Random House Webster's Pocket Japanese Dictionary

Author: Random House,Seigo Nakao

Publisher: Random House Reference

ISBN: 9780679773733

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 450

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Wolf Haas' Detective Brenner series has become wildly popular around the world for a reason: They're timely, edgy stories told in a wry, quirky voice that's often hilarious, and with a protagonist it's hard not to love. In this episode, Brenner-forced out of the police force-tries to get away from detective work by taking a job as the personal chauffeur for two-year-old Helena, the daughter of a Munich construction giant and a Viennese abortion doctor. One day, while Brenner's attention is turned to picking out a chocolate bar for Helena at a gas station, Helena gets snatched from the car. Abruptly out of a job, Brenner decides to investigate her disappearance on his own. With both parents in the public eye, there's no scarcity of leads-the father's latest development project has spurred public protest, and the mother's clinic has been targeted by the zealous leader of an anti-abortion group. Brenner and God is told with a dark humor that leaves no character, including Brenner, unscathed. Haas tells the story of a fallible hero who can be indecisive and world-weary, baffled and disillusioned by what he finds, but who presses forward nonetheless out of a stubborn sense of decency-a two-year-old is kidnapped, so you find her, because that's just what you do.

Using Japanese

A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Author: William McClure

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521646147

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 336

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This book, first published in 2000, is a guide to Japanese usage for intermediate students approaching the finer nuances of the language.

Fundamental Reference Sources

Author: James H. Sweetland,American Library Association,Frances Neel Cheney

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838907801

Category: Education

Page: 612

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An introduction to selected sources of bibliographical, biographical, linguistic, statistical and geographical organizations.

A Dictionary of Japanese Loanwords

Author: Toshie M. Evans

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313287411

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 230

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Defines and illustrates the usage of hundreds of words borrowed from Japanese and now used in English-language publications.

Japanese English

Language and Culture Contact

Author: James Stanlaw

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9622095712

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 388

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The volumes in this series set out to provide a contemporary record of the spread and development of the English language in South, Southeast, and East Asia from both a linguistic and literary perspective. Each volume will reflect themes that cut across national boundaries, including the study of language policies; globalization and linguistic imperialism; English in the media; English in law, government and education; 'hybrid' Englishes; and the bilingual creativity manifested by the vibrant creative writing found in a swathe of Asian societies. This book gives an in-depth analysis of the use of the English language in modern Japan. It explores the many ramifications the Japanese-English language and culture contact situation has for not only Japanese themselves, but also others in the international community. Data for this book has been gathered using anthropological ethnographic fieldwork, augmented by archival sources, written materials, and items from popular culture and the mass media. An interdisciplinary approach, including those of anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics, cognitive science and symbolic anthropology, is taken in the exploration of the topics here. This book's arguments focus on four major theoretical linguistic and social issues, namely the place of the Japanese-English case in the larger context of 'World Englishes'; the place of the Japanese-English case in a general theory of language and culture contact; how Japanese English informs problems of categorization, meaning construction and cognition; and what it says about the social construction of identity and sense of self, nationalism and race. This book will be of interest to linguists, anthropologists, sociologists, cognitive scientists, and all readers who are interested in language contact, sociolinguistics, English as an international language, and World Englishes. It will also appeal to those who are interested in Japan and popular culture.

The American Heritage Pocket Spanish Dictionary

Spanish/English - English/Spanish

Author: American Heritage Dictionary

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618132164

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 309

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Packed with more than 40,000 translations, this handy and affordable bilingual reference tool features U.S. English and Latin American Spanish and hundreds of useful idioms and phrases, and is one of the only pocket-size dictionaries to feature tables of irregular verbs in both English and Spanish.

Japanese Dictionary

Author: Terry Kawashima

Publisher: Living Language

ISBN: 9780517587331

Category: Japanese language

Page: 190

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Lists useful Japanese phrases for making reservations, socializing, dining out, shopping, asking directions, and seeking medical care, and briefly discusses grammar and pronunciation