Physical Mathematics

Author: Kevin Cahill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107005213

Category: Mathematics

Page: 666

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Using examples from contemporary physics, this textbook clearly explains the mathematics students of physics need for their courses and research.

Topics in Physical Mathematics

Author: Kishore Marathe

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781848829398

Category: Mathematics

Page: 442

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As many readers will know, the 20th century was a time when the fields of mathematics and the sciences were seen as two separate entities. Caused by the rapid growth of the physical sciences and an increasing abstraction in mathematical research, each party, physicists and mathematicians alike, suffered a misconception; not only of the opposition’s theoretical underpinning, but of how the two subjects could be intertwined and effectively utilized. One sub-discipline that played a part in the union of the two subjects is Theoretical Physics. Breaking it down further came the fundamental theories, Relativity and Quantum theory, and later on Yang-Mills theory. Other areas to emerge in this area are those derived from the works of Donaldson, Chern-Simons, Floer-Fukaya, and Seiberg-Witten. Aimed at a wide audience, Physical Topics in Mathematics demonstrates how various physical theories have played a crucial role in the developments of Mathematics and in particular, Geometric Topology. Issues are studied in great detail, and the book steadfastly covers the background of both Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in an effort to bring the reader to a deeper understanding of their interaction. Whilst the world of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics is boundless; it is not the intention of this book to cover its enormity. Instead, it seeks to lead the reader through the world of Physical Mathematics; leaving them with a choice of which realm they wish to visit next.

Introduction to Physical Mathematics

Author: P.G. Harper,D. L. Weaire

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521269087

Category: Mathematics

Page: 260

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Directed primarily at college and university undergraduates, this book covers at basic level the essential applications of mathematics to the physical sciences. It contains all the usual topics covered in a first-year course such as vectors, matrices, differential equations, basic mathematical functions and their analysis, and power series. There is a strong emphasis on qualitative understanding (such as curve sketching) and practical methods of solution. The latter take due account of the impact of computers on the subject. The principles of mathematical expression are illustrated by copious examples taken from a wide range of topics in physics and chemistry. Each of the short chapters concludes with a summary and a large number of problems.

Physical Mathematics

Author: Lucy Flynn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781682855911


Page: 212

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Physical mathematics is a branch of theoretical mathematics that has been developed for finding solutions of complex physical problems of quantum gravity, string theory, super symmetry, etc. The subject builds on the advanced theoretical dimensions in physics and complex mathematical abstraction in algebra, group theory and topology. This book discusses the fundamentals as well as modern approaches of both physics and mathematics that are relevant to the growth of this discipline. It also unfolds the innovative dimensions of analysis in physical mathematics that are being explored. A number of latest researches have been included to keep the readers up-to-date with this emerging field of study.

Mathematical Physics and Physical Mathematics

Author: Krzysztof Maurin,R. Raczka

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9027705372

Category: Science

Page: 504

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Proceedings of the International Symposium organized by the Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, The Institute for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, 25-30 March 1974

Exam Prep for: Physical Mathematics and Nonlinear Partial ...

Author: David Mason

Publisher: Rico Publications


Category: Education

Page: 800

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Mathematics includes the study of such topics as quantity, structure, space, and change. This book provides over 2,000 Exam Prep questions and answers to accompany the text Physical Mathematics and Nonlinear Partial ... Items include highly probable exam items: Complementary angles, Diameter, Conditional probability, Triangular number, Denominator, Triangle, Percentage, Midpoint, Histogram, Grouping, Variance, Permutation, Counting, Right angle, Line graph, estimating, Greeks, Error, Sample space, and more.

Analysis, Manifolds, and Physics

Author: Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat,Cécile DeWitt-Morette,Margaret Dillard Bleick

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780444860170

Category: Mathematics

Page: 630

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This reference book, which has found wide use as a text, provides an answer to the needs of graduate physical mathematics students and their teachers. The present edition is a thorough revision of the first, including a new chapter entitled ``Connections on Principle Fibre Bundles'' which includes sections on holonomy, characteristic classes, invariant curvature integrals and problems on the geometry of gauge fields, monopoles, instantons, spin structure and spin connections. Many paragraphs have been rewritten, and examples and exercises added to ease the study of several chapters. The index includes over 130 entries.

Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

Author: Herbert S Wilf

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486153347

Category: Mathematics

Page: 304

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Topics include vector spaces and matrices; orthogonal functions; polynomial equations; asymptotic expansions; ordinary differential equations; conformal mapping; and extremum problems. Includes exercises and solutions. 1962 edition.