The Book of Revelation

A Clear and Precise Understanding

Author: N.A

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781426968648

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History is littered with those who have prophesied the end of the world, but there can be only one prophecyand the time has come for us to truly understand it. The book of Revelation, perhaps the most misunderstood scriptural text, contains the key to our hope and salvation when the end of days arrives. With the stunning evidence discovered during his exhaustive twenty-year study of Scripture, which included Greek, Hebrew, and Latin primary texts, author Timothy R. Mungovan presents The Book of Revelation: A Complete and Precise Understanding, a biblical expos containing everything Christians must know about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Mungovans compelling, research-driven commentary details every element and event leading up to and following the battle of Armageddon, including proof of the latest possible year for the beginning of the tribulation; the true character of the Antichrist; the four horsemen accurately identified; the seven trumpets events and their true meaning and consequence; the history and fallacy of rapture theory; Gods purpose for the millennial age; the fallen angels and their literal offspring; shocking photographic proof of the bottomless pit inside the earth; a complete quick reference to the events of tribulation; a primary list of key biblical metaphors. The approaching great tribulation will overtake mankind and dramatically alter world politics, economics, and society as we know them today. Only through faith and understanding can we hope to survive the Antichrist and the armies of Satan and live on into the world that is to come.

Egyptian Origen of the Book of Revelation

Author: John H. C. Pippy

Publisher: John Pippy

ISBN: 0981257046

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This in-depth treatise presents conclusive evidence for an extremely close relationship between ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and the Book of Revelation. Practically all characters, scenes and series of scenes found in Revelation have parallels in mainstream Egyptian sources, including the Book of the Dead, the Amduat, Book of Gates, Book of Aker, Books of the Heavens and others. Parallel characters include Egypt's Apophis as Revelation's Satan while situations and activities in scenes include the judgment scene and singers by a lake of fire. Parallel sequences of scenes include those found in the 2nd to 12th Divisions of the Book of Gates and most of Revelation's Chapters 15-21. Allusions to the Book of Dead are common. Finally, a key conclusion: the entire structure of the Book of Revelation can be accounted for in the organization of text and paintings on the walls and ceilings of the tomb of Ramesses VI in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Fully referenced to enable critical review. See

The Message of the Book of Revelation

Author: Charles T. Chapman

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814621110

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Perhaps no book in the history of the world has been as misunderstood and misappropriated as the Book of Revelation. Those people versed in the methods of scholarly interpretation (exegesis) may understand the symbolism of this work, but what about the general reader? How is he or she to know whether this book is being soundly interpreted or misinterpreted? Father Chapman writes for the general reader, for the many who need to understand the truth of The Message of the Book of Revelation -both its historical message and its message for Christians today. He explains, phrase by phrase, in clear, direct terms what has been learned about the genre of writings called apocalyptic literature - of which Revelation is a part - and how that knowledge can be properly used to interpret the images and symbols of Revelation. Faithful to the teaching of the Church, this explanation of Revelation "reveals" this biblical book to be an inspiring, hope-filled, poetic portrayal of the triumph of Christ and his followers over the powers of evil. The Rev. Charles T. Chapman, Jr., was raised and educated as a Southern Baptist. He joined the Episcopal Church in 1980 and was ordained priest in 1987. He holds degrees from Union University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with further training at the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest. With Bible teaching and writing among his principle interests, Fr. Chapman offers this commentary in the hopes that reason and scholarship can shed light on a biblical work where baseless, extravagant imagination has long cast its shadow.


Dragon Shifter Romance

Author: Laxmi Hariharan

Publisher: Dragon Protectors

ISBN: 9781795212328

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She's my fated mate... I'm her worst nightmareARJUNNaya is the woman I sprang from captivity. Amber eyes.Thick golden hair that I want to wrap around my hand.Her scent, musky and sugary that makes my breath catch.She is too innocent for everything I want to do to her.So much of a survivor that I want to break her.I wanted to use her body, I hadn't planned on this compulsive need to claim her.Definitely didn't anticipate that she'd bring out the human side of me.She will not submit to me.How can I resist the challenge?She wants to tame me.But I have other plans...REVELATION is best read in sequence as part of the DRAGON PROTECTORS series. *This book has a snarling alpha-hole warrior, steamy scenes, and dark themes that might elicit a strong emotional response.


Author: Sloane Kennedy

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781544919713

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"I trusted once. I won't make that mistake again..." An ugly childhood and devastating betrayal have left 25-year-old Cain Jensen scarred inside and out. Protecting himself means keeping everyone at arm's length and protecting others means never getting emotionally involved. In the three years since he's joined an underground vigilante group, every life he saves helps ease the guilt of the ones that were lost to him so long ago. So when he's sent to a remote cabin in the Cascade Mountains just north of Seattle to follow up on the disappearance of his boss's co-worker, his only thought is to see that justice is served, no matter what the circumstances. But nothing he's ever experienced has prepared the cold-hearted and very straight Cain for who he finds on that mountain...or the intense need to suddenly offer more than just protection. "I've finally managed to break free, but I've never felt more trapped in my entire life..." Ethan Rhodes has been running for six months, but it's never fast enough, it's never far enough. At 30 years old, the talented ER Doctor should be spending his days saving other people's lives, not worrying about his own. But he knows that the four years of physical and emotional abuse he's suffered at the hands of his volatile ex are nothing compared to what will happen when Ethan runs out of places to hide, especially after taking something from the man he once was sure would be the love of his life. A violent episode that has Ethan narrowly escaping death leads to a quiet cabin in the mountains where his battered body will have time to heal before he and the young girl relying on him need to run again. But everything changes with the arrival of a mysterious stranger who threatens to give Ethan something he'd finally accepted was gone forever...hope. "I didn't see this coming. I don't think he did either..." To get to the truth, Cain must first get through Ethan's defenses, but watching the other man's walls start to come down forces Cain to face his own past. And as the tremulous connection between the two men grows and gives way to something more, both will need to decide if they're willing to risk giving each other the one thing that has cost them so much in the Will two men who've vowed never to let someone close again let down their guard long enough to find each other, or will they let their pasts determine their future?