Pro React 16

Author: Adam Freeman

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484244516

Category: Computers

Page: 745

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Use the enormously popular React framework to build dynamic JavaScript applications that take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers and devices. You will learn how React brings the power of strong architecture and responsive data to the client, providing the foundation for complex and rich user interfaces. Best-selling author Adam Freeman explains how to get the most from React. He begins by describing the React architecture and the benefits it offers and then shows you how to use React and its associated tools and libraries in your projects, starting from the nuts and bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need. Each topic is presented clearly and concisely. Chapters include common problems and how to avoid them. What You’ll Learn Gain a solid understanding of the React design Create rich and dynamic web app clients using React Create data stores using Redux Consume data using REST and GraphQL Test your React projects Who This Book Is For JavaScript developers who want to use React to create dynamic client-side applications

Pro React

Author: Cassio de Sousa Antonio

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484212606

Category: Computers

Page: 297

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Pro React teaches you how to successfully structure increasingly complex front-end applications and interfaces. This book explores the React library in depth, as well as detailing additional tools and libraries in the React ecosystem, enabling you to create complete, complex applications. You will learn how to use React completely, and learn best practices for creating interfaces in a composable way. You will also cover additional tools and libraries in the React ecosystem (such as React Router and Flux architecture). Each topic is covered clearly and concisely and is packed with the details you need to learn to be truly effective. The most important features are given no-nonsense, in-depth treatment, and every chapter details common problems and how to avoid them. If you already have experience creating front-end apps using jQuery or perhaps other JavaScript frameworks, but need to solve the increasingly common problem of structuring complex front-end applications, then this book is for you. Start working with React like a pro - add Pro React to your library today.

Functional Descriptions

Theory in practice

Author: Ruqaiya Hasan,Carmel Cloran,David G. Butt

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9027276307

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 381

View: 2748


This volume focuses on the relation between theory and description by examining aspects of transitivity in different languages. Transitivity — or case grammar, to use the popular term — has always occupied a centre-stage position in linguistics, not least because of its supposedly privileged relation to states of affairs in the real world. Using a systemic functional perspective, the ten papers in this volume make a contribution to this scholarship by focusing on the transitivity patterns in language as the expression of the experiential metafunction. Through a study of different languages — English, Dutch, German, Finnish, Chinese and Pitjantjatjara — the contributors provide functional descriptions of the various categories of process, their participants and circumstances, including phenomena such as di-transitivity, causativity, the get-passive, etc. With the relation between theories and descriptions running through the ten chapters of this volume as sometimes an overt and sometimes a covert theme, the chapters point to the nature of the linguistic fact which is linked ineluctably on the one hand to the nature of the theory and on the other to the speakers’ experience of the world in which they live. The majority of papers included in the volume derive from the 19th International Systemic Functional Congress at Macquarie University.

Programming the Finite Element Method

Author: Ian M. Smith,D. V. Griffiths

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470849705

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 646

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This title demonstrates how to develop computer programmes which solve specific engineering problems using the finite element method. It enables students, scientists and engineers to assemble their own computer programmes to produce numerical results to solve these problems. The first three editions of Programming the Finite Element Method established themselves as an authority in this area. This fully revised 4th edition includes completely rewritten programmes with a unique description and list of parallel versions of programmes in Fortran 90. The Fortran programmes and subroutines described in the text will be made available on the Internet via anonymous ftp, further adding to the value of this title.

The Art of Programming

Computer Science with C++

Author: Steven C. Lawlor

Publisher: Course Technology Ptr

ISBN: 9780534951351

Category: Computers

Page: 591

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Steven Lawlor's readable explanations and accessible approach carefully guide students through the programming process with an emphasis on sound design principles. His friendly, open writing style, and use of rich, informative pedagogical features make it easy for students to read and understand. Lawlor uses a superior in-text learning system of chapter previews, memory diagrams, object summaries, execution charts, marginal notes, and boxes that demonstrate and teach C++ features. The book's flexible, modular design enables instructors to use it in a variety of situations. Lawlor introduces "objects" early (in Chapter 2), grouping together behaviors and properties in a special Object Charts section; however, students are not obliged to use classes until later, in Chapter 7. Lawlor also takes advantage of the new standard C++ string class to simplify handling character data.

Peptides 1984

Proceedings of the 18th European Peptide Symposium, Djurönäset, Sweden, June 10-15, 1984

Author: Ulf Ragnarsson

Publisher: Coronet Books


Category: Peptides

Page: 633

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Aviation Insecurity

The New Challenges of Air Travel

Author: Andrew R. Thomas

Publisher: Pyr Books


Category: Transportation

Page: 263

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Discusses the current state of air travel security and looks at such topics as bomb detection devices, passenger profiling, and the role of air marshals.