Refiguring Mass Communication

A History

Author: Peter Simonson

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252077059

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 261

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This book is a unique inquiry into the history and the ongoing moral significance of mass communication as an idea and social form. Organized around narrative accounts of individuals and their communicative worlds, it strives to refigure mass communication as a concept, illuminate significant but overlooked rhetorical episodes in its history, and call readers to reconsider their own engagements with it today. Its six chapters map and compare visions of mass communication articulated by Paul of Tarsus, Walt Whitman, Charles Horton Cooley, David Sarnoff, Robert K. Merton, and the author himself. The studies illuminate geographical and social contexts from which visions have emerged, religious and moral horizons against which they have taken shape, and heterogeneous social forms of communication that they point to. Overall, it offers a creative approach to communication history in a style far more readable than most academic books.

Revisioning John Chrysostom

New Approaches, New Perspectives

Author: Chris de Wet,Wendy Mayer

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004390049

Category: Religion

Page: 868

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In Revisioning John Chrysostom, Chris de Wet and Wendy Mayer harness a new wave of scholarship on the life and works of John Chrysostom (c. 350-407 CE), which applies new theoretical lenses and reconsiders his debt to classical paideia.

The Handbook of Communication History

Author: Peter Simonson,Janice Peck,Robert T Craig,John Jackson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136514317

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 528

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The Handbook of Communication History addresses central ideas, social practices, and media of communication as they have developed across time, cultures, and world geographical regions. It attends to both the varieties of communication in world history and the historical investigation of those forms in communication and media studies. The Handbook editors view communication as encompassing patterns, processes, and performances of social interaction, symbolic production, material exchange, institutional formation, social praxis, and discourse. As such, the history of communication cuts across social, cultural, intellectual, political, technological, institutional, and economic history. The volume examines the history of communication history; the history of ideas of communication; the history of communication media; and the history of the field of communication. Readers will explore the history of the object under consideration (relevant practices, media, and ideas), review its manifestations in different regions and cultures (comparative dimensions), and orient toward current thinking and historical research on the topic (current state of the field). As a whole, the volume gathers disparate strands of communication history into one volume, offering an accessible and panoramic view of the development of communication over time and geographical places, and providing a catalyst to further work in communication history.

Refiguring Self and Psychology

Author: Kenneth J. Gergen

Publisher: Dartmouth Publishing Company


Category: Psychology

Page: 267

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The present volume contains the major papers of one of psychology's most iconoclastic scholars. In a series of controversial and groundbreaking articles and books, Kenneth Gergen has not only offered a radical challenge to psychology's traditional concept of the self, but to its foundation as a science. Where traditional psychology defines the self as the private possession of individuals, operating on the basis of universal principles made manifest through inspection by scientific procedures. The psychologist as a private, rational being, thus accumulates knowledge of the personal world of the other.

Mass Communication Law

Cases and Comment

Author: Donald M. Gillmor,Jerome A. Barron

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mass media

Page: 1076

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This text provides a comprehensive survey of media law. It is the original modern casebook in mass communication law, emphasizing learning of law principles and precedents directly from the writings of courts and administrative agencies.

Mass Communication

Author: Denis McQuail

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9781412922418

Category: Social Science

Page: 1581

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Denis McQuail's major work in Mass Communication is another essential part of the SAGE Benchmark series. Drawing on both classic and contemporaneous sources, McQuail guides us through the central defining papers that anchor this field. Taken together, the four volumes provide access to the key debates within the field and all the main lines of research that have emerged.

Refiguring the Map of Sorrow

Nature Writing and Autobiography

Author: Mark Christopher Allister

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813920658

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 199

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This study brings together the genres of autobiography and environmental literature. It examines a form of grief narrative in which writers deal with mourning by standing outside the text in writing about the natural world, and inside it in making that exposition part of the grieving process.

Re-figuring culture

history, theory, and the aesthetic in contemporary India

Author: Satish Poduval

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 208

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This Book Is A Compilation Of Select Papers Presented At The Seminar On ýLiterary Historiographyý Organized By The Akademi In 1998. The Essays Here Are On Diverse Aspects Of Contemporary Indian History By Scholars And Activists Well-Known For Their Contribution To Cultural Studies In India. There Is Today An Analytic Focus On The Figures Or Personnel Of HistoryýNot Just The Actors ýWithiný (So To Speak) History, But The Experts And Institutions Who Organize And Authorize The Narratives, The Exclusions, And The Blind-Spots Of The Discipline. Re-Figuring Is Thus Not An Originary Gesture, Not A Re-Founding Or A Return To True Origins, But A Call For Transforming The Contemporary Moment And Forging The Conceptual And Political Instruments Adequate To This Task.