Pillow Geography

Pillow Geography

Hand embroidered by skilled artisans in a process spanning months, the meticulously crafted pillows in the Geography Collection capture the whimsical essence of all 50 states across the United States, plus many cities, regions, resorts, and ...

Author: Carmel Swan


ISBN: 1943876487

Category: Cushions

Page: 256

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Not just for the design conscious homeowner, celebrities like Martha Stewart and Iris Apfel are collectors of catstudio pillowsValued at several hundred dollars, the meticulous design and craftsmanship of catstudio pillows reinforce their status as fine art objects, not just home furnishings or decorationsThe book, as the first catalog of catstudio's work, is perfect for anyone who has ever lived in or traveled to AmericaSince 2000, the husband-and-wife duo, Carmel and Terrell Swan of catstudio have woven together their spirit of wanderlust and mutual appreciation for art, design, and craftsmanship into decorative textile-works inspired by vintage souvenir pillows of the 30s and 40s. Hand embroidered by skilled artisans in a process spanning months, the meticulously crafted pillows in the Geography Collection capture the whimsical essence of all 50 states across the United States, plus many cities, regions, resorts, and national parks. Pillow Geography invites readers on a leisurely magic pillow ride from the rolling folds of the misty Appalachian Mountains all the way to sunny San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge, and everywhere in between. So settle in, get comfortable, and come dream across America . . . one catstudio pillow at a time.
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Elsevier s Dictionary of Geography

Elsevier s Dictionary of Geography

... élevage m porcin críaf de cerdos Schweinezucht f; Schweinehaltung f pile-dwelling → 3362 pilgrimage → 5013 r f s g * * 4569 pillow lava Lava effused ...

Author: Vladimir Kotlyakov

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080488781

Category: Science

Page: 1072

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Geography is a system of highly developed sciences about the environment. Geographical science embracing the study of the Earth's physical phenomena, people and their economic activities has always been in need of an extensive terminology. Geographical terms are related to the terms of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, etc.) and humanities (history, economics, sociology, etc.) since geography is based on these fundamental subjects. Geography includes a number of disciplines and subdivisions which appeared along with the development of the science In spite of being very different geographical disciplines have some common tools of investigation which is maps, comparative method of exploration, remote sensing, geoinformation systems. Today very well developed terminologies of all the specialist fields of geography and related subjects exist in the main world languages. However, they are not always well-correlated. Nowadays geographical terminology requires unification and international correlation more than ever before. Hence the idea of compiling a multilingual polydisciplinary dictionary. The Dictionary consists of the basic table of terms arranged according to the order of the English alphabet with each term numbered. Each entry consists of the term in English and its equivalents in Russian, French, German, Spanish. Short definitions of terms are given in English and in Russian. The terms are supplied with the necessary grammar labels, such as gender of nouns, plural number, etc. The Dictionary combines two functions: that of a defining dictionary and that of a bilingual dictionary. These two functions are basically contradictory because usually the defining dictionary is aimed at giving one meaning of the word which is the main and essential one, while the bilingual dictionary tries to give different equivalents of a given word in the other language in order to supply the user with maximum possible translations, differing in the shades of meanings, thus giving him the possibility to choose the appropriate word. But in our Dictionary we intentionally decided to combine the two functions – defining and multilingual, because a short definition of the term and equivalents in other languages help to achieve our main aim which consists in showing the basic geographical terminology and harmonizing it in several languages. Having this into consideration we deliberately mixed two types of dictionaries in one. Organized alphabetically via English Provides short definition of geographical terms in English and Russian Includes multilingual translation of terms from English to Russian, French, German, Spanish
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another geography

another geography

brick in her last week she complained someone had put a brick under her pillow to stop her sleeping shifted and griped through the night a brick under the ...

Author: John Flanagan

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780359029143


Page: 74

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A second volume of poetry from John Flanagan, author of natural selection and four other books - two novels, a collection of travel and expat experiences and a collection of short stories. The works in this volume reflect the poet's travel impressions and observations, his comprehension of and respect for other cultures and lifestyles beyond his own and his genuine love of his fellow human beings. The writing is mature and sophisticated, at times demanding on the reader but always accessible, and the poet's heart is evident in every piece he offers.

Gal pagos An Encyclopedia of Geography History and Culture

Gal  pagos  An Encyclopedia of Geography  History  and Culture

Pillow lava consists of solid, rounded masses of lava formed during relatively slow, underwater extrusions of magma, as well as when lava flows into water.

Author: Randy Moore

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440864704

Category: Science

Page: 417

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This encyclopedia provides readers with a comprehensive look at the Galápagos Islands, from the wildlife and scientists that made them famous to the challenges and issues the islands face today. In the mid-1800s, the Galápagos Islands served as Charles Darwin's playground, a volcanic archipelago where he famously worked on his theories of evolution and natural selection. But who actually discovered the islands? Why didn't any country claim them for over 200 years? And is ecotourism hurting or helping these mysterious islands? This volume explores the history, science, and culture of the Galápagos Islands. A Preface, Introduction, Chronology, and Galápagos at a Glance primer introduce readers to the islands that are so famously associated with Charles Darwin. Twelve thematic essays allow readers to explore topics such as evolution, the geology of the islands, invasive species, and tourism in depth. Topical entries follow, covering key individuals and organizations as well as other important concepts and ideas. Thirteen primary document excerpts allow readers to study firsthand accounts from explorers and visitors to the islands. Appendices, a glossary, a bibliography, and sidebars round out the text. Students of history, geography, and science will find this volume informative, while general readers will be intrigued to learn about these unique islands. Thematic essays introduce readers to the Galápagos Islands, providing deep coverage on the geography and geology of the islands, as well as such topics as Charles Darwin, evolution, tourism, and other topics Alphabetically arranged topical entries allow readers to search for a wide range of topics, complete with cross-references and Further Readings Primary document excerpts from scientists and explorers provide readers with firsthand accounts of travelers' observations and experiences on the islands Appendices provide context about the islands and Charles Darwin's expedition in 1835 that helped to make the islands famous A Glossary helps to define key terms and concepts for readers A Chronology outlines key events through history that helped to shape the Galápagos Islands as we know them today
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An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment

An Introduction to Physical Geography and the Environment

Spreading Spreading Uu Pillow Javas Sheeted dykes km Rift zones on land Ocean crust Moho Gabbros Magma chamber 2 3 4 5 6 7 Peridotites TTTTTT Mantle ...

Author: Joseph Holden

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0131217615

Category: Science

Page: 664

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An introduction to the major subjects of physical geography, this volume seeks to offer a baseline understanding of the environmental forces that have shaped, & continue to shape, the world in which we live. Each chapter is written by an expert in the given field.
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Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk: is about Romance, Revelation and Reward.

Author: Kirk Diaz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796088533

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 58

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Pillow Talk: is about Romance, Revelation and Reward. Settled for the superficial in your relationship because of busyness? Pillow Talk is written with you in mind, to ignite a desire to initiate or restore intimacy in your relationship with God and significant other. Pillow talking can take trust and commitment to new levels. Covenant relationships are never ones of convenience, but ones filled with conviction and desire to pursue intimacy and longevity. The backdrop of ‘Pillow Talk’ is, Jacob’s experiences in Genesis Chapters 28-35, used as a parallel for advocating Pillow Talk; the spark for creating the intimacy that escapes many in their relationships. Open the pages and be inspired to hit the ‘Pillow Talk Reset,’ thus initiating life changing moments, ushering your relationship through the gate of possibility into the Heavenly realm. Amid the rigors of this fast pace world, the ability to experience intimacy in your relationships, both with God and your significant other does exist.
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Blackie s Dictionary of Geography

Blackie s Dictionary of Geography

... beneath the watertable). physical geography The branch of geography that ... factory to train stations via road. pillow lava Lava that has solidified ...

Author: Blackie

Publisher: S. Chand Publishing

ISBN: 9788121941235

Category: Reference

Page: 369

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The book covers entries from various branches of discipline of Geography – physical, human, modern, social and cultural geography. This book will be of interest to the readers from the discipline of geography, geology, sociology, economics, cultural-anthropology, political scientists and historians as well as for aspiring civil servants. The key features of the book are: 1) Extensive and ......
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The Geography of Context

The Geography of Context

den under the pillow that has already been counted. All one needs is to count the money gained today to know how much one has. Of course, one may forget how ...

Author: Nicholas Fotion

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780761871040

Category: Philosophy

Page: 120

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We cannot use language without having context in place. But context is not a single thing. Instead, typically, each use of language presupposes a complex set of beliefs, habits, behaviors, and moral commitments.
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Scripture geography

Scripture geography

... and used them for his pillow . Q. What connection has this place with the Sacred Record ? A. When Jacob departed from Beersheba , to go to Haran ...

Author: John R. Miles


ISBN: OXFORD:590680642



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Commercial Geography of the World

Commercial Geography of the World

Belgian Lace , whether pillow - lace ( Fr. dentelles ) or made by needle ( Fr. points , point - lace ) , excels all other varieties .

Author: Karl August Zehden


ISBN: UOM:39015065909148

Category: Commercial geography

Page: 600

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Liquid Geography

Liquid Geography

Gwen lifted herself off the pillow, slowly — Brooke was glaring at her, anger smoldering in his eyes — and fattened up the pillow behind her, sitting back ...

Author: Lawerence Yates

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412038560

Category: Fiction

Page: 309

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The editors of The New Quarterly, when first reviewing my story submissions, concluded, rightly or wrongly, that my work fell into the category of 'Magic Realism'. 'Magic Realism', as one editor proceeded to define, was the "seamless blending of the ineffable and the concrete". The 'ineffable' or 'other reality' part of this definition is at the core of many of the stories in this collection. The stories in Liquid Geography could be categorized as 'backyard fiction', or even 'transformative realism'. They all, more or less, take place in and around a home environment and conclude by literally 'spilling outside'; differences between what is 'real' and is 'not real', what is present, past or future, disintegrate and blur away. The characters who inhabit or appear in these stories, are invariably destined, in one way or another, to experience glimpses and encounters with heightened or altered moments of cognition. They are not necessarily characters who are spiritually evolved or wise in any sense; they are not characters who have consciously embarked upon a path of higher understanding. They are generally very ordinary individuals leading seemingly ordinary lives. What they discover, however, is that reality as they believe they know it, is a slippery path where the 'unreal', 'super-real' or even 'magical' may (and can) present itself at any given moment. Whether the characters in question have initiated this shift through some psychic turmoil or trauma that alters his or her patterns of perception, or whether there is a hidden 'other reality' containing different truths, becomes merely a matter of definition, and therefore moot.
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Pictures on My Pillow

Pictures on My Pillow

My courses were the bare minimum for school leaving examinations, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, geography, English, French and history.

Author: Patrick Bernard Crean

Publisher: Agio Publishing House

ISBN: 9781897435618

Category: Religion

Page: 330

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Pictures On My Pillow: An Oceanographer's Exploration of the Symbols of Self-Transcendence is the entertaining, lucid and thought-provoking autobiography of Dr. Patrick B. Crean, a Canadian ocean scientist and accomplished amateur philosopher/theologian. Written frankly and with great period detail, Crean's accounts are buoyed by an inimitable wit and a poignant recounting of his childhood, between the great wars, in rural England. The family home was a cottage on the expansive grounds of Alexander Pope's famous villa and grotto, in Patrick's day a convent school on the banks of the River Thames. Thus were his protective friends and life-long supporters fondly remembered as the 'kitchen sisters'. The formative years of this bright lad would include an innocent recognition of the influence of dream imagery, hence the book's title, as well as being steeped in the benign qualities of faith lived with sincere practicality and authenticity. The latter in direct opposition to what he later experienced as the surd of religious, personal, professional politics - intransigent authoritarianism. In 1944 he was accepted into a marine engineering apprenticeship in an Admiralty shipyard and in 1946 attended University College Dublin. These years would culminate in grand adventure involving three expeditions to the Antarctic whaling grounds with United Whalers' Anglo-Norwegian fleet as a chemist and a summer season at a South African shore station. Crean's professional life in the fields of chemical engineering and physical oceanography would continue with his immigration to Canada in 1953. In 1958 Crean met the Canadian Catholic theologian/philosopher Bernard Lonergan whose vision of the universe would encourage him to develop a foundation from which his own eventual feedback model and worldview would emerge. Thus Pictures On My Pillow provides a practical application of the feedback model that Crean presents in Science, Self-knowledge and Spirituality: A Feedback Model of Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Human Consciousness (ISBN 978-1-897435-60-1). ""This autobiography is of a piece with Crean's other work, on Science, Self-knowledge, and Spirituality. It is a travel tale for our times, when our search needs be, not for global regions undiscovered, but for our glad hearts within."" - Philip McShane, D.Phil. (Oxford), Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax
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