Mapping the Road to American Independence 1755-1783

Author: Richard H. Brown (Map collector),Paul E. Cohen

Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9780393060324

Category: History

Page: 150

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Taking into account the key events of the French and Indian War, this book shows the American Revolution's progress in 60 glorious contemporary maps and accompanying essays relating them to the events of the time. The authors tell the stories of the maps and cartographers whose talents have made these some of the most valuable artifacts in our nation's history.When warfare between Britain and her colonists erupted in 1775, maps provided the pictorial news about military matters. A number of the best examples of those maps, including some from the personal collection of King George III, the Duke of Northumberland, and the Marquis de Lafayette, are beautifully reproduced here. Others from institutional and private collections are being published for the first time.

A History of America in 100 Maps

Author: Susan Schulten

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022645861X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 256

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Throughout its history, America has been defined through maps. Whether made for military strategy or urban reform, to encourage settlement or to investigate disease, maps invest information with meaning by translating it into visual form. They capture what people knew, what they thought they knew, what they hoped for, and what they feared. As such they offer unrivaled windows onto the past. In this book Susan Schulten uses maps to explore five centuries of American history, from the voyages of European discovery to the digital age. With stunning visual clarity, A History of America in 100 Maps showcases the power of cartography to illuminate and complicate our understanding of the past. Gathered primarily from the British Library’s incomparable archives and compiled into nine chronological chapters, these one hundred full-color maps range from the iconic to the unfamiliar. Each is discussed in terms of its specific features as well as its larger historical significance in a way that conveys a fresh perspective on the past. Some of these maps were made by established cartographers, while others were made by unknown individuals such as Cherokee tribal leaders, soldiers on the front, and the first generation of girls to be formally educated. Some were tools of statecraft and diplomacy, and others were instruments of social reform or even advertising and entertainment. But when considered together, they demonstrate the many ways that maps both reflect and influence historical change. Audacious in scope and charming in execution, this collection of one hundred full-color maps offers an imaginative and visually engaging tour of American history that will show readers a new way of navigating their own worlds.

The First Mapping of America

The General Survey of British North America

Author: Alex Johnson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1786733218

Category: History

Page: 352

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The First Mapping of America tells the story of the General Survey. At the heart of the story lie the remarkable maps and the men who made them - the commanding and highly professional Samuel Holland, Surveyor-General in the North, and the brilliant but mercurial William Gerard De Brahm, Surveyor-General in the South. Battling both physical and political obstacles, Holland and De Brahm sought to establish their place in the firmament of the British hierarchy. Yet the reality in which they had to operate was largely controlled from afar, by Crown administrators in London and the colonies and by wealthy speculators, whose approval or opposition could make or break the best laid plans as they sought to use the Survey for their own ends.

Canada before Confederation: Maps at the Exhibition

Author: Chet Van Duzer,Lauren Beck

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 1622733460

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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Each of the maps featured in this book was showcased in the exhibition “Canada before Confederation: Early Exploration and Mapping,” which took place in several locations, both in Canada and abroad, in Fall of 2017. The authors provide a scholarly study highlighting the importance and unique features of each of these jewels of cartographic history, with particular attention paid to how they demonstrate the development of Canadian identity at the same time that they reveal Indigenous knowledge of the lands now known as Canada.

Degrees of latitude

mapping colonial America

Author: Margaret Beck Pritchard,Henry Garland Taliaferro

Publisher: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation


Category: History

Page: 434

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This splendidly illustrated volume goes beyond standard cartobibliographical analysis to examine the inspiration behind the production of seventy-three maps, atlases, and sea charts. The first part describes what maps reveal about the history of the American nation and explains why they were important to their owners. The second part discusses the rare atlas owned by John Custis of Williamsburg. An overview of the English map trade in the late seventeenth century is also included.

American Eras: The Revolutionary era, 1754-1783

Author: Gretchen D. Starr-LeBeau,Jessica Kross,Robert J. Allison

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787614805

Category: History

Page: 394

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Covers the individuals and events related to such topics as world events, the arts, communication, education, goverment and politics, and science and medicine from the the colonial era onward