The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency Book One

The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency   Book One

Carice told Rosie about the little girl wanting a rabbit and they both had a good laugh. “If I were you Miss Rabbit,” said Rosie, ... “Good afternoon, my name is Carice Offstrop and I am a partner with the Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency.

Author: Lucidus Smith

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456782467

Category: History

Page: 207

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Thirty six year old MacDonald Smith (Mac to his friends) and his wife Deborah, who was a year his junior, emigrated from England to New Zealand in August 1950, just a few months after their wedding in Spain. Deborah had spent six months in Auckland soon after leaving school and had such happy memories of her time there, that she had persuaded Mac that New Zealand was the place for them to start their married life together. Whilst Deborah had been able to simply change jobs, with the big London Insurance Company she had worked for, Mac, who had been a draughtsman in England, working in the planning department of a local council, had to start job hunting all over again. During one of the periods that Mac was un-employed, he had undertaken a short investigation for his cousin Arnold, who worked for a bank in Australia. During this investigation, he had met a twenty five year old young lady named Carice van Offstrop, who was also now in the throes of moving to Auckland and looking for a new job. When Carice telephoned Mac three days before Christmas, to find out how his search for a new job was going, she had no idea that her call would lead to such an unusual and interesting proposition. This book does not contain bad language, gratuitous violence or sex scenes.
Categories: History

Red Rabbit A Shaun Patrick Thriller

Red Rabbit  A Shaun Patrick Thriller

He decided to tell Washington about his theory—that Lucy and Lee Chang weren't killers, and that the Red Rabbit was far from finished. For the first time Shaun could remember, the man smiled at him. “Look, Shaun,” he said softly.

Author: Toby Tate

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction


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D. C. Detective Shaun Patrick is in a cat and mouse game with a mastermind who is using ancient Taoist sorcery to raise the dead and send them out to kill. Pressured by the FBI and his own department and targeted by the killer, Shaun is in a race against time to solve the murder of his best friend, save his girlfriend and stop a supernatural force that will soon make the nation's capital a wasteland.
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The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency Book Two

The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency   Book Two

Lucidus Smith Lucidus Smith. The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency— Book Two The Red Rabbit Inquiry Agency— Book Two Lucidus Smith AuthorHousem Front Matter.

Author: Lucidus Smith

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781491802922

Category: Fiction

Page: 225

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Book 2 continues with the story of Mac Smith and Carice Offstrop, who have set up an inquiry agency together in Auckland, New Zealand. Mac and his wife, Deborah, have been married for just over a year, and Carice is engaged to Desmond, who manages a hotel in Auckland. Their office is located above the Moray Restaurant, which is situated in the business centre of Auckland and is owned and managed by Stephen Newn, Desmond's brother. Living in an attic bedroom above the office with his dog, Holborn, is Professor Tymn, who lectures at Auckland University and often assists them with their cases. Mac and Deborah have become friends with a couple named Caspar and Phoebe Primrose, who own a small farm north of Auckland and who have involved them in their search for a lost gold mine. This book does not contain bad language, gratuitous violence, or sex scenes.
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The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

The Curious Case of Normal (Red) Rabbit Urine Rabbits are interesting, in that they very efficiently absorb all the calcium they eat and eliminate in the urine what they don't need. This makes their pee rather thick, usually whitish or ...

Author: Karen Patry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781612124667

Category: Pets

Page: 328

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A practical Q&A resource for every rabbit raiser, whether they raise their animals as pets, for meat, or for fiber.
Categories: Pets

Ghost Silver

Ghost Silver

"It was the red rabbit who told me she was a fox spirit." "Hmph, it's that red rabbit again. What is for bringing her around all day?" "Red Rabbit is a living dead person, a living dead person doesn't understand emotions.

Author: Ye XiaoZi

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636664781

Category: Fiction


View: 306

I am an antique dealer, earning money from the living and earning money from the dead. In the past few years of roaming the world, he had seen all kinds of bizarre things...
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The Medical Press and Circular

The Medical Press and Circular

Both the showed at the place of the puncture a blue patch under rabbits were killed at 2 p.m. the skin , which extended downwards as far as the The red rabbit without massage showed no other foot and upwards over the surface of the ...



ISBN: UOM:39015077018342

Category: Medicine


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Categories: Medicine

The Genetics and Genomics of the Rabbit

The Genetics and Genomics of the Rabbit

As no other mutations Early classical genetic studies in the Euro- pean rabbit have indicated five alleles at the Extension locus ... This allele was identified to be in homozygous state in all yellow/red rabbits One deletion of 6 bp ...

Author: Luca Fontanesi

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781780643342

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 359

View: 563

Rabbits have many uses - as well as being cherished pets, they are bred for their meat and fur, and as laboratory animals. Understanding their genetics and genomics is key to their production and, equally, to their care, welfare and health. Beginning with an introduction to the rabbit, including key information on their evolution, domestication and breed types, this book then concentrates on the genetics and genomics of this valuable animal. Concluding with practical applications such as creating transgenic and genome edited rabbits, biotechnical applications and the rabbit as a biomedical model, this book brings this important topic fully up-to-date. It provides an indispensable resource for animal and veterinary researchers and students, as well as rabbit breeders and laboratory scientists.
Categories: Technology & Engineering

Unexpected Marriage with CEO

Unexpected Marriage with CEO

Jin Zhengting said in a cold voice, "Let the red rabbit come." "Isn't this a bit of a waste?" That was a red rabbit, he wasn't going to use it as a driver. Yang Ziye wanted to say something, but he was stopped by a glare from Jin ...

Author: Mo Fei

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636456171

Category: Fiction


View: 246

"Your expenses, your mother's medical expenses, all of them are covered by me. I only have one request for you — marry me!" At her most difficult time, the richest man in the city, who had the right to be worth over a hundred million, appeared before her and handed her a ring. Married for three years, giving her the romantic warmth that all the women in the city envied. And there was still the sky-high monthly living expenses of a dozen of them! Until ... When that noble woman who looked exactly like her appeared, Zhao Tong felt as if he had just awoken from a dream! She was just an imposter! But why, when she made up her mind to leave, he tyrannically held her in his arms, his voice low and low, "Sorry, I, Jin, will never let go of my most beloved woman in my entire life. If you want to leave, then take me with you!" She, "..."
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Ninarphay Tales The Rat the Rabbit the Blue River Phoenix And The Shark Lady

Ninarphay Tales The Rat  the Rabbit  the Blue River Phoenix And The Shark Lady

The Phoenix turnsto the Rabbit and says.“Where isthe Rat”? The Rabbit responds saying. “He becamegreedy andcrossed the River”. The Phoenix tells the Rabbit. “Thenhe will stay in Transzalore forever”. “Come with me Red Rabbit Sprite you ...

Author: Leon Lowe

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499092967

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 38

View: 205

In this Book two Red Sprites are rescued by the Blue River Phoenix and second Grand Lord of Ninarphay. The Shark Lady of Aquarium Tower was keeping them as slaves and pursues the Blue River Phoenix to Ninarphay where they battle it out for the Realms water supply. The Blue River Phoenix instructs them on what they must do and then goes off into a battle of wills. The Phoenix and the Shark Lady travel the nine Realms of Ninarphay battling for the Golden Rings that will ultimately unlock the Water supply of the nine fountains each one unique in rear Material and splendour
Categories: Juvenile Fiction

Red rabbit

Red rabbit

Amerikanischer Autor (1947-2013). - Tom Clancy führt uns zurück zu Jack Ryans Anfang als Wissenschaftler und Berater des CIA.

Author: Tom Clancy


ISBN: 3453877500


Page: 719

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