Reconsidering Michael Polanyi s Philosophy

Reconsidering Michael Polanyi   s Philosophy

He believed that our explicit knowing is rooted in tacit knowing: "I shall reconsider
human knowledge by starting from the fact that we can know more than we can
tell," he said.4 He worked out what he considered to be the structure of tacit ...

Author: Stefania Ruzsits Jha

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Pre

ISBN: 9780822977339

Category: Philosophy

Page: 328

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The chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi (1891–1976) was one of the first twentieth-century scientists to propose a program to resolve the internal conflict of the modern Enlightenment: scientific detachment and moral nihilism with humanist values. Stefania Jha’s intellectual biography places Polanyi in the context of his time and culture, analyzes his key philosophical ideas, and explicates the application—and at times misappropriation—of his work. Polanyi’s method was not laid out in his published works, and his vocabulary tends to make his writings difficult to understand. By exposing the structure of his theory of tacit knowing, and by tracing the growth of his thinking, Jha shows how the various elements of his thought are integrated. Through examination of his philosophical roots in Kant and the complexity of his evolving thought, she counteracts the popular notion that Polanyi’s philosophy stands apart from the western philosophic tradition. Jha’s deep analysis makes Polanyi’s shift of focus from science to philosophy more intelligible, his philosophy more approachable, and the causes he championed—such as the freedom of science and cultural freedom—more understandable. Applying his notion of tacit knowing in practical directions, Jha seeks to bring the study of Polanyi’s philosophy out of the specialists’ enclave and into such fields as ethics and clinical medicine.
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Reconsidering John Calvin

Reconsidering John Calvin

And we say these things as though we are absolutely certain of what we are
saying. But physics tells us in a way that Pascal would completely understand
that we now know maybe 5 percent of the universe – of all that could be known,
we ...

Author: Randall C. Zachman

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107015753

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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Places Calvin in conversation with theologians such as Barth and Kierkegaard and reconsiders his understanding of judgment and love.
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Reconsidering American Liberalism

Reconsidering American Liberalism

The answer then was separation, which, we know, was clearly a nonstarter. And
yet there was ... Had he lived to preside over Reconstruction, would the
subsequent history of race relations in the United States have been any less

Author: James Young

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429966323

Category: Political Science

Page: 464

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Forty years ago Louis Hartz surveyed American political thought in his classic The Liberal Tradition in America. He concluded that American politics was based on a broad liberal consensus made possible by a unique American historical experience, a thesis that seemed to minimize the role of political conflict.Today, with conflict on the rise and with much of liberalism in disarray, James P. Young revisits these questions to reevaluate Hartz's interpretation of American politics. Young's treatment of key movements in our history, especially Puritanism and republicanism's early contribution to the Revolution and the Constitution, demonstrates in the spirit of Dewey and others that the liberal tradition is richer and more complex than Hartz and most contemporary theorists have allowed.The breadth of Young's account is unrivaled. Reconsidering American Liberalism gives voice not just to Locke, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Lincoln, and Dewey but also to Rawls, Shklar, Kateb, Wolin, and Walzer. In addition to broad discussions of all the major figures in over 300 years of political thought?with Lincoln looming particularly large?Young touches upon modern feminism and conservatism, multiculturalism, postmodernism, rights-based liberalism, and social democracy. Out of these contemporary materials Young synthesizes a new position, a smarter and tougher liberalism not just forged from historical materials but reshaped in the rough and tumble of contemporary thought and politics.This exceptionally timely study is both a powerful survey of the whole of U.S. political thought and a trenchant critique of contemporary political debates. At a time of acrimony and confusion in our national politics, Young enables us to see that salvaging a viable future depends upon our understanding how we have reached this point.Never without his own opinions, Young is scrupulously fair to the widest range of thinkers and marvelously clear in getting to the heart of their ideas. Although his book is a substantial contribution to political theory and the history of ideas, it is always accessible and lively enough for the informed general reader. It is essential reading for anyone who cares about the future of U.S. political thought or, indeed, about the future of the country itself.
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Reconsidering Value and Labour in the Digital Age

Reconsidering Value and Labour in the Digital Age

And so we know hardware. We know about flash. We know about equipment. We
know about supply chain. So we were very wellequipped from the hardware side,
to be very competitive in that space” (Pichette cited in McMillan 2012).

Author: Christian Fuchs

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137478573

Category: Social Science

Page: 268

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This volume explores current interventions into the digital labour theory of value, proposing theoretical and empirical work that contributes to our understanding of Marx's labour theory of value, proposes how labour and value are transformed under conditions of virtuality, and employ the theory in order to shed light on specific practices.
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Reconsidering Conceptual Change Issues in Theory and Practice

Reconsidering Conceptual Change  Issues in Theory and Practice

Everyday words are known to combining multiple senses in useful (if ambiguous)
packages. ... At this point in cognitive studies, we can hope to apply hig opposed
to purely empirical) standards to our technical terms. example, attempt process ...

Author: Margarita Limón

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780306476372

Category: Psychology

Page: 420

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This book is an important account of the state of the art of both theoretical and practical issues in the present-day research on conceptual change. Unique in its complete treatment of the questions that should be considered to further current understanding of knowledge construction and change, this book is useful for psychologists, cognitive scientists, educational researchers, curriculum developers, teachers and educators at all levels and in all disciplines.
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Reconsidering Longfellow

Reconsidering Longfellow

We know that the sentimental mode, in its origins, was not gender-specific but
that it came to be coded feminine in the nineteenth century, and we know that,
because it was gendered female, the “sentimental tradition” fell into a period of
critical ...

Author: Christoph Irmscher

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781611476743

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 226

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Ten essays provide a new approach to the work of the most popular American poet of all time. The essays, written by a new generation of Longfellow scholars, cover the entire range of Longfellow’s work, from the early poetry to the wildly successful epics of his middle period (Evangeline, The Song of Hiawatha) to his Chaucerian collection of stories published after the Civil War, Tales of a Wayside Inn. Many of the essays rely on unpublished archival sources from the Longfellow collections at the Longfellow House-George Washington National Historic Site and at the Houghton Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Reconsidering Tu Fu

Reconsidering Tu Fu

Though separated from us by a gap of thirteen centuries and an unfamiliar
culture , we feel we know him , because the 1 , 400 - odd poems reliably ascribed
to him constitute a record of his life and his times that has earned him the epithet
of ...

Author: Fu Tu

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521440394

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 237

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Tu Fu is, by universal consent, the greatest poet of the Chinese tradition and the epitome of the Chinese moral conscience at its highest. In Reconsidering Tu Fu, Eva Shan Chou examines Tu Fu both as a cultural monument and as a poet. She investigates the evolution of his stature as an icon, and provides translations of many poems, both well known and obscure. Her analyses are both original in their formulation and considerate of the many fine readings of traditional commentators.
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Reconsidering Social Constructionism

Reconsidering Social Constructionism

... Response to Ibarra and Kitsuse's "Proposal for the Study of Social Problems"
Avery F. Gordon I Present and absent at ... epistemological categories that affect
what we know, how we know it, and what we do with what we know when that is ...

Author: James A. Holstein

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 0202368513

Category: Social Science

Page: 560

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With the impact of social interactionist and ethnographic methodology twenty-five years ago, the research agenda in social problems began to shift its focus, giving rise to the Social Constructionism movement. The present volume and the related shorter text, Constructionist Controversies, review the substantial contributions made by social constructionist theorists over that period, as well as recent debates about the future of the perspective. These contributions redefine the purpose and central questions of social problems theory and articulate a research program for analyzing social problems as social constructions. A generation of theorists has been trained in the constructionist perspective and has extended it through numerous analyses of diverse aspects of contemporary social life. The debates in this volume pose fundamental questions about the major assumptions of the perspective, the ways in which it is practiced, and the purposes of social problems theory. Their point of departure is Ibarra and Kitsuse's essay, cutting new theoretical ground in calling for "investigating vernacular resources, especially rhetorical forms, in the social problems process." Contributors are forceful proponents both within and outside of the social constructionist community, who take a broad array of positions on the current state of social problems theory and on the rhetorical forms that need exploring. They also lay down the general lines for diverse and often competing programs for the future development of the constructionist agenda. James A. Holstein is professor in and chair of the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Marquette University. He is the editor of Social Problems. He has published over three-dozen books on topics such as the family, metal health and illness, social problems, the self, and quantitative research methods. Gale Miller is professor of sociology, Marquette University. His recent research focuses on social problems theory, and the social organization and use of language in everyday life, particularly in human service organizations. He has published 24 books and many scholarly articles.
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Reconsidering Gender

Reconsidering Gender

He flings his arms around us, saying “Come and see what you've never dreamed
possible!” We may ask: doesn't the Bible show that God might say, “Depart from
me, I never knew you”? (Matt 7:23). Here indeed is the key. Does God know me?

Author: Myk Habets

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630876890

Category: Religion

Page: 248

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Questions related to the issue of gender remain insufficiently acknowledged and explored in contemporary theological literature. These issues form the basis of significant unresolved tensions among evangelicals, as evidenced in debates over the nature of the Trinity, Bible translation, church practice, choice of language, mission leadership, decision-making in homes, and parenting, to name but a few examples. The essays in this volume are not meant to provide a monolithic evangelical theology of gender, but rather to provide evangelical perspectives surrounding the topic of gender. To further this aim, each of the main essays is followed by a formal response with an attempt at a concise and lucid perspective on the essay and pointers to further areas for investigation. Some contributors are complementarian while others are egalitarian, although who is what is left to the discerning reader. Regardless of one's position on the issue, all will benefit from the contributors' commitment to the further exploration of gender issues from the perspective of a broadly conceive evangelicalism.
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All Things Reconsidered

All Things Reconsidered

Does prayer work? Is anyone even there? This book is the catalyst we need to courageously ask the questions that will lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves—and God. It’s time to start reconsidering.

Author: Knox McCoy

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9780785220961

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 291

Popular podcaster and author Knox McCoy offers readers a unique blend of humor, Bible stories, pop culture references, and personal stories that show how asking tough questions and approaching life with a willingness to reconsider ideas can allow them to grow in their faith. What would it mean to really examine what you think you know about yourself and your beliefs? To not just rely on the generic platitudes you’ve always recited to yourself but to look more deeply into why you think what you think? After exploring how pop culture shaped his life and carved out the foundations of his faith in his debut book, The Wondering Years, Knox McCoy began to think more deeply about those foundations and how they had evolved, changed entirely, or stayed the same. The result of this soul-searching led to a book about the necessity of reexamining our ideas and identities throughout our lives and how we grow as a result. In a look back at his own life and the fundamental convictions—both secular and spiritual—he’s pondered over the years, Knox deploys his signature self-deprecation and an academic approach of understanding the absurd, whether discussing the social hierarchy of Sesame Street or the cultural allergy to participation trophies. Along with these voyages into the humorous and the mundane come deeply vulnerable revelations from Knox’s heart as he interrogates his own foundational beliefs. His stories will encourage readers to think about their own convictions and how reconsidering them leads to a deeper understanding of what they believe and why.
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Reconsidering Biography

Reconsidering Biography

D., is an essential source for anyone seeking to write about Johnson's life,
especially about the pre- Boswell years. Hawkins, we know, began sending
essays to the Gentleman's Magazine in 1739, about the time that Johnson
himself became ...

Author: Martine Watson Brownley

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781611483833

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 174

View: 333

Although Sir John Hawkins's Life of Johnson has long been an essential source for readers interested in Samuel Johnson, for over two hundred years now Hawkins's biography has been systematically misread, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. Reconsidering Biography opens a long-needed critical debate on Hawkins's achievement as a biographer, and in the process argues for important changes in prevailing scholarly views of Hawkins, Johnson, and English biography itself.
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Reconsidering Atlantis

Reconsidering Atlantis

The idea that we wouldn't find something to demonstrate that such a civilization
once existed seems preposterous ... and the mute testimony of a dozen decades
of archeological digging , we know comparatively little about our ancient past .

Author: J. Allan Danelek

Publisher: Galde Press, Inc.

ISBN: 193194203X

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

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This book is not merely about whether Atlantis existed or uncovering its most likely geographic locale. Instead, the author demonstates that, if such a civilization did exist, it would have been far more extensive than even Plato imagined. Danelek presents a scenario that attempts to explain how such a fantastic place could so thoroughly destroy itself that no trace if it remains today.
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Reconsidering No Man Knows My History

Reconsidering No Man Knows My History

cana Foreword The Example of Fawn McKay Brodie : A Tribute William Mulder
Fawn McKay Brodie and I were strict contemporaries : We were born in the same
year ; we met on several occasions ; we corresponded ; and once , in June 1978

Author: Newell G. Bringhurst


ISBN: UOM:39015029960500

Category: Religion

Page: 241

View: 686

Scholars reexamine Brodie, her Joseph Smith biography, and its continuing importance to Mormon history.
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Reports of Proceedings

Reports of Proceedings

For that reason I hope we shall reconsider . Ald . FLOOD - Mr . Chairman . I
cannot for the life of me understand what Ald . Folsoin wants to find out . I don't
know what more intormation he can get if this matter is laid over for a year . The
simple ...

Author: Boston (Mass.). City Council


ISBN: UIUC:30112108079408

Category: Boston (Mass.)


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Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture

Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture

By interrogating their subject matter (a first-level analysis) and their syntactical
arrangements as they were deliberately ... For one thing, due to Billie
Follensbee's work (2000), we know that the subject matter of La Venta's
sculptures includes ...

Author: Carolyn E. Tate

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292742567

Category: Social Science

Page: 359

View: 146

Recently, scholars of Olmec visual culture have identified symbols for umbilical cords, bundles, and cave-wombs, as well as a significant number of women portrayed on monuments and as figurines. In this groundbreaking study, Carolyn Tate demonstrates that these subjects were part of a major emphasis on gestational imagery in Formative Period Mesoamerica. In Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture, she identifies the presence of women, human embryos, and fetuses in monuments and portable objects dating from 1400 to 400 BC and originating throughout much of Mesoamerica. This highly original study sheds new light on the prominent roles that women and gestational beings played in Early Formative societies, revealing female shamanic practices, the generative concepts that motivated caching and bundling, and the expression of feminine knowledge in the 260-day cycle and related divinatory and ritual activities. Reconsidering Olmec Visual Culture is the first study that situates the unique hollow babies of Formative Mesoamerica within the context of prominent females and the prevalent imagery of gestation and birth. It is also the first major art historical study of La Venta and the first to identify Mesoamerica's earliest creation narrative. It provides a more nuanced understanding of how later societies, including Teotihuacan and West Mexico, as well as the Maya, either rejected certain Formative Period visual forms, rituals, social roles, and concepts or adopted and transformed them into the enduring themes of Mesoamerican symbol systems.
Categories: Social Science

How do we know Evidence Ethnography and the Making of Anthropological Knowledge

How do we know  Evidence  Ethnography  and the Making of Anthropological Knowledge

By reconsidering knowledge acquisition in a way that stresses my positional and
largely unresolved fallibilities, my chapter ... In response to the insights I gained
from my fieldwork struggles, this chapter attempts to augment and challenge the ...

Author: Liana Chua

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443810296

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 225

Since its inception, modern anthropology has stood at the confluence of two mutually constitutive modes of knowledge production: participant-observation and theoretical analysis. This unique combination of practice and theory has been the subject of recurrent intellectual and methodological debate, raising questions that strike at the very heart of the discipline. How Do We Know? is a timely contribution to emerging debates that seek to understand this relationship through the theme of evidence. Incorporating a diverse selection of case studies ranging from the Tibetan emotion of shame to films of Caribbean musicians, it critically addresses such questions as: What constitutes viable “anthropological evidence”? How does evidence generated through small-scale, intensive periods of participant-observation challenge or engender abstract theoretical models? Are certain types of evidence inherently “better” than others? How have recent interdisciplinary collaborations and technological innovations altered the shape of anthropological evidence? Extending a long-standing tradition of reflexivity within the discipline, the contributions to this volume are ethnographically-grounded and analytically ambitious meditations on the theme of evidence. Cumulatively, they challenge the boundaries of what anthropologists recognise and construct as evidence, while pointing to its thematic and conceptual potential in future anthropologies.
Categories: Social Science

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies

I do soto emphasize the point that theways inwhich AboriginalCanadian relations
are conceptualized, andthus expressed ... This imaginedfortdepends onprior
experience with forts; we know how they are supposed tolook, in anarchetypal

Author: Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137008978

Category: Education

Page: 262

View: 271

Comprised of chapters written by established Canadian curriculum scholars as well as junior scholars and graduate students, this collection of essays provoke readers to imagine the different ways in which educational researchers can engage the narrative inquiry within the broader field of curriculum studies.
Categories: Education

Thinking about Technology

Thinking about Technology

As we learn new things , we are forced to consider the effect of that information
on what we already believe . ... Thus our reconsideration of what we know may
be delayed because the consequences of new information for what we think we ...

Author: Joseph C. Pitt

Publisher: Seven Bridges PressLlc

ISBN: UOM:39015048926672

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 146

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Categories: Technology & Engineering

Meaning in Absurdity

Meaning in Absurdity

Typically, we organize our 'truths' on different levels, according to how open to
revising or reconsidering them we feel. Thus, we may hold certain opinions to be
true about the state of our country's economy, though we know full well that we ...

Author: Bernard Kastrup

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846948602

Category: Philosophy

Page: 134

View: 193

This book is an experiment. Inspired by the bizarre and uncanny, it is an attempt to use science and rationality to lift the veil off the irrational. Its ways are unconventional: weaving along its path one finds UFOs and fairies, quantum mechanics, analytic philosophy, history, mathematics, and depth psychology. The enterprise of constructing a coherent story out of these incommensurable disciplines is exploratory. But if the experiment works, at the end these disparate threads will come together to unveil a startling scenario about the nature of reality. The payoff is handsome: a reason for hope, a boost for the imagination, and the promise of a meaningful future. Yet this book may confront some of your dearest notions about truth and reason. Its conclusions cannot be dismissed lightly, because the evidence this book compiles and the philosophy it leverages are solid in the orthodox, academic sense.
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Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine

Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine

How would we know all about the account of the Treasurer General if we had not
an ex-Treasurer General to tell us where such and such things were different
from what we are doing ... A motion to reconsider opens the subject, without a



ISBN: NYPL:33433081885687

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