Montana Peaks Streams and Prairie

Montana Peaks  Streams and Prairie

While nutcrackers will feed on many varieties of pine, their preferred food sources
are the higher-elevation five-needled pines of the genus Pinus, which in Montana
includes the limber pine and the whitebark pine. Populations of both ...

Author: E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625855480

Category: History

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From the peaks of the Continental Divide to the expanse of its eastern prairie, Montana contains some of America's richest wildlife habitat. Wilderness guide and author Don Thomas offers a series of personal ecological reflections on subjects as grand as the grizzly, as controversial as the wolf and as obscure as the upland plover. From native lore and the observations of Lewis and Clark to the present day, Thomas traces the history of human attitudes toward the region's wildlife. The result is both a guide and a testament to the value of western wildlife and ecosystems.
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Evaluation of the Streamflow data Program in Oregon

Evaluation of the Streamflow data Program in Oregon

Cultus River ab Cultus Creek , nr La Pine iiii C с C с 1 1 2 2 2 5 3 H ( P ) ( P ) ( H )
( H ) 9 9 9 6 5 2 2 1 с 1 ( H ) ( H ) C 14-0510 14-0520 14-0525 14-0530 14-0540
Cultus Creek ab Crane Prairie Res . , nr La Pine Deer Creek ab Crane Prairie ...

Author: David J. Lystrom


ISBN: UCR:31210018652725

Category: Stream measurements

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Historical Land Use Changes and Potential Effects on Stream Disturbance in the Ozark Plateaus Missouri

Historical Land Use Changes and Potential Effects on Stream Disturbance in the Ozark Plateaus  Missouri

view , cliffs and prairies , bottoms and barrens , naked hills , heavy forest , rocks ,
streams , and plains , all succeeding ... as having thin shortleaf pine , shrubby
oaks , and thick underbrush ; extensive grassland prairie was described on the ...

Author: Robert B. Jacobson


ISBN: 0607874848

Category: Land use

Page: 85

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A Gazetteer of Illinois

A Gazetteer of Illinois

prairie. on. the. borders of this stream . . Phillips ' s Settlement , in the
northwestern part of Alexander county , on Sexton ' s creek , twenty ... Its timber is
shrubby pine , white , black , red and bur oaks , hickory , linden , sugar maple ,
elm , & c .

Author: John Mason Peck


ISBN: HARVARD:32044086424777

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Page: 328

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The National Gazetteer of the United States of America Indiana 1988

The National Gazetteer of the United States of America  Indiana  1988

... Boone Daviess 413802N0854712W 395743N0863134W 384323N0870839W
Bristol Lizton Washington 383736N0870015W stream Jackson
390413N0861745W 385645N0860609W South Fork Pine Creek South Fork
Prairie South Fork ...

Author: Geological Survey (U.S.)


ISBN: UOM:39015016328752

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Page: 477

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Current Geographical Publications

Current Geographical Publications

Author: American Geographical Society of New York


ISBN: UOM:39015036829235

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Streamflow Response to Land Use Change and Climate Variation in the Prairie River Watershed North Central Wisconsin

Streamflow Response to Land Use Change and Climate Variation in the Prairie River Watershed  North Central Wisconsin

stream gauging commenced on the Prairie River , less than 60 % of the land was
forested . By 1920 most of the trees ... The earliest logging ventures in north
central Wisconsin focused on white pine ( Pinus strobus ) . Estimates dating from

Author: Scott C. Rayburg


ISBN: WISC:89070233846


Page: 158

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Selected References on Saline Ground water Resources of the United States

Selected References on Saline Ground water Resources of the United States

Ramsey Creek , Minn . . Pine Creek , Minn , ( tributary to Morristown Randall
Creek , Wis . ... Raven Stream , Minn . . . . Pine Creek , Wis . ... Rock Creek , Iowa
( tributary to Cedar River Prairie Creek , Iowa ( tributary to Boone at Mitchell ) .

Author: John Henry Feth


ISBN: PSU:000018230673

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The National Gazetteer of the United States of America

The National Gazetteer of the United States of America

FEATURE CLASS ELEV FT gut stream island island stream stream 2 stream lake
lake 88 stream cape cape cape bay ... Aripeka Emeralda Island Pine Island
Center Little Pine Island Little Pine Island Bay Little Pine Island Prairie Little Pine



ISBN: UCSD:31822020667382

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The Prairie World

The Prairie World

Prairie. Ocean. and. Its. S/lore/2'/ze. A s T H 1-: E A R L Y E x P L 0 R E R s and
European settlers pushed westward from the New England coast they
encountered interminable forests of pine, oak, and chestnut. South of Lake Erie
they ... In what is now Indiana and Illinois the prairie was more or less continuous
on the uplands, while the forests formed strips along the streams and rivers. West
of Illinois the ...

Author: David Francis Costello

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816609381

Category: Science

Page: 244

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Reveals the grassland's history, climate, landscape, ever-changing moods, and survival battles waged by plant and animal inhabitants
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U S Geological Survey Circular

U S  Geological Survey Circular

See name of main stream . North Creek , Ill .. ... 8 18 Pine Creek , Mich . ( tributary
to Manistique River ) . 7 20 Pine Creek , Mich : tributary to Maple River ) . :: 16
Pine ... 5 6 Poultney River , Vt . 31 27 Prairie Creek , Mich . 16 27 Prairie River ...



ISBN: UOM:39015022541083



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Soil Survey

Soil Survey

These lower terraces are younger than the Prairie Terrace of the Red River and
are along streams that truncate the ... Saucier ( 13 ) indicates that Prairie age
sediPleistocene terraces Pine Island , east of Oil City , is made up of soils of the ...



ISBN: UOM:39015003608513

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Big Thicket National Preserve

Big Thicket National Preserve

Like the pine savannah wetlands, the prairie habitat forms on flat upland areas
However, most of the Big Thicket's prairies ... the soil, hits an impermeable clay
layer and flows along it until the layer is exposed on a hillside or stream bank.

Author: Laurence Parent

Publisher: Western National Parks Association

ISBN: 9781877856211

Category: Big Thicket National Preserve (Tex.)

Page: 15

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National Five Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory

National Five Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory

Pine Shadows Dr. 77056 61006299 Pne Straw Ct . .77088 7800-7899 Pine
Stream Ct .. ... Prairie Brook Ct . .77096 Praine Creek Dr. .77064 Prairie Dunes Dr
. .77095 Prairie Grove Dr. 77071 Prairie Hawk Dr .77095 Prairie Hill Ct ... ..77087



ISBN: OSU:32435072210818

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Land of Bears and Honey

Land of Bears and Honey

... Gulf prairie, in southeastern Texas, lies a body of long- leaf pine, over one
hundred miles in width, on the Sabine River from about Sabine Town [east of
present-day Hemphill] down that stream, thence west, diminishing in width for
about one ...

Author: Joe C. Truett

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292788527

Category: Nature

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The story of the land, wildlife, and ecology of East Texas.
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2004 National Five Digit Zip Code Post Office Directory

2004 National Five Digit Zip Code   Post Office Directory

._ 77088 N, S8 E 8 W Pine Brook Cv 8 SW Plaza Ct 8 Dr. _.77074 Prairie Brook
Ct ... __ 77059 Pinewest Ct 8 Dr. __ 77049 Pleasant Trace Ct 8 Dr ______ __
77059 Prairie Vhnd Ln ... __ 77083 Pine Stream Ct. __ 77083 Possumwood Dr ...

Author: Bernan Press

Publisher: Bernan Press(PA)

ISBN: 0890598568

Category: Reference

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This two-volume set provides correct and current five-digit ZIP Code and mailing information needed by mailers, marketers, information specialists, and other postal system users to get their mail delivered quickly and accurately. Addressing and packaging information, maps, charts, cross-references, and indexes are also given. Contents are identical to those of the U.S. Postal Service edition.
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The veins of it were the long streams rising out near the mountains and flowing
eastward to the Big Muddy, the wild Missouri. ... (308) 432-0200 Mixed-grass
prairie intermingles with riparian cottonwood savanna and upland ponderosa

Author: Suzanne Winckler

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587294884

Category: Nature

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North America’s grasslands once stretched from southern Canada to northern Mexico, and across this considerable space different prairie types evolved to express the sum of their particular longitude and latitude, soils, landforms, and aspect. This prairie guide is your roadmap to what remains of this varied and majestic landscape. Suzanne Winckler’s goal is to encourage travelers to get off the highways, out of their cars, and onto North America’s last remaining prairies. She makes this adventure as easy as possible by providing exact driving directions to the more than three hundred sites in her guide. She also includes information about size, management, phone numbers, and outstanding characteristics for every prairie site and provides readers with a thorough list of recommended readings and Web sites. The scope of the guide is impressive. It encompasses prairies found within national grasslands, parks, forests, recreation areas, wildlife refuges, state parks, preserves, and natural areas and on numerous working ranches in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. A series of maps locate the prairies both geographically and by name. From “the largest restoration project within the historic range of tallgrass prairie” at Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Iowa to Big Bend National Park in Texas, where “the Chisos Mountains, completely surrounded by the park, rise up majestically from the Chihuahuan Desert floor,” Winckler celebrates the dramatic expanses of untouched prairie, the crown jewels of prairie reconstruction and restoration, and the neglected remnants that deserve to be treasured.
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Mountains and Plains

Mountains and Plains

Scattered woodlands of ponderosa pine , limber pine , and juniper occur on
outcrops of resistant bedrock , such as ... to shortgrass and mixed - grass prairie ,
there are also small tracts of tallgrass prairie on sandy soils or along streams FI G

Author: Dennis H. Knight

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300068565

Category: Science

Page: 352

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Studies the rich diversity of plant and animal life of the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and the intermountain basins in Wyoming and adjacent states. The author surveys the geologic history of such diverse environments as Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and the Black Hills.
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Simulation of regional ground water flow in the upper Deschutes basin Oregon

Simulation of regional ground water flow in the upper Deschutes basin  Oregon

(12) Southern La Pine Subbasin Summary of Simulated Water-Level Fluctuations
There are two wells with time-series ... This was a particular problem with streams
above Crane Prairie Reservoir, where model cells are up to 10,000 feet on a ...


Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781428984653



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