Prophets and Emperors

Prophets and Emperors

This is a fascinating account of prophecy as a social, religious, and political phenomenon.

Author: David Stone Potter


ISBN: UCAL:B4249993

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To the practical modern mind, the idea of divine prophecy is more ludicrous than sublime. Yet to our cultural forebears in ancient Greece and Rome, prophecy was anything but marginal; it was in fact the basic medium for recalling significant past events and expressing hopes for the future, and it offered assurance that divinities truly cared about mere mortals. Prophecy also served political ends, and it was often invoked to support or condemn an emperor's actions. In Prophets and Emperors, David Potter shows us how prophecy worked, how it could empower, and how the diverse inhabitants of the Roman Empire used it to make sense of their world. This is a fascinating account of prophecy as a social, religious, and political phenomenon. The various systems of prophecy--including sacred books, oracles, astrological readings, interpretation of dreams, the sayings of holy men and women--come into sharp relief. Potter explores the use of prophecy as a nieans of historical analysis and political communication, and he describes it in the context of the ancient city. Finally, he traces the reformation of the prophetic tradition under the influence of Christianity in the fourth century. Drawing on diverse evidence--from inscriptions and ancient prophetic books to Greek and Roman historians and the Bible--Potter has produced a study that will engage anyone interested in the religions of the ancient Mediterranean and in the history and politics of the Roman Empire.
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Emperors Warmongers Heroes Heroines Rebels Prophets Mutants and Aliens

Emperors  Warmongers  Heroes  Heroines  Rebels  Prophets  Mutants and Aliens

Emperors, Warmongers, Heroes, Heroines, Rebels, Prophets, Mutants and
Aliens Simon Fox An overview of The FirstLord Chronicles, a cuttingedge
hardcore sciencefiction ebook series by English novelist Simon Fox. Alien
species, a story ...

Author: Simon Fox

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781326328467

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An overview of The FirstLord Chronicles, a cutting-edge hard-core science-fiction ebook series by English novelist Simon Fox. Alien species, a story spanning thousands of years, futuristic technology, war in space ... it’s all here! The 14-book series is centred on Isska, a planet inhabited by a humanoid species locked in an ancient inter-racial conflict. Will the Isskans destroy their world through ceaseless warfare, or will they achieve their interstellar destiny?
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The New Q

The New Q

But why prophets and emperors? The prophets represent the ones who know
and reveal the mind or will of God in critical circumstances and times. They are
the friends of God, often persecuted for that friendship and intimacy with the
divine ...

Author: Richard Valantasis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9780567498731

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The American and European public has a voracious appetite for more information about Jesus and the formation of early Christianity. The best-selling books on the subject by Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, John Meyer, and Luke Timothy Johnson, among many others, attest to this hunger. But each of these scholars presents his own reading of the historical information, usually beginning with the earliest known Jesus-related material, Jesus' sayings, and leads the public into a particular understanding of Jesus and the early Jesus movements. The New Q will provide the general public with the original source through a fresh translation of the early Sayings Gospel known as Q. This book will guide people through their reading of the texts themselves so that readers will be able to judge the validity of other scholars' reconstructions. The New Q is the companion volume necessary to understand the current writing on the historical Jesus and the history of earliest Christianity. Valantasis provides a new translation of the Synoptic Sayings Source, Q. He translates each section from the Greek of the critical edition of Robinson and Kloppenborg, and he gathers the translation of the full text as a coherent collection of sayings at the end of the book. Avoiding the scholarly arguments that make Q inaccessible, as well as the constant comparison of Matthew and Luke, this commentary will straightforwardly present the text based on the work of those scholars who have provided a critical edition. It provides an initial reading in a language appropriate to religious seekers. The translation itself will be fresh and provocative, since its meaning and interpretation are not linked to its later use in the narrative gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke. In fact, readers of this translation will be able to hear the sayings of Jesus as Matthew and Luke heard them before the writing of their gospels. The goal is to recreate the kind of challenging and intellectually stimulating engagement with the sayings that probably put Christianity on the Roman map. Readers will be able to encounter Jesus' voice and the voices of early Christians directly, without the intrusion of the later use of these sayings by the gospel writers. Valantasis also provides a commentary on each of the sayings. The commentary will focus on three facets: what the saying says, what it could have meant at the time, and how is was used by early Christians. The first two questions provide the basic information by developing a literary analysis of the sayings (a reading of Jesus' words) and by positing a significance for the saying in the context of earliest Christianity (what the saying could have meant). The final question directs the reading of the saying toward its use by religious people then and now as a means of forging an alternative subjectivity, defining new religious and social relationships, and constructing an alternative understanding of the nature of the spiritual and physical world. In other words, this commentary will provide an ascetical reading of the sayings to explore the manner in which the sayings source might have been read by individuals and communities in antiquity, and it will provide an alternative to the currently established reading of the sayings in modern scholarship primarily as a window on the historical Jesus' doctrines and teaching.
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Josephus the Emperors and the City of Rome

Josephus  the Emperors  and the City of Rome

... which is anchored by his Judaean back— ground rather than his proximity to
the emperors. Although he never pres— ents himself as one of the prophets of
old, and indeed never explicitly uses the term npoqolj-rng when referring to
himself ...

Author: William den Hollander

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004266834

Category: Religion

Page: 424

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In Josephus, the Emperors, and the City of Rome William den Hollander explores the social circumstances in which Josephus spent the years of his life following his first encounter with Rome, considering particularly his place within the Roman army camp and, later, the imperial capital.
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Constantine the Emperor

Constantine the Emperor

Prophecy and History in the Crisis of the Roman Empire: A Historical
Commentary of the Thirteenth Sibylline Oracle. Oxford. Potter, D. (1993).
Martyrdom as ... Pp. 53–88. Ann Arbor. Potter, D. (1994). Prophets and Emperors:
Human and Divine.

Author: David Potter

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199986026

Category: History

Page: 368

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No Roman emperor had a greater impact on the modern world than did Constantine. The reason is not simply that he converted to Christianity, but that he did so in a way that brought his subjects along after him. Indeed, this major new biography argues that Constantine's conversion is but one feature of a unique administrative style that enabled him to take control of an empire beset by internal rebellions and external threats by Persians and Goths. The vast record of Constantine's administration reveals a government careful in its exercise of power but capable of ruthless, even savage, actions. Constantine executed (or drove to suicide) his father-in-law, two brothers-in-law, his eldest son, and his once beloved wife. An unparalleled general throughout his life, planning a major assault on the Sassanian Empire in Persia even on his deathbed. Alongside the visionary who believed that his success came from the direct intervention of his God resided an aggressive warrior, a sometimes cruel partner, and an immensely shrewd ruler. These characteristics combined together in a long and remarkable career, which restored the Roman Empire to its former glory. Beginning with his first biographer Eusebius, Constantine's image has been subject to distortion. More recent revisions include John Carroll's view of him as the intellectual ancestor of the Holocaust (Constantine's Sword) and Dan Brown's presentation of him as the man who oversaw the reshaping of Christian history (The Da Vinci Code). In Constantine the Emperor, David Potter confronts each of these skewed and partial accounts to provide the most comprehensive, authoritative, and readable account of Constantine's extraordinary life.
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What the Prophets foretold

What the Prophets foretold

And as the popes assumed the language also of sovereigns — no longer using
in their rescripts the year of the emperor ' s reign , but that of their own pontificate ,
— they might be supposed as henceforth ruling over a kingdom of their own .

Author: John Algernon Clarke


ISBN: OXFORD:590237742

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Page: 304

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What the Prophets Foretold a compendium of Scripture prediction with special reference to the duration and doom of the papal Antichrist the judgments of the great day of God Almighty and the dawn of the millennial glory

What the Prophets Foretold  a compendium of Scripture prediction  with special reference to the duration and doom of the papal Antichrist  the judgments of the great day of God Almighty  and the dawn of the millennial glory

Upon the conquest of justice , the imposition of taxes , and the of Italy by Otho the
Great , Emperor of wealth and palace of ... the German reigns - no longer using in
their rescripts emperors exercised the same power of the year of the emperor's ...

Author: John Algernon CLARKE


ISBN: BL:A0017179276


Page: 304

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Royal Genealogies Or the Genealogical Tables of Emperors Kings and Princes from Adam to These Times

Royal Genealogies  Or the Genealogical Tables of Emperors  Kings and Princes from Adam to These Times

Necks : but by the terrible Prophecy of Jeremiah , he was deter'd from it ; as on
the other Column , KINGS of JUDA H. ... to the Emperor , by neglecting to build ,
plant , marry and live like other People ; those two false Prophets were brought ...

Author: James Anderson


ISBN: ONB:+Z221477208

Category: Chronology, Historical

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Eerdmans , 1983 ) , and B. Witherington III , Jesus the Seer : The Progress of
Prophecy ( Peabody , Mass .: Hendrickson , 1999 ) . Helpful on the Greco -
Roman views of prophecy is D. Potter , Prophets and Emperors ( Cambridge ,
Mass .

Author: Iii Witherington

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521000688

Category: Religion

Page: 307

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Table of contents
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The Jesus Mysteries

The Jesus Mysteries

... Cambridge University Press, 1972 Polybius, The Rise of the Roman Empire,
Penguin Classics, 1979 Porphyry, On the Cave of the Nymphs, Phanes Press,
1991 Potter, D., Prophets and Emperors, Harvard University Press, 1994 Powell,
A., ...

Author: Timothy Freke

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0676806570

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

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Drawing on the cutting edge of modern scholarship, this astonishing book completely undermines the traditional history of Christianity that has been perpetuated for centuries by the Church and presents overwhelming evidence that the Jesus of the New Testament is a mythical figure. “Whether you conclude that this book is the most alarming heresy of the millennium or the mother of all revelations, The Jesus Mysteries deserves to be read.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram Far from being eyewitness accounts, as is traditionally held, the Gospels are actually Jewish adaptations of ancient Pagan myths of the dying and resurrecting godman Osiris-Dionysus. The supernatural story of Jesus is not the history of a miraculous Messiah but a carefully crafted spiritual allegory designed to guide initiates on a journey of mystical discovery. A little more than a century ago, most people believed that the strange story of Adam and Eve was history; today it is understood to be a myth. Within a few decades, authors Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy argue, we will likewise be amazed that the fabulous story of God incarnate—who was born of a virgin, who turned water into wine, and who rose from the dead—could have been interpreted as anything but a profound parable.
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Bandits Prophets and Messiahs

Bandits  Prophets  and Messiahs

BCE ) ( c . 47-38 BCE ) Augustus ( 30 BCE - 14 CE ) Joazar son of Herod ...

Author: Richard A. Horsley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1563382733

Category: Religion

Page: 271

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A brilliant portrait of Jewish culture in the first century rediscovers the common people in the time of Jesus, and contains a fresh evaluation of Jesus' relation to this complex society.
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The Limits of Ancient Christianity

The Limits of Ancient Christianity

... gift of prophecy . . . is the constitutive difference between “ sacred and ' secular '
history . ” 2 Not only sacred. 1 . D . S . Potter , Prophets and Emperors : Human
and Divine Authority from Augustus to Theodosius ( Cambridge , Mass . , 1994 ) .

Author: Robert Austin Markus

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472109979

Category: Religion

Page: 348

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Sixteen essays explore the end of ancient Christianity
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A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures Minor Prophets

A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures  Minor Prophets

heathen who were ever conspiring against the Ro - mas , and persecuting the
orthodox teachers , by the man emperors went on accusing the early Chris -
secular arm . When in the fourth century Cathtians as disloyal , factious , impious

Author: Johann Peter Lange


ISBN: UOM:39015073323720

Category: Bible


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Prophecies 4 000 Years of Prophets Visionaries and Predictions

Prophecies  4 000 Years of Prophets  Visionaries and Predictions

Irenaeus also provided a date for the composition of the Revelation: late in the
reign of the Roman emperor Domitian, ... happened since the time of Christ's own
ministry in the reigns of the first two Roman emperors, Augustus and Tiberius.

Author: Tony Allan

Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers

ISBN: 9781780283401

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Discover how accurate past visions of the future have turned out to be and explore the continuity of the prophetic tradition. This is a fascinating anthology of amazing and curious stories - such as clairvoyant dreams about the sinking of the Titanic and the Reichstaag Fire in Berlin. It includes features on ancient shamans and soothsayers, Egyptian dream analysis, Greek oracles and Roman auguries, the ancient roots of astrology, messianic visionaries, medieval seers, African systems of divination, Aztec prophecies of cataclysms, the mysteries of Pachacamac, Nostradamus and his "Centuries" and the futurism of H. G. Wells.
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The Christian Prophets and the Prophetic Apocalypse

The Christian Prophets and the Prophetic Apocalypse

By 15 B . C . all the chief places of judicial circuit had their Cæsareum and their
emperors ' festival . It is probable , says Mommsen , that the Asiarchs extended
their superintendence , beyond the festival and the emperor -. i See Mommsen ...

Author: Edward Carus Selwyn



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and Causes and Consequences of the French Emperor s conduct towards the Jews including official documents and the final decisions of the Grand Sanhedrin By an Advocate of the House of Israel i e W H Reid

                        and Causes and Consequences of the French Emperor s conduct towards the Jews  including official documents  and the final decisions of the Grand Sanhedrin      By an Advocate of the House of Israel  i e  W  H  Reid

Napoleon I (Emperor of the French) ... There are certain minutiæ which seem
beneath the dignity of the prophetic writings , but though none can doubt that
Italians , English , French , and almost every nation in Europe , are the subjects of
the ...

Author: Napoleon I (Emperor of the French)


ISBN: BL:A0017149174


Page: 190

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Prophet Motive

Prophet Motive

According to an apocryphal tale circulated by Onisaburō's grandson, Deguchi
Yasuaki, in the summer of 1864, when imperial loyalist forces led by troops from
Chōshū domain stormed the emperor's palace in Kyoto in efforts to restore
imperial ...

Author: Nancy K. Stalker

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824832261

Category: Religion

Page: 280

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In telling the story of Onisaburo and Oomoto, Nancy Stalker provides an account of the rise of a heterodox movement in Imperial Japan. She also provides different perspectives on the importance of 'charismatic entrepreneurship' in the success of new religions around the world.
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The Prophetical History of the Church and the World from the Revelation Daniel and Ezekiel Compared with and Explained by History

The Prophetical History of the Church and the World  from the Revelation  Daniel  and Ezekiel  Compared with and Explained by History

As the Russian emperors thus claim to be the descendants of the ancient Roman
emperors , they are rightly styled by the prophet as “ the dragon " in this prophecy
. The French emperor claims to be the descendant or inheritor of his uncle ...

Author: Edwin Heycock


ISBN: BL:A0021939201

Category: Bible

Page: 486

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The Minor Prophets

The Minor Prophets

4 Freely ye Before the prophets thereof divine for money : ' yet || Is not the LORD
among us ? none evil can CHRIST cir . ... so of Scripture , countenanced Arian
Emperors in the oppression that , where once were ample houses and countless

Author: Edward Bouverie Pusey


ISBN: PRNC:32101045236708

Category: Bible

Page: 623

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The Voice of the Prophets

The Voice of the Prophets

The governments or rulers of this world greater part of Briton , all Spain , France ,
the are designated as the powers of darkness , and Netherlands , Germany , Italy
, Egypt , Barbary , their laws and maxims are opposed to the divine part of ...

Author: Pleasant E. Royse


ISBN: CHI:57891206

Category: Bible

Page: 450

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