The Collaborative Enterprise

Managing Speed and Complexity in Knowledge-based Businesses

Author: Charles C. Heckscher,Professor Charles Heckscher

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300114645

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 345

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Organizing for competitive advantage and profit How can businesses best tap diverse capabilities to generate new ideas, manufacture products, and properly execute strategy? In this groundbreaking, thoroughly researched book, organizational expert Charles Heckscher argues that, in a global network of creation and production, the dominant organizations will be those that master the still-uncodified skills of collaboration--replacing the giants of the past century who thrived on the mastery of bureaucratic systems. Though there has been much discussion of teamwork and alliances in recent decades, Heckscher argues that we are still a long way from fully understanding how to manage fluid and inconstant collaborations; and that this is an area dominated far more by rhetoric than reality. Using a combination of theory and extensive real-life case studies, Heckscher pushes the boundary of organization design and illustrates how companies are able to create new, effective patterns of interactions, and how they can build a culture and infrastructure necessary to support them. For organizational leaders in search of long-term competitive advantage, The Collaborative Enterprise offers sound research findings and invaluable insights.

The Sociology of Sacred Texts

Author: Jon Davies,Isabel Wollaston

Publisher: Burns & Oates


Category: Religion and sociology

Page: 195

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The papers in this volume analyse the variety of conceptions we have of the sacred, and of what constitutes a sacred text. They do so from the perspectives of literature, theology and the social sciences. Particular attention is paid to the process of sacralization. The papers fall into two groups. First, there are those that explore the cononical process by which sacred texts emerge and are recognized as authoritative by a community. Secondly, there are those that attempt to expand our conception of the sacred texts that exist alongside the 'official' sacred text(s) and that although often 'hidden', retain the power to challenge or subvert the world-view enshrined in the established canon.

Max Weber and German Politics, 1890-1920

Author: Wolfgang J. Mommsen

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226533995

Category: Political Science

Page: 498

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A major work of German historiography, this comprehensive account of Weber's political views and activities reveals that, paradoxically, Weber was at once an ardent liberal and a determined German nationalist and imperialist. Wolfgang J. Mommsen shows the important links between these seemingly conflicting positions and provides a critique of Weber's sociology of power and his concept of democratic rule. First published in German in 1959, Max Weber and German Politics appeared in a revised edition in 1974 and became available in an English translation only in 1984. In writing this work, Mommsen drew extensively on Weber's published and unpublished essays, newspaper articles, memoranda, and correspondence.

Theology at War and Peace

English theology and Germany in the First World War

Author: Mark D. Chapman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317011104

Category: Religion

Page: 174

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This book is the first detailed discussion of the impact of the First World War on English theology. Assessing the close relationships between English and German theologians before the First World War, Chapman then explores developments throughout the war. A series of case studies make use of a large amount of unpublished material, showing how some theologians sought to maintain relationships with their German colleagues, while others, especially from a more Anglo-Catholic perspective, used the war as an opportunity to distance themselves from the liberal theology which was beginning to dominate the universities before the war. The increasing animosity between Britain and Germany meant that relations were never healed. English theology became increasingly insular, dividing between a more home-grown variety of liberalism and an ascendant Anglo-Catholicism. Consequently, this book offers useful insights into the development of theology in the twentieth century and will be of keen interest to scholars and students of the history of theology.

The Wandering Thought of Hannah Arendt

Author: Hans-Jörg Sigwart

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113748215X

Category: Political Science

Page: 147

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This book interprets Hannah Arendt’s work as a “wandering” type of political theory. Focusing on the sub-text of Arendt’s writings which questions “how to think” adequately in political theory whilst categorically refraining from explicitly investigating meta-theoretical questions of epistemology and methodology, the book characterizes her theorizing as an oscillating movement between the experiential positions of philosophy and politics, and by its distinctly multi-contextual perspective. In contrast to the “not of this world” attitude of philosophy, the book argues that Arendt’s political theory is “of this world”. In contrast to politics, it refrains from being “at home” in any particular part of this world and instead wanders between the multiple horizons of the many different political worlds in time and space. The book explores how these two decisive motives of Arendt’s theoretical self-perception majorly influence her epistemological, methodological and normative frame of reference and inspire her understanding of major concepts, including politics, judgment, understanding, nature, and space.

Bombs Away!

Representing the Air War Over Europe and Japan

Author: Wilfried Wilms,William Rasch

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042017597

Category: Social Science

Page: 404

View: 5877


Prompted by recent challenges to and debates about the relative public silence concerning the effects of the Allied air war over Europe during World War II, this collection of essays examines literary, visual (film and photography), and institutional (museums) representations of the bombing of civilian targets, predominantly in Germany. The authors examine narrative strategies of both well-known and relatively little known works as well as the moral and ideological presuppositions of the varied representations of the depredations of total war. The introduction and afterword by the editors invite the readers to expand the contours and historical context of the debates about the German public discourse on the bombing war beyond the narrow confines of perpetrators and victims. The volume will be of interest to literary scholars, historians, and the general reading public interested in warfare and its effects on civilian populations.

Morals and politics

Author: Vittorio Hösle

Publisher: Univ of Notre Dame Pr


Category: Philosophy

Page: 991

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When "Moral und Politik was first published in Germany it provoked heated debate both in and out of the classroom. It even prompted Vittorio Hosle's critics to publish a collection of essays that responded to his provocative arguments. Available for the first time in an Engish translation, Morals and Politics, a tour-de-force, is certain to once again generate considerable discussion. In this ambitious work Hosle attempts no less than an outline of a political ethics for the twenty-first century. He not only raises the question of the relationship between morals and politics but proposes a relatively complex answer to it. This answer involves a search for a synthesis between the classical, ancient European conviction that political philosophy must be based on ethics and the more modern notion that ethical arguments themselves have a political function. Hole's goal is to create a concrete political ethics for the situation in which humanity finds itself today. This book is divided into three parts. In the first, Hosle defines the problem through a comprehensive survey of political thought. In the second, he addresses the character of human nature, of power, and of the state and its history. Finally, he deals with the philosophy of law as well as with questions concerning the right of resistance and just war theory. Sweeping in its scope and forceful in its conclusions, Morals and Politics will reshape the way many think about politics and political philosophy.

Max Weber's Complete Writings on Academic and Political Vocations

Author: Max Weber,John Dreijmanis

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 0875865496

Category: Education

Page: 221

View: 2005


Annotation This is the first edition in any language of all of Max Weber's writings on academic and political vocations. The translation is new and liberally annotated, including a look at Weber's personality and what it was that made him such a phenomenon. Max Weber made many significant interpretations of both academic and political vocations in his two lectures on Science as a Vocation (Wissenschaft als Beruf, 1917) and Politics as a Vocation (Politik als Beruf) 1919), as well as in a series of newspaper articles including those written between 1908 and 1920. Since these writings are of more than historical interest, there was a need to bring them all together in a single volume. Newly translated and annotated, this collection comprises both lectures plus 32 articles which Weber wrote on academia. Most of these have not been translated before. In the Introduction, Prof. John Dreijmanis relates the academic and political vocations to each other conceptually, showing that there is considerable overlap and some convergence: the need for passion, an inward calling, as well as career insecurity both vocations. Dreijmanis then examines the person of Weber and provides a new view of him, in part through the lens of Carl C. Jung's theory of psychological types as further developed by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). As an extravert with a powerful thinking function and intellect, he was driven to take an interest in events outside himself and to speak his mind. Coming after a long line of introverted German philosophers, he was a phenomenon. The new translations, by Gordon C. Wells, are more faithful to Weber's style of expression, and they correct an accumulation of errors of previous translations in the oft-translated essays on Politics and Science. Contains Glossary, Bibliography, Names Index, Subject Index.