Reality at Risk

Reality at Risk

accounts of the ' social construction of reality ' . Their difficulty has been that once it is admitted that all beliefs and theories are created by the ...

Author: Roger Trigg

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0389200379

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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World at Risk

World at Risk

Put differently, the brutal 'reality' of the massmediatized danger is giving rise to a postnormative 'commonality' that transcends allborders.

Author: Ulrich Beck

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780745681627

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Twenty years ago Ulrich Beck published Risk Society, a book that called our attention to the dangers of environmental catastrophes and changed the way we think about contemporary societies. During the last two decades, the dangers highlighted by Beck have taken on new forms and assumed ever greater significance. Terrorism has shifted to a global arena, financial crises have produced worldwide consequences that are difficult to control and politicians have been forced to accept that climate change is not idle speculation. In short, we have come to see that today we live in a world at risk. A new feature of our world risk society is that risk is produced for political gain. This political use of risk means that fear creeps into modern life. A need for security encroaches on our liberty and our view of equality. However, Beck is anything but an alarmist and believes that the anticipation of catastrophe can fundamentally change global politics. We have the opportunity today to reconfigure power in terms of what Beck calls a 'cosmopolitan material politics’. World at Risk is a timely and far-reaching analysis of the structural dynamics of the modern world, the global nature of risk and the future of global politics by one of the most original and exciting social thinkers writing today.
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Risk Management in Blood Transfusion The Virtue of Reality

Risk Management in Blood Transfusion  The Virtue of Reality

Risk, evidence based and perceptions can hardly be real. That experts are onthe one hand andthepublic is onthe other hand, Iwould say that this isa reality.

Author: C.Th. Smit Sibinga

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781475730098

Category: Medical

Page: 236

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Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, with great pleasure I like to welcome you in the cityofGroningen and hope that you will have an enriching and enlighten ing discussion on the conference theme on risk management in blood trans fusion. The organisation of this symposium aims at scientific networking by discussing in an international forum the most important themes of current interest in relation to the state of the art in transfusion medicine. Dr. Cees Smit Sibinga took the initiative in 1976 to start organising the blood bank symposia as they were named in the beginning. Without doubt these symposia have contributed considerably to the development of transfusion medicine. To illustrate the fact that these symposia came to my attention I recollect that I have attended the symposium in 1978, chaired by Dr. Leo Vroman, in my capacity in those days of alderman deputy mayor of the city. So, it has been a long time since. After having been away from Groningen for 18 years I have been inaugurated last week as a mayor and it is a plcasure to be again in your midst. The scries of annual symposia on blood transfusion have contributed to mark the city of Groningen on the map of the international scientific world. A great number of prestigious institutes all over the world involved in the development of transfusion medicine have linked to Groningen and we are proud of that.
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Myth Or Reality

Myth Or Reality

relative success and well-being, or even at risk characteristics of some Asian American populations which affect both school failures and successes.

Author: Henry T. Trueba

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136363320

Category: Education

Page: 208

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First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Categories: Education

Virtual Reality in Neuro psycho physiology

Virtual Reality in Neuro psycho physiology

Safety Issues in VRT While there are some potential risks associated with virtual reality technology , as pointed out by Stanney [ 17 ] , definite steps ...

Author: Giuseppe Riva

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9051993641

Category: Medical

Page: 209

View: 913

Title Page -- Foreword -- Contributors -- Contents -- Part I. Virtual Reality for Health Care -- Virtual Reality for Health Care: a survey -- Human Factors Consideration in Clinical Applications of Virtual Reality -- Part II. Virtual Reality for Psychological Assessment and Rehabilitation -- Virtual Reality Therapy: An Effective Treatment for Psychological Disorders -- Virtual Reality as Assessment Tool in Psychology -- Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Autism -- Virtual Reality for the Palliative Care of Cancer -- Virtual Reality for the Treatment of Body Image Disturbances -- Development of a Virtual Sand Box: An Application of Virtual Environment for Psychological Treatment -- Part III. Virtual Reality for Neuro-Physiological Assessment and Rehabilitation -- Virtual Reality and Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation: The State of the Art -- Virtual Environments in Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation -- Virtual Environments for the Rehabilitation of Disorders of Attention and Movement -- Virtual Reality in the Assessment of Neuromotor Diseases: Measurement of Time Response in Real and Virtual Environments -- Virtual Reality Therapy of Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injury: Design Considerations for a Haptic-Visual Interface -- Author Index
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Reality Therapy For the 21st Century

Reality Therapy For the 21st Century

The small number of subjects and lack of randomization or a conventional control group ... the impact of reality therapy with at-risk ninth-grade students.

Author: Robert E. Wubbolding

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135057985

Category: Psychology

Page: 278

View: 682

This text is a comprehensive, practical, clearly illustrated examination of reality therapy. It includes an historically significant interview with William Glasser, MD, multicultural applications and research based studies. Its goal is to enhance the skills of helpers so that clients may live a more effective life through a total balance of love, health, and happiness. To help teach reality therapy, the author encapsulates the delivery system into the acronym "WDEP". It is expanded to include 22 types of self-evaluation which counsellors and therapists can use to shorten therapy time in the current managed care environment. Each component of the delivery system is illustrated with dialogues so that the reader can see exactly how the system is practical and immediately usable.
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The Fight Against Poverty Policy Options and Reality

The Fight Against Poverty Policy Options and Reality

We defined poverty at the beginning of this assignment in general. In the European Union somebody is at risk of becoming poor when he or she has less than ...

Author: Uwe Bußmann


ISBN: 9783842808706

Category: Political Science

Page: 96

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Inhaltsangabe:Introduction: Ghettos of poor and unemployed people, homeless people, families relying on food banks, sick people without health insurance. There is a long list of people which comes into our minds when we think about poverty and people who are affected by it. If we search for an exact definition of poverty we will not find a single, universally accepted standard definition of it. Poverty is hardly measurable. Every interpretation is affected by credos of value. The ethical correctness of these trails to valuate poverty is scientifically not concluding appraised. The European Union s working definition of poverty is: Persons, families and groups of persons whose resources (material, cultural and social) are so limited as to exclude them from the minimum acceptable way of life in the Member State to which they belong . This definition is the basis of the valuations of poverty in this assignment. The variety of poverty shows how many groups of people in particular are at risk of becoming poor. In Germany the gap of income and the number of poor people in the society increased from the year 2000 to the year 2005 faster than in any other country of the OECD. Causes are the high unemployment rate in the year 2005 and a significant gap of income. Nobody can be excluded if we talk about the poor ones in future. High income during employment does not mean that there is enough money for times of unemployment or old-age-pension. When thinking about poverty we should never forget of what advantage it is to have a high old-age pension when you are lonesome and you have to pay for every help you need? Policy options have to be divided in to groups: Actions to prevent poverty. Actions to help people out of poverty. From a scientific point of view there is only one thing needed to stay out of poverty: enough money to sustain your expenditures. Therefore a well paid job is necessary. Minimum wages are a controversially discussed topic during the last months. Only an occupation with an adequate salary is good for covering all costs. Another crucial point is to secure the old age pensions. Due to this the Federal Government promotes a 3-layer programme. The tax policy is also a point which can be influenced by the state. Prevention of excessive indebtness and a adequate asset accumulation are also important topics. Proper education is a crucial point to prevent poverty and likewise the core measure to get out of poverty. Only good education [...]
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Virtual and Augmented Reality Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Virtual and Augmented Reality  Concepts  Methodologies  Tools  and Applications

Metasearch Coverage: The main access to literature was made through the use ... of virtual reality at school is still very limited, especially when at-risk ...

Author: Management Association, Information Resources

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522554707

Category: Computers

Page: 1845

View: 935

Virtual and augmented reality is the next frontier of technological innovation. As technology exponentially evolves, so do the ways in which humans interact and depend upon it. Virtual and Augmented Reality: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on the trends, techniques, and uses of virtual and augmented reality in various fields, and examines the benefits and challenges of these developments. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics, such as human-computer interaction, digital self-identity, and virtual reconstruction, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, professionals, theorists, students, and practitioners interested in emerging technology applications across the digital plane.
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Reality Check

Reality Check

The Comfort Zone and the Concept of Risk When most people think of risk , they think of ... Accepting downside risk involves squirming at its reality .

Author: Josquin Des Pres

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1931140308

Category: Music

Page: 131

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Aspiring musicians often enter the music business with unreal expectations, and are inevitably disappointed. Reality Check is the first book that gives a completely honest look at what success is in today's recording industry and the smart steps a musician can take to get there. Even the most creative people can manage time effectively and make the fullest use of their most important resource: their talents. Reality Check is for everyone who wants to chart a rewarding path through the often confusing jungle of the music industry. Josquin des Pres began his career in France in the mid-'70s when he obtained his first record deal with United Artists Records. He has since worked on hundreds of projects with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Des Pres has also authored 14 bestselling bass instruction books and two guitar instruction books. Mark Landsman is a musician, songwriter and entertainment attorney. He was formerly director of West Coast operations for a large New York City-based record label. Both authors live in Southern California.
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Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

REALITY : CSA is undoubtedly more widespread than people realize . ... REALITY : The current data indicate that girls are more at risk from CSA than boys ...

Author: Christiane Sanderson

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1843103354

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 447

View: 947

This updated and expanded edition provides comprehensive coverage of the theory and practice of counselling survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA). In a reasoned and thoughtful approach, this book honestly addresses the complex issues in this important area of work, providing practical strategies valuable and new insights for counsellors.
Categories: Family & Relationships

The Reality of Research with Children and Young People

The Reality of Research with Children and Young People

risk for youth injury increased in association with numbers of risk behaviors reported in every country examined. This cross-cultural finding indicates that ...

Author: Vicky Lewis

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781847871398

Category: Psychology

Page: 304

View: 379

The Reality of Research with Children and Young People illustrates the process of carrying out research through thirteen `research stories′. Each story includes a piece of published research, accompanied by a commentary from the author of the research explaining: · the origins of the research · how research questions were formed · factors influencing the choice of methodology and data collection techniques · problems that arose and how these were dealt with · personal reflections on the project. The research examples included in this volume have been carefully selected to demonstrate the reality of researching with children from pre-school age to late adolescence. They reflect the different traditions and variety of methods of collecting data, including interview, evaluation, ethnography, experiment, survey, case study, questionnaire, longitudinal, and standardised assessment. The Reality of Research with Children Young People provides valuable insights into the process of research for students and professionals in a range of fields including education, health, welfare, childhood and youth Studies, psychology and sociology. The book was developed to accompany The Open University Course, Research with Children and Young People (EK310).
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Personalizing Treatment In IBD Hype or Reality In 2020

Personalizing Treatment In IBD  Hype or Reality In 2020

Assessing this is not an easy task as the physician thus needs to integrate and compute at the same time the risk of ongoing drug therapy and the benefit of ...

Author: Fernando Gomollón

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889669745

Category: Medical


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Categories: Medical

Virtual Reality and the Built Environment

Virtual Reality and the Built Environment

In many factories, these records are archived but the archives are not used. ... reducing the risk of design faults and hence the risk of litigation due to ...

Author: Jennifer Whyte

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136349638

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 658

This is the first text to focus on virtual reality applications for design of the built environment. This guide explores the use of virtual reality at the practical level. It provides an overview of industrial applications of virtual reality and explores relevant scientific research. Virtual Reality in the Built Environment is a guide to the practical uses of virtual design, construction, and management. Providing an overview of industrial applications for virtual reality and exploring relevant research, this book is an accessible and innovative resource for architects, designers and built environment professionals--bridging the gap between technological vision and current practice. Author Jennifer Whyte shows how interactive, spatial, real-time technologies can radically improve modelling and communication of ideas, enable partcipation in the design process, and facilitated planning and management at the urban scale. The experience of lead users of virtual reality is used as the basis for understanding its promise and problems. Explanations of the underlying principles of this exciting interactive medium, a discussion of the cognitive, technical and organizational issues it raises, and international case studies illustrating practical applications are all included in this guide. The author also provides a companion web site which provides online learning materials, including test-yourself questions, virtual reality models, and links to relevant sites, making it a valuable design resource and a stimulus for innovation.
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Augmented and Virtual Reality in Libraries

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Libraries

Exploring the Conceptualization of Augmented Reality and Its Implications ... Robin McKie, “Virtual Reality Headsets Could Put Children's Health at Risk.

Author: Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538102923

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 248

View: 636

This book is written for librarians, by librarians: understanding that diverse communities use libraries, museums, and archives for a variety of different reasons. It makes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality applications much more accessible to professionals in libraries, museums, and archives.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Myth and Reality in International Politics

Myth and Reality in International Politics

The Minorities at Risk (MAR) project, created by Ted Gurr, contains annual indicators on the levels of political and economic discrimination faced by ...

Author: Jonathan Wilkenfeld

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317377894

Category: Political Science

Page: 180

View: 225

Recent generations have experienced dramatic improvements in the quality of human life across the globe. Wars between states are fought less frequently and are less lethal. Food is more plentiful and more easily accessed. In most parts of the world, birthrates are down and life expectancy up. Significantly fewer people live in extreme poverty, relative to the overall population. Statistics would argue that the human race has never before flourished as it has in this moment. And yet, even with this progress, we face a number of seemingly intractable challenges to the welfare of both states and individuals, including: Governmental instability undermining the lives of citizens, both within and beyond their borders; Persistent and recurring intrastate conflict due to ineffective conflict management strategies; Marginally successful development efforts and growing income inequality, both within and between nations, as a result of uncoordinated and ineffective global development strategies; Internecine conflict in multiethnic societies, manifested by exclusion, discrimination, and ultimately violence, the inevitable consequence of an insufficient focus on managing the inherent tensions in diverse societies; Global climate change with the possibility of catastrophic long-term consequences, following an inability to effectively come to terms with and respond to the impact of human activity on our environment. These challenges require a newly collaborative, intentional, and systematic approach. This book offers a blueprint for how to get there, calling for increased leadership responsibility, clarity of mission, and empowerment of states and individuals. It is designed to transform lofty but often vague agendas into concrete, measurable progress. It believes in the capacity of humanity to rise to the occasion, to come together to address these increasingly critical global problems, and offers one way forward.
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Computer Vision Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine

Computer Vision  Virtual Reality and Robotics in Medicine

Thus he can decide immediately if any organs at risk are enclosed by the field and adjust the shape of the beam exactly to the shape of the target volume .

Author: Nicholas Ayache

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540591206

Category: Medical

Page: 574

View: 270

This book contains the written contributions to the program of the First In ternational Conference on Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, and Robotics in Medicine (CVRMed'95) held in Nice during the period April 3-6, 1995. The articles are regrouped into a number of thematic sessions which cover the three major topics of the field: medical image understanding, registration problems in medicine, and therapy planning, simulation and control. The objective of the conference is not only to present the most innovative and promising research work but also to highlight research trends and to foster dialogues and debates among participants. This event was decided after a preliminary successful symposium organized in Stanford in March 1994 by E. Grimson (MIT), T. Kanade (CMU), R. Kikinis and W. Wells (Chair) (both at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital), and myself (INRIA). We received 92 submitted full papers, and each one was evaluated by at least three members of the Program Committee, with the help of auxiliary reviewers. Based on these evaluations, a representative subset of the Program Committee met to select 19 long papers, 29 regular papers, and 27 posters. The geographical repartition of the contributions is the following: 24 from European countries (other than France), 23 contributions from France, 20 from Northern America (USA and Canada), and 8 from Asia (Japan and Singapore).
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Residential Education as an Option for At Risk Youth

Residential Education as an Option for At Risk Youth

Characteristics and Consequences of Pedagogically-Oriented Leadership vs. ... of internal reality, in an attempt to soothe an unresolved conflict TABLE 4.

Author: Jerome Beker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317740124

Category: Education

Page: 158

View: 906

Residential Education as an Option for At-Risk Youth explores recent residential programs in Israel, draws comparisons with their European counterparts, and recommends practical approaches for the revitalization of such programs in the United States. This volume refutes the conventional professional “wisdom” in the United States that residential group care programs for children and youth are intrinsically flawed and counterproductive. Instead, it delivers effective models for the implementation of effective residential services. The editors and authors demonstrate the growing need for residential programs, given the overburdened family foster care resources, swelling numbers of “zero-parent” families, and homeless youth. Though the United States helped launch and develop residential services in Europe in the aftermath of World War II and has produced many excellent thinkers in the domain of quality residential group care, American programs have languished in recent decades. This book is designed to accelerate and facilitate progress in revamping and establishing excellent residential group care. The authors examine residential education as a developmentally based alternative to the more clinically and correctionally oriented programs for marginal children and youth dominating this field in the United States. The authors present their material in the context of appropriate theoretical principles, yet in practical ways that will permit program developers and managers to implement it effectively. Some of the specific areas chapters discuss are: exemplary Israeli programs as observed by visiting American professional in social work and allied fields important program variables and the cultural influences that may affect them African American experience for such programs a conceptual model for building successful residential education programs key organizational and management considerations Residential Education as an Option for At-Risk Youth serves as a vital resource for ambitious program developers and managers wishing to reconceptualize and enrich their programs. It will also benefit advanced students, practitioners, and decision makers who have had, heretofore, few resources to rely on when seeking to promote more effective programs for socially marginal children and youth.
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Theory and Reality of Value based Purchasing

Theory and Reality of Value based Purchasing

Agreements between health plans and GPA include a condition that puts 4 percent of total premium dollars at risk . Plans can keep these at - risk dollars if ...

Author: Jack A. Meyer


ISBN: UOM:39015050281800

Category: Employer-sponsored health insurance

Page: 55

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Categories: Employer-sponsored health insurance

Adventures in an Alternative Reality of Living in Louisiana

Adventures in an Alternative Reality of Living in Louisiana

Enter at Your Own Risk Jim Brown. official in succession to sign the order calling a special session. And that was yours truly. "So you're telling me that ...

Author: Jim Brown

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438911878

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 579

Soulful Parent Soulful Teen: Moving from Control to Care presents a fresh approach to loving and living with our young people. It goes beyond the daily struggles of life with a teenager, to illuminate the underlying spirit, which lies at the heart of the family. This heartfelt guide gives parents the guidance they need, to connect with their teens. Soulful parenting is not a set of techniques or rules. Techniques address the symptoms, not the root of the issue. True family growth cannot be reduced to a catchy acronym or set of exercises. Soulful Parent Soulful Teen: Moving from Control to Care goes beyond the questions of, "What do I do if . . ." to address the larger questions. How do we: Find the joy in our parenting that seems to hover tantalizingly just out of reach. Reconnect the gentle heartfelt bond we once felt with our children to our often-irascible teens? Transform our family ties that bind into wings that help them fly? Live more rewarding, more sanctified, more focused, and more peaceful lives? Millions of parents are looking for a spiritual solution to what society has deemed a secular concern. Soulful Parent Soulful Teen: Moving from Control to Care fills that need, and acts as an inspiration to all who love a teen and desire God's fullest blessings for them. Within these pages is a compass for the journey - a blueprint for what that future can look like if we allow our children to reach the depth of their calling; if we accept the magnitude of our own; if we have the soul to carry on. Soulful Parent Soulful Teen is for every parent who loves a teen, and wants to see that child reach the full potential of God's grace.
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Democracy At Risk

Democracy At Risk

And to the reality that there's no longer any such thing as either individual preparedness or solitary learning. If my neighbor is not prepared, ...

Author: Jeff Gates

Publisher: Perseus Books Group

ISBN: UOM:39015050248064

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 686

From the leading voice in the "shared capitalism" movement comes a manifesto for spreading wealth and creating a truly democratic society.
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