Planetary Mysteries

Author: Richard Grossinger

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9780938190905

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 269

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Planetary Mysteries is a compilation of essays, fiction and non-fiction, meant to explore megaliths, glaciers, the face on Mars, and Aboriginal dreamtime, among other things. Contributors include: Richard Hoagland, Jeff Greenwald, Richard Grossinger, Normandi Ellis, John Brandi, Rob Brezny (the author of Pronoia), Gary David, and Richard Silberg.

Paths of the Christian Mysteries

From Compostela to the New World

Author: Virginia Sease,Manfred Schmidt-Brabant

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 9781902636436

Category: Religion

Page: 245

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In recent decades, there has been an upsurge of interest in "the Camino," the pilgrim's route to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. But where does this fascination in the spiritual exploration of the Middle Ages come from, and what is its significance? Virginia Sease and Manfred Schmidt-Brabant assert that we live in a time of spiritual quest, discovery, and change. Humanity is becoming increasingly sensitive, and primal memories are beginning to emerge in people's consciousness. Within this dynamic context of inner transformation, the Camino's historic importance is being reechoed in human souls. Rudolf Steiner explained that people need to live not only with outer history, but also with the esoteric, hidden narrative behind it--the history of the mysteries. Today, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the authors suggest that it is increasingly necessary for us to live consciously with this veiled history of humanity's continual search for communion with the divine world. Based on long research and contemplation, the authors present a survey of extraordinary breadth and depth. Focusing on the spiritual history of humankind, they begin with the cosmic origin of the Grail Mysteries and culminate with the suprasensory Michael cultus and the being of Anthroposophia. Topics also include: the school of Athens; early Christian art and its Gnostic impulses; the Grail initiation in northern Spain; the role of the Cathars and Troubadours in the Manichean spiritual stream; the Camino to Santiago de Compostela and the esoteric aspect of music for the pilgrims; the Music of the Spheres and the Elders of the Apocalypse; the Templars as emissaries of the Holy Grail; the initiations of Christian Rosenkreutz and his relation to anthroposophical art; the early Rosicrucian impulses in America and Europe; and much more.


Author: Carlos Antonio De Bourbon-Montenegro


ISBN: 1365739244

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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SANCTUS ILLUMINATUS, Goetia Ritual Ceremonial Magick Grimoire, THE HOLY GNOSTIC MYSTERIES OF KING BAEL, Occult Experiments of Concerning the Secrets of Invisibility, Secrecy & Disguises - VOLUME 1. This Ceremonial Magick book is part of a Collection of 73 Occult Grimoires written for those individuals interested in spiritually exploring the ancient mysteries of the powerful magickal system known as the Goetia. The Goetia has many mysteries of magick associated with it, as it is an occult dimension of the Astral Realm. The Astral Realm is a holographic dimension that holds many secrets of the great Universe within it, including the mysteries of ""Creation"" and the ""Origin of Man."" Within the ancient magickal rituals of the Goetia lie the sacred keys to open the forbidden doors of Divine Creation, Divine Destruction, Divine Justice, and Cosmic Knowledge and to the portal to the Astral World of the Angels and Demons.


The Christmas Conference and the Karma of the Anthroposophical Society

Author: Hans Peter van Manen

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press

ISBN: 185584401X

Category: Anthroposophy

Page: 222

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First published in the run-up to the new millennium, van Manen’s seminal study remains a unique and important source for understanding the spiritual and karmic background to the Anthroposophical Movement and Society, as founded around the work of the twentieth-century seer and scientist Rudolf Steiner. In his lectures on karma given in 1924, Steiner spoke of the principal Aristotelian and Platonic traditions – and the movements based on their thinking. Van Manen studies the streams of destiny connected to these groups, and elaborates upon Steiner’s presentations – also tackling the apparent contradictions in the Karmic Relationships lecture series. The author discusses the background to these groupings of destiny, beginning with the cosmic Michael School in the life before birth. He throws light on many different esoteric aspects connected to anthroposophy, including the archetypal representations of thinking arising from the Middle Ages; the Arthurian and Grail movements; the mystery of ‘Old’ and ‘Young’ souls; the individuals identified as ‘Seekers for Christ’ and ‘Servants of Michael’, and the ‘Shepherds’ and ‘Kings’. We are led to the point at which the two principal groups of souls incarnate and meet together on earth for the first time ever – an event which is to take place within the contemporary anthroposophical movement. In an inspiring conclusion, the author presents his thoughts on a great Whitsun happening at the end of the twentieth century, and expounds on the tasks of the new millennium and the future of anthroposophy.

Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology

A Treatise on Advanced Predictive Techniques

Author: Bepin Behari

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 9788120725607

Category: Astrology, Indic

Page: 368

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Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology - A Treatise on Advanced Predictive Techniques

Mysteries of the Universe and Planet Earth

Revealing the Absolute Convergence of Modern Science Discoveries and Biblical Creation History

Author: Herman R. Habegger

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1490800190

Category: Science

Page: 142

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You will find in Herm Habegger’s book a challenge to your thinking about the Universe, and you will discover thoughts and facts which support faith in God the Creator. It is not often that someone will attempt to write such a treatise; but Herm has attacked this age old subject with thoughtful research and supporting material. It will allow you to study, think and draw your own conclusion as to the Author and Finisher of the Universe and Planet Earth. I encourage you to read and study Herman Habegger’s book! Dennis W. Dawes, FACHE Retired President/CEO Hendricks Regional Health Herman has written a gem of a book! He shows us, non-Christians and Christians alike, that we have nothing to fear from the Bible AND Science. They, in fact, complement each other in our understanding of the world in which we live, and how it was formed. Our universe, Planet Earth and all living things have and are constantly changing. They are evolving according to God the Creator’s divine plan and nothing in science has disproved it, nor will. Through Science, the unfathomable complexity and magnificence is manifested. COL Charles Allen Holt, D.O., FAAFP Board-certified, Family Practice physician University of Kansas, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine Herman Habegger’s work serves as a worthy introduction to some of the amazing marvels of our complex universe from the unfathomable vastness of the cosmos down to the subatomic level of the Higgs boson or “God particle.” The reader will come to appreciate our planet’s uniqueness and fine-tuning for the support of life, the advent of life from the irreducible complexity of the genetic code and other cell components working together, giving glory to the Creator. The elegantly designed structures of life forms, especially those of humans, are examples of divine engineering that are incontrovertible evidence for purposeful creation by God. Brian D. Clarke, M.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology Indiana University School of Medicine