Rethinking Open Society

Rethinking Open Society

Based on the lecture series Rethinking Open Society, which took place between 2017 and 2018 at the Central European University, the volume is deeply embedded in the history and purpose of CEU, its Open Society mission, and its belief in ...

Author: Michael Ignatieff

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9789633862711

Category: Political Science

Page: 366

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The key values of the Open Society – freedom, justice, tolerance, democracy, and respect for knowledge – are increasingly under threat in today’s world. As an effort to uphold those values, this volume brings together some of the key political, social and economic thinkers of our time to re-examine the Open Society closely in terms of its history, its achievements and failures, and its future prospects. Based on the lecture series Rethinking Open Society, which took place between 2017 and 2018 at the Central European University, the volume is deeply embedded in the history and purpose of CEU, its Open Society mission, and its belief in educating skeptical, but passionate citizens.
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Rethinking Philanthropic Effectiveness

Rethinking Philanthropic Effectiveness

ment of open society in Central and Eastern Europe following the collapse of the
communist regimes between 1989 and 1991. For KBF , involvement in
Southeastern Europe constituted a part of its ambition to become a European
foundation .

Author: Dirk Eilinghoff

Publisher: Bertelsmann Foundation Publishers

ISBN: UOM:39015063675998

Category: Business & Economics

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While the philanthropic sector continues to grow, demands for efficient, innovative, and effective use of philanthropic funding are increasing. The International Network on Strategic Philanthropy (INSP) uses its international expertise to determine just which issues are key to effective philanthropy. Over the last four years, more than 60 philanthropy experts from 15 countries have exchanged ideas on issues such as evaluating philanthropic work, the implications of globalization for the development of the philanthropic sector, and the emergence of new forms of philanthropy. Their discussions cover a wide range of developments from around the world: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Rethinking Foundation Effectiveness provides a summary illustrating the results of these discussions and enables foundation managers and project teams to learn about, and adapt their own activities to, international best practice.
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Education for an Open Society

Education for an Open Society

In a similar vein it makes sense that an open society requires an open system of
education . ... with regard to the development of instructional media since others
may have surveyed the same territory and mapped it very differently . Rethinking

Author: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Yearbook Committee

Publisher: Washington : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

ISBN: UOM:39015014720836

Category: Community and school

Page: 216

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Open Society Reforming Global Capitalism Reconsidered

Open Society Reforming Global Capitalism Reconsidered

There is an urgent need for the profound rethinking and reorganization of
international relations . Toward a Global Open Society I have argued that we
cannot have a global economy without a global society . But how can the idea of
a global ...

Author: George Soros

Publisher: PublicAffairs

ISBN: 1586480197

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

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George Soros's The Crisis of Global Capitalism became an international bestseller and an instant classic; a must read for anyone concerned with the complex market forces that rule our global economy and create both prosperity and instability. Now, in Open Society, Soros takes a new and provocative look at the arguments he made in that book, incorporating the latest global economic and political developments into his analysis. He shows how our economic and political arrangements are out of sync. Recognizing that our existing institutions are under the sway of sovereign states, he proposes an "open society alliance" with the dual purpose of fostering open societies in individual countries and laying the groundwork for a global open society. In leading up to his inspiring vision, Soros presents an iconoclastic view of the world that has guided him both in making money and spending it on his network of Open Society Foundations. This book sums up the life's work of an exceptional individual. George Soros is the best fund manager in history, a stateless statesman, and an original thinker.
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Rethinking Geographical Inquiry

Rethinking Geographical Inquiry

A society which is flexible in these ways is termed by Popper an open society ,
and his defence of such a society is one of the most comprehensive and
devastating critiques of totalitarianism ever written . 24 It should be apparent
even from this ...

Author: John Urquhart Marshall

Publisher: Downsview, Ont. : Atkinson College, Department of Geography, York University

ISBN: UOM:39015050687451

Category: Geography

Page: 265

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Rethinking Indian Culture

Rethinking Indian Culture

the spirit and the flesh , of rejection and affirmation , of ever remain a society to be
remade , in tireless celebrating life and ... is challenges of a new era , in fact of a
coming new founded on the ideals of an open society , whatever is millennium .



ISBN: UOM:39015056795001

Category: India

Page: 540

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Contributed articles presented at the International Seminar on "Rethinking Indian Culture: Challenges and Responses" held in 1999 at Cuttack, Orissa.
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Rethinking Green Politics

Rethinking Green Politics

Thus Beck ' s argument for a democratic ' selfreflexive ' society may be seen as
an ecologically updated version of Popper ' s ' open society ' . Democracy ,
therefore , is accepted on principle as the best procedure for making decisions
under ...

Author: John Barry

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015043221129

Category: Political Science

Page: 291

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A critical analysis of the theoretical framework that underpins the values, principles and concerns of contemporary Green politics. The author challenges the ecocentric and anarchistic traits of much Green political ideology, and develops a critique of existing conceptualizations.
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Rethinking Criminology

Rethinking Criminology

The Disputing Process : Law in Ten Societies . New York ... ( 1963 ) The Open
Society and Its Enemies ( 2 vols . ) . ... President's Commission on Law
Enforcement and Administration of Justice ( 1967 ) The Challenge of Crime in a
Free Society .

Author: Harold E. Pepinsky

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015010224270

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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Rethinking Europe s Constitution

Rethinking Europe s Constitution

oppression and colonialism represented a revolutionary change and a historic
new beginning in Portuguese society . After this historical ... The Constitution also
lays the foundation for ' a democratic and open society ' . At the end of the ...

Author: A. A. M. Kinneging


ISBN: STANFORD:36105134405567

Category: Civil rights

Page: 254

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Rethinking Democracy

Rethinking Democracy

In rethinking the democratic model it becomes obligatory to rethink the paradigm
of science , especially that of the social ... Just as good social sciences can best
thrive in an open society and democratic polity , the efficacy of a democratic polity

Author: Rajni Kothari


ISBN: STANFORD:36105124100319

Category: Political Science

Page: 176

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"This book provides a unique insight into India's experience as the world's largest democracy. Covering democratic theory, the state, civil society, participation and the search for global justice, the author evaluates what this experience means for the very idea of democracy. The author powerfully demonstrates that we are at a juncture where democracy has failed, on a local and a global level. The promise of human emancipation has not been delivered and democratic ideals of justice and equality have failed to defeat the aggressive logic of capitalism. His acknowledgement of this disillusionment, however, allows him to search for a new decentralised and participatory democracy with freedom and environmental sustainability at its core." -- BACK COVER.
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Rethinking Immigration Policy

Rethinking Immigration Policy

( 25 ) A nation steeped in the lore of the Statue of Liberty and the open door will
not be easily persuaded that limitation of immigration is in the best interests of all
. An open society like ours rightly shudders at the prospect of converting itself into

Author: John Tanton

Publisher: F A I R-Federation for American Immigration Reform

ISBN: STANFORD:36105081575388

Category: United States

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Rethinking Liberalism

Rethinking Liberalism

The United States remains an open society in which all viewpoints can be
expressed . Liberals believe that the horizons of liberalism are circumscribed
more by popular will than by special interests and constraining structures . The
best that ...

Author: Walt Anderson


ISBN: IND:39000000481874

Category: Liberalism

Page: 296

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Rethinking College Education

Rethinking College Education

Henri Bergson ' s distinction between an “ open society ” and a “ closed society ”
is found in his The Two Sources of Morality and Religion . The selections from the
poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson are from In Memoriam A . H . H . , except for the ...

Author: George Allan

Publisher: Studies in Government and Publ

ISBN: UOM:39015040561964

Category: Education

Page: 228

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Not a method of turning your degree back in and having your loans forgiven, but an argument that by becoming vocational schools measured by reduced cost and efficient production, colleges and universities are neglecting their essential purpose. The reason for college education, says Allan, is to provide an environment within which students can absorb the moral practices that determine how they can acquire and evaluate knowledge, best conduct their lives, and become responsible adults. He maintains that such learning requires imagination, dialogue, conversation, and cultured intercourse. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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Rethinking Popper

Rethinking Popper

In September 2007, more than 100 philosophers came to Prague with the determination to approach Karl Popper’s philosophy as a source of inspiration in many areas of our intellectual endeavor. This volume is a result of that effort.

Author: Zuzana Parusniková

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402093388

Category: Philosophy

Page: 431

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In September 2007, more than 100 philosophers came to Prague with the determination to approach Karl Popper’s philosophy as a source of inspiration in many areas of our intellectual endeavor. This volume is a result of that effort. Topics cover Popper’s views on rationality, scientific methodology, the evolution of knowledge and democracy; and since Popper’s philosophy has always had a strong interdisciplinary influence, part of the volume discusses the impact of his ideas in such areas as education, economics, psychology, biology, or ethics. The concept of falsification, the problem of demarcation, the ban on induction, or the role of the empirical basis, along with the provocative parallels between historicism, holism and totalitarianism, have always caused controversies. The aim of this volume is not to smooth them but show them as a challenge. In this time when the traditional role of reason in the Western thought is being undermined, Popper’s non-foundationist model of reason brings the Enlightenment message into a new perspective. Popper believed that the open society was vulnerable, due precisely to its tolerance of otherness. This is a matter of great urgency in the modern world, as cultures based on different values gain prominence. The processes related to the extending of the EU, or the increasing economic globalization also raise questions about openness and democracy. The volume’s aim is to show the vitality of critical rationalism in addressing and responding to the problems of this time and this world.
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Rethinking California

Rethinking California

James Madison recognized the propensity for individuals to factionalize in an
effort to maximize political influence . " Robert Dahl further refined the analysis of
Madisonian democracy , arguing that in an open society all persons have the
right ...

Author: Matthew Alan Cahn

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: UOM:39015050012585

Category: Political Science

Page: 226

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This book explores the state of California — viewing the sites as a holistic political culture that reflect the influence of multiple cultures, ethnic groups, and communities of interest. It starts with a broad historical foundation, and travels through cultural analyses and institutional discussions. The evaluation of specific policy issues affecting the state is an important stop along the way, and the crossroads that bringing together the variety of analytic paths. Chapter topics include political culture and politics in postwar California; people, diversity, and culture; politics and economics; political institutions; federal and local relations; political parties, interest groups and the media; elections and political participation; education and environmental policies; immigration.; and civil rights. For individuals interested in California policy work, and gaining a better understanding of that state's unique political culture.
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Rethinking American Judaism

Rethinking American Judaism

... Identity on the Suburban Frontier : A Study of Group Survival in the Open
Society , 2nd Ed . ( Chicago : University of Chicago Press , 1979 ) , 57 . 16. See
Martin Buber , I and Thou , trans . Walter Kaufman ( New York : Charles
Scribner's ...

Author: Arnold M. Eisen

Publisher: Jean and Samuel Frankel Center for Judaic Studies the Univ S

ISBN: UOM:39015064966768

Category: Jewish families

Page: 21

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Building an Open Society

Building an Open Society

The collapse of European communist systems called for fundamental rethinking
of the African one party systems . " ? Expectedly , the statement was vilified and
reviled by anti - reform forces . Oloo Aringo , the then national Chairman of KANU

Author: Wanza Kioko


ISBN: UOM:39015058263289

Category: Civil society

Page: 385

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Jewish Existence in an Open Society

Jewish Existence in an Open Society

A Convocation Jewish Centers Association. - - Jewish People as the frame of
reference the widely used concept “ Diaspora - Israel relations ” requires
rethinking . “ Israel ” and “ Diaspora ” are not dichotomous concepts . Together
Eretz Yisrael ...

Author: Jewish Centers Association

Publisher: Los Angeles : Ward Ritchie Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105018476676

Category: Jews

Page: 118

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The Open Philosophy and the Open Society

The Open Philosophy and the Open Society

... would falsify the laws of thermodynamics — and technologists would have to
undertake some new and very fundamental rethinking of ... This allows all
manner of things to be done within the bounds of 20 TOWARDS AN OPEN

Author: Maurice Campbell Cornforth

Publisher: New York : International Publishers

ISBN: UCAL:B4409991

Category: Dialectical materialism

Page: 396

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Towards an Open Society Ends and Means in British Politics

Towards an Open Society  Ends and Means in British Politics

Proceedings of a Seminar Organized by the British Humanist Association British
Humanist Association ... thwarted and ineffective within an under - educated
community ; the professionals of many kinds are rethinking what education is
really ...

Author: British Humanist Association

Publisher: London : Pemberton

ISBN: UCAL:B3264688

Category: Great Britain

Page: 130

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