Rethinking Peace Mediation

Rethinking Peace Mediation

As with the greed/grievance analytical and 'spoiler' framework for 'political' actors,
'terrorist' and 'criminal' actors are defined in accordance with their methods and
motives for challenging and undermining the state (Picarelli, 2006: 1). The UN ...

Author: Catherine Turner


ISBN: 9781529208191

Category: Law

Page: 408

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Written by international practitioners and scholars, this pioneering work offers insights into the peace mediation practice and explains how multifaceted assistance has become an indispensable part of it. With its policy focus and real-world examples, this is a go-to resource for researchers and advisers involved in peace processes.
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Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in China

Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in China

67–9. Anna Oehmichen, 'UN-EU-Terrorist Listings—Legal Foundations and
Impacts', Zeitschrift für Internationale Strafrechtsdogmatik (ZIS), 9 (2014), p. 419.
Gavin Sullivan, 'Rethinking terrorist blacklisting', Guardian, 10 December 2010, ...

Author: Michael Clarke

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780190922610

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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China's problem with terrorism has historically been considered an outgrowth of Beijing's efforts to integrate the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region into the People's Republic of China. Since the end of the Cold War, however, this internal dynamic has converged with an evolving external environment, stimulating the development of linkages between Uyghur separatism and terrorism and broader terrorist movements in Central Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. This book brings together some of the leading experts on Chinese terrorism, offering the first systematic, scholarly assessment of the country's approaches to this threat. Four areas of investigation are looked at: the scope and nature of terrorism in China and its connection with developments in other regions; the development of legislative measures to combat terrorism; the institutional evolution of China's counter-terrorism bureaucracy; and Beijing's counter-terrorism cooperation with international partners.
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Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11 2001

Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11  2001

Prosecuting Terrorism in the Criminal Justice System , " address given by Mary
Jo White on October 4 , 2002 at the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign ,
Conference on Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism Since 9/11 . 2 .

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Intelligence


ISBN: UCAL:B5107222

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Suppression of Terrorist Financing

Suppression of Terrorist Financing

Also see Ahmed Rashid, Jihad: 1. Earlier versions of some sections of this
chapter and chapter 3 were published in the Journal of Money Laundering
Control. See Hamed Tofangsaz, “Rethinking Terrorist Financing; Where Does All
This Lead?

Author: Hamed Tofangsaz


ISBN: 9781793619501


Page: 280

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This book closely and extensively examines international penal measures (criminalization and confiscation) of terrorist financing, the notions on which the measures are based, their adoption and application by countries, and their (un)justifiability with regard to the principles of criminal law, human rights, and democratic values.--Roger S. Clark, Board of Governors Professor, Rutgers Law School, Camden, New Jersey

Terror Culture Politics

Terror  Culture  Politics

Explores the politics of American culture in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Author: Daniel J. Sherman

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 025334672X

Category: Political Science

Page: 271

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Explores the politics of American culture in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks.
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Rethinking Security

Rethinking Security

Clear distinction and definition is essential to combat terrorism . Unfortunately ,
nation states till today have not been successful in arriving at a definition of
terrorism either at national , regional or global levels . Invariably , all existing
definitions ...

Author: Dipankar Banerjee


ISBN: STANFORD:36105128331324

Category: National security

Page: 183

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This Book Reflects The Collective View From South Asia As To The Nature Of The Critical Threats Faced By The World Today And Is Likely To Face In The Future, And How To Address Them Through International Action.
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Rethinking Civilization

Rethinking Civilization

This new book explores the uneven pace of development of human societies, particularly in the last two centuries, and argues that this is leading to a global civil war.

Author: Majid Tehranian

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136036545

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

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Rethinking Civilization offers an alternative view of human civilization in a globalizing age. Majid Tehranian analyses the transition from nomadic, to agrarian, commercial, industrial, and digital civilizations and argues that the growing gaps among the five major civilizations have led to terror operating as a form of global communication. This new book explores the uneven pace of development of human societies, particularly in the last two centuries, and argues that this is leading to a global civil war. Taking a long-term historical perspective, and developing a model that explains how empires, resistance, and civilizations have evolved alongside major technological breakthroughs in history, Tehranian offers a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary analysis of the phenomenon. Seeking to counter the current rhetorical trends, Tehranian reconceptualizes "civilization" to make it a useful analytical rather than ideological category. defines the varieties of terrorism, including structural, nuclear, state, opposition, messianic, and anomic. addresses the contemporary problems of global governance and the evolution of international relations. traces the evolution of global communication from orality to literacy, print, electronic, and digital modes. forecasts the emerging problems of encounters among the five civilizations. This unique and original volume will be of great interest to students and researchers of globalization, international relations, peace studies and sociology.
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Rethinking Global Security

Rethinking Global Security

come an easily accessible ground for international terrorist groups in search of
Western targets . Thus , the heightened threat of international terrorism in Africa is
a product of increased conflict between external protagonists on the one hand ...

Author: Makũmi Mwagiru


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123517596

Category: Africa

Page: 293

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Biological Warfare and Disarmament

Biological Warfare and Disarmament

See Bruce Hoffman , “ Rethinking Terrorism in Light of a War on Terrorism , "
Testimony , U . S . House of Representatives , Permanent Select Committee on
Intelligence , Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security , 26 September

Author: Susan Wright

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015055889698

Category: Political Science

Page: 458

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This book proposes fresh approaches and concrete proposals to overcome one of the most intractable security problems of the twenty-first century. Visit our website for sample chapters!
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Asymmetrische Kriegf hrung

Asymmetrische Kriegf  hrung

DOWNEY Dennis B . : Domestic Terrorism : The Enemy Within . Current History
636 ... Studies in Conflict and Terrorism , Vol . 20 , No . 4 , 1997 ... HOFFMAN
Bruce : Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism Since 9 / 11 . Studies in
Conflict ...

Author: Josef Schröfl

Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

ISBN: STANFORD:36105112597146

Category: Asymmetric warfare

Page: 372

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Das Phnomen der "Asymmetrischen Kriegsfuhrung" ist nicht neu; erste Hinweise finden sich bereits im Alten Testament. Aktuellere Beispiele sind der Vietnam-Krieg oder der Krieg der Mujaheddin gegen die sowjetischen Truppen in Afghanistan. Von den nach 1945 gefuhrten Kriegen waren allenfalls ein Drittel zwischenstaatliche Kriege im herkmmlichen Sinne ("Symmetrische Konfliktentwicklung"). In der asymmetrischen Kriegfuhrung stehen sich sehr ungleiche Gegner gegenuber, wobei die eine Seite der Anderen mit minimalem Aufwand einen maximalen Schaden zufugen mchte. Diese Form der Kriegsfuhrung wird in Zukunft die Norm militrischer Auseinandersetzungen werden. Dies hat nicht nur Konsequenzen auf die kunftige Struktur und Ausbildung der Streitkrfte sowie deren Einsatzdispositive, sondern auch auf die (internationale) Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik allgemein. Die Studie gibt einen umfassenden berblick zu dieser komplexen Thematik, die dem state-of-the-art entspricht, und welche sowohl theoretische Aspekte als auch Fallbeispiele umfasst. Ebenfalls wird ein Ausblick auf die weitere Entwicklung von asymmetrischer Kriegsfuhrung gegeben, der nicht nur weitere Forschungsfragen beinhalten wird, sondern auch als Orientierungshilfe und Background fur politische und militrische Entscheidungstrger dienen soll.
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Rethinking the Patriot Act

Rethinking the Patriot Act

11 The act creates a new agency to study and reduce the vulnerability of “ critical
infrastructure , " such as ports , power plants , and chemical factories . 12 More
controversially , the legislation changes the definition of some terrorism ...

Author: Stephen J. Schulhofer

Publisher: Priority PressPublications

ISBN: UOM:39015062519767

Category: Political Science

Page: 163

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The USA Patriot Act One is of the most controversial and possibly one of the most misunderstood laws Congress has ever enacted. For many Americans, it is synonymous with an egregious and unjustifiable suspension of the Bill of Rights. Others, troubled but more cautious, identify the Patriot Act with the grant of unprecedented powers that put civil liberties at some risk. Many who reject these concerns nonetheless accept their underlying assumption--that the Patriot Act does indeed give the federal government a package of powerful new search and surveillance tools. In Rethinking the Patriot Act, Stephen J. Schulhofer explains the act's most important provisions and reviews the best information currently available to gauge their usefulness and their effects in practice. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Schulhofer argues that much of the Patriot Act was essential, and some of it, if not essential, was reasonably defensible. In fact, the act includes provisions--seldom noticed--that add new protections for certain civil liberties, extend new benefits to certain immigrant groups, and provide new remedies for violations of individual rights. Nonetheless, Schulhofer concludes, many of the act's new powers are far too broad, and even where the case for broad powers is strong, they were typically conferred with little effort to assure transparency and accountability.
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Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Excerpts from Research Study ' Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism :
Proliferation by Non - State Actors . ' Terroi ' sm and ... Terrorism and the
Scholarly Communication System . ... Rethinking Terrorism in Light of a War on
Terrorism .

Author: Russell D. Howard

Publisher: Dushkin Publishing Group

ISBN: PSU:000050044061

Category: Political Science

Page: 544

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Terrorism defined -- Why terrorism? -- The new terrorism model -- Religion -- Weapons of mass destruction -- The threat of other forms of terrorism -- The challenges of terrorism -- Strategies and approaches to combating terrorism -- Organizing to fight terrorism.
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Anti terrorism

Anti terrorism

1998. Old Madness , New Methods . Santa Monica , CA : Rand . Available at <
www . > .
2004. “ Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism since 9/11 . ” In G. Martin ( ed
. ) ...

Author: Sandra Rollings-Magnusson

Publisher: Brunswick Books

ISBN: UOM:39076002860026

Category: Political Science

Page: 221

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This edited collection critically analyzes the concept of "terrorism," the Canadian and American government responses to terrorist activity since the events of 9/11 and the problem of government policies infringing on basic human rights and freedoms. The authors direct their attention to various topics including the relationship between the capitalist economic system and the war on terror, the legality and efficacy of the Anti-Terrorism Act and the USA PATRIOT Act, and the insecurities created by the new security regime. The conclusion of this book highlights the need for an informed public debate about security and for society to question and re-examine the need for enhanced security measures, particularly when such processes counter democratic values.
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Terrorism and the State

Terrorism and the State

This book analyzes the legal principles that govern state responsibility for the conduct of non-state actors and examines their relevance and effectiveness in an increasingly interconnected world.

Author: Tal Becker

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 9781841136066

Category: Law

Page: 390

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The alarming rise in international terrorist activity since the attacks of September 11th has generated intense debate about the principles by which state responsibility for private acts of terrorism is determined in international law. This book analyzes the legal principles that govern state responsibility for the conduct of non-state actors and examines their relevance and effectiveness in an increasingly interconnected world. The book argues that traditional approaches to determining the state's legal responsibility for violations of these counter-terrorism obligations lack conceptual coherence, fail to enhance state accountability for protecting civilians from private violence and are poorly suited to coping with today's terrorist threat. Drawing on a wide array of precedents and legal sources, the study offers a novel approach to regulating state responsibility for private violence that is grounded in principles of causation. The book argues that causation-based state responsibility for terrorism can be reconciled with the International Law Commission's Draft Articles on State Responsibility and offers a conceptual and legal framework that is better equipped to deal with the subtle interactions between state and non-state actors that make contemporary terrorism possible. 'Terrorism and the Stateâ?? by Tal Becker has won the Guggenheim Prize for 2007.
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Understanding Terrorism

Understanding Terrorism

Williams , Al Qaeda : Brotherhood of Terror ( Parsippany , NJ : Alpha , 2002 ) ;
Paul K. Davis and Brian Michael Jenkins ... 41 41 Bruce Hoffman , " Rethinking
Terrorism and Counterterrorism since 9/11 , " Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 25

Author: James M. Poland

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: PSU:000054413696

Category: Political Science

Page: 312

View: 773

This comprehensive and completely up-to-date book provides a straightforward introduction to terrorism that helps readers better understand this complex subject. The book identifies terrorist groups, reviews terrorist tactics, and examines police and government responses to reduce or eliminate the incidence of terrorism. Fully updated to include coverage of Al Qaeda, suicide bombers, specific threats posed by weapons of mass destruction, and the latest counter-terrorism strategies, Understanding Terrorism: Groups, Strategies and Responses 2e brings together the latest scholarship and coverage of the latest world events to bring you the most complete and most current introduction to terrorism book currently available. Reaches a broad audience from the criminal justice professional to the vigilant civilian.
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The Changing Face of Terrorism

The Changing Face of Terrorism

ENDNOTES Best , R . , Report for Congress — Intelligence to Counter Terrorism :
Issues for Congress ( Washington , D ... 127 - 153 ; Hoffman , B . , “ Rethinking
Terrorism and Counterterrorism Since 9 / 11 ” , Studies in Conflict and Terrorism ...

Author: Rohan Gunaratna

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International

ISBN: PSU:000056253429

Category: Political Science

Page: 174

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This edited volume, re-issued under the Marshall Cavendish Academic imprint, seeks to explore how the phenomenon of terrorism has transformed from the Cold War to the post- Cold War period. The end of the East-West confrontation created the conditions for terrorist and guerrilla groups to operate globally, advancing their aims and objectives. By operating worldwide, they accessed new ideas, resources, and fresh opportunities. In addition to accumulating political influence and economic resources, they acquired specialized and dual technologies, and learned tactics and techniques from both the East and West. During this period, many rag-tag groups evolved into sophisticated groups. Benefiting from the rapidly changing environment, the phenomenon of terrorism transformed regionally and functionally.
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New Political Religions Or an Analysis of Modern Terrorism

New Political Religions  Or an Analysis of Modern Terrorism

Holy Terror : The Implications of Terrorism Motivated by a Religious Imperative . ”
Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 18 ( 1995 ) . Inside Terrorism . New York :
Columbia University Press , 1998 . “ Rethinking Terrorism and Counterterrorism ...

Author: Barry Cooper

Publisher: University of Missouri

ISBN: UOM:39015059116551

Category: History

Page: 242

View: 352

Barry Cooper applies the insights of German philosopher Eric Voegelin to the phenomenon of modern terrorism, pointing out that the chief omission from most contemporary studies of terrorism is an analysis of the "spiritual motivation" that is central to the actions of terrorists today.
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Rethinking Development

Rethinking Development

Terrorism Unfortunately such a picture of who wields power in densely populated
and communally mixed areas is too static . It does not bring out the true character
of the malady afflicting the cities and their rural peripheries . It only provides the ...

Author: Rajni Kothari


ISBN: IND:30000007217973

Category: Economic development

Page: 233

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