The Mouvements Unis de la R sistance M U R

The Mouvements Unis de la R  sistance  M  U  R

A Study of Noncommunist Resistance Movements in France, L940-1944 John F. Sweets. o V : † : 's C Civil Relations in Modern Erance° Harvard UniversitY Press • Cambridge.

Author: John F. Sweets


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disease ; bacteria ; symptomatology ; variety of vine ; resistance ; India 117 enzyme ; bud ; resistance ; cold ; variety of vine ID1 excoriosis ; transmission ; plant protection ; resistance ; variety of vine 2H16 fanleaf ; resistance ...



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The French Resistance

The French Resistance

19 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 37 38 39 40 41 43 Alya Aglan, La Résistance sacrifiée: Histoire du mouvement Libération-nord (Champs-Flammarion, 2005; 1st ed., 1999), 221. 20 Sainclivier, La Résistance en Ille-et-Vilaine, 96.

Author: Olivier Wieviorka

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674731226

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Olivier Wieviorka’s history of the French Resistance debunks lingering myths and offers fresh insight into social, political, and military aspects of its operation. He reveals not one but many interlocking homegrown groups often at odds over goals, methods, and leadership. Yet, despite a lack of unity, these fighters braved Nazism without blinking.
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Critical Resistance

Critical Resistance

employer becomes obsessed with this passive resistance. As Melville explains, an earnest person who prefers an attitude of resignation and submission, will find such passivity at once incomprehensible and aggravating.

Author: David Couzens Hoy

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262582636

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This book serves as both an introduction to the concept of resistance in poststructuralist thought and an original contribution to the continuing philosophical discussion of this topic. How can a body of thought that mistrusts universal principles explain the possibility of critical resistance? Without appeals to abstract norms, how can emancipatory resistance be distinguished from domination? Can there be a poststructuralist ethics? David Hoy explores these crucial questions through lucid readings of Nietzsche, Foucault, Bourdieu, Derrida, and others. He traces the genealogy of resistance from Nietzsche's break with the Cartesian concept of consciousness to Foucault's and Bourdieu's theories of how subjects are formed through embodied social practices. He also considers Levinas, Heidegger, and Derrida on the sources of ethical resistance. Finally, in light of current social theory from Judith Butler to Slavoj Zizek, he challenges "poststructuralism" as a category and suggests the term "post-critique" as a more accurate description of contemporary Continental philosophy. Hoy is a leading American scholar of poststructuralism. Critical Resistance is the only book in English that deals substantively with the topical concept of resistance in relation to poststructuralist thought, discussions of which have dominated Continental social thought for many years.
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Resistance and Collaboration in Hitler s Empire

Resistance and Collaboration in Hitler s Empire

One of the changes in the story of resistance in popular film relates to the way in which the social context has been integrated into the narrative. During the war itself, Hollywood directly addressed the topic of resistance and ...

Author: Vesna Drapac

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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This new study provides a concise, accessible introduction to occupied Europe. It gives a clear overview of the history and historiography of resistance and collaboration. It explores how these terms cannot be examined separately, but are always entangled. Covering Europe from east to west, this book aims to explore the evolution of scholarly approaches to resistance and collaboration. Not limiting itself to any one area, it looks at armed struggle, daily life, complicity and rescue, the Catholic Church, and official and public memory since the end of the war.
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The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel inspired by real acts of resistance a heartrending story of one woman s courage in WW2

The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel  inspired by real acts of resistance  a heartrending story of one woman s courage in WW2

The museum was no more than two rooms on the ground floor of a once-smart town house, a labour of love commemorating the Résistance heroes of the area. 'Welcome,' said the curator, the halfmoon glasses resting on her bosom bouncing on ...

Author: Sarah Steele

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472270115

Category: Fiction

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The war taught her to fight. The children taught her to hope... *The Lost Song of Paris, the new novel from Sarah Steele, is available to pre-order now!* Inspired by real acts of bravery and resistance, The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel is a heartrending and deeply moving story of one woman's courage and sacrifice during World War II, from the USA Today bestselling author of The Missing Piece of Nancy Moon. This exquisitely beautiful novel is perfect for readers of The Rose Code by Kate Quinn, The Postmistress, Lilac Girls and The Girl from Vichy. 'A beautifully worked tale of bravery, woven into the reality of a time we can't forget' Mandy Robotham, author of The Berlin Girl 'An emotional, beautifully constructed read. I loved the way the clues from the past and present slowly knitted together, answering the questions that had been missing their answers for so long' Sunday Times bestselling author Jill Mansell 'Gripping, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting, I found this beautifully written novel impossible to put down' Sunday Times bestselling author Katie Fforde ______ 'My darling girl, I need you to find someone for me . . .' France, 1942. At the end of the day, the schoolteacher releases her pupils. She checks they have their identity passes, and warns them not to stop until the German guards have let them through the barrier that separates occupied France from Free France. As the little ones fly across the border and into their mothers' arms, she breathes a sigh of relief. No one is safe now. Not even the children. Berkshire, present day. A letter left to her by her beloved late grandmother Gigi takes Hannah Stone on a journey deep into the heart of the Dordogne landscape. As she begins to unravel a forgotten history of wartime bravery and sacrifice, she discovers the heartrending secret that binds her grandmother to a village schoolteacher, the remarkable Lucie Laval . . . ______ 'An engaging tale of courage and friendship. A triumph!' Gill Paul 'Evocative writing and the storytelling is masterful. It really draws the reader in' Felicity Hayes-McCoy 'A gripping journey about the quiet triumphs and breathtaking courage of so many women in wartime' Jane Bailey Readers ADORE The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel: 'I loved this book, I finished reading it on VE Day. It is certainly a fitting tribute to the everyday people in France who resisted the German occupation in WW2. 5 stars' 'Absolutely fabulous. Highly recommend this. I've read The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon - this is even better' 'Such a poignant story and beautiful characters. I can highly recommend this book' 'A lovely book, by turns emotional, exciting and heart-rending. The story is beautifully told. A book that will stay with me. Definitely recommended, particularly to anyone with an interest in World War II historical novels' 'A lovely story of courage and hope at a time of extreme adversity. Wonderfully written, descriptive and poignant. This one is special' 'Sheer escapism, beautifully written. I highly recommend it'
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Microbios Letters

Microbios Letters

a relatively high rate (58.3%: 7 out of 12 Cm resistance strains), while the frequency of the Tc sensitive mutant obtained was low (9.1%: only 2 out of 22 Tc resistance strains). The Em, Sm, and Km sensitive mutants were obtained in ...



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Annual Book of ASTM Standards

Annual Book of ASTM Standards

... test , ( E 769 ) Propellants / projectiles ( for guns ) See Consumer safety specifications , on guns Protective equipment penetration resistance of protective clothing materials to liquids , test , ( F 903 ) permeation resistance of ...

Author: American Society for Testing and Materials


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Index to ASTM standards issued as last part of each vol.
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Consolidated Progress Report

Consolidated Progress Report

determined that resistance responses were characterized by adult visitation and oviposition nonpreference for resistant sorghum, and a low level of larval antibiosis. The effect of resistance on oviposition was the major resistance ...



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Handbook on Diseases of Sugar Beetles Volume I

Handbook on Diseases of Sugar Beetles  Volume I

and evaluation of progenies for resistance." The application of dry, ground barley grain inoculum in the center of the foliage rosette 3 to 5 weeks after thinning is considered the most dependable of the various inoculation techniques ...

Author: Amar Nath Mukhopadhyay

Publisher: CRC Press

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