Reason in a Dark Time

Reason in a Dark Time

This book is about what climate change is, why we failed to stop it, and why it still matters what we do.

Author: Dale Jamieson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199337668

Category: Nature

Page: 266

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From the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference there was a concerted international effort to stop climate change. This book is about what climate change is, why we failed to stop it, and why it still matters what we do.
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In a Dark Time

In a Dark Time

... act of God, I hope — but every day I think that time is running out Caspar W.
Weinberger, Secretary of Defense You know, ... particularly the horror of science
unbound by conscience; the rejection of reason in the face of approaching chaos.

Author: Joseph Dewey

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 1557530017

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 255

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"What was gunpowder?" Trivial. What was electricity? Meaningless. This atomic bomb is the Second Coming in wrath." - Winston Churchill, July 1945 Commencing earnestly in the1960s, the American novel began its exploration into how mankind could adjustto life in the shadow of the mushroom cloud, how we could begin to think aboutthe Unthinkable. American writers faced squarely the age birthed by nuclearphysics and found in its very darkness difficult avenues to hope byrediscovering that most potent, traditional response to a history in crisis:the apocalyptic temper. Dewey focuses on seven novelsthat touch the variety of generic experiments and postures of the post-WorldWar II American novel. These novels by Vonnegut, Coover, Percy, Pynchon,Gaddis, and DeLillo represent a significant argument concerning the Americanliterary response to living within the oppressive technologies of the NuclearAge. Departing from other studies that veer toward speculative fiction ortoward the more narrowly defined religious angles, In a Dark Time defines the apocalyptic temper as a most traditionalliterary genre that articulates the anxieties of a community in crisis, a wayfor that community to respond to the perception of a history gone critical byturning squarely to that history and to find, in that gesture, the way toward agenuine hope. Dewey's new approach consistsof applying the theory of apocalyptic literature to a body of essentiallysecular writings. Dewey resists the traditional approach - studying worksdealing with nuclear devastation - to focus on how a generation of literaryresponses have dealt with the larger questions about how to live with therecognition of End times. Dewey convincingly demonstrates that this literaturereminds its moments in history that only in a dark time will the eye begin tosee.
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In a Dark Time

In a Dark Time

I don't know why he should affect me so strongly, especially considering that
someone is murdering girls in the place where I work. But I have decided to stay
home. Although I grew up in a town three times the size of Wanekia, I can only ...

Author: Larry Watson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780671551643

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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In the wake of a third student's murder, reticent Wanekia High School teacher Peter begins keeping a disturbing journal of the community's actions and his own that makes him realize his personal ambivalence toward violence. Reprint.
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Climate Justice

Climate Justice

... greenhouse gas emissions'—see Eduardo Porter, 'A Model for Reducing
Emissions', New York Times, 19 March 2013. ... appearing at roughly the same
time as this collection are: Dale Jamieson, Reason in A Dark Time: Ethics and
Politics ...

Author: Henry Shue

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191022807

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

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The fruit of twenty years of moral reflection on the emerging greatest challenge to humanity of the 21st century, these far-sighted and influential essays by a pioneering practical philosopher on the tangled questions of justice between nations and justice across generations confronting all attempts at international cooperation in controlling climate change sharply crystallize the central choices and offer constructive directions forward. Arguing that persistent attempts by U.S. negotiators to avoid the fundamental issues of justice at the heart of persistent international disagreement on the terms of a binding multilateral treaty are as morally misguided as they are diplomatically counter-productive, Henry Shue has built a case that efforts to price carbon (through cap-and-trade or carbon taxes) as a mechanism to drive down greenhouse gas emissions by the affluent must, for both ethical and political reasons, be complemented by international transfers that temporarily subsidize the development of non-carbon energy and its dissemination to those trapped in poverty. Our vital escape from climate change rooted in the dominance of the fossil fuel regime ought not, and in fact need not, come at the price of de-railing the escape of the world's poorest from poverty rooted in lack of affordable energy that does not undermine the climate. The momentum of changes in the planetary climate system and the political inertia of energy regimes mean that future generations, like the poorest of the present, are vulnerable to our decisions, and they have rights not to be left helpless by those of us with the power instead to leave them hope.
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Kantian Reason and Hegelian Spirit

Kantian Reason and Hegelian Spirit

... would have no more reason to believe that God was revealed in Christ than to
believe that God was revealed in Nero. ... he believed, took the church more
seriously, both in criticism and as a source of hope in a dark time: “We must dig
the ...

Author: Gary Dorrien

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781444355895

Category: Religion

Page: 616

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Winner: 2012 The American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence in Theology and Religious Studies, PROSE Award. In this thought-provoking new work, the world renowned theologian Gary Dorrien reveals how Kantian and post-Kantian idealism were instrumental in the foundation and development of modern Christian theology. Presents a radical rethinking of the roots of modern theology Reveals how Kantian and post-Kantian idealism were instrumental in the foundation and development of modern Christian theology Shows how it took Kant's writings on ethics and religion to launch a fully modern departure in religious thought Dissects Kant's three critiques of reason and his moral conception of religion Analyzes alternative arguments offered by Schleiermacher, Schelling, Hegel, and others - moving historically and chronologically through key figures in European philosophy and theology Presents notoriously difficult and intellectual arguments in a lucid and accessible manner
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A Dark Science

A Dark Science

Although the reasons for including a given article seemed self-evident, in the
pages that follow I will attempt to articulate ... The second reason is that although
the article voices the typical prejudices of its time (measuring the skulls of
criminals, ...

Author: Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Publisher: Untreed Reads

ISBN: 9781611875782


Page: 130

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Here translated for the first time are a series of shocking texts from the 19th century German psychiatric literature, which, while almost completely unknown to modern readers, have had a devastating influence on attitudes toward women and children in the 20th century. The articles on the sexual "lies" and sexual "fantasies" of children were seminal, brutal, and still resonate in today's literature, having taken a terrible toll on the intellectual ideas of modern psychiatry. The articles document brutal treatment for masturbation, hysteria, and vaginismus, as well as incidences of the so-called fabricated sexual abuse of "prematurely perverted" children. Though by no means an "easy read," Masson's collection of these nine articles exposes a point in the history of the practice of psychology that proves ignorance and negative attitudes towards women created a dark science that modern psychiatrists struggle to overcome.

Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner

Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner

There were times when I wondered if I should even get married.What kind ...
Planning my wedding should have been the most wonderful time of my life, but I
struggled to survive each day. Simple ... Other times, they arrived for no reason at

Author: Wendy Blight

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575673185

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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One week after Wendy Blight’s college graduation, she walked into her apartment to find a masked man holding a knife and waiting for her at the top of the stairs. The man spent an hour physically and sexually assaulting Wendy, leaving her changed forever. After this terrifying experience, she lived for years cocooned in a prison of fear, despair, and hopelessness. Finally, after years of searching and believing she had nowhere else to turn, she fell on her knees before God and poured out her tears, anger, and questions to Him. Wendy’s story is one of transformation from trauma to rebirth through the power of the Word of God. Through Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, the reader will experience hope and the encouragement necessary to press forward to healing and restoration.
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A Dark Night s Work and Other Tales

A Dark Night s Work and Other Tales

Ellinor scarcely replied to his half - inquiry as to her reasons for hastening to
England . ... was ten times as demonstrative of annoyance and disgust ; she who
had no particular reason for wanting to reach England , but who thought it
became ...

Author: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell


ISBN: PSU:000000528429

Category: Deception

Page: 473

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A collection of Gothic ghost stories and tales of horror by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
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A Dark and Bloody Ground

A Dark and Bloody Ground

At the time we knew very little about the Battle of Perryville, and for good reason.
In Ken Burn's eleven hour, epic documentary, The Civil War (1990), Perryville is
mention only once in a quote from Ed Bearss, “...They lose in Corinth and Iuka in

Author: Michael Willever & Michael R. Phelps

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496913395

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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THE SAGA CONTINUES...Perryville, Kentucky, October 8, 1862. The small town of just under 400 residents has the notable distinction of unwittingly hosting the largest battle ever fought in the State of Kentucky. From before sunrise until well after dark 70,000 soldiers waged war, smashed homes, dismantled fences, trampled crops, shattering the trees and killing one another wholesale. The struggle was, according to one Southern general who was there, “...the severest and most desperately contested engagement to my knowledge.” The reader witnesses this historic carnage through the eyes of eleven different protagonists, both Northern and Southern, both infamous and common. From Brigadier General Phil Sheridan to Private George Kilpatrick and from Brigadier General Pat Cleburne to Private Sam Watkins, the Battle of Perryville is revealed and revered in this strikingly particular fictional narrative.
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A Darkness Mirrored A Dark YA Urban Fantasy Novel With Vampires Part of the Reflections Series of Books

A Darkness Mirrored  A Dark YA Urban Fantasy Novel With Vampires  Part of the Reflections Series of Books

I half expected for Geoffrey to show up early for some reason, but I sat
undisturbed for the entire fifteen minutes it took for the clock to finally advance to
the actual meeting time. I'd flipped open the magazine that was already at my
table to ...

Author: Eldon Murphy

Publisher: Fir'shan Publishing

ISBN: 9781939363107

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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Warrior, werewolf killer, slave, lover…vampire…murderer. Geoffrey was all of those things. He killed hundreds—possibly even thousands—of people without a single regret, but that's only part of the truth. For one person, Geoffrey was more than just a murderer—he was a father. More than just an orphan Geoffrey took in off the streets, Lucy became the woman Geoffrey sacrificed everything for. This is Lucy's story. Publisher's Note: A Darkness Mirrored is a dark YA Urban Fantasy book, and is one possible entry point into the books that make up the Reflections Universe. The Reflections Universe is an Urban Fantasy Series featuring vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and more, which has been written so that it can be safely enjoyed by teen and adult readers alike. Readers new to the Reflections Series should start with The Greater Darkness, one of several free young adult books available from Eldon under this and other pen names. The Reflections Universe: Some stories are too full of dark vampire goodness to fit into just one book! Eldon Murphy is an open pen name for Dean Murray, the successful author of multiple clean young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and epic fantasy series which collectively have more than 480,000 copies in circulation. Keywords: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, YA, Vampires, Werewolves, Dark Urban Fantasy, Vampire, Paranormal, Teen
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Masterplots II Goa Lov

Masterplots II   Goa Lov

In “ In a Dark Time , ” however , the representatives of the natural world are
threatening beasts and serpents , and the poet ... feared and shunned by most
people with good reason can , instead of leading to destruction , provide a
gateway to a ...

Author: Frank Northen Magill


ISBN: 0893565873

Category: Poetry

Page: 3746

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Over 770 articles summarize and evaluate poems written between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries.
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The Works of President Edwards

The Works of President Edwards

... other things foretold in the Scriptures ; how the success of Christ ' s redemption
will be carried on till the fall of Antichrist and the destruction of Satan ' s visible
kingdom 480 ; reason to conclude that it will be a dark time with respect to
religion ...

Author: Jonathan Edwards



Category: Congregational churches


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Categories: Congregational churches

Cast a Dark Shadow

Cast a Dark Shadow

For some reason, it made her feel more vulnerable, and she almost regretted
telling Vic to get rid of it. ... It's because it's so dark tonight, she tried to reassure
herself. There's no ... Boo growled again, more determined and serious this time.

Author: S.C. Rackes

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483676821

Category: Drama

Page: 345

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Do you realize how long its been? Dallas spoke, trying to keep her voice as unemotional as possible. Bart hated scenes. Dallas knew she should back off, drop the subject, and leave Bart alone. It was the only safe way to deal with him lately. Tonight was a final, desperate effort on her part. It was their wedding anniversary. If anything was left between them, she should be able to reach it on what was supposed to be a day of celebration. Early returns werent promising. Lets face it, Dallas thought. Your carefully constructed web of pretense is fraying, and fraying fast, with a whole lot of help from your husband. Why cant you admit its over and just take your losses and get out? Because I hate to give up and throw twenty years down the rabbit hole. At least without giving it one last shot. Bart didnt answer Dallas, didnt even acknowledge the question. He was staring past her, at a spot somewhere over and slightly to the right of her head. His moods had gotten increasingly dark and difficult lately, his patience with her nonexistent. As Dallas watched him lift the glass he held and drain its contents, she thought, Hes drinking way too much. Dallas looked away, feeling totally defeated. As she did, she heard Bart rattle the ice cubes in his glass. That was her cue to get him a refill. Let him get his own damned refill, she decided, with a rare burst of irritation and rebellion. He has feet. Tonight, as soon as shed given him his anniversary gift, she knew shed made a mistake. His face closed up, his jaw tensed, and he acted like shed handed him a bomb he expected would go off at any minute. The gift still sat, unopened, on the table. At first, Dallas hoped it was because he forgot about the anniversary and didnt have anything for her. But it was more than that. There was something different about Bart tonight, something Dallas couldnt identify, something that intensified the uneasy feelings shed had for the last six months. More and more, she felt like she was living with a stranger. Doesnt twenty years of marriage mean a thing to you, Bart? Dallas asked. At last, Bart decided to acknowledge her presence. He let his gaze drop to her slender ankles and work its way up to her face. His hazel eyes were cold, and his mouth was set in a thin line. I fail to see twenty years of marriage as an excuse for you to run around dressed like a cheap tramp, Dallas, he said. Im not dressed like a tramp. Dallas wore a white lace teddy she bought especially for the occasion. It was about as successful as the fancy dinner she cooked and Bart barely touched. Another mistake, obviously, she decided. My whole life seems to be a mistake lately. She sighed. I wanted you to make love to me. Thats all. Nothing else works. I thought this was worth a try. Barts silence and the unyielding intensity of his gaze made Dallas look away again. She stared past him, out the sliding glass patio doors, where a crescent moon floated on the horizon. It washed the night with pale light and made it look as cold and empty as Dallas felt. I will make love to you when I want to, Bart finally said. Do you understand? And if I never want to again, that part of your life will be over. Whether you like it or not. Dallas swallowed hard, bit her lip, and fought back the tears of resignation and defeat that gathered on her lower lids. If there was anything her husband hated worse than emotional scenes, it was tears. You are no different from any other tramp in the world, are you, Dallas? Always willing to get some poor slob to do what you want him to do. Then, when he does, you turn on him. You all turn on him. Barts words, and the vehemence behind them, dried Dallass tears up before they had a chance to spill over. What in Gods name is he talking about now? Dallas wondered. Not for the first time in her dealings with Bart lately had she tried to label uneasiness that crossed the line and became somet
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Devil in a Dark Blue Suit

Devil in a Dark Blue Suit

... of his eyes, but, whatever it was, it made her skin goose-bump in an
uncomfortable way, as if for some reason she needed to defend herself, or
remind him of why she'd buckled and had come away with him. ... 'The best time
of my life.

Author: Robyn Grady

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426844508

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 815

When Eden Foley walked out of millionaire bad boy Devlin Stone's life, she vowed it would be forever. He knew just how to make her tremble with desire, but he was dangerous! Now, forced to contact Devlin, Eden is stunned—he wants to pick up from where they left off. Even worse, her traitorous body seems to agree! Will one night with Devlin mean she can finally move on with her life…? Or has this devil in a dark blue suit got other, more pleasurable plans in mind?
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Sit Lux Or Light in a Dark Corner

Sit Lux  Or  Light in a Dark Corner

... by the law of love , to be present at such time and set forth Christ's death : often
as we do this we show forth the Lord's death till he come . ... Here , then , we rest
our cause , I said , and we have nothing to do with those that are without .

Author: G. A. Coulson


ISBN: CHI:44898406

Category: Baptism

Page: 186

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Categories: Baptism

Heir to a Dark Inheritance

Heir to a Dark Inheritance

CHAPTER NINE ALIK CURSED JADA AT LEAST a hundred times on his way
back to his town house in his ill-gotten limousine. He'd greased the palm of a
waiting ... But for some reason he needed to be home. Needed to follow her.
Dimly ...

Author: Maisey Yates

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9780373131471

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 147

"Alik is powerful, ruthless and incapable of love. But when he discovers he has a daughter, nothing will stop him from claiming the child as his own."--P. [4] of cover.
Categories: Fiction

A Dark Adapted Eye

A Dark Adapted Eye

'All the more reason why she'd want the best for him.' 'You know that ... That was
what Helen did say but at the same time as being horrified at the idea of Vera's
mental disturbance, seemed anxious to blame everything on to it. She said she ...

Author: Barbara Vine

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141938264

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 149

'A rich, complex and beautifully crafted novel' P.D. James The prize-winning classic that 'changed the thriller landscape', with a new foreword from Val McDermid. VERA HILLYARD. AUNT. MOTHER. MURDERESS. Faith Severn's life has long been overshadowed by the mystery surrounding her aunt. A respectable woman who committed a crime so terrible she was hung for it. Now, the time has come to piece her story together. What secret caused two devoted sisters to turn from love to hate? And was Vera born a killer. . .Or was she driven to it? 'Brilliantly plotted. Vine is not afraid to walk down the mean streets of the mind and can build up an almost tangible atmosphere of menace and unease' Daily Telegraph 'Will linger in your memory long after you have closed the book. A first-rate novel' Washington Post A Dark-Adapted Eye is a modern classic. If you enjoy the crime novels of P.D. James and Ian Rankin you will love this book. Barbara Vine is the pen-name of Ruth Rendell. She has written fifteen novels using this pseudonym, including A Fatal Inversion and King Solomon's Carpet which both won the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award. Her other books include: A Dark Adapted Eye; The House of Stairs; Gallowglass; Asta's Book; No Night Is Too Long; In the Time of His Prosperity; The Brimstone Wedding; The Chimney Sweeper's Boy; Grasshopper; The Blood Doctor; The Minotaur; The Birthday Present and The Child's Child.
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Down a Dark Hall

Down a Dark Hall

... something I've said at some time? He's a lot more talkative whenever the four
of us and his uncle are on trips to see Billy. But in the past week or so, he seems
to be getting mad at me for some reason. Is it because he thinks I don't like him?

Author: John A. Reid

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450206280

Category: Fiction

Page: 720

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Over three hundred halls of many different lengths form a confusing, dangerous maze in this enormous institute for criminally insane youth in the early 1960s. This story was inspired by the real experience of a 16-year-old youth whom was wrongfully convicted of a crime, then misdiagnosed as criminally insane. In this story, he is known by the pseudonym of Jeremy Calder. During his two-year incarceration, terror swept through the institute, often causing riots, when partly dismembered bodies of inmates were being found in the halls. The four central characters are Jeremy, Toby, Billy (The Rabid Butterfly), and Gary, with occasional appearances by God, Time, Night, Magic, and other mystical entities.
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Deadline for a Dark Horse

Deadline for a Dark Horse

There were two candidates now who still had every reason to anticipate their
party's nomination, unlike the last half- dozen or so conventions when a front-
runner had shown up with the nomination all but sewn-up. This time, nine
hopefuls had ...

Author: Franklin Hooper

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438960890

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

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Categories: Fiction

Towards a Dark Horizon

Towards a Dark Horizon

'“Oh, yes, my fatherinlaw died at the same time as King George V.”' He gave a
lopsided grin. 'As if anyone ... She did visit them for a few weeks after his death
but, for some reason, she got the impression they didn't like her so she just
stopped ...

Author: Maureen Reynolds

Publisher: Black & White Publishing

ISBN: 9781845026691

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 481

It is the 1930s and having survived the Great Depression the Neill family must now face up to the hardships of war. The legacy Ann Neill has inherited from her kindly employer has been a godsend but just as their lives seem set to improve, the threat of war with Germany looms and they seem headed for a similarly dark horizon. Full of dark family secrets, Towards A Dark Horizon tells the next part of the story of Ann and Lilly Neill, their father Johnny as well as the Ryan clan and the budding relationship between Danny and Maddie. But in the turbulent years before and after the start of the Second World War, no one can escape the conflict or what fate has in store. In Towards A Dark Horizon, Maureen Reynolds continues her compelling story describing the trials and tribulations of working-class life in the close-knit community of pre-war and wartime Dundee.
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