Honorable in Business

Honorable in Business

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Author: Annetta Gibson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532662850

Category: Religion

Page: 294

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How can one be a Christian in the world of business, not just on the weekend? How can one be honorable in business? Through the integration of the Christian worldview and business ethics, this book provides Christians with a mental framework with which to answer these important questions. Beginning with Genesis as the foundation for the Christian’s worldview and the Ten Commandments as the outline for the Christian’s ethical obligations, the authors develop principles upon which ethical choices can be made, even when working in a primarily non-Christian-oriented business environment. The book is designed to be helpful both to those beginning their career in business and those already employed in business who struggle with how to engage in today’s business environment while maintaining their commitment to God’s vision for life to be both meaningful and honorable. Topics of business ethics such as employee rights, discrimination, technology and privacy, insider trading and accounting fraud, and the special challenges of working internationally are covered. The added value this book brings to these discussions lies in its serious consideration of the Christian worldview as foundational to ethical decision-making in everyday areas of business.
Categories: Religion

Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets

Cryptocurrencies and Cryptoassets

15 Graham, N. (2019), “VanEck-Cboe Bitcoin ETF on SEC's calendar”, Eth News, 22/02/2019, ... accessed 02/02/2018; De, N. (2018), “Bitcoin ETF proposals withdrawn after SEC pushback”, Coin Desk, 10/01/2018, ...

Author: Andrew Haynes

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000064049

Category: Law

Page: 278

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This book examines the legal and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain and the emerging practical issues that these issues involve. The analysis covers a range of advanced economies across the world, in America, Europe and Asia. The book describes, explains and analyses the nature of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain systems they are constructed on in these major world economies and considers relevant law and regulation and their shortcomings. It will be of use and interest to academics, lawyers, regulators and anyone involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.
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