Reinventing Professionalism

Reinventing Professionalism

Media expert Silvio Waisbord takes this pressing issue as his theme and argues that “professional journalism” is both a normative and analytical notion.

Author: Silvio Waisbord

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780745665085

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 280

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Current anxiety about the future of news makes it opportune to revisit the notion of professionalism in journalism. Media expert Silvio Waisbord takes this pressing issue as his theme and argues that “professional journalism” is both a normative and analytical notion. It refers to reporting that observes certain ethical standards as well as to collective efforts by journalists to exercise control over the news. Professionalism should not be narrowly associated with the normative ideal as it historically developed in the West during the past century. Instead, it needs to be approached as a valuable concept to throw into sharp relief how journalists define conditions and rules of work within certain settings. Professionalization is about the specialization of labor and control of occupational practice. These issues are important, particularly amidst the combination of political, technological and economic trends that have profoundly unsettled the foundations of modern journalism. By doing so, they have stimulated the reinvention of professionalism. This engaging and insightful book critically examines the meanings, expectations, and critiques of professional journalism in a global context.
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Teacher Education Professionalism social justice and teacher education

Teacher Education  Professionalism  social justice and teacher education

Broadfoot , P. and Osborn , M. ( 1988 ) ' What Professional Responsibility Means
to Teachers : National Contexts and ... Hargreaves , A. ( 1999 ) “ Reinventing
Professionalism : Teacher Education and Teacher Development for a Changing ...

Author: David Hartley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415324262

Category: Teachers

Page: 484

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The Performance Complex

The Performance Complex

“Toward a New Visual Culture of the News: Professional Photojournalism, Digital
Post-Production, and the Symbolic Struggle for Distinction.” Digital ... Reinventing
Professionalism: Journalism and News in Global Perspective. Cambridge: ...

Author: David Stark

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198861669

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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What's valuable? Market competition provides one kind of answer. Competitions offer another. On one side, competition is an ongoing and seemingly endless process of pricings; on the other, competitions are discrete and bounded in time and location, with entry rules, judges, scores, and prizes. This book examines what happens when ever more activities in domains of everyday life are evaluated and experienced in terms of performance metrics. Unlike organized competitions, such systems are ceaseless and without formal entry. Instead of producing resolutions, their scorings create addictions. To understand these developments, this book explores discrete contests (architectural competitions, international music competitions, and world press photo competitions); shows how the continuous updating of rankings is both a device for navigating the social world and an engine of anxiety; and examines the production of such anxiety in settings ranging from the pedagogy of performance in business schools to struggling musicians coping with new performance metrics in online platforms. In the performance society, networks of observation - in which all are performing and keeping score - are entangled with a system of emotionally charged preoccupations with one's positioning within the rankings. From the bedroom to the boardroom, pharmaceutical companies and management consultants promise enhanced performance. This assemblage of metrics, networks, and their attendant emotional pathologies is herein regarded as the performance complex.
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Professionalism in Physical Therapy

Professionalism in Physical Therapy

23 Despite these negative effects, these changes have also stimulated medical
professionals to reexamine concepts of professionalism. Within medicine,
Stevens called for “reinventing professionalism”24 and Sullivan pointed to the
need for ...

Author: Laura Lee Swisher

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781416003144

Category: Medical

Page: 226

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This concise book provides information on every vital area important to professionalism: documentation, law and ethics, and leadership all in the context of the five roles of the physical therapist as defined by the APTA s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition. Readers will find information on the history of professionalism in physical therapy, the five roles of the physical therapist (Patient/Client Manager, Consultant, Critical Inquirer, Educator, and Administrator), the role of the physical therapist in today's health care system, and professional leadership and development. Case studies, how to lists and tips from the field encourage critical thinking and provide strategies for various issues. (Midwest).
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From Twitter to Tahrir Square Ethics in Social and New Media Communication 2 volumes

From Twitter to Tahrir Square  Ethics in Social and New Media Communication  2 volumes

Silvio Waisbord, Reinventing Professionalism:Journalism and News in Global
Perspective (Key Concepts in Journalism) (Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2013). 9.
Andrew Abbott, The System ofProfessions: An Essay on the Division of Expert
Labor ...

Author: Bala A. Musa

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440828423

Category: Social Science

Page: 707

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This timely guide examines the influence of social media in private, public, and professional settings, particularly the ethical implications of the cultural changes and trends created by their use. • Features expert contributors from different academic backgrounds to provide varied perspectives • Integrates theoretical analysis with practical solutions to stimulate critical thinking while engaging interest • Includes practical guidelines for navigating a changing media environment • Reveals how ancient Chinese philosophies can provide a framework for ethics in social and new media • Provides helpful criteria for working responsibly with social networking sites
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Boundaries of Journalism

Boundaries of Journalism

34 See Silvio Waisbord, Reinventing Professionalism (Cambridge, UK: Polity,
2013). 35 GwenythJackaway, Media at War (Westport, CT: Greenwood
Publishing Group, 2005). 36 Barbie Zelizer, Covering the Body (Chicago:
University of ...

Author: Matt Carlson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317540663

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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The concept of boundaries has become a central theme in the study of journalism. In recent years, the decline of legacy news organizations and the rise of new interactive media tools have thrust such questions as "what is journalism" and "who is a journalist" into the limelight. Struggles over journalism are often struggles over boundaries. These symbolic contests for control over definition also mark a material struggle over resources. In short: boundaries have consequences. Yet there is a lack of conceptual cohesiveness in what scholars mean by the term "boundaries" or in how we should think about specific boundaries of journalism. This book addresses boundaries head-on by bringing together a global array of authors asking similar questions about boundaries and journalism from a diverse range of perspectives, methodologies, and theoretical backgrounds. Boundaries of Journalism assembles the most current research on this topic in one place, thus providing a touchstone for future research within communication, media and journalism studies on journalism and its boundaries.
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Library Journal

Library Journal

Reinventing professionalism as a the home and family while men took W.E.B. Du
Bois : A Reader . civic art is a central theme ... Thus , integrity in professional work
in important addition to academic and large permanent paper . ed . by David L.



ISBN: IND:30000007861358

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English in Australia

English in Australia

96-113 Hargreaves , A. ( 1999 ) “ Reinventing professionalism : Teacher
education and teacher development for a changing world ' , Keynote Address ,
International Conference on Teacher Education , The Hong Kong Institute of
Education ...



ISBN: UVA:X006162301

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Leadership Education

Leadership Education

Good work . Mindfulness and meaningful work : Exploration in right livelihood .
Los Angeles : Parallax Press , pp . 131-135 . Sullivan , W. ( 1995 ) . Reinventing
professionalism . Work and integrity . New York : HarperCollins , pp . 127-157 .

Author: Frank H. Freeman


ISBN: CORNELL:31924096609239

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 490

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This sourcebook contains descriptions of original leadership course syllabi and programs for use by educators, student activity directors, and others designing and delivering leadership-development courses and programs. To be selected for this sourcebook, programs must focus on leadership; contain details about curriculum objectives, format, outline, learning modules, projects, activities, and evaluation; include innovative or unique content, method of delivery, or audience; and have been included in a previous edition. The descriptions are divided into five primary sections: degree programs (graduate and undergraduate), academic sources (from high school to graduate level), cocurricular programs, professional programs, and community programs. Also included are a bibliography of reading material used in the courses and programs, two essays describing the design of new campus programs, and an index for references to institutions, course topics, teaching methods, and leadership skills and styles. (JMD).
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Annual Convention

Annual Convention

Jiafei Yin , Missouri Journalists as Reluctant Interventionists : Comparing
Development and Civic Journalism Richard Shafer , North Dakota Reinventing
Professionalism : Public Journalism , Public Scholarship and Media Education
Reform ...

Author: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Annual Convention


ISBN: IND:30000008429189

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Virginal Mothers Groovy Chicks Blokey Blokes

Virginal Mothers  Groovy Chicks   Blokey Blokes

Reinventing professionalism : Teacher education and teacher development for a
changing world . International Conference on Teacher Education Conference
Proceedings , Hong Kong Institute of Education . CD Rom . Hatcher , C. ( 1993 ) .

Author: Donna Pendergast


ISBN: CORNELL:31924097787679

Category: Education

Page: 234

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This book encourages rethinking of home economics and teaching by providing insights into the embodied pedagogy of teachers who refuse to live by tired cliches.
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Reinventing Education

Reinventing Education

This may require changes in the way our colleges train teachers and in
professional development opportunities . Teacher Training Teachers entering the
profession out of college are often unprepared for the reality of teaching . The
role of the ...

Author: Jana Zinser

Publisher: National Conference of State

ISBN: CORNELL:31924069093700

Category: Education

Page: 36

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Work and Integrity

Work and Integrity

The Crisis and Promise of Professionalism in America William M. Sullivan ... The
chapters that follow are concerned with reinventing professionalism as a civic art
, to reform the professional enterprise and extend its goods more broadly while ...

Author: William M. Sullivan

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: STANFORD:36105128103012

Category: Education

Page: 327

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"'Work and integrity' draws on the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's Preparation for the Professions Program, a comparative study of professional education in medicine, nursing, law, engineering, and the preparation of the clergy"--P. [iii].
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Reinventing Citizenship

Reinventing Citizenship

The client acts as though he agreed , in tum , to accept the professional ' s
authority in his special field , to submit to the professional ' s ministrations , and to
pay for services . Institutions and the Service Society A variety of institutions and ...



ISBN: IND:30000057540704

Category: Citizenship

Page: 76

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Reinventing Diplomacy in the Information Age

Reinventing Diplomacy in the Information Age

Lead a Renaissance of Professionalism Replacing outdated practices of
workforce management , creating new professional opportunities , and making a
commitment to sustained professional development are required to change the
existing ...

Author: Center for Strategic and International Studies (Washington, D.C.).

Publisher: Center for Strategic & International studies

ISBN: UCSD:31822027834498

Category: Political Science

Page: 118

View: 956

Argues that for the US to exercise global leadership and promote its national interests, it must overhaul the culture of diplomacy to make it more open and participatory, discard and replace obsolete technology, and embrace a larger community of international and domestic actors. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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Teacher Unionism and Professionalism

Teacher Unionism and Professionalism

in R. L. Crowson , W. L. Boyd , & H. B. Mawhinney ( Ed . ) , The Politics of
Education and the New Institutionalism : Reinventing the American School ( pp .
7-22 ) . Washington , D.C .: The Falmer Press . Clamp , P. G. ( 1990 ) . “
Professionalism ...

Author: Philip Patrick Kelly


ISBN: MSU:31293017019237

Category: Electronic dissertations

Page: 394

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Reinventing U P as the National University

Reinventing U P  as the National University

Let us now consider the role of academe vis - à - vis the public service in general
, and professionalism in particular . In general , academic institutions are the
principal source of all types of professionals working in the civil service . The
more ...

Author: Jose Veloso Abueva


ISBN: UOM:39015082755375

Category: Universities and colleges

Page: 615

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Reinventing the Public Sector

Reinventing the Public Sector

Controls are strong and professionalism does not flourish . While CPEs are
loaded with multiple objectives , private sector corporates are blinded by a single
, monolithic goal : profit maximisation - newly disguised in the form of value
creation ...

Author: Sohan Raj Mohnot


ISBN: UOM:39015061610211

Category: Government business enterprises

Page: 385

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The Public Sector In India, Once Considered A Major Plank Of The Country S Economic Development, Came Under A Trade In The Wake Of The Economic Reforms Programme. The Attacki Followed The International Movement Which Emerged When The Then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Propounded The Premise That It Is Not The Business Of Governments To Be In Business.It Has Become Quite Fashionable To Indulge In Public Sector Bashing. A Considerable Amount Of Distorted Facts And Fanciful Assumptions Are Relied On To Support The Campaign This Study Has Been Commissioned By The Rajib Gandhi Institute For Contemporary Studies (Rgics) Which Is Part Of The Rajib Gandhi Foundation.
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Reinventing the Forest Industry

Reinventing the Forest Industry

The Forest Service was born out of controversy , but for a golden forty - five years
it enjoyed a benign neglect , free to use its professional knowledge of forestry to
protect forests from fire and provide professional silviculture as stewards of the ...

Author: Jean Mater

Publisher: Bookpartners

ISBN: WISC:89063184972

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 263

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Straightforward, honest and rational, Reinventing the Forest Industry presents a workable plan to bring the forest industry into the environmental culture with a stronger voice in policy discussion. It takes the reader from the origins of the environmental philosophy through the development of the present environmental culture and forecasts a vigorous, renewed forest industry future based on new agreements and strategic alignments. The significance of public, perception on management of America's forests runs through each of the eight chapters of Reinventing the Forest Industry. The author, the highly respected Dr. Jean Mater, uses the experience of other industries in changing their public image as the springboard for evaluating and enhancing the forest industry's relations with the public.
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Reinventing Early Care and Education

Reinventing Early Care and Education

Levels of Education in Related Professions The helping professions ( social work
and nursing ) seem to have struggles concerning professionalism among
practitioners in various roles as well as differences of opinion about the levels of

Author: Sharon L. Kagan

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015036052812

Category: Education

Page: 365

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By the year 2000, all children in America will start school ready to learn. For five years, this has been our number one educational goal - yet today's children are not receiving the early care and education services that they deserve and the nation needs to reach this goal. Reinventing Early Care and Education, edited by two leading thinkers in the field, provides not only the necessary vision but a working blueprint for policy reform and program development. Reinventing Early Care and Education defines the essential elements of a quality system and suggests innovative strategies for improving pedagogy and practice in family child care homes and early childhood centers. It also offers alternative approaches to finance and governance and discusses how communities can mobilize citizens and the media to gain support for social change.
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