Resolution of Curve and Surface Singularities in Characteristic Zero

In Characteristic Zero

Author: K. Kiyek,José Luis Vicente Córdoba,J.L. Vicente

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402020285

Category: Mathematics

Page: 483

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This book covers the beautiful theory of resolutions of surface singularities in characteristic zero. The primary goal is to present in detail, and for the first time in one volume, two proofs for the existence of such resolutions. One construction was introduced by H.W.E. Jung, and another is due to O. Zariski. Jung's approach uses quasi-ordinary singularities and an explicit study of specific surfaces in affine three-space. In particular, a new proof of the Jung-Abhyankar theorem is given via ramification theory. Zariski's method, as presented, involves repeated normalisation and blowing up points. It also uses the uniformization of zero-dimensional valuations of function fields in two variables, for which a complete proof is given. Despite the intention to serve graduate students and researchers of Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, a basic knowledge on these topics is necessary only. This is obtained by a thorough introduction of the needed algebraic tools in the two appendices.

Introduction to Algebraic Geometry

Author: Steven Dale Cutkosky

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 1470435187

Category: Geometry, Algebraic

Page: 484

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This book presents a readable and accessible introductory course in algebraic geometry, with most of the fundamental classical results presented with complete proofs. An emphasis is placed on developing connections between geometric and algebraic aspects of the theory. Differences between the theory in characteristic and positive characteristic are emphasized. The basic tools of classical and modern algebraic geometry are introduced, including varieties, schemes, singularities, sheaves, sheaf cohomology, and intersection theory. Basic classical results on curves and surfaces are proved. More advanced topics such as ramification theory, Zariski's main theorem, and Bertini's theorems for general linear systems are presented, with proofs, in the final chapters. With more than 200 exercises, the book is an excellent resource for teaching and learning introductory algebraic geometry.