Poems 1968 1972

Poems 1968 1972

Author: Millicent Travis Lane

Publisher: Fredericton, N.B. : Fiddlehead Poetry Books

ISBN: OSU:32435006202873


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A Poet s Revolution

A Poet s Revolution

Levertov, Poems 1968-1972, 188. 53. Levertov, Guillevic/Levertov, 7, 5. 54. Levertov, Poems 1968-1972, 20-27. 55. Mitford, Trial ofDr. Spock, 62. 56. Bloom, Dr. Spock, 308, 313. 57. Ioseph P. Sax, “The Spock Case: A Chronicle and Some ...

Author: Donna Hollenberg

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520954786

Category: Poetry

Page: 532

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This first full-length biography of Anglo- American poet and activist Denise Levertov (1923-1997) brings to life one of the major voices of the second half of the twentieth century, when American poetry was a powerful influence worldwide. Drawing on exhaustive archival research and interviews with 75 friends of Levertov, as well as on Levertov’s entire opus, Donna Krolik Hollenberg’s authoritative biography captures the full complexity of Levertov as both woman and artist, and the dynamic world she inhabited. She charts Levertov’s early life in England as the daughter of a Russian Hasidic father and a Welsh mother, her experience as a nurse in London during WWII, her marriage to an American after the war, and her move to New York City where she became a major figure in the American poetry scene. The author chronicles Levertov’s role as a passionate social activist in volatile times and her importance as a teacher of writing. Finally, Hollenberg shows how the spiritual dimension of Levertov’s poetry deepened toward the end of her life, so that her final volumes link lyric perception with political and religious commitment.
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The Poet s Gift

The Poet s Gift

Denise Levertov , Poems 1968-1972 ( New York : New Directions Books , 1987 ) , p . 215 . 12. Denise Levertov , New and Selected Essays ( New York : New Directions Books , 1992 ) , p . 259 . 13. Ibid . , p . 260 . 14. Ibid . , pp .

Author: Donald Capps

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 0664254039

Category: Religion

Page: 212

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Donald Capps draws upon the poetry of William Stafford and Denise Levertov to show how poetry can benefit the field of pastoral care. He argues that poetry focuses on the immediate experience and attends to life itself, whereas theology and ethics focus more on abstract discourse, seeking to achieve a more panoramic view of life.
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Behind the Lines

Behind the Lines

the disaster to “lumps of raw dough / weighing down a child's stomach on baking day” Poems 19681972 121). The weirdly domestic and childlike image feels inappropriate, but it makes manifest how this internalization of war invades even ...

Author: Philip Metres

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587297380

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

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Whether Thersites in Homer’s Iliad, Wilfred Owen in “Dulce et Decorum Est,” or Allen Ginsberg in “Wichita Vortex Sutra,” poets have long given solitary voice against the brutality of war. The hasty cancellation of the 2003 White House symposium “Poetry and the American Voice” in the face of protests by Sam Hamill and other invited guests against the coming “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq reminded us that poetry and poets still have the power to challenge the powerful. Behind the Lines investigates American war resistance poetry from the Second World War through the Iraq wars. Rather than simply chronicling the genre, Philip Metres argues that this poetry gets to the heart of who is authorized to speak about war and how it can be represented. As such, he explores a largely neglected area of scholarship: the poet’s relationship to dissenting political movements and the nation. In his elegant study, Metres examines the ways in which war resistance is registered not only in terms of its content but also at the level of the lyric. He proposes that protest poetry constitutes a subgenre that—by virtue of its preoccupation with politics, history, and trauma—probes the limits of American lyric poetry. Thus, war resistance poetry—and the role of what Shelley calls unacknowledged legislators—is a crucial, though largely unexamined, body of writing that stands at the center of dissident political movements.
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Poems of Devotion

Poems of Devotion

Jane Hirshfield: “Against Certainty” is reprinted from After: Poems, copyright © 2006 by Jane Hirshfield, ... “Advent 1966” is reprinted from Poems 19681972, copyright ©1965, 1966,1967, 1968,1969, 1970, 1971 by Denise Levertov Goodman; ...

Author: Luke Hankins

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781610977128

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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---ORDERS WILL SHIP ON NOVEMBER 30th.---Poems of Devotion is a collection of the finest recent poems in the devotional mode, which the editor examines in detail in the introductory essay. The seventy-seven poets collected here demonstrate the ongoing vi
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International Who s Who in Poetry 2004

International Who s Who in Poetry 2004

Songs from " The Lily - White Boys ' , 1960 ; The Establishment Songs , 1966 ; The Girls , 1969 ; New Numbers ... 1968 ; No Continuing City : Poems , 1963–1968 , 1969 ; Lares , 1972 ; An Exploded View : Poems , 196872 , 1973 ; Fishing ...

Author: Europa Publications

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1857431782

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 536

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Provides up-to-date profiles on the careers of leading and emerging poets.
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Funeral and Memorial Service Readings Poems and Tributes

Funeral and Memorial Service Readings  Poems and Tributes

A.E. Housman, “To an Athlete Dying Young” from The Collected Poems ofA.E. Housman, Copyright 1939, 1940, ... Elizabeth Jennings, “The Unknown Child,” from Collected Poems. ... Denise Levertov, “At David's Grave” from poems 19681972.

Author: Rachel R. Baum

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786437290

Category: Social Science

Page: 185

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Words can fail even the most articulate when called upon to speak at a loved one's funeral or memorial occasion. The bereaved desires to say something meaningful, yet services are often held so quickly that there is little time to find something appropriate at the library or bookstore. This book is a collection of poetry and prose appropriate for reading at a funeral or memorial service. To assist the reader in finding a suitable passage, the book is divided into eleven chapters. There are tributes for mothers; fathers; children; spouses and soulmates; friends; siblings and other close relatives; soldiers and victims of war or violence; pets; and general readings appropriate for men, women, or any loved one. These selections will also prove helpful for clergy, counselors, and hospice, hospital, and funeral professionals. Appendices list resources and support organizations, and each selection is indexed by author, title, and first line. A special additional index references pieces by famous uses, such as in a film, novel, or celebrity's funeral, so readers can locate a passage they remember from its context.
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The Broadview Anthology of Poetry Second Edition

The Broadview Anthology of Poetry   Second Edition

“Civil Elegies,” from Civil Elegies and Other Poems. ... “Coureurs de Bois,” “A Country Without a Mythology” and “An Incident,” from Weathering It: Complete Poems 1948-1987. ... “Wounds,” from An Exploded View: Poems 1968-1972.

Author: Amanda Goldrick-Jones

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781551114859

Category: Poetry

Page: 1140

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Among the poets new to this edition are such leading names as Americans Robert Pinsky, Louise Erdrich and Louise Glück; Britons James Fenton and Carol Ann Duffy; and Canadians Anne Carson, Robert Bringhurst, and Christian Bök. A number of names who may be new to many readers of poetry are also included among them: Ohioan Debra Allbery, Vancouverite Elise Partridge, and the Cree poet Connie Fife; as with the first edition, the editors have endeavored to include much that is fresh as well as much that is familiar. There are many additions to the selections from poets who appeared in the first edition including selections from the recent work of Leonard Cohen, Les Murray, and Margaret Atwood. As before, the anthology includes work from English-language poets throughout the world from India, Africa, and the Caribbean as well as from Britain, North America, and Australia. Although the selections from the work of poets of earlier eras are largely unchanged from the first edition, there have been some changes; among poems added for this edition are Milton’s L’Allegro and Il Penseroso, Bradstreet’s “Employment,” Dickinson’s “I cannot live without You,” Frost’s “Once by the Pacific,” and Auden’s “Funeral Blues.” As before, the text emphasizes work of the past century; poems from 1900 or later take up more than half of the anthology’s pages. In its first edition The Broadview Anthology of Poetry included biographical information about the poets at the back of the anthology; for the new edition, biographical material appears in a headnote to each poet. Two other features are also new to this edition: the date of first publication is appended after each poem, and line numbering is used throughout. The numbers have been kept unobtrusive, however; as with the first edition, the designers have endeavored to give a clean look to the pages of the anthology. A substantial section on prosody, figures of speech, and so on is included as an appendix.
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The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand

The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand

I am also grateful to Lane for her permission to reprint poems from Divinations and Shorter Poems (1980), An Inch or So of Garden (1969), and Poems 19681972 (1973). Thanks also to Brick Books, Goose Lane Editions, and Guernica Editions ...

Author: M. Travis Lane

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554581078

Category: Poetry

Page: 102

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The Crisp Day Closing on My Hand: The Poetry of M. Travis Lane is a collection of thirty-five of her best poems, selected with an introduction by Jeanette Lynes. An environmentalist, feminist, and peace activist, M. Travis Lane is known for witty and meticulously crafted poems that explore the elusive nature of “home” in both historical and present contexts and reflect on the identity of the woman poet and what it means to be a writer. Lane’s poems exhibit impressive range and variety—long poems, short lyrics, serial poems, poems inspired by visual art—and are richly attentive to the landscapes, both urban and wild, of her New Brunswick home. They voice a sense of urgency with respect to ecological crises and war; her poetic attention fixes unwaveringly on the smallest pebble on the coast of Fundy but is equally attuned to global patterns of destructive domination. In her introduction “As Opportunity for Grace, This Life May Serve”, editor Jeanette Lynes discusses how Lane’s poetry integrates an ecopoetic vision with explorations of the artist’s task of mapping her world. Lane’s afterword reinforces her sense of the poet’s project as a form of mystical play, a search for patterns in the “unified disunities” of all things.
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Selected Poems

Selected Poems

... Sorrow Dance Relearning the Alphabet To Stay Alive Footprints The Freeing of the Dust Life in the Forest Collected Earlier Poems 1940–1960 Candles in Babylon Poems 1960–1967 Oblique Prayers Poems 1968-1972 Breathing the Water A Door ...

Author: Denise Levertov

Publisher: New Directions Publishing

ISBN: 0811215202

Category: Poetry

Page: 254

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Denise Levertov's Selected Poems delivers in a single accessible volume "one of the essential poets of our time" (Poetry Flash).
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