of Aristotle, Confucius, Nicolaus of Cusa, Leibniz, and Schiller, in addition invoking more recent writings of Gadamer and Ricoeur, as guideposts and sources of hope during our troubled times. Among contemporary themes Dallmayr discusses are the role of the classics in education, proper and improper ways of spreading democracy globally, the possibility of transnational citizenship, the problem of politicized evil, and the role of religion in our predominantly secular culture. Dallmayr restores the notion of the good life as a hallmark of personal conduct, civic virtue, and political engagement, and as the road map to enduring peace. In Search of the Good Life seeks to arouse complacent and dispirited citizens, guiding them out of the distractions of shallow amusements and perilous resentments in the direction of mutual learning and civic pedagogy—a direction that will enable them to impose accountability on political leaders who stray from fundamental ethical standards.
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Leading Rites an Examination of Ritualization and Leadership in Faculty Professional Life

Leading Rites  an Examination of Ritualization and Leadership in Faculty Professional Life

Academic. Good. Life. Charles' experiences working at Toys R Us was ultimately what led him to decide that psychology was what we he wanted to study.

Author: Shah Hasan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781543423037

Category: Self-Help

Page: 268

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How does the faculty of a small liberal arts college make meaning of their professional careers and their personal lives? In this book, based on a particular study at one small college in the Midwest, author Shah Hasan explores the narrative contours of the lives of four faculty membersFrancesca, Charles, Paula, and Rebecca. Utilizing the qualitative research approaches of extended interviews, narrative analysis, and narrative inquiry, the stories of their service at the college are excavated for patterns of ritualization and leadership.
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The Good Life of Teaching

The Good Life of Teaching

Of course, consensual ritual and differentiating rituals work together in some sense; each solidifies an 'ingroup' and differentiates it from an 'out-group' ...

Author: Chris Higgins

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444346510

Category: Education

Page: 304

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The Good Life of Teaching extends the recent revival of virtue ethics to professional ethics and the philosophy of teaching. It connects long-standing philosophical questions about work and human growth to questions about teacher motivation, identity, and development. Makes a significant contribution to the philosophy of teaching and also offers new insights into virtue theory and professional ethics Offers fresh and detailed readings of major figures in ethics, including Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, and Bernard Williams and the practical philosophies of Hannah Arendt, John Dewey and Hans-Georg Gadamer Provides illustrations to assist the reader in visualizing major points, and integrates sources such as film, literature, and teaching memoirs to exemplify arguments in an engaging and accessible way Presents a compelling vision of teaching as a reflective practice showing how this requires us to prepare teachers differently
Categories: Education

Leadership Rites of Passage

Leadership Rites of Passage

They said these are the things that give us and our families a good life. Without them we will suffer, and so will our children.

Author: Rick Tirrell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781663214607

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

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In Leadership Rites of Passage: The Journey of the Aspiring Leader and the Methods of the Mentor, accomplished author, Rick Tirrell, examines the sixteen universal challenges every leader must master as well as the methods of great mentorship. This book is designed to help you build your own leadership skills, become an exceptional mentor, or conduct leadership seminars. This compelling business fable begins with the naïve and overwhelmed young Joe Miller and follows his career toward Extraordinary Leadership while he easily builds some leadership skills, nearly fails others, undergoes betrayals, and builds a team. At age 25 Joe joins his family firm believing he will have an easy run along with the supportive mentorship of his father. However, six months later his father dies suddenly, precisely as a massive recession hits the economy. Sales plummet, he cannot service his debt, employees are in revolt, and he knows he is inexperienced. He seeks the advice of Sagen Cruz, thus beginning a lifelong leadership mentoring relationship. Sagen masterfully displays his own mentoring methods which any reader can imitate. He asks probing questions and deftly allows silence to do his work. As he mentors, he points to the great masterworks of the leadership literature. He provides Joe a brief explanation of each theory and asks him to read a relevant book so Joe can put its contents to work. Sagen sends Joe on four missions; four separate areas of leadership development. Within each mission, Joe will encounter very specific challenges. If he chooses to ignore any challenge, it will continue to call to him until he masters it. Sagen has given these challenges a name, Rites of Passage. Each Rite of Passage is a separate chapter and at chapter end, three brief summaries offer us Joe’s work, Sagen’s process, and seminar discussion questions.
Categories: Business & Economics

Imagining the Good Life

Imagining the Good Life

The deity's propitiatory ritual, also called dgra lha, is first celebrated by a man on his wedding day, signifying his progression to maturity as a ...

Author: Francis Khek Gee Lim

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047443377

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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Effectively combining ethnographic research and theoretical reflections on the pursuit of the good life in a Tibetan community in the Nepal Himalaya, this fascinating book offers a fresh perspective in seeking to understand contemporary experience of development and globalization.
Categories: Social Science

Funeral Rites in Contemporary Korea

Funeral Rites in Contemporary Korea

Mr. Yu also shares his personal life stories with the reporter, such as his encounter ... The starting point of the question is, 'How to live a good life?

Author: Gil-Soo Han

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811378522

Category: Social Science

Page: 231

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This book explores 21st century Korean society on the basis of its dramatically transforming and rapidly expanding commercial funeral industry. With insights into contemporary Confucianism, shamanism and filial piety, as well as modernisation, urbanisation, the division of labour and the digitalisation of consumption, it is the first study of its kind to offer a sophisticated, integrated sociological analysis of how the commodification of death intersects with capitalism, popular culture and everyday life in contemporary Korea. Through innovative analyses of funeral advertising and journalism, screen and literary representations of funerals, online media, consumer accounts of using funeral services and other sources, it offers a complex picture of the widespread effects of economic development, urbanisation and modernisation in South Korean society over the past quarter century. In the aftermath of the Korean “economic miracle” novel ways of paying respect to deceased kin have emerged; using Max Weber's concept of “pariah capitalism”, Gil-Soo Han shows how the heightened obsession with and boom in the commodification of death in Korea reflects radical transformations in both capital and culture.
Categories: Social Science

Igbo Funeral Rites Today

Igbo Funeral Rites Today

But traditional Igbo funeral rites are carefully reserved for those who lived a good life and died in a ripe old age and at best peacefully.

Author: Austin Echema

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643104199

Category: Social Science

Page: 91

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Igbo Funeral Rites is about the rigorous and complex nature of death and burial obsequies in Igboland. Analytical as it is descriptive and anthropological as it is theological, the book is an attempt to provide new insights for handling some of the pastoral challenges of Igbo funeral rites. It exhibits admirable maturity by acknowledging the need for flexibility along with harmonization.
Categories: Social Science

Living the Good Life

Living the Good Life

The Court of Imperial Entertainments, however, was subordinate to the Ministry of Rites (Ch. Libu; Man. Dorolon ijurgan) and was thus technically part of ...

Author: Elif Akçetin

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004353459

Category: History

Page: 592

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An exploration how consumer goods in eighteenth-century Qing and Ottoman empires furthered the expansion of social networks, the creation of alliances between rulers and regional elites, and particularly, the expression of elite, urban, and gender identities
Categories: History

Death Rites and Rights

Death Rites and Rights

They are interests in something we have judged as morally good and worth striving for, ... of a good life in the light of their considered value judgements, ...

Author: Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847313911

Category: Law

Page: 322

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Death has diverse religious, social, legal, and medical aspects and is one of the main areas in which medicine and the law intersect. In this volume, we ask: What is the meaning of death in contemporary Britain, and in other cultures, and how has it changed over time? The essays in this collection tackle the diverse ways in which death is now experienced in modern society, in the process answering a wide variety of questions: How is death defined by law? Do the dead have legal rights? What is one allowed to have and not have done to one's body after death? What are the rights of next of kin in this respect? What compensation exists for death and how is death valued? What is happening to the law on euthanasia and suicide? Is there a human right to die? What is the principle of sanctity of life? What of criminal offences against the dead? How are the traditions of death still played out in religion? How have customs and traditions of the disposal of bodies and funerals changed? What happens to donated bodies in the biomedical setting where anatomical education is permitted? What processes are employed by police when investigating suspicious deaths? What of representations of death? These and other questions are the subject of this challenging and diverse set of essays.
Categories: Law

The Rites of Spring Four Historical Romances

The Rites of Spring  Four Historical Romances

good life. “When I told him about the baby I'd lost in New York, he offered to come here with me to see what had become of her. We met with Father Finnegan ...

Author: Doreen Milstead

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329986565

Category: Fiction


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And He Took The Children Into His Arms - A destitute woman in New York gives birth to a tiny baby and the orphanage there is unsure of the newborn’s survival. A Family For Jacob - Jacob knew he was dying but wanted a family and son more than anything else in the world. When a new woman joined their community he knew immediately that she was the one. Abandoned By The Wagon Train: A Story of Survival & Faith -- is about a teacher who needs to find a new job because her schoolhouse is being torn down. Mail Order Bride: Free At Last In California - An overweight woman decides to leave her small, southern town and strike out west to make her fortune.
Categories: Fiction

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

“Happy are those who ... find their soul mate, hold good jobs, have two well-behaved kids in sports and dance, ... The good life is the blessed life.

Author: Guerric DeBona

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814645437

Category: Religion

Page: 284

View: 952

Rites of Passage is a much-needed, practical homiletic resource for priests and deacons who preach Christian baptisms, weddings, and funerals. The three authors, a religious priest, a diocesan priest, and a permanent deacon, draw from the scriptural and liturgical resources available to the preacher for these three important ritual moments to suggest ways to build an effective homily. This book will serve as a helpful and engaging resource for priests and deacons in parish life and as a blessing to the faithful.
Categories: Religion

The Heart of Simple Living

The Heart of Simple Living

It is my wish to help you on your journey to the good life, which is not “the goods life” or ... your annual celebrations, and significant rites of passage.

Author: Wanda Urbanska

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440215292

Category: House & Home

Page: 256

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The Heart of Simple Living is your road map to a more balanced life - a life centered on self-discovery. Fewer possessions. More time. More friends. More meaning. This book will help you identify objectives for your life and create awareness of your actions and finances, while planning for your future. This inspirational book delivers seven tangible and actionable paths, woven together with real-life stories and humor along the way. You can follow these paths sequentially or cherry-pick them one at a time. Pursuing a life of simplicity is a journey, and as you blaze the trail to your simple life, celebrate the magic and joy of family, ritual and community - the perfect prescription for essential good health and well-being.
Categories: House & Home

Dreams of the Good Life

Dreams of the Good Life

Laura is growing up, and out, and her role is subtly changing from sharp observer of village life to someone reflecting on the rites of passage to adulthood ...

Author: Richard Mabey

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141932217

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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While the Lark Rise to Candleford trilogy, Flora Thompson's much-loved portrait of life in the English countryside, has inspired a hit television series, relatively little is known about the author herself. In this highly original book, bestselling biographer and nature writer Richard Mabey sympathetically retraces her life and her transformation from a post-office clerk who left school at fourteen to a sophisticated professional writer. Revealing how a formidable imagination can arise from the humblest of beginnings, Dreams of the Good Life paints a poignant, unforgettable portrait of a working-class woman writer's struggle for creative expression.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Confucianism and the Family

Confucianism and the Family

Ancestors who receive formal rites may be limited to a narrower ... Ancestors at the former rites are generally those who enjoyed a good life : they married ...

Author: Walter H. Slote

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791437361

Category: Social Science

Page: 391

View: 971

An interdisciplinary exploration of the Confucian family in East Asia which includes historical, psychocultural, and gender studies perspectives.
Categories: Social Science