The Culture of Revival

Author: Elizabeth E. Guffey

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861892904

Category: Social Science

Page: 187

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Flares are in. Flares are out. Flares are back again. Fads constantly cycle and recycle through popular culture, each time in a slightly new incarnation. The term ‘retro’ has become the buzz word for describing such trends, but what does it mean? Elizabeth Guffey explores here the ambiguous cultural meanings of the term and reveals why some trends just never seem to stay dead. Drawing upon a wealth of original research and entertaining anecdotal material, Guffey unearths the roots of the term retro and chronicles its evolving manifestations in culture and art throughout the last century. Whether in art, design, fashion or music, the idea of retro has often meant a re-emergence of styles and sensibilities that evoke familiar touchstones of memory from the not-so-distant past. Guffey explores how and why the past keeps coming back to haunt us in a variety of forms, from the comeback of Art Nouveau nearly fifty years after its original decline, to the infusion of Art Deco into the kitsch glamour of Pop art, to the recent popularity over 1980s vogue. She also considers how advertisers and media have employed the power of such cultural nostalgia, using recycled television jingles, familiar old slogans and famous art to sell a surprising range of products. An engrossing and wholly unprecedented study, Retroreveals how the past is embedded in the future of contemporary art and culture.


Author: Macon Landers

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1606963058

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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God is the cause of all causes. Volumes have been written on the reasons America has prospered and conquered, due to our guns, our germs, and our steel. Why? Why our guns, our germs, our American steel? This book replies to those who deprecate God in American's innermost being. This book will preach the cause of all causes, and how He brought America to greatness. Pierce the darkness. Like the embattled 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne in World War II, American Christianity is encircled and surrounded and embattled now. Like the intrepid 4th Armored Division, battling to the 101st's rescue, this book now beats an inexorable dread-wrought path to Christianity's rescue, with reminders beyond chance of why America is what it is. Exalt Him. Revive us.


A Novel

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476770409

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Stephen King presents “a fresh adrenaline rush of terror” (People) in this electrifying #1 New York Times bestseller! The new minister came to Harlow, Maine, when Jamie Morton was a boy doing battle with his toy army men on the front lawn. The young Reverend Charles Jacobs and his beautiful wife brought new life to the local church and captivated their congregation. But with Jamie, he shares a secret obsession—a draw so powerful, it would have profound consequences five decades after the shattering tragedy that turned the preacher against God, and long after his final, scathing sermon. Now Jamie, a nomadic rock guitarist hooked on heroin, meets Charles Jacobs again. And when their bond becomes a pact beyond even the Devil’s devising, Jamie discovers that the word revival has many meanings….

The Buddhist Revival in Sri Lanka

Religious Tradition, Reinterpretation and Response

Author: George D. Bond

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120810471

Category: Buddhism

Page: 322

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In 1956, Theravada Buddhists in Sri Lanka and throughout Southeast Asia celebrated the 2500th anniversary of the Buddha`s entry into Nirvana and of the establishment of the Buddhist tradition. This book examines this revival of Theravada Buddhism among the laity of Sri Lanka, analysing its origins and its growth up to the present-day. Within the spectrum of reinterpretations that have comprised the revival, the book focuses on four important types or patterns of reinterpretation and response. It examines the rational reformism of the early Protestant Buddhists led by Anagarika Dharmapala and the conservative neotraditionalism of the Jayanti period.Particular attention is given to two of the most recent and dynamic reforms, the insight meditation movement, breaking with tradition, has opened the path of meditation to lay people, enabling them to seek Nirvana without renouncing the world. The sarvodaya Shramadana movement has addressed the social context, reinterpreting the Buddhist heritage to derive authentic forms of Buddhist social development. Comprising this series of interpretations and options for lay Buddhists, the Buddhist revival represents a new gradual path to Nirvana.

The Ethnic Revival

Author: Anthony D. Smith

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521232678

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Explores the ethnic separatisms and 'neo-nationalisms' that threatened to undermine the fragile stability of the world order in the early 1980s.

The Azusa Street Mission and Revival

Author: Cecil M. Robeck

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0785217797

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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In Azusa Street Mission and Revival, Cecil M. Robeck, Jr. brings to bear expertise from decades of focused study in church history to reveal the captivating story of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Los Angeles, which became known as the Azusa Street Mission. From humble beginnings with few resources, this small uniquely diverse and inclusive congregation led by William J. Seymour ignited a fire that quickly grew into a blaze and spread across the world giving rise to the global Pentecostal movement. Sifting through newspaper reports and other written accounts of the time as well as the mission’s own publications, and through personal interaction with some of those blessed to stand very near to the fire that began at the mission, Cecil M. Robeck, Jr. relates not only the historical significance of the revival but also captures the movement of the Holy Spirit that changed the face of modern Christianity.

Pioneers of Islamic Revival

Author: Ali Rahnema

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781856492546

Category: Political Science

Page: 279

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Pioneers of Islamic Revival examines the political environments, lives and works of those diverse nineteenth- and twentieth-century Muslim thinkers who believed that Islam was capable of providing practical solutions to the problems of the modern world.


The Abbey Theatre, Sinn Féin, the Gaelic League, and the Co-operative Movement

Author: P. J. Mathews

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780268034764

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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P. J. MATHEWS ARGUES AGAINST the received opinion that the Irish Revival was a purely mystical affair of high culture characterized by a preoccupation with a backward-looking Celtic spirituality, nostalgia for Gaelic Ireland, and anti-modern traditionalism. Instead, he claims, the time of the Irish Revival was a progressive period that witnessed the cooperation of various self-help movements -- the Abbey Theatre, the Gaelic League, and the Irish Agricultural Organization Society -- which encouraged local modes of material and cultural development. These different groups were bound together by their willingness to use traditional cultural forms as the basis for an alternative modernization project. Mathews points out that these self-help initiatives were so successful that they very quickly opened up a sphere of influence rivaling that of parliamentary politics. Much of this activity laid the groundwork for the emergence of the Sinn Fein in 1905. Making use of important theater productions of the period, Mathews skillfully traces the connections and overlaps among these radical movements and demonstrates that the self-help idea was crucial to the decolonization and modernization of Irish society during the early years of the twentieth century.