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Quill & Quire is printed in Canada on 100 % recycled Ancient Forest Friendly paper by WebOffset . ST . JOSEPH MEDIA CHAIRMAN Tony Gagliano PRESIDENT Douglas Knight VICE - PRESIDENT AND GROUP PUBLISHER Sharon McAuley Quill ( Quire ...



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Categories: Book industries and trade

Places to Grow

Places to Grow

Jane Aspinall, “The Core Question: Public Libraries Debate Place of Community Activities,” Quill & Quire 60 (Sept. 1994): 10-11; and The Library's Contribution to Your Community: A Resource Manual for Libraries (Toronto: SOLS, Jan.

Author: Lorne Bruce

Publisher: Libraries Today

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The core of the book revolves around the shifting nature of Ontario’s political landscape. In many ways this is a story of successive governments, ambitious politicians, diligent bureaucrats, and endless library reports straddling the decades. Their aim appears to have been making even better a system that, despite weaknesses, was clearly the best in Canada. Three distinctive trends emerged in Ontario librarianship after the 1930s: first, a growing sense of professionalism in librarianship; second, an enhanced sense of belonging to a pan-Canadian library movement that in 1946 would result in the formation of the Canadian Library Association; and third, a heightened awareness of the competing demands of high culture and popular culture. Public libraries became an important vehicle for promoting community, albeit with competing visions of “space and place,” as Canada generally and Ontario specifically experienced post-World War II immigration and the baby boom. As libraries approached the 21st century, the concerns of digital formats and the all-encompassing Internet intertwined to alter the book-centric "bricks and mortar" world of libraries. Nonetheless, public libraries were well placed to survive this new threat, just as they had with the challenges of radio, television, and telecommunication challenges in the 20th century.
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Creating the National Mosaic

Creating the National Mosaic

The tremendous uproar about this decision shows the high esteem in which YCBW was held and reflects again widespread public and political interest in this national-cultural topic: both Feliciter and Quill & Quire were full of ...

Author: Miriam Verena Richter

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789401200509

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The Canadian Multicultural Mosaic has long been recognized as an OCo if not the OCo outstanding characteristic of the Canadian nation at home and abroad. It has, further, come to be regarded as a model worldwide of a well-functioning culturally diverse society. This first book-length study of Canadian multicultural childrenOCOs literature sets out to explore how literature for the young has contributed to the creation of the countryOCOs multicultural discourse as well as to the construction of its national identity. In this context, childrenOCOs literature possesses particular significance, as juvenile literature by nature serves an educational purpose which extends to forming and informing the next generation of a countryOCOs citizens. In order to achieve a deeper understanding of the complex structures at work, not only the fictional works themselves but also CanadaOCOs policy with regard to childrenOCOs culture and literature have been examined. In order to provide an optimally comprehensive picture, chapters include, among other aspects, information on public library services for immigrant children, on Canadian research collections specializing in childrenOCOs literature, on Canadian publishing for children, and on promotional activities. The works of fiction examined cover the period from 1950 to 1994 OCo thus illustrating the development of the nationOCOs multicultural discourse OCo and include various Canadian regions as well as protagonists belonging to different ethnic groups. While the approach is interdisciplinary, the novels discussed are above all read against the tenets of Canadian multiculturalism as manifested in such core documents as Prime Minister TrudeauOCOs 1971 parliamentary declaration and the 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism Act. The chief objective of the present study is to understand the interdependence between ideology, childrenOCOs literature, and the creation of a national discourse."
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Book Publishing I

Book Publishing I

“Big Numbers, Low Profile: Canadian mass-market authors outsell their 'literary' compatriots but are invisible in the media, just one example of how format influences a book's reception,” Quill & Quire, January 1995, 14.

Author: Rowland Lorimer

Publisher: CCSP Press

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Categories: Book industries and trade

The Book Trade in Canada

The Book Trade in Canada

Serving your professional information needs THE IS BOOKS THAT MATTERED MOST IN 2008 கன் QUILL EQUIRE QUILL EQUIRE QUILL QUIRE QUILLCQUIRE Canadian Publishers Directory Books year THE BOOK TRADE IN CANADA of the Your Complete Guide to ...



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House Documents Otherwise Publ as Executive Documents

House Documents  Otherwise Publ  as Executive Documents

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In the Dark

In the Dark

Canadian Books in Print and Quill & Quire Announcements form ( teker ) Canadian Books in Print 1997 and Entry : Quill & Quire Spring '97 Announcements Codes If eligible , the information submitted on these forms will appear in the 1997 ...

Author: Joe Blades

Publisher: Broken Jaw Press

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Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology

A Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology

To retain sharpness, it would require constant trimming with a penknife or a quill-cutter. quire In bibliography, a quire is the same thing as a gathering. The term derives from variants of the French cahier and the word 'quaternion' ...

Author: Peter Beal

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199265442

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Bespr. in Book collector 57(2008)4
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The L M Montgomery Reader

The L M  Montgomery Reader

Katie Gowrie, “Booknet Bestsellers: Canadian Fiction,” Quill and Quire, 3 July 2012, http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/2012/07/03/ booknet-bestsellers-canadian-fiction-6; Natalie Samson, “Booknet Bestsellers: Canadian Fiction ...

Author: Benjamin Lefebvre

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442644922

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"This second volume narrates the development of L.M. Montgomery{u2019}s (1874{u2013}1942) critical reputation in the seventy years since her death. It traces milestones and turning points such as adaptations for stage and screen, posthumous publications, and the development of Montgomery Studies as a scholarly field"--From publisher description.
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