Researching the troubles

social science perspectives on the Northern Ireland conflict

Author: Owen Hargie,David Dickson

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing


Category: History

Page: 349

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This volume highlights how, for over 30 years, the seemingly irreconcilable divisions between the Protestant and Catholic communities in Northern Ireland has spawned a great deal of horrific violence and a total of over 3,700 deaths, with the toll of injuries much higher. Given this scale of human suffering, this collection of essays attempts to understand how and why such conflict occurs, and seeks to formulate ways in which it can be overcome. It brings together a number of prestigious research projects into cross-community conflict and reconciliation, funded by the Central Community Relations Unit (CCRU) in Northern Ireland. These have been conducted from within a range of social science disciplines including communication, politics, psychology, and sociology.

Teachers, Human Rights and Diversity

Educating Citizens in Multicultural Societies

Author: Audrey Osler

Publisher: Trentham Books

ISBN: 9781858563398

Category: Education

Page: 184

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How should we educate citizens in multicultural societies? This question is receiving increasing attention in countries across the world. In this volume authors from England, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United States report on recent research in this field and consider the implications for teachers, teacher education and student teachers. Case studies illustrate how young citizens can learn to apply the principles of human rights and equality in resolving complex and controversial issues. The contributors include Hilary Claire, Colm O'Cuanachain, Carole Hahn, Anne Hudson, Ulrike Neins and Jackie Reilly, Jill Rutter, Chris Wilkins. This book will be of particular interest to student teachers and their tutors.

Leadership and Political Risk Taking - A Comparative Analysis Between Northern Ireland and the Basque Country

Author: Stefan Vedder

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640679741


Page: 36

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Essay from the year 2010 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Western Europe, grade: 1,0, University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Department of International Politics), language: English, comment: Passed with distinction ('Work that shows a considerable degree of critical thought, flair and independence, together with sound factual knowledge' Master's Handbook, Department of International Politics), abstract: Some argue tat most major conflicts are triggered by internal, elite-level activities. At the same time peace processes are often elite-driven with a relatively small number of people responsible for making final decisions. The following analysis examines different attempts in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country to contribute sustainably to a peace process on a political elite-level. It will be shown that the success of leadership and political risk-taking by elites is highly dependent on the circumstances. It will be shown that courageous elite decisions are doomed to have little effect if basic requirements are lacking. Simultaneously, even if the preconditions seem to be appropriate peace processes can fail due to a lack of commitment on the side of political leaders. The conflicts in Northern Ireland and the Basque Country show - up to a certain extent - notable similarities in their initial situations. In both cases nationalist movements tried/try to alter the state of autonomy in one part of the country. Both conflicts led to cruel violence and left numerous civilians dead. Both conflicts took and take politically place within the particular province and between the province and the federal government of the nation state (Spain/United Kingdom and Ireland). The nationalist movements in both cases are divided between a radical party (Batasuna/Sinn Fein) and a more moderate one (PNV/SDLP). These similarities compose a good starting point for a comparative analysis. Regarding the generalizability of the findings, two central restrictions

Ireland in the Virginian Sea

Colonialism in the British Atlantic

Author: Audrey J. Horning

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469610728

Category: History

Page: 385

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Ireland in the Virginian Sea: Colonialism in the British Atlantic

Breathing the Same Air

Children, Schools, and Politics in Northern Ireland

Author: Abigail Stahl McNamee Ed.D. Ph.D.

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

ISBN: 1631353136

Category: Education

Page: 458

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The common goal of integrated education in Northern Ireland is to bring Protestant and Catholic children together in schools in an attempt to foster an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. These integrated schools stress what the divided communities have in common, rather than what divides them. They remain, however, a small percentage of Northern Ireland’s schools. There are many stories of the long discord in Northern Ireland between the Protestant and Catholic communities. Breathing the Same Air: Children, Schools, and Politics in Northern Ireland focuses on the stories of the integrated education movement, the context in which it began and continues to develop, and an American researcher’s experience as she learned of these stories. Dr. Abigail Stahl McNamee is an American educator who went to Northern Ireland for many years to write about the stories of the integrated education movement. She asks: “What families and schoolpersonnel have participated in the movement? What risks have they taken to do so? What church personnel and politicians have supported it? What do the children who attend an integrated school, and those who attend the State (Protestant) and Catholic schools in the same community, understand about the uniqueness of the school that they attend? Do their friendship patterns extend beyond their own school to the other schools in their community? How has the integrated education movement changed over the years? How can this movement resonate with Americans?”

Social Psychology of Inclusion and Exclusion

Author: Dominic Abrams,Michael A. Hogg,José M. Marques

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1135432821

Category: Psychology

Page: 376

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This book is about the social psychological dynamics and phenomenology of social inclusion and exclusion. The editors take as their starting point the assumption that social life is conducted in a framework of relationships in which individuals seek inclusion and belongingness. Relationships necessarily include others, but equally they have boundaries that exclude. Frequently these boundaries are challenged or crossed. The book will draw together research on individual motivation, small group processes, stigmatization and intergroup relations, to provide a comprehensive social psychological account of social inclusion and exclusion.

Us Plus Them

Tapping the Positive Power of Difference

Author: Todd L. Pittinsky

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 1422142418

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Moving beyond mere tolerance Us-versus-them is the costly mind-set in which organizations, communities, and whole nations too often find themselves trapped. In fact, recognizing difference as a positive force can bring astonishing value to even the most diverse organizations. In Us Plus Them, leadership scholar Todd Pittinsky introduces a groundbreaking new science of diversity that: • Debunks the assumption that wherever there is difference there will be inherent tension and animosity • Challenges the effectiveness of our standard attempts to fight prejudice and combat hate in our schools and workplaces, our civic and religious lives • Reveals how we benefit from the mixing of different ethnic, racial, national, social, and religious groups in a globalized world Through a wide range of examples—from Maine and Michigan to Rwanda and Bhutan, and from small-town classrooms to corporate boardrooms—Pittinsky opens our eyes to misunderstood yet useful aspects of us-and-them relations, including many of the neglected positive dimensions of difference. He provides a bold new assessment of the popular and scientific approaches to the issue, proving that it’s time to move beyond mere tolerance to build communities in which the two sides of the us-and-them equation engage each other because they both want to. Much as Martin Seligman and positive psychology have shifted the focus from mental illness to mental healthiness, this book shifts our mind-set to diversity as a positive force. Understanding the science and practical use of that energy will help us build the schools, neighborhoods, companies, and nations we want, and not simply avoid the ugliest problems of the past. Pittinsky shows us that our great diversity experiment hasn’t failed—it hasn’t even begun.

The Trauma of Terrorism

Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care, an International Handbook

Author: Yael Danieli,D. Brom,Joe Sills

Publisher: Haworth Press


Category: Medical

Page: 858

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A compendium of the latest information on terrorism & its impact on individuals, families, communities, & nations. Issues explored include the need for cultural sensitivity when observing the damaging impact of terrorism & subsequent development of intervention programmes.

Responses to Traumatized Children

Author: Amer A. Hosin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781403996800

Category: Psychology

Page: 344

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This book is the result of collaboration between professionals of multidisciplinary backgrounds, providing a range of interests and expertise in the area of trauma in children. The stimulating and though-provoking evidence-based research reaches across a comprehensive range of topics, from problems of cultural sensitivity and resilience to the use of cognitive behavioural therapy and the prevention of secondary trauma among carers and healthcare providers.

Education in the United Kingdom

Author: Colin Brock

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472531663

Category: Education

Page: 368

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Education in the United Kingdom is a comprehensive critical reference guide to education in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Isle of Man, The Channel Islands, Gibraltar, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Anguilla and The British Overseas Territories. Although generically similar in education structures, the various components of the United Kingdom have separate systems, with some very distinctive differences. The chapters, written by regional experts, offer a review of contemporary national and regional educational structures and policies, research innovation and trends. Some of the themes covered include issues relating to the partition of Ireland, differences between maintained and independent schooling, language issues and radical alternatives in teacher education. Including a comparative introduction to the issues facing education in the region as a whole and guides to available online datasets, this book is an essential reference for researchers, scholars, international agencies and policy-makers.